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Anniversary Gift


Peta's four inch heels clicked atop the cement walkway. It wasn't completely practical to have them on in the middle of November, but alas, here she was. Her long legs carried her onto the single stepped platform before she rang the doorbell. She waited. She fixed her hair and waited. She had to be just right when he opened that door.

Mike was sitting on his couch enjoying a cold beer and watching a rare matinee hockey game when he heard the chime of the bell. He grudgingly got up and checked to see who was at his door now. There, he saw the brunette standing in a long white coat.

"Peta...hey," he curiously greeted.

"Hey Mike!" She smiled at him. She was pleased to see him wearing a pair of blue jeans and a casual blue button down shirt. "Is Lyna home?"

"Uh, no. She actually went to the salon to get ready for tonight."

Lyna was Mike's wife. It was a rare thing for Peta to show up unannounced like this, but the tall, brown haired man knew that the women's close relationship warranted it sometimes.

"Oh, that's unfortunate," she said with a tiny pout. In reality, she actually knew about Lyna's appointment. "Well, I just stopped by the give you guys my anniversary gift."

"Peta, you didn't have to get us anything..."

"I know, I know. I wasn't going to originally, but you guys are too special to me to not do anything. I mean, she's my best friend and you being the man that married her and all..."

Mike began another light exercise in modesty. "I'm touched but you shouldn't..."

"Well, I did," she interjected before he could finish. It was serious, but so serious that it came off as demanding. "Can I come in real quick? I only really need one of you for it."

"Sure," he finally obliged, giving in to her. He held open the door and allowed her to step into his marble floored foyer. Not even bothering to take off her coat or shoes, he led her into the living room where the Rangers were still leading the Flyers in the game.

"Can I get you anything? Water, tea, coffee?" he asked liked a good host.

She smiled at him. "No, no, I'm fine. You just sit right there."

"Aren't you going to sit?"

"No, I'm fine up here. I want you sitting when I give you my gift."

"You're scaring me here, Peta," he nervously chuckled as he took a seat like she asked. "What is it?"

"My present to you..." She began to undo the large black buttons to her coat. She pulled it open and then seductively slipped off her back. She tossed the whole garment aside while finishing her statement, "...is me."

Mike nearly jumped in his seat. "Woah! Peta! What are you doing?!"

Peta Watson -- his wife's closest ally - stood before him clad only in her underwear! Her attire consisted of a frilly black and red bra and a matching set of sheer panties. Completing the look were a pair of knee high black stockings and black heels. She was a majestic woman. Her long dark brown locks cascaded onto her chest. Her breasts jutted out proudly just above her taut, flat stomach. Her body was as fit as they got.

She put her hands on her hips. "Like what you see Mikey? I picked it out especially for you."

Obviously not expecting for this woman to strip down before him, Mike's mannerisms became nervous. His voice fumbled. "You need to leave, Peta."

"Why? Don't you want me to stay here so you can stare at me some more? God knows you've done a lot of that," she playfully smirked.

"What?!" he exclaimed, obviously thrown off guard by such a bold comment.

"Oh don't play dumb! I see it. I see it all the time. You inconspicuously sneaking little peeks at me when Lyna's not around. Well I do notice..." she paused, "...and frankly I like it."

"I do not look at you. Where are you even getting these ideas?" he asked rather frantically. Mike was on the defensive and for obvious reasons. For one, he didn't believe he did any of things Peta was accusing him of. Second, he didn't look at other women at all! He wouldn't do that to Lyna!

"From you," she replied. "You just love my long legs, don't you?"

"No I don't. You need to get out before I -..."

"You what? Hit me? Physically remove me? Is that it, Mikey?" She smirked. She loved being in control and making him shut up like that. "I remember your wedding...fuck, you looked good on your tux! And I swear I saw even then that you were looking at me in my bridesmaid's dress. Me! the maid of honour to your wife!"

"I wasn't -..."

Suddenly things got more serious and truth revealing. "Fuck, I told myself that I wouldn't let you two get that far. I wouldn't let you tie the knot. But you did. That was my mistake. But I promised myself that you wouldn't celebrate your 1st anniversary. That I vowed."

"What the hell are you talking about?" he genuinely inquired.

