Ascension of a Black Dom


She said , "Yes, Daddy." Bounced right up, put on her clothes and was almost out the door, when he said "Hey!".

She turned.

He winked, and became himself again. "See you Friday."

She smiled, and left.



She almost couldn't believe it. She crossed the threshold of the door to her house, and was still high on memories of last night and visions of the weekend when her mother interrupted her reverie.

"Where have you been?"

"I'm sorry, my phone died, otherwise I would have called. Alkie had some folks over and I crashed there."

"Were you drunk?"

No, Mother, I was high as hell and full of black cock... "No, Mom, I was just tired and Justin and Alkie had a fight and it's all just too much for me to deal with, so have a good day at work and I'll talk to you tonight, OK?"

Her mother looked at her, and appeared to let something go inside herself, smiled and said, "OK, honey, I trust you. Dinner tonight?"

"Sure. I gotta go in at eleven, but yeah."

"OK. See ya." Her mother started her car, and pulled out of the garage.

She pressed the garage door closer, and descended the stairs to her basement lair. She was naked by the time she got to the bed, and collapsed underneath the blankets, the cats pawing at her to play, finally giving up and snuggling in, lazy bastards.

Try as she might, she couldn't get the thoughts of his black penis and his firm hands out of her mind. Despite being fucked for the better part of three hours, she thought that one final orgasm might put her out. So, with the vision of his smooth black cock highlighted against her pink pussy, her fingers slipped down between her legs and began to stroke the slightly sore lips of her pussy. The cats seemed not to notice. Good, she thought. Cute little fuckers would try and join in. Her fingers became busier as she thought of how he made her call him daddy. His huge hands all over her, his huge cock buried inside her. She couldn't believe her luck. She had known him years ago, thought him cute, but never thought it would ever happen. Now, she thought as her ministrations peaked, and the bedclothes became damp beneath her, he was mine. For how long, she didn't care. Friday would be enough.




She awoke with a start, the buzzing in the pit of her stomach working better than any alarm clock. Her alarm was set so she would wake up with the gentle sounds of that jazzy club music he gave her. She could hear her mother bustling around upstairs. She was happy that her mom had chosen this week to drive out east to visit her sister and her kids. She would be leaving soon, and then she could get to work, getting the things he had asked for.

There was a knock at the door. "Yes?"

The door opened. "I'm leaving now. There's a casserole for tonight, some frozen stuff for lunch, and I left a couple of pizzas in the freezer if Alkie comes over. No more than four people are in this house while I'm gone, OK? C'mon, give mom a hug."

She bounded out of bed, and gave her mother a real hug, and said "Mom, have a safe trip, and I'll miss you. Tell Aunt Sarah I said Hi."

"OK, hon, I'll see you next week, I love you." With a kiss on the cheek, she was gone.

She stood and stretched, padded into the bathroom. After splashing some water on her face, she stepped into the shower and turned it on. She had been thinking about this day off and on for the last week, but it wasn't until her mother left that she let herself change into an incorrigible slut, a goddamn nympho. All she wanted was the cock, and she damn well would get it , no matter what she had to do. The thought of his black, curved cock flashed across his mind and she instinctively pushed a soapy hand down to her clit and began to rub herself. The thought of her kneeling at her black cock master's side was going to be her undoing. As she relived the passion of a week ago, both of her hands went to work on her pussy, the slick surface becoming even slicker. She grabbed her right nipple and squeezed as she plunged two fingers into her snatch. Her orgasm had her throwing the water off in sheets. With the tremors still subsiding , she turned the water on warmer, and washed vigorously, shaving her legs and pussy and washing her hair. She liked her pussy shaved. She liked the way it felt against her underwear when she wore it, and didn't want any hair to be in the way when she got someone to give her head. After exiting the shower, she moisturized her whole body, paying special attention to trimming her nails. After one last check for some non-existent pussy funk, she laid out the underwear he had requested. He had left the color up to her, but he said a thong, so she laid out three of them, looked at them for awhile, and decided that the best one was in fact the one she had paid the least money for. She put it and a bra where the cats couldn't get to them, and a thought struck her. She figured out a way to show her black man that she was indeed a white bitch who deserved black cock. She yanked on some cotton panties and a bra (She hated them. Being blessed with small breasts made wearing bras uncomfortable, and occasionally irrelevant, but when going out to shop, she didn't want to draw any attention) and made a list in unusually small handwriting:

