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byDG Hear©

A big thank you to my editors, LadyCibelle who sticks by me even though at times she may disagree with my stories, and to Jake River's who's sitting in for my editor Techsan They still edit my stories so the readers get a much better read.


Chapter 1: The Explanation

Let me begin by saying, "Most authors hate me." I'm the guy that leaves comments mostly on 'Cheating Wives' and 'Wimp Husband' stories. I decided to come out and explain to you why I do this. Of course I'll change a few facts like my name and where I'm from; I won't give you an e-mail address where you can find me either. My only purpose is to let you know why I do what I do. Here are a few of my previous comments:

Anonymous in USA "I cannot understand why a wife would want to fuck her husband after she had just fucked another man. She said she had the ultimate, a strange lover. Fucking her husband after that seems somewhat anti-climactic to me. Why would she want to fuck her him? Maybe, just to humiliate him? I don't know. In a real life situation the wife would probably have met him at the door and pecked him on the cheek telling him she was just too worn out; standing there in a cotton floor length robe, and told him she had been well fucked by a stranger and would see him in the morning."

Anonymous in USA "Garbage, if she wasn't satisfied, she should have left him. Otherwise, he should kill her cheating fucking whoring ass. He's a wimp, she's a whore, they should both die of aids."

Anonymous " Take pics, kick them both out, and get all your assets frozen. The woman you called your wife is now nothing more than used trash and will be used until she is a worthless used up piece of meat or worse yet totally drugged out and disease infected. Get out, get out now!"

It all began a number of years ago when I met my wife. She was pretty much my life. I worked hard in the factory to help make a good life for us. She worked in an insurance office as a receptionist and secretary. We met after a minor car accident when I went in to see my agent and there she was at the front desk.

She is a good-looking woman; especially when she is dressed up. Of course she always spends time in the morning getting ready for work. I'm getting a little ahead of myself here.

Anyway, I asked her out and she said okay. We went out and had dinner and it was the beginning of a romance between us. I can still remember the first time with her. We had been dating about a month, when she let me slip my hand into her panties; I almost shot off in my boxers. Feeling her soft wet mound and the wetness of her opening made me want her then and there in the lounge. I did finger her to a mini- orgasm in our booth.

Later we went to my apartment and fucked like bunnies. I have to say she was the best I ever had. We did everything, oral, doggie style, her on top, me on top, even tried a little anal. Of course this was over a period of time. We didn't do it all in one night.

We were both in our early twenties. In the beginning I wore condoms but after we became better acquainted and monogamous I started going bareback. Even though she was on the pill, she got pregnant... I don't know why. Maybe they weren't strong enough or maybe she forgot to take some. I really don't know but it didn't make any difference. I loved her and we got married.

Our daughter was born; a little over a year later we had a second child, another girl. Of course, we fell into the family life style that most people have. Our kids always came first and our love life was put somewhere on the back burner.

We still had sex but it wasn't like when we first got married. It was good but a lot less emotions. I understood that working and being a mother was a hard job. She didn't want to quit working. She said it was kind of her escape from always being home with the kids and of course the second income always helped.

My escape, was going on the computer at night and I started reading erotic-literature. I couldn't believe how turned on I got from reading some of these stories. I thought about all the fantasies these people had and some of them said they were based on real life experiences. I found myself going on the Internet more and more. I had to read these stories. I started thinking that I was the man in every story I read.

My fantasies started to get out of hand, I know that now. How fucking stupid I was. These stories seemed so real. I would go in the room and just look at my wife sleeping and picture her having sex with someone else. It started to become a fantasy to me. I couldn't really see it happening but I did have mixed emotions about it.

Don't get me wrong here. I wasn't the wimp type. It was like I was in charge and I decided who had sex with my wife, I was the decision maker. It was my fantasy and it would only happen when I made it happen. Jamee, my wife didn't have a say-so, it was my choice.

