tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 12

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 12


This is a drama that as it is played out, the ripples start affecting so many, so as the story unfolds more people become involved, and not unlike real life, each action is like a ripple in the pond, causing other reactions.

Two people are trying to escape a sadistic human sex trafficker, and there are some scenes of violence and of a sexual nature. I hope you enjoy, and if you wish to give feedback, the story is not yet completed.


All the villagers had been woken up and moved by the combined services of the Ministry of Defence men and the local Police, and now stood behind the barriers erected at the far end of the village, trying to see the drama unfolding in their sleepy little backwater where nothing usually happened.

Bureaucratic permission had eventually been raised and the special team had sailed across the Solent from Portsmouth, ready to scoop up and protect Josh and Katrina under the orders of Phil Amery. The communications had been humming all night over the UK, with Police forces, various interested agencies and the Home Office setting up a joint effort, combining knowledge on Alexei Romanich's white slavery Empire.

Some of the houses where woman were held and forced into prostitution were already known to some of the agencies, and at that very moment four raids were happening across the UK, in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol by outside of area Police teams, so that any local Police on the take were bypassed in case of any tipping off of the raids.

The team watching Alexei's home had contacted their leader back at headquarters telling him about the naked woman crawling across Alexei's roof top, waiting for verification to go and get her, holding their breaths as they watched helpless, their hands tied figuratively, as she crouched over the small wall that ran around the balcony seeing how far she had to jump to get to the ground.

John and his Solicitor sat in the Nottingham Police Station, waiting to see what was going to happen, his home burnt down and destroyed, his face swelling up where Alexei's men had hit him. He sat enjoying himself, feeling alive for the first time in two years, each time he smiled or spoke the cut on his lip would start bleeding again and his bruised gut throbbed when he moved, but he didn't care. At least he was feeling something, even if it was pain.

A naked and bloody Josh held the supine naked and beaten body of the woman he loved, his hands now untied by the young copper, rocking her in his arms, telling her everything was going to be all right.


The officer wearing army greens stood radio in his hand behind the black limousine that Alexei had parked only an hour ago in the small road. Turning to his counterpart from the Police he told him, "The negotiator is flying across on the helicopter from Portsmouth, should be here in about fifteen minutes. They can land over there in the field so we need to move the ambulances over there." Pointing up the road and indicating the best position to place the waiting vehicles so that they could get any injured people into them as soon as possible, aware of the gun shot he had heard, but unaware of who had been hit, and how badly.

Both men gave out the relevant orders, and the villagers watched from afar as men from the Army and Police played out the exciting scene in front of them like a scene from a movie.

One of the villagers standing watching had the presence of mind to film the whole thing from his mobile, knowing that he could sell the video to the television news and get a fortune for it.

Any opportunity will do!


Josh looked down at Katrina's face in the crook of his arm, her pain glazed eyes looking up at his, her small body covered by the Policeman's jacket, covering most of the ugly red welts that Alexei's crop had made as he had beaten her, her moans of pain cutting his heart. Whilst Alexei writhed on the floor, the blood from the bullet wound in his leg stemmed by the tourniquet the young Policeman had tied around his thigh, his men standing watching the scene, some with their own guns hanging by their sides, unsure what to do as they listened to the loudspeaker and the Police outside, each man deep in thought as to how best save their own skin.

Konstantin walked over to the window, John's cousin pointing the gun towards him as he moved, and pulling the green and white floral curtain aside, looked out at the scene of men pointing rifles at the cottage. "Shit!" swirling around he looked down at his boss, laying on the floor, and took the decision that the side that could help him most right now was the one he could do the deal with outside, and walked out stepping through the broken front door that lay gaping open, his hands raised up, and shouted, "Don't shoot, I'm coming out!"

He sounded like a bad actor in a corny film with poor dialogue, but what else to you say to ten guns pointing at you as you walk out of a hostage situation, and towards the very people you need to start negotiating with to minimise what you're going to be charged with.

It was a no brainer.


The young Polish girl peered over the edge of the balcony, testing out the drop and the ground below. Hard gravel lay fifteen feet below and her knees, now bleeding and scrapped, hurt along with the rest of her body after landing awkwardly from her long drop down from the roof to the cement of the balcony.

Just then she heard the barking of the guard dogs and the security men come around the side of the house, and looking up at her, the dogs barking and sharp teeth showing, the security men pointing up at her from below, she collapsed in a heap onto the floor of the balcony and cried in her frustration.

So close, yet so far.


The surveillance team man with the binoculars who had first noticed her, stood, his heart beating in his chest, his stomach a ball of panic as he watched the men and dogs come around the house and stand below the naked girl perched on the balcony.

Taking an involuntary step forward, his partner held onto his arm, "Don't Steve, orders."

"We can't leave her to them. Sweet Jesus Rob the woman is naked and trying to escape. There's no telling what they'll do to her, we've got to help her."

"Don't be crazy man, wait for orders."

"I can't. She needs help. I can't wait for some idiot back in Nottingham to say it's OK to move." Starting to walk towards the house from his position in the woods, he heard his friend say, "Don't throw away your career for a tart." but he was a man of honour and his conscience kept him moving forward.


The men one by one started to walk towards the front door, their hands up, leaving behind them the four hostages and the wounded Alexei laying on the ground, staring at the two people who he blamed most for ruining his life.

Their loyalty to Alexei dissolving as they saw him laying wounded and bleeding, brought down by an old man, and following Konstantin's example.

Seeing Johns cousins attention diverted onto the moving men walking towards the front door, hands above their heads lining up to exit the house, Alexei lunged at the pointing gun in the mans shaking hand and wrestling it from the older mans grip, turned and fired towards the naked couple, the man bending over the woman that he, Alexei, considered to be his property.

The ear-splitting retort echoed around the room, men stopped moving, and outside the sound could be heard, terrible and thunderous, and for a dreadful moment there was a following silence split only by a shrill woman's scream.


The surrounding Police, Army men, and the villagers watched as men ran out of the house, trying to get away from the madman with the gun in the house, realising they were safer outside than in there.

Another shot could be heard, and then a silence as the weak sun finally topped the trees highlighting the silhouette of the helicopter coming towards them in the distance.


In a quiet backstreet in the suburbs of Bristol the police raid was in full swing. Downstairs three Rumanian men sat handcuffed on chairs as woman officers lead the four shivering scared woman who had been kept in the house, pimped by the men out for sex, to the police cars outside, nosy neighbours watching from behind net curtains.

Upstairs in one of the rooms a middle aged overweight man found in bed with one of the woman, a blond Croatian of about twenty. He was found dressed up in a woman's dominatrix outfit, his fat body encased in the tight leather corset, layers of fat flesh hanging over the edge of the garment as it encircled his body. Very high heeled leather boots and a black face mask completed his outfit, as he was found wielding a long wooden paddle at the poor girl's rump.

The man, now out of his costume and stepping into his trousers was trying to explain to the arresting officer that he was a magistrate and married, and that this was going to ruin him. Smirking, the officer just told him to hurry up and get dressed, and noticed the tiny flaccid prick on the fat man, wondered if this was the only way the idiot could get it up.


Whilst back in Nottingham, feet up on his desk, phone in his hand, cup of tea in the other, the overall team leader waited for instructions from higher up, on whether to rescue the naked woman from Alexei's balcony, or to leave her to her fate.

Typical British lethargy in the face of an emergency.

Best wait and get the orders from above, as it was more important to cover his back than make an important decision.

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