"I HATE YOUR WIFE! I do! Hate her!" She finally publicized. Peta was now hysterical. She poured her heart out to Mike. All the feelings she kept deep inside were now manifested.

It was Mike's turn to raise his voice. "SHE'S YOUR BEST FRIEND!!"

This was indeed a shocking revelation. He knew how close she and Lyna were and to hear that their relationship wasn't as close as he thought was too much.

"Oh yeah?! Some best friend! She -- a little fuckin' girl! - gets everything and I get what? JACK SHIT! She gets the hunk, the perfect guy, the perfect wedding, the perfect life. And what's for me? Bouncing from guy to guy?!"

"...That's not her fault."

"You're right..." she admitted. It was true that Lyna's good fortune had no logical connection to Peta's own woes. That didn't stop her from exerting bad blood toward her friend. "...but I blame her anyways."

"Peta, you're really irrational and not thinking straight. I think you need to go home and cool yourself and we'll talk about what happened later." Mike's voice reverted back to the voice of reason. He didn't seem flustered by her. In fact, his earlier outrage aside, he usually conducted himself civilly. He wanted to talk her out of this 'funk.'

Peta shook her head and waved her finger at him. "Uh uh. I'm as rational as I can be about this. I've thought about it long and this is what I want and deserve. This time I get what's mine. C'mon, just look at my legs. They're so long and smooth." Peta ran her hand down her smooth, milky thigh. Even though she was tooting her own thorn, it was true that they were impressive. At 5'9, she was a statuesque beauty. "I don't blame you for ogling them. Your wife definitely doesn't have legs like these."

"Peta, stop. This isn't going to work."

"And what about my ass?" She turned around and bent over slightly so he could take in the full effect of her sculpted butt. "It's so tight and round. I just know you look at it too. Lyna's is non-existent, you can't possibly be looking at her." She rubbed her Victoria Secret clad butt cheeks and slapped it.

"That's enough," he continued to assert.

"Tell me you're not enjoying the view. ACTUALLY, I don't need you to tell me just yet. I also see you catch a glimpse of my big, beautiful titties. Maybe you need a closer look." She sauntered to Mike. She knelt on top of him and positioned her legs -- heels and all -- on either side of him. Her breasts were perfectly in line with his eye sight.

"What're you doing? Get off!"

"C'mon Mikey, look at my tits. I want you to look. I've seen you look before. I wear all those cleavage-y blouses for you. I know you look because your little girl wife gives you nothing to look at with those mosquito bites she calls breasts."

Peta had little reservations about pointing out the other woman's short comings. If Peta was to describe her in three words, they would be "short", "Asian", and "forgettable". While it remained that Lyna wasn't necessarily an ugly woman, the reality was that from objective standpoint, the brunette did look like the prototypical desirable woman...and Peta bought into this a lot.

"Lyna is fine the way she is," he countered while trying to deflect the obvious sex appeal she was putting on.

"Hmm, You're a faithful man, aren't you Mikey? Lyna tells me all the time about how you're so good to her. It drives me nuts."

"You won't tempt me, Peta."

"Oh come on, just look. Looking never hurt. Guys look all the time."

"Not me."

Even Peta knew this was true. Her earlier comments were made to throw him off and promote her assets. The truth was that Mike was a noble man in every regard. He knew how to take care of his wife and didn't care to even entertain the idea of another woman being in his mind. In fact, this is what partially attracted her to him. This was a good, honourable man...a dying breed in this world! How fun would it be to break down his principles?

"Just look Mikey," she pressed. Although he was being extremely uncooperative, she was still patient. She maintained her flirty, playful demeanour.

"I won't. You need to leave."

It was a battle of wits. A rather uncomfortable one at that. Mike looked at the paintings and photos on the wall, the overhead light, the junk on the coffee table beside him...everywhere but the body straddling his lap and more specifically, the big bust in front of him.

"What's taking a little teensy peek going to do? C'mon....for meeee?"

"I love my wife. I'm not going to do this."

She began to tenderly stroke his arm up and down. "Mmm, so strong and resistant. Such a great bicep."

"You're wasting your time, Peta."

"Hmm, still stubborn. I'm not going to get anywhere with you, am I?" She playfully frowned again.

