tagIncest/TabooAny Chance We Could Ch. 08

Any Chance We Could Ch. 08


This is work in progress, 20 chapters are complete and will be submitted in four day intervals. It's in the Incest category because I had to choose one. The chapters include Romance, Incest, and Group Sex. I couldn't find an editor so all mistakes are mine and are copyrighted along with the rest of each chapter. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone so if you're just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter. Enjoy, please comment, and vote. Love those red 'H's.

Thursday, October 4.

Another delightful morning of waking up with my nude daughter snuggled against my side. I had coffee with Katrina, we chatted about her game this afternoon and she reminded me that I needed to talk to her mother about the Christmas trip. We kissed and hugged goodbye and as soon she had left I called Veronica.

"Good morning, lover, miss me?"

"Yes, handsome, I do, when are we going to start that whispering in my ear thing while your hand is under my nightgown doing who knows what stuff to my body while in a horizontal position?"

"Veronica, was there a question there?"

"Yes, pick me up at noon and we can ravish each other in the back seat of your car."

"My car doesn't have a back seat," I reminded her.

"Noon, anyway. See you then," she said.

As I was walking out of the den, the phone rang. "Hello, Scott. It's Marty."

"Marty, I was just going to call you, what's up?"

"Can we talk about Katrina's custody days with me?"

"Sure, Marty, that's why I wanted to call you."

"Good, maybe this won't be too complicated. Do you think Katrina would mind coming here just one weekend a month, or maybe just one day a month?"

"Marty, would you rather just have her visit you occasionally? She's almost nineteen, you realize, and really has a pretty active life. There are times when I see her only in passing myself. Do you want me talk to her, and have her call you later? I understand that you're engaged, that's good news for you, isn't it?"

"Yes, Scott, it is and I'm glad you're being so understanding about having Katrina around all the time. I'd like to see her on a regular basis, but Jerry's schedule has gotten pretty wild and I was afraid that if we couldn't have worked something out I would be on the phone to you every week trying to change something. I'll look forward to her call and when she and I can visit. Thanks again, Scott, this call has been weighing on my mind since the last time Katrina was here. Your understanding has eased my mind, thanks again."

Whoa, that was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be. As if Katrina were a bother, well she is, but not the bother her mother was intimating. I walked over to the computer and fired an email to Grace telling her to rescind the request to my attorney and tell him it was settled.

"Veronica, Hi"

"Hi, honey, why do have a shit-eating grin?"

"You can't see me, how did you know? Is the tone of my voice that obvious?"

"To, me it is, now why?"

"Marty called just as I was getting ready to call her."


"Katrina's mother."

"Oh, OK, go on this must be good," she said.

"It is. In her words seeing Katrina for two weeks at a time was becoming a 'hassle' with her fiancé's schedule. So she would like it better if Katrina would just visit her occasionally, being sure to call first, of course. I hope it's good news to both you and Ashley, it sure as hell is for me."

"Handsome, you know it is, I was wondering what two weeks every month without Katrina would be like. Now neither Ashley nor I have to find out. Does Katrina know?"

"No not yet, I'll tell her after the game. Miss you, I'll see you shortly. Bye sweetheart."

After arriving at the office and dealing with a few mundane matters, my thoughts turned back to Veronica and the morning wouldn't pass quickly enough. Finally, finally, finally I finished some correspondence, gave it to Grace to have Emerson concur or disagree on some points and went to my car. Almost ran to it as a matter of fact.

I walked in the real estate office, said hello to Janet and went to Veronica's office. She was on the phone, but stood the minute I walked in her door and said "I'll have to get back to you" to whomever she had on the other end.

"Hi, handsome, I've missed you!' and she walked around the desk meeting me half way and kissed me, not a peck, but a real kiss.

"Wow, where did that come from?" I asked.

We've been dating for a whole week, so I'm entitled to show some emotion, aren't I?"

"Absolutely, what happens after two?"

"Wait and see, handsome, wait and see," she said.

"Let's walk, it's a beautiful afternoon," I said. We went to a no frills salad/sandwich shop and took our salads to the little park nearby. We ate off our laps, and I couldn't take my eyes off Veronica.

"Why are you staring at me Scott? Are you trying to imagine what I might look like naked? Can't be that, you already know. What can it be?"

"Veronica, each time I leave you I miss you more and our time apart seems to get longer and longer."

"God, you've got it bad, handsome, I thought that that only happened to me. You make me tingle."

