tagFetishArchena - and Charles - Find Relief

Archena - and Charles - Find Relief


Hello. I'm Archena. I'm an Indian girl of 24, sassy, sexy, living in London and six months pregnant. While I don't think I've become a "sex goddess" in pregnancy, I can see why men find the state attractive. I sometimes strip before bed, look at and caress my growing body in front of my full-length mirror and I can see why men would get turned on by all the curves. My belly's very protuberant -- I can't see my bush when I look down any more! - my breasts have swollen to double their normal size and my nipples have both grown in diameter, become darker brown in colour and easily become readily aroused to almost an inch in length.

I'm going to be a single mum and I have a good (white) male friend, Charles who helps me out with household-y stuff. I'd always considered our friendship pretty Platonic; naively maybe, men being men, but he's a former longstanding work colleague who had never shown any sexual attraction to me or tried it on - until the last couple of months when my body changed. Then I could see that he increasingly had an erection quite often around me and I caught him (not that he knew), ogling my bum, taking peeks down my low tops and up my skirts - and I'm pretty sure that once, when we'd been out swimming together, he wanked off in my bathroom afterwards -- several pairs of my knickers were together at the top of my linen hamper, which isn't how I'd left them and there was a distinct smell of cum in the air.

Now I like Charles and I'm horny in my pregnancy; getting no sex and I'm going to rely on him a lot when I give birth - so I decided to give him a treat.

He took me in his car to an out of town shopping centre last night and after we'd unloaded the car (Mothercare stuff!), I made out my back really hurt and asked him to give me a 'massage'. He very readily agreed, so I changed into some leggings -- thin and white, no panties; the leggings very tight now I've grown. I looked in the mirror and was surprised and more than a bit turned on to see just how tightly they hugged my figure, sculpting around my vulva. I also put on a white crop top (no bra) which barely went round my breasts; it was like a second skin and stretched so tight you could clearly see my brown nipples through it. I came into the sitting room. He tried not to lech me, bless him, but I could virtually see his cock growing before my eyes.

I lit a scented candle, put on a 'sea sounds' CD, turned off the top light, leaving the lamps on, lay face down on the sofa with the top of my body supported by cushions and Charles began to rub my back. It was, of course, dry so I suggested I get some lotion; again he checked me out coming back in the room; dragging his eyes away from my naked belly. I lay down again and the massage continued, but it soon became clear that there wasn't much space at all for him to rub between the top of my leggings and the bottom of the crop top so, without asking him, I said 'wait a minute' eased up on my elbows and pulled the back of my crop-top right over my head to the front of my neck, so that it still covered my boob-fronts, though pulling up and away from them, but not my back.

I guess he was now getting quite turned on by the sight of so much brown, pregnant flesh and, without asking me, he got on the sofa himself and kneeled, placing one of his legs between mine and one on the outside. He continued the oily rub, his fingers now getting as close to the sides of my boobs as he could. For my part, I was getting excited at having his hands on me. I decided to move things on, so I slightly raised my bum under the pretext of getting my belly more comfortable on the cushions - and parted my legs a bit. I'm sure my white leggings crotch must have been visibly damp by now. He didn't react for a while but then he moved his position a bit and - yes! - I felt the unmistakable push of a firm cock-head gently rubbing with the rhythm of the massage against my left thigh. This went on for some minutes, during which I felt first more length of cock and then the cock get harder. I was now getting light-headed; my mouth was dry, the room seemed hot, and I was sweating with excitement. I could feel my cunt beginning to seriously lubricate.

"Everything OK?" Charles murmured, with a slight edge to his voice.

I lost it slightly and said "Yes, only I'm getting a bit hot" and, raising myself halfway up from the sofa again, pulled my top off altogether, turned, threw it sideways on the floor and - not too quickly - lay down again . He must have copped several seconds of me openly exposing my big preggy boobs, hanging and swinging, nipples all dark and erect to him. It was a clear signal and he took it.

"Me too" he said.

I felt him get off the sofa and heard the rustle of clothing; half-peeking sideways I saw his shirt and trousers land on the floor. We were entering endgame.

Back on the sofa he continued both the massage and the rubbing himself against me; he was closer to me; his cock was now much harder and clearly less constrained; I could feel more of the length of it moving around; not just on my inner left thigh but poking into my left bum cheek and then beginning its first moves in the direction of my crotch. I later saw that he was wearing boxers and he had clearly pulled his prick out of the front by this stage.

Then he plucked up his courage - or his sheer lust for me took over - and, for the first time and without asking, he made an upsweep with his hand and a palm slipped under my right boob, slipped slowly across my swollen nipple and back down again. I moaned with pleasure, lifted my bum slightly and shifted to make access to my chest easier, which was his cue to return immediately both with that hand and the other to grab both my naked breasts. From then, for what must have been five minutes he greasily groped, caressed and fondled my engorged tits, rolling and squeezing the fat sweaty nipples between his fingers. All the while his turgid cock-head was now rubbing up, down and into the bum-crack of my damp leggings. I was really enjoying this and played up to him, rubbing my bum back against him; moaning with pleasure. I was so turned on I could smell myself and my leggings were soaking.