I read stories where the husband drugged his wife and let other men have her. I don't know why but this got me hard every time. It wasn't as though she knew what was happening. In my fantasy, she did respond to the sex she was having. Moaning and pushing her hips up and down trying to get that cock deeper in her. I guess deep down I didn't want her to like it better with someone else. Boy, I can't believe I was such an idiot.

When Jamee and I did go out with friends, which wasn't very often, we liked dancing and dinner. We were still young and often drank more than we should but I never drove drunk. We would name a dedicated driver. Once in awhile it was me. I actually liked the job of dedicated driver. Everyone got drunk and I had my sense about me and took extra liberties with a few wives. We had a young circle of friends who always kidded each other about sexual things. As far as I knew none of our friends were swingers or swappers.

I saw more than one hand squeeze my wife's butt when everyone was dancing. She would laugh and push it back up to her waist. I was doing my bit of feeling the girls too. As I said it was all in fun but now I realize that I let it go because it always happened in those stories I read, no harm no foul. If anyone would have touched my wife's ass before I started reading the stories, I know my jealousy would have put a stop to it.

I did mention it to Jamee one night while we were making love. She told me that it was nothing and that she saw me do a little squeezing of my own. I couldn't deny it and just let it go. I did wonder if she liked it or if it meant anything. These stories have a tendency to help warp the mind. I wondered if this was where my lifestyle changes began. If I would have stopped reading erotic stories or at least left them in fantasy land, maybe everything would have been different.

I remember reading a story by DG Hear that started off 'What If'. It made sense to me but fantasies have a way of overriding comment sense. Here is an excerpt from that story.

"I'll start with the, 'What If'? We had three way sex?"

"Let's take three ways, with me, my wife and a third party. I can see where making it with two women would probably be a turn on for me. Wow! Just think, I can have two women do all kind of sexual things to me, I can be eating one of them out while the other is fucking me. That would be something, especially if the other woman was a looker; maybe a good friend of my wife, or even her sister.

How about one of the women who work at my office? I could fuck and suck her without worry, because my wife would be right there joining me. Boy, could it get any better then that? Geez, might even get a little woman on woman action. Hope my wife wouldn't like it more with her then with me. Of course after we get done, there would be consequences to my actions.

What would my wife think? Would our married life change? Would it only be a one-time thing? Hmmm? Lots of questions would need answered.

"Now lets look at MMF, or in this case my wife with two men, one being me, the husband, and the other being a stranger or friend of mine. I can see where she might get a lot of enjoyment out of it. For me though, the thought of my wife fucking another guy might give me a hard on, but, the reality of seeing her with another man wouldn't sit so well with me.

"What if he was a better sexual partner than I was? What would she think of me afterwards? Would she want to see the guy alone some time without me around? How would it affect our marriage after that? Would it just be a one-time thing? If she really enjoyed it, would she want more? And with whom? Many, many questions would need answering.

"What If? We had group sex? We are at a party, I'm having sex with anyone of my choosing, my wife is doing the same. We both have a great time and fuck ourselves to complete satisfation. We don't have a sexual care in the world. I feel and fuck all the women I can, I climax a couple of times. (That's about all I'm good for)"

If only I would have listened or at least paid attention to what that author DG Hear had to say. No, instead I went with the authors who said, "Sex is fun, your wife will love you more for what you let her do", "You'll enjoy watching her get totally fucked by other men."

I remember the story by DG Hear saying:

"I look across the yard and see my wife naked; two maybe even three guys are feeling her up. They all have hard cocks and want to place them somewhere. So they start spreading my wife's legs apart. She just gets in sexual mania heaven, kind of a never-never land, she has climax after climax. She even takes a cock in her mouth, though she generally isn't big on oral. Right now she just doesn't care; she just wants orgasms."

I was becoming obsessed with my wild fantasies. Why did I let these stories take over my mind? I honestly can't answer that. I don't know.

DG went on to say, "This idea is a wild fantasy in my mind, but I don't ever want to see it happen. The consequences are just too great and I know I would never want to see it. The aftermath would drive me crazy. Why would she ever want me if she could have this kind of sexual lifestyle? Why would she even need me around except to pay the bills and help raise the kids? No, this lifestyle is just not for me."

