tagGroup SexAnnie's Sex Diary 03

Annie's Sex Diary 03


Lance invited me to a strange party one night. It was in hotel suite. Everyone was gathered on cushions in the sitting room of it in their underwear. The bedroom was only for the use of those who wanted a little privacy although they didn't get complete privacy to ensure nothing too inappropriate was happening between whoever went in. There were four couples and us and a man whose partner had recently left him so technically he was only allowed to watch but I had a funny feeling that wouldn't happen.

To be honest I was nervous of the situation. Yes I had had Ben watching me but these were strangers- how was I going to find myself reacting. I glanced at Lance who gave me a confident smile. He lay on his side with a finger lazily circling my breast over my vest. From there it doodled its way down my stomach to my bellybutton and then to my knickers. It went over my knickers and then cupped my pussy causing it to jump up at his touch. He reached down and kissed me and said in a low voice at the same time, "you don't have to do anything you don't want to."

Our eyes both turned as one of the other girlfriends got up with two of the men and wandered towards the bed. There was no sniggering or winking by either of the men, and I thought there would be. They obviously all meet up quite often and were happy with the situation. The three partners left seemed to be happy with themselves as well. Already the girls were leaning across the man and were kissing each other. His hand was on one breast already and had a small blissful smile on his face as he watched the two girls start to play with each other.

I glanced towards the bedroom and released that through the door I had the best view of the bed and its new occupants. Their cocks were already out and she held one in each hand, running her hand up and down them, bringing them to their full natural height. Alternately she kissed each man as one fondled her breast and the other had his hand under her panties. She arched her back occasionally as I watched through the fabric his fingers rubbing at her clit and then dipping between the lips of her sex. I turned to look at Lance again and he just smiled knowingly and kissed me again, longer and harder. His hand went under my own panties and I realised that I was actually turned on by it all as an observer.

But slowly his hand began to stop moving and looking up at his face I could see it was fixated on the threesome across the room. I glanced over and saw the happy man beckon while he kissed one girl and the other sucked at his cock, her mouth slowly moving up and down its length. Did he want both of us to join him? It was too much. Yes I had done it with Ben and Tim, but I had felt comfortable as I had known them both. I didn't know any of these people. I pulled Lance's hand from my panties and murmured something about going to the loo.

In the loo with my bag I decided to hide in there until Lance came looking, if he did. I had a funny feeling he was probably now with the threesome in the main room, but I was still horny and needed to come! I knew I was going to have to do it myself. I pulled off my vest and knickers and rummaged in my bag for the dildo that I nearly always carried with me (don't ask why). I turned the shower head on and once it was warm stepped into the bath.

I let the warm water flow over my breasts which made me breathe quicker. My nipples became erect as they grew more sensitive. I carried on from where Lance left off, running my fingers between my legs, over my clit and into my sex. I could feel my muscles clenching in the desire for something larger than my finger to bury itself between the lips of my sex. I obliged. A moan whimpered out of me as I pushed my smooth dildo in. I left it there half in, half out as I rubbed at my clit with one hand and squeezed a breast with the other. I shuddered as I came and then began pushing the dildo in and out slowly at first and then faster. I had bought the right length for me that it rubbed at the inside folds of my sex and I could feel myself cumming all over again. I gasped as if I had been holding my breath.

"Good was that?"

Startled out of the sexual images in my head I turned. There was the lone man, and my oh my, did he look good. I could see he had a hard on through his boxers and wanted it. A dildo was all very well but when there was a really cock being unused that was much better.

"Want to join me?" I winked at him.

"I'm not allow."

"You could just play with me."

He looked thoughtful for a moment before climbing into the bath. I made room for him. He sat behind me, his boxers still on and I could feel his cock pressed against the small of my back making me ache for it in the arse.

And why should I tell you more... Let me leave you there with me in a bath with a man, and a dildo...

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