"You're a smart cookie," he sarcastically quipped.

"So I'm practically begging you take a look and you're not even going to oblige? Not one bit?"


"Well then we have a problem. I'm not going to get off you 'til you look."

"We might be here a long time then."

"Mmm, tell you what. You look for a few seconds. If it really does nothing for you, I will get up and go."

"Or you can get off now."

"Ahhh, what's the matter? Afraid you're going to see something you like?" Not that he could see anyways, but she might as well have winked with that comment/question.

"Nooo, this is stupid."

"If you're so sure of yourself and your marriage, then you should have nothing to fear."

Mike still seemed firm. "I have nothing to prove to you."

"I'm not asking you to kill a kitten, Mike. Just look. Just a glance."

With that, for the first time in the last five minutes, he turned his head to look at her bra. "Fine. There. I looked." Playing on the technicality of her wording, a glance literally meant a glance for him. As quick as he looked, his gaze was averted back to the chandelier above. There was no time at all to actually gauge and process her bust in the split second.

Peta quite obviously wasn't amused by this copout. "No, no. You have to do it longer than that, hun," Taking matters into her own hands (quite literally!), she physically positioned his head to where she wanted it. "See, there. That's not so bad."

With that, he was finally staring at her breasts. Or more specifically, his line of vision unwillingly coincided with her cleavage. Peta, like many other aspects of her body, was truly flawless when it came to her chest. It was amply sized and shaped and free of blemishes.

After a while, he broke the verdict to her. "Sorry to disappoint you, but I feel nothing."

"Really? Damn. I really, really thought you'd be into it. I guess I was wrong..." Peta said with displeasure. Truth be told, she had felt something stir under her the moment she shifted his gaze.

"Yes. You were."

She continued to express her 'disappointment'. "I mean, I thought my deep canyon of cleavage would've done it. You would've been staring oh so deeply into, wondering where it ended. Hmm, I guess I was wrong."

"Yeah...sorry Peta..."

"And I was so sure you would've been marvelling at their size. They're C cups, you know," she pointed out matter of factly.

"Are they?" he inquired, as if it mattered to him now after professing that he wasn't interested.

"Yeah. You wouldn't know with the tiny set of tits you have at home, but these are indeed Cs. Don't they look so perfect? It's just a shame you weren't drawn by how flawlessly big and round they are."

"Yeah, a shame...." he echoed.

"I mean, you would've felt them up. I would've let you." She lifted his arm and held his large, rugged hand to her breast with her comparably soft and tiny hands. "I would've brought your hand up like this and just cupped it like this. It would've felt so good, don't you think?"


The curious part of it all was that Peta had him agreeing with the hypothetical chain of events in the case that he was indeed turned on by her. But while Mike admitted to feeling nothing at the sight of her breasts, the fact remained that his gaze never left her magnificent chest.

"My hand over yours..." she cooed, "...completely focussed on my breast and how right it felt to hold it...it would've felt so right, don't you think, Mikey?"


"And then I would part my bustier for a sec, just like this..." she moved the fabric over her right bra to expose the areola and nipple, "...so you could see my perfect nipple. So pointed and perky. You wouldn't have been able to not look, would you?"


"Don't answer that. Just look how I trace my perky little nipple like this. That's right, I would circle the outside of it...so pink and perfect...circling and circling it...and I would just remind you how your wife doesn't even come close to my rack with her breasts. I would have been able to give you something to hold on to...something to grab....something you deserve and need..."

Mike had no words for this mesmerizing display, not even for the fact that she took another shot at her best friend -- his wife! Peta's red manicured nail spun around that her beautiful nipple and he followed it along the way. Her soothing voice supplemented the entire affair. She had his attention captured.

Peta used this same immaculately painted nail to direct his face away from her chest and to her face. She looked into his soft, hazel eyes and knew then that something had changed in him. They were unfocussed and distracted...glassy even. She had him.

"And then, Mikey, baby, at the end of it all, our gazes would have met like they are now and there would have been one thing left to do..."

With that, she leaned into him and pressed her glossy, pink lips against his. She revelled in the fact that it was real kiss! She could tell that by the way he adamantly responded that he wanted this. She pressed her tongue in his mouth and he not only welcomed it, but he acted on it! Their tongues swirled around each other. There was nothing nice about their exploits: there was lip smacking, biting, and an abundance of fervour from both parties.