Emboldened by this, he changed his position, gently spreading my legs and positioning himself completely between them, pushing my bum up further while he continued to handle my tits, which he could pretty much see by now, as I'd moved myself up and away from the cushions. We were moving towards a doggy position. Looking back, I was being such a shameless slut, but my desire to feel sexual, to be sexually wanted by a man and his penis and to cum myself had blown my inhibitions skywards. I felt his cock head push down from my bum crack, brushing my legging-d vulva and then rubbing up and down faster against my vaginal lips as he continued his pleasuring of my nipples. He was virtually milking me as my tits hung down. He slapped them gently, making them sway to his little smacks; then resumed his fingering and groping.

After a few more minutes he began literally to pant. He moved closer to me and his erection began to thrust directly against the damp rag of my leggings, where they separated his questing bell-end from my vulva. I think half the material of the crotch was pushed up inside my pussy lips by this stage. I was preparing myself for him to make the final move to penetrate me when he, as I expected, pulled away, pulled my hips up and pulled the top of my leggings down halfway to my knees. But then instead of entering my body he leaned forward and down, buried his nose and lips in my slippery, hairy crotch, took half a dozen long, slow, firm intimate licks all the way from my clit to my bumhole; his tongue slurping into my slit, exploring me, inhaling strongly all the time. He was practically eating, drinking and breathing in 100% pure cunt. I must literally have stunk of sex. Then he quickly kneeled upright and I felt the sofa begin to shake violently.

I flipped over on my back and slid up the cushions slightly to face him, as I guessed what was happening. Yes, Charles was frantically, uncontrollably masturbating; his eyes dilated, grunting like an animal. I was massively turned on already and the sight of him pulling frantically on his purple, bloated penis, hanging out of his boxers with his fat balls swaying below, was too much: I wanted a piece of this. I raised my legs, pulled my leggings totally off, spread myself wide open and began to rub my hairy puss which his mouth had just left; his lips and chin still shiny with pussy juice.

Maybe half a minute passed as we openly wanked ourselves in front of each other Then the sight of me, naked, splayed, sweating and pregnant, gazing at his straining penis, three fingers of one hand inside me; the other hand pinching a nipple was too much for him. With a sound that was half-swallow, half-grunt, half cry of pain he leaned forward and ejaculated all over my swollen belly, pouring a massive load - six or seven big shots - of thick cum over me. Smearing my fingers with his hot semen it and using it as my new lubricant, I closed my eyes and quickly and violently frigged myself off to a very intense and noisy climax, shuddering on my hand, which was by now mostly inside me.

It took half a minute for me to come down; second-cumming again on the way. I was just opening my eyes when the sofa began to shake again. I found that Charles had already got another erection and was again satisfying himself, drinking in the view of my naked, shameless, sweaty, cum-smeared body. I was happy to indulge him, turning on my front, on all fours, spreading my legs to expose my bumhole and engorged cunt to him, rubbing myself from under and between my legs and begging him to spurt on my arse. He did, this time jerking just a couple of shots of pale semen between my buttocks, dribbling onto my hole. I rubbed it in.

A few minutes later we embraced and he confessed that he'd been turned on by my pregnancy for many weeks but that he had wanted and still wanted to keep me as a friend and he hoped that this hadn't spoiled all that. He'd finished off by hand because he wasn't sure I'd wanted sex or that it was right (to be honest I wasn't too; I hadn't played it through to the end) but I assured him that I had wanted us to get sexual, I'd started it and that girls needed relief too and that I was very happy with what had happened! I said that it might well happen again and I hoped that we could continue to be good friends for each other -- in every sense. With that we showered together and washed each other's bodies clean.

Inevitably, soaping my naked body gave him yet another erection which I let him relieve by rapidly humping my bum crack downwards towards my pussy, him using my boobs as handles to hold on to. Ordinarily I might have found his horniness tiresome but my brain was high on hormones and endorphins and I was just so thrilled that a man found me so fuckable. At one point his erection inadvertently threatened to penetrate my bumhole, lubricated as it was with his sperm and shower gel and water. I've not done anal but for a moment I was tempted and I think he sensed it, as a second, more deliberate, push of hard penis against soft, tight rosebud followed. Instead, I reached round under my crotch, found his dickhead and manoevred it forward slightly so that it slipped easily between but not inside my relaxed lips and then pulled it up so that his cum-slit kissed my clitty. Two or three strokes like that did it; gripping my tits he clung to me and spunked -- more than I expected - over my hand and hood, almost sobbing with sexual pleasure as the warm water cascaded over our joined bodies. Then we washed off, dressed and he left, kissing me tenderly as he so-gently slipped his hand inside my panties and silently, softly pressed my pussy against his hand. I'm not sure that wasn't the best bit

Quite an evening. I, Archena, may have more to tell you about in the future.

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