1. Call L.A. to score some weed

2. Go to the gas station

3. Go to Wal-Mart, Target, see if I can find a cooler thong

4. Buy a cheap t-shirt and a sharpie...

She thought that was it, but remembered that she wanted to buy the blunts and get them home before buying the weed. Security was a bitch sometimes. She looked at the clock. Ten a.m. was late enough to call L.A. , her preferred weed man. L.A. was a bartender downtown, and didn't work Thursday nights. She picked up her phone and dialed. Ring.....ring....ring....


"Hey, what's up Angel-Man?"

"Hey, girl. What the haps?"

"Nada mucho. I got a hot date, though. I was wondering if you could put something together for me."

She heard him cough, then heard a slurping sound. Coffee. "My friend Julian was gonna come over at around noon, and bring some friends with him. Will you be free at around one?"

"Sure will, do you need some lunch?"

"That would be great, honey. Just get me one of those grilled cubans form the cafe."

"See you at one."

She hated running things so tightly. Hopefully there would be no problem with the weed delivery. She hated waiting around, and you know how stoners are sometimes. 'I'll be there at noon' turns into four o'clock before you know it. Oh well, got to get on it....


She dropped off the cigars and the forty-ounce beer at home, and then swung out to the shopping area by the highway. At Target, she spent nearly thirty minutes making herself wet imagining herself bent over a table in quite a few of the thongs they had. In the end, she picked out a delightful green one that plumped her cheeks nicely, and headed to the checkout, grabbing a package of cheap t-shirts and a marker on the way out.

Glancing at the car clock, she saw that it was only 11:45, which gave her enough time. Popped by the cafe to pick up L.A.'s sandwich, then she went home, narrowly avoiding being hit by an old lady in a damned Escalade. She popped inside the house, pulled her shirt off, and put on one of the cheap, skin-tight t-shirts. It fit. She took it off, and ripped the bottom off, just below her breasts. With the permanent marker she wrote in big block letters :


On the back she wrote:

Black COCK


She held the shirt up, admired her handiwork, and glanced at the clock again. 12:40. Time to get to L.A's crib.

She packed the beer and Phillies in a bag, put on her thong, and packed the shirt in her day bag. She placed these items in her car and walked the two blocks to L.A.'s place, carrying the sandwich. She felt fortunate to have her dealer so close to the house. She hated driving with large amounts of weed in her car. Promptly at One o'clock, she knocked on the door.

"Yo, it's open."

She entered into L.A.'s pad, passing the oversized aquarium with its multiple varieties of fish, and giving a pat to Coxsonne , the dog. L.A. was in his usual position, flopped on the couch, XBox controller in hand, playing some sort of sports game with a large black man with dreads in the chair next to him. Copies of High Times magazine shared space on the coffee table with a nice glass bong , a pack of rolling papers, and a big baggie of bright green buds. L.A.'s long legs swung off of the couch to make room for her. "Hey. M'man, this is the girl I was tellin' you about. This is Davion. He's from Jamaica. He grew this shit from some seeds he brought from the island."

Davion smiled and said "Pleased to meet you." without even a trace of the accent she had been expecting. He caught the look on her face and said , "I was born in Kingston, but I live here. I'm a citizen and everything. You like to smoke weed?"

She said "Sure. I can't get loaded, though. I got somewhere I've got to be."

Davion sighed, and smiled. "Don't we all. You look like a lot of fun though."

Jesus, did she forget she had the shirt on? She looked down, seeing her familiar " Vanilla is for Ice Cream" t-shirt, and breathed a sigh of relief. She felt like she was wearing a sign "Black Cock Accepted Here"

L.A. grabbed a scale and a baggie, zeroed the scale, and said ,"How much do you need to make this hot date you got?"

"Gimme a half, but can I get it in quarters?"

