tagNonHumanArctic Shock Ch. 02

Arctic Shock Ch. 02


An answer to comments on the last chapter.

I am fairly used to writing vampire stories and the lycan topic is sort of new. Lucien is supposed to be sadistic and kind of like a rogue. He's like a werewolf rapist. I did have a prologue written to this story but when I edited it it just didn't fit. It will develop as the story goes. I appreciate the comments.



Tikaani paused in his wolf form near a clearing at the edge of his territory. He had seen a human female camping here regularly and her tents were set up as usual. Something seemed off today, however.

He sniffed around cautiously and stiffened as he caught the faint scent of the female, tainted with fear. Whimpers echoed out of the second tent in the clearing and he approached it slowly. He nudged open the flap and peered inside. The female's sled dogs lay in the middle of the tent, huddled up in an anxious pile.

The biggest male approached him and barked anxiously. "Wolf man come. Take our mistress."

Tikaani dipped his head in acknowledgement. "I come to help," he told the lead dog silently. "My beta will come and take you to a safer place."

The male looked back at the others anxiously and looked back at him. "Save mistress," he whimpered.

Tikaani nodded again and exited the tent. He called out mentally to his Beta, John, and conveyed his request while he searched the clearing for clues. He paused by the remains of the campfire and dug down past the fresh snow. He found a scrap of denim and a few tufts of blonde and silver fur. He followed the smell through the woods until he saw a log cabin with curtains pulled across the windows. It reeked of the unfamiliar wolf, definitely a male. He heard the sound of a shower running and underneath that, what sounded like a quiet female sob. This was definitely the right place.

Using his telekinesis, he unlocked the door and silently approached the bedroom. He approached the bed and spoke to the female silently. "Don't be scared. I'm here to save you." He shifted to hybrid form and sliced through the collar around her neck. He took a quick stock of her injuries as he removed the cuffs around her wrists and ankles. She was defiled, but unharmed other than the obvious bite wound on her neck.

"Be quiet and hold on tight," he told her telepathically.

She nodded and held on as he snuck back out with her in his arms. She shuddered as she glimpsed the outer room that was filled with many torture devices, silently thanking god that it hadn't been worse.


John paced back and forth in the lobby of the compound, silently fuming. His alpha had gone off yet again with no explanation of where he was going. He sighed warily; Tikaani took far too many risks.

He jerked around as the door flew open and his alpha burst in carrying a nude, shivering female. "I found her. She was taken by a rogue wolf, raped and bitten," Tikaani sighed. "She is going through a forced turning. She fainted along the way here."

John nodded. "She could be dangerous until she changes the first time, Alpha. Perhaps she should be placed in the safe room for now."

"No," Tikaani snapped. "I will take care of her. She is mine." He took off towards his room, silently calling for the pack doctor to meet him there.


Ebony woke up slowly, groaning softly in pain. She felt like she had been hit by a train and was being burned alive in lava. A cool cloth wiped gently across her face and she blinked up at a handsome man with beautiful hazel eyes and dark brown hair.

"Y-you saved me," she croaked, suddenly remembering what had happened.

"Yes. My name is Tikaani, and I am Alpha of the Melbourne pack," he told her, smiling kindly. "A rogue werewolf kidnapped you. You are going through a forced turning but you will be fine. Me and my pack will help you through the transition.

"Where are my dogs?" She asked softly.

"My second in command brought them here, along with your stuff," he reassured her gently.

She sighed in relief. "Thank you. My name is Ebony Mavros."

"Beautiful..." He murmured softly.

She blushed and looked away. "What exactly is going to happen to me?"

"You will have your first change into a wolf, and you will have to adjust to having a second...nature," he paused as he considered how to phrase his words. "It's kind of like a second consciousness. Not exactly like another mind inside you but more like a second part of your own mind. You will be both wolf and human; immortal and able to change at will."

She chuckled warily. "It almost sounds like a gift, like something people dream about having. Only I never asked...it doesn't sound too bad though."

"It isn't really that bad, as long as you can deal with the animal nature and not fight it. The animal side lacks emotional understanding. It's views are very simple. Food, shelter, a mate. Those are the things that matter to the animal," he mused quietly. "Wolves live mainly by their instincts. It is sometimes hard to adjust to that."

She shrugged. "I practically live outside. It shouldn't be too hard."

He placed his hand over hers in a comforting gesture. "I will still help you as much as I can."

Her beautiful sea green eyes met his and she sighed. "Thank you." She looked down, blushing badly. "Can I...do you mind if I stay with you?"

Tikaani chuckled. "I kind of planned on it." He noticed the chill bumps along her tan skin and frowned. "Do you want me to lie beside you and keep you warm?"

She nodded and he slipped in beside her. She seemed to relax as she cuddled up to him. Unconsciously, she nuzzled his chest and rumbled appreciatively. Moments later, she was asleep.

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