"Any place in particular?"

"Yeah, starts with a p and ends with a y, and has hair on it."

"Is it warm inside?" I asked

"Yes, and quite damp. Want to see? Want to give it a lick?"

"Veronica, stop or I'll push this bowl off my lap, and that's with no hands."

"Sorry, handsome, that's what you do to me. I've never felt as wanton as you make me. In fact I was never wanton until I met you."

"Let's change the subject while we both have some decency left," I suggested

"Getting to you, Scott? Hooray!"

We talked about dinner after Katrina's game, and where we would spend the evening. I told her we could get the Lexus Saturday morning and she asked if I could take the girls to get it

because there was a meeting she had go to at 8:00. We'd spend the rest of Saturday at the pool, then back to my house again for my 'etchings" and to spend the night. Ashley was looking forward to going back to the country club tomorrow and had mentioned that she hoped I would dance with them all again.

"Time to get back," Veronica said. As we walked we continued the plans discussion and as we reached her office entrance, we kissed, and dropped hands. "See you at the game."

I was at the game early, over-anxious, no not me.

As I was sitting there next to the empty chair, several people stopped to say hello on their way to the bleachers. The gist of the greetings was, "Where's Veronica?" "She's a very attractive woman." "You've looked happier since you've been bringing her," and "Are you dating?"

My date finally showed about five minutes before game time saying, "The negotiations went very well, let's eat out again tonight to celebrate." She put her hand on my shoulder and kissed the top of my head before sitting down. As we watched the game, a tough one, as Katrina had predicted, she kept her hand on my arm.

Midway through an early inning she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I've missed you so much!"

In the third inning we scored, then they scored and tied, the seesaw tie was repeated in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh innings. We won only because we were the home team, had the other team been the home team, they probably would have won. As Katrina finally left the dugout, she walked over to us, hugging us both. "What's for dinner?"

"Veronica wants to go out, how about that Chinese joint on Broad?"

"Our house is closer, so I'm going there to change and I'll meet you at the restaurant. What's Ashley doing?"

"Practice, I guess, why don't you call her?" suggested Veronica.

Katrina dug out her cell and called, they talked briefly and Katrina said, "She'll be dropped at our house to clean up, and then I'll bring her with me." As she turned to walk with us, she asked, "Did you both have a nice day?"

"Well despite not enough time together, yes I did. I talked to your mother this morning Katrina, do you want to hear about that conversation now, or at dinner," I scowled as I said that.

"Shit, given the scowl, tell me now," she said.

"Well, it's good news and bad news, sweetheart." I said as Katrina's face fell.

"Ok, what!"

"She called me just as I was getting ready to call her about Christmas asking if there were any way I would agree to a joint custody change so that you would spend a weekend, or just a weekend day a month with her. Her fiancé's schedule, you know. As we talked it became apparent that if you wanted to see her, you could call and 'make an appointment' to come by. Christmas is a non-issue."

"So, what's the bad news?" asked Katrina.

"You have to continue to live with me for those other two weeks and visit with Ashley whenever you want," I said with a grin.

"Then it's all good news! I can't wait to tell Ashley! Thanks Dad, love you," and she kissed me on the mouth and hugged Veronica. "I'll kiss you properly later, Veronica. That is the best news ever! Wow. Wow. I'll meet both of you at dinner, wow!" as she turned and began running toward her car.

"Handsome, I think you made her day, ours too, don't you think?" asked Veronica.

"I'd like to take credit for it, but I just listened to Marty and agreed with what she asked."

"Let's go have a drink, hold hands, and make goo-goo eyes at each other," said Veronica as she took one of the chairs and put her arm around my waist.

Ashley had been dropped off before Katrina got home and had let herself in. She was sitting on a stool in the kitchen drinking a bottle of water. Katrina arrived a bit later and came in through the garage door. "Oh, crap you startled me Ashley!"

"Sorry, I thought it was OK to come in."

"It is. I thought you would be behind me, not in front," Katrina said.

"Speaking of those two positions, let's go try them in the shower," said Ashley.

They walked to Katrina's room, hurriedly undressed and went into the adjoining bathroom. Katrina got the water temp adjusted and they both stepped in, immediately embracing and deeply kissing each other.

"Ashley you feel so good, and speaking of good, I got the greatest news from Dad after the game!"

"What?" asked Ashley as she began caressing Katrina's breasts.

"I don't have to live for two weeks at Mom's anymore!"

