tagNon-EroticAri and Kai

Ari and Kai


Kai and Ari lived their perfect life. They were rich, young (depending on how you look at it), and out almost everyday to bring back gorgeous sexy women. They had no trouble picking them up, women had been falling at their feet since puberty.

Ari was 6'3, muscle bound, with long white blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. Kai was 6', slimly built. He had melted chocolate brown hair that fell in his eyes, eyes the exact same color set off by his golden brown skin. His simmering looks combined with Aris cool, icy handsomeness attracted every women from any bar they went to. If they'd been just pretty they would have been knocked up some by jealous men, but they weren't just pretty. Besides being able to protect themselves, they each had a – trick up their sleeve.

Ari had been born in France, 1853. Upon his 25th birthday, after partying with friends, he had gone home with a beautiful lady. She'd killed him, and he had awoken a vampire. Over the many years, he had never taken a life to feed. He would go home with a woman and during some steaming sex drink her blood til she was unconscious. It was just enough to satisfy him, and she would sleep til the morning, when she would wake up extremely satisfied with the memory of a wonderful lover who kissed their necks in the most delightful way, leaving behind what looked a little like a hickey...

He was straight, but not homophobic. In 1986 he had been luring with vampire powers a beautiful man – boy really - with chocolate eyes to an ally to drink his tasty blood, which had attracted Aris attention from across the room. His surprise was comical when leaning toward the boy's neck he had found himself frozen in place. He pulled back in shock, question in his eyes. Kai coolly laughed, "Why so surprised, bloodsucker, you of all people" a smile at that "should know that some legends are true"

Only a person born with the old magic could resist a vampire. While humans were behind on the vampire myth, vampires were cocky enough to think that they were at the top of the power chain. They were, but with mages right next to them. Kai had been born a mage and had been developing his power for over a decade. The values of mages were centered on not abusing their power and trying to protect all those weaker from the vampires, who were certainly partial to abuse of power. Kai, who had recently turned eighteen (the age when mages come into their full power) had been looking for his first vamp to defeat. Recognizing Ari for one, he had obediently followed him to an ally.

They fought it out, until, on some silent truce, left it at that – for the moment. Kai stalked Ari, Ari stalked Kai, til one night some unfriendly vamps had tried to kill Kai. Ari had saved his life, and they grew close. While Ari seemed to get more morality from Kai, Kai also became more of a bad boy. He never compromised his values and all (yes, his values were as strong and many as the Royal Navy), he just lost his holy good boy sheen and became rather – wicked. Like the time with the up and coming senator's little German wife on the rooftop... Anyway, they were as close as brothers. Ari had added to Kais protection against vampires and anything else with a vampires "stamp" which would protect him from pretty much anything, including age (this when he was 23). Kai had extended all protection in his power right back at him.

It was harder to live agelessly then it used to be, but they were careful, needing no companionship besides each other, except for sex, which they managed well enough as well. Ari fiddled with the stock market off the money he had made much earlier as a plaything for rich older ladies. Kai was a chef, turning to private work – working for Ari, in return for room and board. Ari would have done anything for Kai, but you know, guy pride. He couldn't just give him money.

They lived in round building made of stone on the outside. They were surrounded by tall trees, around which was a tall wall ensuring privacy. Inside it was smooth shiny wood. It was built like a ballroom, with enormous round stairs circling up to a balcony type area looking over the first floor. From there was a large balcony with trees leaning over it. On the first floor was the bathroom, shower, sauna, kitchen, and living area. Upstairs were their beds and stuff. Light shone in from the many windows which were big, small, fat and short, tall and thin, diagonal, the works. They didn't buy stuff just because it was pricy but they did have several expensive goods, some statues in gold or silver, pretty much. There was a nearby barn-ish garage Before you ask about Aris coffin, the myth doesn't go quite that far, Ari was really pale and would burn very easily, but he could go out in daylight and he didn't die when he slept.

I didn't know any of this that night of course. I was passing by, figured I'd check out was in there. I dug a hole under the fence and went though – sorry, you're wondering about the BIG I must have ad to dig... Well I only needed a small hole. I'm – I can't pronounce it. My grandmother tried to tell me, but she was slightly batty. Anyway I have not an alter ego but an alter shape. I'm a cat. And a human. Anyway, I dug a small hole which I could get through as a cat, transferred, and checked out the windows. Saw some hot stuff, so I found an open window and, transferring again just in case and to avoid hassle, slipped though.

To Be Continued...

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