The passion of their kissing translated into sexual stimulation. The bulge in his jeans became more pronounced and pushed against the beautiful woman in front of him. The significance of it all was his attraction to her was enough -- if only temporarily - to make him forget the ring on his finger. For her own right, Peta's arousal was twofold. On the base level, the kiss was everything she thought it would be. Mike knew what he was doing and they were hitting it off. On another level, the eroticism came from the fact that her seduction was a success. She seemingly converted this happily married man. Related, she led him away from her best friend and into her arms.

With these exciting thoughts in her mind, she frantically fished at his crotch. Still locked in the indulgent embrace, she fumbled with the button to his pants and then the zipper.

"I need to see your cock..." she moaned. She broke the kiss to pull it out of his underwear. Her reaction was instant. She was impressed. The thing seemingly sprang to life and stood completely erect. It was huge! Peta had been eyeing his package for a long time and could only imagine what kind of monster lived between those legs. But this...this exceeded her expectations. "Wow...."

She took the shaft in her hand and began to stroke it. There was so much power in his cock. She could feel it as she pumped it up and down. Mike was silent and space out as he watched and enjoyed the handjob.

"I want this in me...I need this in me..." she declared in a sultry and seductive whisper. She pointed his cock toward her and parted her panties slightly with the other. She slotted his dick in her pussy without even a mention of contraception by either one of them.

"Oh fuck....this is what you've been keeping from me..." she moaned. She bounced up and down on his shaft. Her wet pussy provided her enough of a natural lubricant to allow for it to happen. It was rapid and intense. All her feelings and longing had come out now while she humped his thick dick.

"You should've never kept this from me..." She moved back into an oral embrace. Placing her arms around his neck, she kissed his lips, his cheeks, his neck...she went about it in careless and frantic manner. She was so energized and turned on. "It should've been all mine..."

Then she stopped sucking his face to look dead in his eyes while continuing to ride him. "Tell me it's all mine..."

"It's all yours, babe..."

A surge pulsated through her fit form upon hearing those words. "That's right...all for me...none for Lyna..."

The discomfort of the position did get to her though. "Legs are cramping..." she said. Mike shifted his body further down the couch. Peta then stretched out her on the cushion to alleviate the pressure.

Then Peta took her arms off from around him. She began to lie back so she just hovered in the air. Her arms touched the ground so as to stabilize her more. Bringing her knees up, Mike secured his hands around her thighs. This position allowed him greater leverage to piston in and out of her with more than enough force that no longer necessitated exerting her own self on him.

From this marvelous position, Mike abruptly began to stand up. Peta brought her upper body back closer to his and grabbed him around the neck for support. Then she locked her ankles around him as well. The move was one only two people in tip top physical shape could pull off. With his dick firmly lodged inside of her and her holding on tight, he began to walk around.

Peta was a passenger in this exchange. She showered him with kisses even when he backed her into a wall and stationed them there for a few minutes. There, he rocked her body while keeping her suspended like that. Her legs tangled around his back like two cream coloured pythons and secured her in place.

The phone began to ring. The couple completely ignored it, instead choosing to make out. After seven rings, the automated machine began to play its message. Then a voice came on:

"Hey, why aren't you answering the phone? Anyways, I'm all done my appointment and I'm heading home real soon. I look and feel ah-mazing!! I just stop by somewhere and pick up one more surprise. Excited! Bye!!"

"She needs a week's worth of appointments to look as good as me anyways..." Peta coldly commented between two wet ones.

His ass was half-covered by his dress shirt. His hips ploughed into her. She was stuck between him and the wall - two solid foundations. This was where exactly she wanted to be. She knew she had woken something in him. Behind his mild-mannered, civil exterior was an animal. Peta taught him through instinct how do maximize his bodily capacities. One look at him and any observer could guess that he was a strong being. Peta knew he wasn't displaying this in bed with Lyna. Peta demanded the most of her men. She wanted to be thrashed around.

"Tell me...tell me this isn't the best fuck you've ever had...tell me..." she demanded, while he pounded her uncontrollably.

"It is the best..." he answered.

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