"Sure thing, hon. Wait one second." She watched Davion score a touchdown on the video game. He turned to her and said "You've never smoked weed like this before. Make sure you tell me how it was. I'm curious." He swiveled his massive chest back towards the TV screen as L.A. stood, handed her two baggies and said "That'll be one-eighty, missy."

She handed him two hundreds, he manufactured a twenty, and the transaction was over. L.A. said "I need to kick homeboy's ass on this game. Enjoy that shit, and you know where to find me when you need more. Oh shit, here." he handed here a small brass smoking device. It was loaded. "Smoke this , though. It'll put some boom-boom in your bang-bang."

She struck the lighter, and inhaled. The familiar light, breezy feeling came over her, as she tapped it out into the ashtray and thanked him. Davion waved, and she left. Back over two blocks, and into her car, started it up, and drove towards his place.




He was at the Laundromat insanely early to beat the crowds. He needed a few things before she came by this afternoon, the most of which was that the clothes he wanted to wear were dirty, and he wanted them clean. Also he did not want to have someone peeking over his shoulder at the skintight shirt he was washing, or his underwear or anything. So, here he was at the Laundromat at nine in the morning. After his final dry cycle, he packed his clothes in his car, and went back home. Once there he cleaned the place, and hopped in the shower, washing himself thoroughly and using the clippers on his head and unruly pubic hair. After shaving his head and face, he dressed thusly: a male g-string that he felt silly buying but nonetheless felt comfortable and showed off his bulge, black jeans with a thick black leather belt, the skintight lycra shirt, and a black bandanna tied around his head. He went barefoot. He hated his feet, thought they were long and unappealing , but hopefully she would be thinking so much about his cock that she wouldn't notice. It was only Noon, she wouldn't be here for a while, so he decided to watch one of the porn movies that he owned. The one with the foreign girl, the hottie with the dark hair, who fucks this black guy so hard...

He popped in the DVD , cued it up to the scene. There she was, gold lingerie that would look stupid on anyone but Ms. Fuck Toy, and eyes that frickin' smoldered. Fuckin' heart-shaped ass, and full lips just made for sucking cock. She parades down a well-appointed hallway, putting an extra sway in her hips, then bends over on a stairway, puts a hand on her ass, and pushes it out for all to see. He couldn't take it anymore, and unbuckled his thick leather belt. He thought if he got off now, he would have that much more control when she arrived. After squirting some lube on his hand and fetching a towel, he fast forwarded to the first fuck position, the French chick bent over and grabbing a railing to brace herself against the big sculpted black guy's repeated full thrusts of his ten-incher. With every thrust his cock came out of her pussy gleaming in the light, and her wailing got louder. They moved into the bedroom, and he put his cock in the French girl's ass. Anal sex was never Daddy's strong suit, it never seemed like it would be much fun, and dominant as he was, he couldn't ever imagine shoving his thick cock in some poor girl's anus. Watching these two go at it, however, was pretty stimulating. He fucked her ass like it was her pussy, making her scream louder and louder, saying things like "Fuck my ass...fuck it harder..." in that accent that drove him to stroke his cock faster. He was hard as a rail, but decided to hold off for the orgy scene, the last on the disc. It had three blonde chicks in it, all of them whoring for black cock. He loved it. They reminded him of his little black cock slut who would be here in-he glanced at his watch- forty minutes. Especially the one that makes the guy come in her mouth. He fast-forwarded to the orgy scene. There she was , sucking on that huge black cock like her life depended on it. Maybe it does, he fantasized. Maybe if she doesn't make him come he'll make her walk the street to pay for it. Maybe he'll spank her lily white ass if she can't get him off. Maybe he'll tie her up and make him lick his ass while he strokes his cock. On screen, the blonde German girl stroked and sucked , spitting a wad of cum as the black cock in her mouth spewed more of the same. His cock became harder than hard and he shot a long stream of cum all the way up his chest . He swabbed off with the towel, and rearranged his clothing. Glancing at the television screen, he thought about turning off the porn, but thought evilly, This is what she's going to get. She might as well get used to it. He started the DVD over from the beginning, and just as he was lighting a cigarette, there was a knock on the door.



He opened the door and glanced contemptuously at her irrepressibly cute face, blonde hair and her yellow " Vanilla is for Ice Cream" t-shirt. "Get the fuck in here."

