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Anything to Help Pam


In my earlier story, "Win Win Win With Pam", our neighbor Pam had lost her husband and after over a year's grieving my once prudish wife, Jan, and I talked her into getting on with her life. She opened up to me in her hot tub after a neighborhood party. *

Jan knew and being very open minded, accepted my indiscretion. After our kids left, Jan went from a dutiful, moralistic, straight-laced mother and wife. Then we decided to try a more open approach to sex and never looked back.

One night after a couple of drinks in the confines of our living room, she brought up Pam again.

"Well my Good Samaritan husband, do you think Pam is sexier than me? Is she prettier, better in bed, better built? Come on, give me an answer and be truthful. I can always tell when your not."

"Jan I will admit she is a very desirable woman, but as I discovered long ago, you're the one and you know it."

"So she turns you on,"

"Sure, but by the way, dear wife, I know you must be attracted to her too. Remember your lonely friend Barbara? You know and I know that sexy, lonely other women do turn you on."

Jan seemed a little taken back and did not respond but the sly smile on her face gave me the answer.

"Since I made it with Pam I wouldn't be upset if you'd try your luck too."

Jan countered, "Maybe I will but right now make love to me. I want you to ravish my body just to prove your love."

My hot wife now stood before me and slowly let her blue silk robe fall to the floor. I can never get enough of this over sexed woman. Immediately I grabbed her ass and buried my face in her already moist cunt as her hands urged me on. This was followed by completing her wish and literally licking and kissing her entire body.

Lying on our bed with legs spread, Jan was twisting, turning, and losing control, she moaned as I did find every part of her body. Now I turned her over with my tongue prodding her bunghole. She twisted back on her back totally out of control. I finished her off sucking her clit to a total orgasm.

"See my loving wife, I was just getting you ready for another woman. The rest is up to you."

"The rest" came sooner than expected.

Jan invited all the neighborhood ladies over for some coffee and chit-chat.

I just knew this was all a guise to see Pam without making it too obvious.

When the evening arrived I told Jan that sitting around listening to all that woman talk was a little too much so I'd be off to a movie and maybe stop by a sports bar for a brew or two. She didn't put up a squawk so I knew she had a plan for Pam. I went out of my way to be sure a couple of slats in our blinds are ajar plus a part of our drapes were open for a little voyeurism. Now hide the car and wait.

The ladies all arrived as advertised but wine not coffee seemed to be the drink of the evening. A couple hours later they were all talked out, a little tipsy, and began leaving. Jan made sure Pam was the last, blocking the door as she was about to exit. She took Pam by the hands and began talking- I'm sure about how Pam's social life was progressing especially her love life.

My curiosity got the best of me so I chanced it, unlocked the backdoor, and quietly tip toed down the hallway. Much better.

Just in time to hear Pam say how she met a nice compatible guy she could really get serious with but she's just not ready. Horny maybe but not ready, she laughed.

Jan then took Pam's head in her hands. "Pam I really feel for you. Maybe your not quite ready for a man but will these do?"

With her hand holding her chin, Jan's lips found Pam's for a short but to the point kiss. She thought she felt a little interest from Pam but pulled away and stared into her eyes. What did that do for you?

There was silence. "Oh Jan, I can't believe you just kissed me and I can't believe how good it felt. Please do it again."

Pam, you are a very appealing woman, even to other women. Jan now took her totally into her arms. Their kisses grew hotter and hotter. Her tongue passionately probed Pam's. Now my wife's hands slid down and began kneading Pam's full ass. Pam responded by grinding her mound against Jan's.

This was great. My hard on was joined by that knot in the stomach.

Suddenly it all changed. "Jan, Dennis could unexpectantly return home so how about continuing at my empty house.

Just what I hadn't planned on. Then I realized I had a key to their house or maybe Pam will forget to lock the front door.

Once they disappeared inside I slowly tried the front door. Damm, it's locked. I only could get a very limited view from outside but just enough to see them heading upstairs. Thank goodness for the extra back door key.

In no time I was up the stairs, down the hall and ready for a real show. Thank goodness the bedroom door was ajar and the moon was bright tonight.

Their hands were all over each other. Both were wearing very short cut offs and both liked showing off their amazing tits in tight sleeveless t-shirts.

"Oh Jan, this is really not right but it does make me feel alive and it's so naughty. Please teach me more."

Jan began pulling her T over her head with Pam following. Now they both unhooked and discarded their bras. Two sets of luscious swaying melons with hot erect nipples were facing off only inches apart.

"Just relax and enjoy," Jan informed her wayward but innocent neighbor.

Jan first suckled each of her neighbor's hot orbs and teasingly bit her aroused nipples. Now she cupped both of her own full breasts and began rubbing her nipples against Pam's.

"Jan, Oh Jan, Feels so good. Where did you learn that?" Now they were both beginning to lose it as their breathing increased.

Next Jan seductively removed her cut offs with Pam taking the hint and following.

Now only in their panties, Jan began caressing her partners juicy see through panty covered slit. Her finger slide under the panties and explored the hot slick tunnel of this really steamed up woman. Pam was already reaching her first orgasm as she stiffened then cried out in joy.

"Oh Jan, don't ever stop. I've needed this for so long"

"Don't worry my hot needy friend." With that she pushed Pam onto the bed, pulled off her wet panties, and pried her legs open exposing a pussy to die for. Pam's had a little patch of light pubic hairs. Her large vagina's now oozing soft puffy lips invited my wife to continue her exploration."

I wanted to join in right there but was holding back for all I was worth and applying supreme self discipline not to cum.

Suddenly, my wife was kissing and licking Pam's inner thighs, then hesitated, stared lustfully at her hot frothy cunt, and began lapping and probing Pam's inner being in total lust. I could have fired a gun off and no one would hear!

"Oh, I love your sweet nectar," as Jan not only consumed all Pam had to offer, but became intoxicated with her very female scent. As a finale, she held Pam's right leg up, positioned a titty just over her pussy and began nipple fucking it. With sudden lurching and screaming, it had ended. It was over for me too as two huge wads of jism shot up and all over my pants and fingers. So tasty.

Both girls laid back gasping for breath.

"See my horny neighbor, you can have a whole lot of fun without a cock!"

"Jan, you were wonderful. You opened me up to a whole new world. Lets do this again and very soon. By the way your panties are still on..."

"Next time, I answered. Dennis could show up early. Oh by the way my sexy lover, could I keep your panties as a souvenir?" Pam responded by cleaning herself off with them before presenting these very saturated and aromatic undies to my wife, holding them against her face.

Ah ha. I know they are an ultimate present for me!

As for Pam, maybe like mother like daughter. Sara is now of age.

And I can't wait to see how Jan handles this Pam thing with me....

And I hope there's a sweet Sara in my future.

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