"I'll bet Veronica was happy to hear that, I sure as hell know I am!" said Ashley.

They embraced again, Katrina spun Ashley around and caressed her breasts and put a finger in her slit. Ashley reached behind her a returned the finger in the slit favor. "Crap, we need to quit, we need to meet Dad, and your Mom!" exclaimed Katrina.

They accomplished what the shower was really intended for. Then put on underwear, tank tops, short skirts and low heel slides (all Katrina's), brushed out their hair, and walked to Katrina's car.

Scott and Veronica were sitting in a booth, when their wet-headed daughters arrived, Ashley slid next to Scott, and Katrina next to Veronica.

"Dad, I'm so happy about living with you all the time, thank you, thank you."

"Aw shucks ma'm, twarn't nothing to it." I said.

With everyone laughing, Katrina said "You have always done the worst John Wayne in the world."

Veronica had unbuttoned her jacket and Katrina turned toward her, slid her arm around her waist with her forearm against Veronica's breast and kissed her full on the mouth. "I'm so happy that I don't have to miss you."

"I'm happy too Katrina," as she pulled her to her for a tighter hug and another kiss.

Ashley said, "I'm happy too" as she leaned over and kissed me.

"Well let's all get happy meals shall we!" I said with a stupid grin.

"Mom, Katrina and I were talking on the way over here. The season ends next Friday, not tomorrow, next Friday and playoffs are the next week, so can we have an end of season pool party before it cools off?"

"For both teams?" I asked.

"Sure. A lot of the ladies have been playing select ball together on one team or another for years. Can we?" asked Ashley.

"Gee, Scott, what do you think? Twenty plus girls in swim suits at one time, think you can keep it down?" asked Veronica.

"I'll get a Kevlar jock strap if I have to. Of course it's OK with me. Would you like me to look into renting a hot tub for the event in case it does turn cool?"

"That's a neat idea," said Ashley.

"I'll also talk to the caterer at the club and have him put something together like he does for pool parties there. That way Veronica and I can be in the background and kiss and stuff. Ooops, sorry Veronica, it's your house I kind of stepped in front of you on this." I said apologetically.

"No, Scott, you have good ideas, especially the kissing and stuff," said Veronica.

Ashley was on my left and when our food came, I dropped my left hand into my lap and she put her hand over it and moved it to her bare thigh. "That feels very nice Ashley," I said.

"What feels nice?" asked Veronica.

"Ashley put my hand on her thigh, and it feels nice."

"I thought you preferred nylon-clad thighs." Veronica said with a smirk.

"Well, yours is the only one around the table at the moment, Ashley invited my hand to visit, so I did. Wait until we get in the car, and I'll caress you."

"Can we watch?" asked Katrina. "Can we help?"

"Both, either as long as you have a seat belt on," I said.

"Well, you and Ashley play nice and don't turn over the table," Veronica said as she reached into my lap and squeezed my hardening cock.

Ashley then moved my hand all the way up to the bottom of her skirt and just an inch away from her warm pussy.

"By the way, I will get the car on Saturday. I know Veronica's busy then so would you ladies like to go with me?"

"I can't Dad. I've got a project in the science lab in the morning. I could if it were after lunch."

Veronica said, "Don't forget that you we have a show to put on for Scott."

"I can go with you in the morning Scott. Where'd we have to go?" said Ashley.

"The airport parking structure B is where I told him to leave it, but I'll need to make sure that he got in that garage and the parking slot number. Nine Saturday morning?" I said.

"Yeh, if we don't dance the whole night away, that'll be OK," Ashley replied.

Before we left Veronica went to the restroom and we left in my car, Ashley and Katrina in hers and met back at Veronica's. As she'd promised, Veronica, turned, raised her knee and pulled up her skirt. I'm glad the top was up. I really didn't want to share that sight. I put my hand on the inside of her thigh and she immediately took my wrist and moved my hand up against her nylon covered pussy, firmly.

"I'll bet you've been thinking of this all day haven't you?" she asked.

"God, yes!" I replied.

"I took the liberty of taking my panties off in the restroom. Feel different?"

"A bit wetter, a bit warmer, yes."

When we got home, Katrina saw Veronica getting out of the car with her skirt up to the bottom of her crotch and could see that she didn't have panties on and said, "Gee, Dad, I wish I'd ridden home with you."

When we got inside, I said, darn, I left something at home. I need to go pick it up. Go with me Veronica."