She stepped in and put down the bags she had in her hands, and looked at him again, with that unexplainable soft look, the one that said I'm yours. He said, "Hang on a second. I want you to understand a few things. Sit down." She sat on the chair , facing him. "Do you want something to drink?"

She said "Actually I do. I know this is a long shot, but do you have any cider?"

He opened the refrigerator and peeked around. " I think I actually have!" he said grabbing a Woodchuck. "I try to keep some around in the summertime." He popped the top and handed it to her. After pouring a glass of water for himself , he sat down next to her.

"Look, I just want you to know that anything that I do stays here in this room. This is not something I'm going to share with my guy friends or anything like that. I'm not going to hurt you, although I might make you think I am. I am going to call you all kinds of names."

She said "You've already done that. Believe me, I understand the position you are in. This is not something I am doing to hang over your head. I anticipate enjoying this as much as I've enjoyed anything like this. And there is something different about you. It's like, I know you are saying these awful things, and I'm scared, but there's also this eerie calm that's there, and it...I don't know, it's weird, but don't worry, I can handle it."

He smiled and downed his water. "Finish your drink. I'll be right back." He went into the other room briefly, and returned. She was pouring the last drops of cider down her throat. He said "Get on your knees, please." She obeyed, her head level with his cock.

"You will do anything you black cock master says. You will run and fetch, you will get yourself off with a toy, watch porn , and suck this big black cock. You will fuck on command. You will submit to punishment by me, which will include spanking, and maybe tying up your little white ass so I can have my way. You will continue to do so until I am satisfied that you have learned your place as a black cock slut.

If, at any time, you feel it is too much, or that something hurts too much to continue, all you need to remember is 'Umi'. Like the song ,"My Umi say shine the light on the world." Say it."

"Umi." she said, giving it a sexy spin he hadn't thought of.

"Are you ready to be my black cock slut? Are you ready to worship the cock of this black man, this original man? Sucking on me is sucking the veritable root of civilization. It's powerful. Not every one is made for it. Are you ready for this cock, slut?"

"Yes, Daddy." she said, her head down in supplication.

"Lift up your head and say it right."

She raised her head, and the glint in her eye was strong. He could tell she was more than up to this, and that she could probably handle all he could throw at her, and ask for seconds. She said in a very steady voice , "Yes ,Daddy. I am ready to be ravaged by your black cock, and to pay for the transgressions that I have committed as a white pussy bitch. I will bend to your rod, your will, and your hand because all I want is black cock, and I know that you are the only one who can give it to me. May I stand, Daddy? I want to show you something."

"Sure ,slut. "

She rose delicately, and unzipped her bag. She pulled out the t-shirt she had customized that morning. She saw a grin spread across his face as he read the front and the back, and he was soon laughing so hard that he said," Wait a minute, time out, that shit is awesome. Did you do this?"

"Yes, Daddy." She sounded pleased.

"Well, white bitch, you had better put it on, then. I'ma go in the other room. Bring that weed, and those blunts and roll me one." He left, and she kicked off her jeans and t-shirt. She decided to go bra less under her slut shirt, and pulled up the new thong. Grabbing the paper bag, she went through the door into the living area, where he was seated on the couch watching a movie with a blonde woman eagerly deep throating a huge black cock.

"Kneel down next to me and use the coffee table 'ho. I want to pinch your fuckin' nipples while you fuckin' do that." He turned the sound off, and cranked up the stereo. The music was slow sexy, and understated, and it made her pussy itch with longing for what was about to come next. She stripped a cigar and began to fill it with weed, licking her sticky, crystal flecked fingers, wishing it was his cock instead.

"Quit daydreaming about this cock." He said as if he could read her mind. "Gimme my blunt, white cunt. Made to sit on a black man's cock." He swatted her ass to get her going, and she dropped the blunt on the table, weed going everywhere. "See, look at you. Crawl around, pick up every grain of weed you see. I want to see that ass up in the air, too. Show it to me, bitch." She crawled , sticking her ass high so he could see it, knowing it made him hard. She started to get wet. "I can't push it any higher, Daddy."

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