I remember him asking the question, "What happens after we go home? What happens to us in the real life now? Do we totally trust our spouses? Is life going to be normal for us any more? How about when we are out alone, we see the people we had sex with. Is everything still normal in our life or did we turn it all upside down for a night of sex? More and more questions would need to be answered."

I thought about what DG said about wife swapping. To be honest here, I would love to fuck another man's wife but I don't know about watching Jamee in real life fucking someone else, I just don't know. I, for some reason, don't think I could handle it. Why didn't I listen to my real conscience?

"What if? We tried wife swapping, I hear it goes on everywhere. What if? We decided to try it. We could find a nice clean couple, go to their house or a motel and just swap partners. I could take this man's wife and have my way with her. We could suck and fuck to our hearts' content. We don't have any worries because our partners are in the other room doing the same thing. Maybe this man's wife will do all the things for me that my wife won't. Wow! Wouldn't that be great? No problems, no worries, or are there?"

I remember thinking about Bob and Rachel at our last night out. It was Bob's hands roaming over Jamee's ass. Of course I was squeezing the hell out of Rachel's also. I even squeezed a little tit and rubbed her pussy through her clothes. She didn't seem to mind. She was pretty drunk. I often wonder how far it could have gone. Of course, if I laid Rachel, would Bob be fucking Jamee?

DG went on to explain why we shouldn't do it. "For starters, my wife is in the other room fucking and sucking some other guy. I don't like that idea. All the same questions come back to my mind. Does my wife think he's better looking then me? Is his dick bigger? For some reason that always seems to come up. Is she enjoying sex with him more then with me? Does he get her off better then I do? The questions go on and on.

"No answers, just questions, the consequences are just too much to pay for a nights fuck of liberation with a stranger. Some may say I'm a male chauvinist; maybe I am but, I don't cheat on my wife because I don't want her having sex with other men. If that makes me a chauvinist, so be it. At least I'll be a happy married chauvinist."

Here's the part of DG's story I should have really paid attention to.

"I believe fantasies in our sex lives can be good, but what after they are lived out. Do we just stop with the one fantasy? Or do we start living out others? Do all the people we have sex with outside of our marriage feel the same as we do, or are they just out there for their own pleasure?

"I don't know the answers to all these questions but, I'm sure many readers have done a lot of the above or at least would like to try some of them. I know I can get pretty aroused reading many of the erotic stories, but how will it affect my marriage if any of them are lived out?

"The, What if? That bothers me the most is "cuckolding". This I believe is when the woman goes out, finds a man to fuck her, in front of her husband, this in my opinion turns him into a wimp.

"Here's the problem I have with this: What if my wife tried this? I tell my wife that I want her to have sex with another man so I can get excited watching her. I tell her to find a man who is better looking then I am, more then likely younger. He has to have a body like a god, with six-pack abs and a gigantic cock that she could hardly get her hand around. He has to be able to have multiple orgasms and great staying power. Then I tell my wife that I want her to give herself totally and completely to this man so I can get off.

"I want her to give him oral sex, better then she has ever given me, I want him to do the same for her till she has an orgasm. Then I want her to take him in her pussy, which only I have been in, (or maybe a few lovers I don't know about) and ride him like there is no tomorrow. After multiple orgasms, I want her to take that big cock that she is worshipping and put it in her ass, a place where she doesn't much care for me to be. Have some more orgasms, look at me during all this and tell me how much she loves me and what a wonderful husband I am.

"Maybe next time he can bring some of his friends with him and they all can enjoy her, while she enjoys them. All this time I will sit there and masturbate while listening to her tell me what a wonderful, understanding, loving, husband she is married too.

"What kind of a man, husband, even father is this kind of person? Why would any woman want to be married to a gutless, wimp like this? It's got to be the money and support. She can do what she wants sexually and probably does anything else she wants while this sorry excuse for a human being sits there and says, 'yes honey' and jacks off."