"Health lesson, Dad? Forget your lesson plan?"

"Something like that," I said.

"Bring her back at a reasonable hour, school day tomorrow," said Ashley

"I have some studying to finish. You too Ashley?" asked Katrina.

"Just what we started in the shower." she replied.

Before Veronica and Scott could get out the door, the phone rang and Ashley answered it.

"Sure she's standing right here. For you Mom," as she handed her the phone.

Veronica made a face and took the phone from Ashley. "Oh, Hi, Carol. Yes, I was just walking out the door, but I have a few minutes." She looked at Scott, and winked. "Thank you, I think he's pretty wonderful. Last week at the game between our daughters. No, just the one. About four or five years ago. Not 'til just lately. Yes, she does too, very much and I feel the same way about his daughter, Katrina. No, different colleges. As much as possible. Yes, we are trying to make all the games. No, not much. No, but I can ask him he's standing right here."

"Carol wants to meet you. Can we have lunch with her tomorrow?"


We'll meet you there at noon? Good. No, not yet. No, not many. Yes I do"

Veronica carried the phone over to a nearby chair, but before she sat she pulled her skirt all the way up to her waist and kept her legs apart. If she was trying to get my attention, she succeeded. I sat on the couch with a magazine, pretending to read it, but looking at my vision, mostly.

Ashley walked by taking the scene it, walked up behind me, leaned over my shoulder, said "Scott."

I turned my head and she bent down and put her finger under my chin and very thoroughly kissed me, making sure I didn't keep a civil tongue in my head. In her mouth, but not in my head. "Thanks, Ashley, that was nice, why?"

"You looked like you needed that. I'll bet if you walked over to Mom and began caressing her thighs, the conversation would end quickly," she offered.

"Now that's an idea!"

I waited a few more minutes and did just that and it worked! "Let's go to my bedroom, handsome and you can keep that up."

"Keep what up?" I asked.

"Your touching my nylon-clad legs and your dick. Come on!" Veronica grabbed my hand and began pulling me toward the stairs.

Katrina, came down the stairs, hair all wet again, and asked "I thought you were leaving?"

"Home school, sweetness," said Veronica.

When we got into her bedroom, Veronica wasn't careful about closing her door .

She unbuttoned my shirt as I was unbuttoning her blouse, I unzipped her skirt as she unbuckled and unzipped my pants. I stepped out of my shoes and pants, pulled off my socks as she unfastened her bra. She had her thumbs hooked in the top of her pantyhose when I said, "Allow me, lover."

I started to pull her hose down but as I bent over, my mouth bumped into a nipple, which I had to kiss in apology. I then knelt to finish pulling her hose down and my tongue accidentally swept, and maybe even penetrated her lips. As I pulled her shoes off and sucked a toe or two, she sat back on the edge of the bed. I guess that she was asking me to apologize for the earlier pussy lick. I did the best I could as she spread her legs and I began to search out her clit with my tongue. Not too hard to find, it was clearly waving for my attention so I sucked it, and may have even nibbled a bit. Her thighs were so tightly clenching my ears that I barely heard her moans, although it was her hips moving that got my attention. I stopped nibbling and moved my tongue down a bit and penetrated her vagina. More hip movement. Then I returned to nibble her clit for just a moment more and pushed two fingers into her. That did it, I think I was forgiven. She spread her legs, grabbed my head with both hands and as she lifted my head toward her stomach, I noted that she was breathing very hard and seemed to be speechless.

"God, you're a good lover! Get up here and stick that dick in me."

I stood and turned her lengthwise on the bed, and climbed on top of her and slowly thrust into her. In and almost all the way out, as our breathing rate increased I began to thrust even more quickly.

"Mmm, that's good, in hard, stay in all the way, now out, kiss me as you go back in, Oh, that's nice, nice, cum in me now, God, I love you, handsome, I love you so much," as we came together.

As we were holding each other and nibbling lips, ear lobes, necks, I asked her, "Did I hear you say you love me?"

"Did I say that out loud?"

"Yes, lover you did. What brought that on?" I asked.

"The whole time I was talking to Carol, I watched you watching me and I realized how much you've come to mean to me. Scott, I do love you, and began to on the first date at the country club. You are so thoughtful and attentive to all three of us, and I don't think I could ever find that in anyone else. In reality, I'm not interested in looking beyond you. When I was talking to Carol about you, about us, I realized that just thinking about it wasn't enough, I needed to tell you."

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