tagNonHumanArctic Shock Ch. 01

Arctic Shock Ch. 01


Ebony paused at the edge of a clearing and glanced around uneasily. For the last two days she had felt as if she were being watched. She shook it off and entered the clearing where she had made her camp. She shrugged off the feeling as result of a lack of sleep and proceeded to make dinner.

Lucien watched the girl as she prepared a fire to roast the small game she had caught. He was hungry, but not for the food. He was hungry for her. Her beautiful sea-green eyes, Mediterranean complexion and long, ebony waves arose a hunger in him that he had not felt in years.

He fought back a growl as she skinned the animals with familiar precision. He was what one would call a werewolf, and wolves knew better than to frighten their prey off. He was a lone wolf without a pack, free to do whatever he wanted.

And what he wanted was her.

Ebony stiffened as the crack of a twig echoed nearby. Her head snapped around towards the sound but nothing was there. Suddenly, a heavy weight knocked her back and held her flat on her back. Her eyes jerked upwards and she screamed. A huge wolf man held her pinned to the forest floor, its mouth open in the beginning of a snarl.

She closed her eyes and waited for the pain of his bite but it never came. A ripping sound echoed around her and she looked down, confused by the lack of pain.

"Wha-" She broke off in a gasp as he shoved his snout into her bared mound and took a long, slow lick. Against her will, her body responded to his oral assault.

His cold nose brushed against her clit and she moaned softly. "God help me..."

He growled softly and nipped at her clit. "You will beg for me to fuck you soon enough." He picked her up and swung her over his shoulder as he made his way back to his den. Whenever she tried to struggle, he would growl warningly and she would fall limp again, too afraid of what he would do. She knew that whatever came next wouldn't be good.


Lucien quickly managed to strip the girl of her clothes and chain her to the bed spread eagle. She struggled only minimally, knowing it was useless, and it infuriated him. He wanted her both aroused and afraid.

She squirmed as he shifted to his human form. He was handsome; long, pale locks tied back with a band and silver eyes that she couldn't look away from. The scent of her arousal filled the air and he smiled mischievously.

His fingertips trailed down her body. One stopped at a nipple to play with it. With a wicked grin, he opened a chest beside the bed and pulled out two nipple clamps connected by a chain. Her pained whimpers changed to a gasp as his fingers found her g-spot and rubbed it viciously. She writhed against him, moaning as her arousal was stoked higher and higher. A cold, hard object touched her clit and she creamed as it started vibrating.

"No, no, no," she gasped. "Fuck! I can't...ahhh!!!" She screamed shrilly as she came hard. He slid it down to her wet hole and pressed it in until it rested against her g-spot. He turned it on full blast and left her to suffer. She lost count of her orgasms after 6 and passed out soon after.


Ebony awoke to a painful tug on the clamp chain. She started to cry.

"What do you want from me?" She asked through her sobs.

"You will submit to me or I will kill you," he replied simply. He pulled out a knife and trailed the tip around her nipple.

She whimpered softly. "Will you stop?"

"What?" He asked sharply, pressing the tip into her breast.

She yelped in pain. "Please! I was only asking if you would stop if I submitted."

He pulled the knife away and bent to lick at the small nick. "Yes, if you mean it."

She swallowed nervously. "Please...fuck me?"

He looked up at her with narrowed eyes as he considered her answer. She had said it out of fear, not arousal, but she did mean it. He pulled a choker out of the bedside chest and put it on her.

"If you try to run, I will find you," he warned her as he attached a chain to the collar. She nodded, keeping her eyes down. "You will address me as Master Lucien," he told her sternly as he unhooked the rest of the chains. "Now get on your hands and knees."

She quickly obeyed and he shifted to his wolf-man form behind her before plunging in. She screamed in pain as he ripped through her hymen and started fucking her furiously. She began sobbing again as the blood trickled onto the bed sheets.

His knot began to swell and she yelped in pain as he forced it inside. He began fucking her in short strokes, building up her own orgasm. He grunted low as he blew his load inside her and bit down on her neck hard enough to taste blood.

Once he had shrunk enough to pull out, she curled up into a ball and refused to look at him. He left to take a shower, leaving her to dwell in her own misery.

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