These thoughts were constantly on my mind. I would read these fucking stories, in every sense of the word and think about my wife doing the same thing. The more I read, the more I fantasized. A vicious circle that I couldn't or wouldn't stop.

I began having fantasies while Jamee and I were making love. I started talking to her and trying to get answers to get me more aroused. I began with talk like, "Damn Honey, you are one great fuck. Does it feel good? Are you enjoying it?"

She would answer, "Oh Jerry, it does feel good, just fuck me Honey."

I remember during our lovemaking telling her how her body turned me on. I asked her if she got a lot of looks at work. At first she didn't answer and after I asked a couple of times she said, "Sometimes she gets compliments."

A few days later we were at it again; this was getting to be a lot of fun. This time while I was eating her out and rubbing her tits, I dropped a little fantasy and said damn, I wish I had two more hands so I could do all these things at the same time. I said maybe I ought to get someone to help me out.

She said, "What do you mean Honey," while she was breathing hard.

I said, "Another man could rub and suck these tits for me while I work harder on this pussy." I said, "Would you like that?"

She was a little startled and said, "You're all I need Honey."

I replied, "I know that, but as a fantasy wouldn't you like it if you could have your pussy eaten and fucked and at the same time have your tits being sucked on?

She said, "Oh God, of course it would feel wonderful... but I would never do it."

I could feel her pussy really get wet and hot after I said these things, that's just something you can't hide. So instead of fucking her I just kept eating and tonguing her till she had an orgasm. I can't remember the last time I made her cum that way. I did end up sticking my dick in her because I had to come also.

After that every time we made love I would mention the fantasy of the extra guy. Most of the time I had him eating her out while I played with her tits and kissing her.

She actually started to get into the fantasy and told the man (which of course was me) to eat that pussy. She would orgasm most of the time just from the oral sex. I always got my fuck in afterwards and didn't usually have to worry about her having a climax, since she got it while being eaten out. Once in a while she had two, but most of the time just the one.

It was time for a little more fantasy.

When she was in deep concentration, saying things like, "Eat my pussy, eat my pussy." I would respond by saying, "Who do you want eating your pussy?"

She said, "What do you mean Jerry?"

I said, "The man eating your pussy has to have a name. Who is it? Who's eating that pussy while I'm sucking these tits?"

"I don't know, anybody you want, Honey, I don't care. Just make love to me."

I wanted her to say another man's name; why I didn't know. These damn stories make you think of all kinds of shit. Of course it was still only a fantasy. Maybe that's why it was so hot.

Since I brought all this fantasy into our lovemaking it was almost like old times. We would put the girls to bed and head to our bedroom and make love; of course it was more raw sex than love.

We had a lot of friends we kidded around with. I, for some reason, always brought up Bob. I think it was because I saw him grab her ass at the lounge one night. So, I decided to make Bob the extra man in our fantasy bed.

One night as I was fingering her, I asked her if it felt good.

"Oh, it feels real good," she answered.

"Jamee, pretend I'm Bob tonight and tell me what you want."

She wasn't talking so I asked her questions, "Hi Jamee, I'm Bob. Do you want me to eat your pussy?"

She was getting hot and responded, "Oh Bob, stick your tongue in and suck me off."

I licked and sucked her pussy. "Do you want my cock in you Jamee?"

"Yes, fuck me."

"Who am I, Jamee? Tell me who you want to fuck you?" I asked.

"You're Bob and I want you to fuck me. Fuck me now! Put your cock in me and make me come," said Jamee.

She had one of the biggest orgasms ever. The fantasy fuck talk really works. I came as hard as I ever had. Now I was a little afraid; afraid I might be pushing Jamee too far into the fantasy world.

Our fantasy fucks went on for a month or two. I did use different guys' names. I was torn between wanting to see it happen and afraid that it could. The damn stories half took over my mind,

I switched name to a guy she said came on to her at work. His name was Jim. So the next time we were having sex, was a little surprised and said, "Tell Jim what you want him to do."

She said, "Lick my pussy Jim, and make me cum." The next thing I knew she had the biggest orgasm so far, spewing juices into my face, I loved it.

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