tagBDSMAsking For It Ch. 02

Asking For It Ch. 02


I sigh and stretch languidly. My body is a little sore from the hours we fucked before napping, yet my cunt is more awake than I am, having been left wanting. You're still asleep next to me, snoring softly. My nipples stiffen as the memories flood me repeatedly. Gingerly, I reach up and roll them around between my fingers, sending shooting bolts of pleasure to my already sopping pussy. I dare not touch myself there. I don't think I'd be able to stop. It's time for me to get up and get on with the remainder of my afternoon. Quickly, I head to the shower to "cool off" before attempting to tackle the rest of my chores.

After cleaning myself off and dressing lightly in stretchy lycra/cotton running pants and matching top – braless – I decide to pick up around the house a little, starting with the dishes. I love the feel of my nipples poking through the material of my top, stretched tight and straining for attention. I did decide to put on a narrow g-string, considering I am so fucking horny still I know my pussy is going to be dripping constantly. I didn't want the wetness to just immediately seep through and be seen when I had to go out. I would have to change when I got home, that's for sure!

Reality is a little glazed over while I'm absently washing the dishes, my senses focused on my three hard nubs. I decide, suddenly, to enjoy the delicious sensations that accompany the idea of anticipation and spread my legs wide, not allowing them to relieve any of the intense pressure that still residing between them. This opens my pussy beneath my clothes – I can feel my lips spread and swollen, the cloth of my g-string brushing against my already swollen, tender and aching clitoris. I can't help but moan a little, under my breath.

I hear the bathroom door shut and startle a little, not paying attention to anything around me now. Fuck, I want to cum. Already. I make myself stay put as I hear you finishing up and opening the door. I make every pretense of being unaware of my actual state and extremely focused on the few remaining dishes before me. Have I stopped scrubbing this fork? Is it a different one or have I been polishing it under the warm sudsy water all this time? I have no idea. I don't care really, so I rinse it and move on to the next item. I smell you come up behind me... god, I love your scent. Your cologne is mild, musky and makes me want to melt into you. Your natural scent is similar so instead of covering, your cologne blends and complements you. My pussy twitches as you put your arms around my waist from behind me, pressing into my backside, your lips on my ear, you kiss the tip gently, and give it one small playful nibble. I smile and turn my head around for a kiss. You press your lips into mine softly and flick my upper lip with your tongue. I sigh, but don't move other than to go back to "focusing" on the dishes.

You push your hands under my shirt and move them up slowly, circling around my rib cage, not quite tickling. I hold my breath still, but not my hands. I keep scrubbing. Finally you work your way up to my breasts and flick your wrists so that my top ends up over the top of my tits. My nipples are pointy and hard, sticking out like pencil erasers, crinkled and tight, wanting relief. You flick the tips with your thumbs and that's it... my hands drop into the water, letting go of everything except the sponge, which I'm gripping tightly, waiting. I moan and lean back, wanting more. You read the signs and grasp the nubs between your forefinger and thumb and so slowly begin to roll, pinch and tug on them. A low gutteral sound comes from deep within me.

Your voice surprises me as you say something that makes my pussy spasm hard beneath it's covering and my heart beat increase, my stomach knotting in dread. At the same time that you're speaking, you never release my nipples from your fingers, knowing very well after last night how sensitive they are. Almost, but not quite enough to make me cum.

"I told you that you were not allowed to cum until I told you to."

God, I'm so wet... I wish you would rip off my clothes and fuck me right there, in the middle of the kitchen. But after those words, I know that it could be a while before I feel you pounding my pussy again... I'm dripping. I try to explain that I couldn't hold back, that you'd forced me over the edge.

"I told you not to cum." Is all you say. I groan. My legs are still spread wide. You slide one hand down my belly, reaching inside the elastic of both pants and panties until one finger rests lightly on my clitoris, oh so slowly and feather lightly stroking. I can't move. Your other hand is still on my nipple, teasing it while you finger my pussy to an even higher state of arousal. You speak again...

"I have to get ready for work tonight. While I'm gone, I want you to masturbate yourself until you're ready to cum and then stop. You are to do this five times. I will leave you the times you are to start and call you. I want to hear you fucking yourself for me. Use the dildo. Make sure it's a deep build up – not just your clit."

I melt in your arms, grinning up at you. You are fulfilling my fantasies and I am so fucking hot right now that I don't think I can hold out another minute if you keep up. You withdraw your hands from my body and straighten my clothes, kissing me harder this time.

"Finish the dishes. For your first session, I want to watch. I want to make sure you don't cum." You head back towards the bedroom, clearly expecting me to follow you, and I don't dare disappoint you now. Not again. I'm aching to feel you inside me.

You get your clothes out and slowly start to get ready. I remove my clothes and lay down on the bed, where you can see me easily. I spread my legs wide for you, my pussy facing you so you can see everything, including the pink swelling and super aroused state that I'm already in. You comment on this.

"It won't take long, I see. You will fuck yourself until I am ready to leave. That includes waiting for the car to warm up." I start to panic a little now. I don't think I can hold out for 20 full minutes! But you haven't given me a choice. I don't know what you'll do if I don't obey, but I don't think I want to find out. You hand me the dildo, a medium sized piece that is filling but not huge.

"Roll over on your stomach. Put your ass in the air. Pretend I'm fucking you doggie style. I want you to make sure to get your G-Spot and rub your clit. I want you to beg for me to let you cum by the time I leave."


I do what you say and roll over, my tits mashed into the bed, one hand far underneath me and inserting the fake cock into my waiting pussy. I go slowly, not being able to help enjoying ever slow inch. It does occur to me that this could little tactic could keep me from going over the edge. Once it's all the way inside, my cunt grasping and begging for more, I put my other hand under me and start to rub my clit, moving the dildo slowly in and out of my cunt. It only takes a few strokes for me to start to feel my stomach tie in knots, wanting to release with a screaming orgasm. I go more slowly, trying to hold off what seems to be the inevitable. I wonder how long it's been. Involuntarily, I start to write and groan beneath my own self-fucking. My pussy tightens around the dildo and I'm struggling to keep my fingers from going to fast, pushing me beyond the point of no return. How the fuck am I going to do this four more times tonight???

"Fuck.. please.. please ... I can't do this. Let me cum... I'm so fucking close... please!" Already I'm begging. There's no answer. Frantically, I glance around and discover you're not even in the room. I sigh with relief and start to slow down even more, starting to remove my fingers from my clit. My ass up in the air, my pussy spread, I know if you're standing right behind me, you can see all the way down to my tits, squished into the comforter. I hear your footsteps coming back. Damnit! I start pumping at the same pace again... slow!

I feel a mild breeze behind me and a sudden THWACK! On my ass.. I cry out, right on the very edge of my climax. If you do that again, I'm going to cum.. I'm certain of it.. I beg again..

"Please baby... let me... I can't ... I'm going to cum...!!!"

"You better not." You say sternly. THWACK! You hit the other cheek, making my whole body shake and tremble. "You're going to slow, dear." You slap my hand controlling the dildo away and grab it with your fingers and start to stroke my pussy with it, moving it in and out faster, deeper and harder than I was.

"Ungh! P-p-l-eea! FuckFUCK FUCKME!! GOD PLEASE!" and with that, you pull out the cock, grab my legs and force me onto my back. You grip both of my wrists in one of your larger hands and jerk them above my head while getting on top of me enough to hook your now shoed feet under my calves and force my legs apart. I can't move.

"NO! please.... Oh fucking god... honey, let me.. I'm dying here...!" I see you grin above me and you just simply say "Nope." You then lower your head and take my overly stiff, painfully engorged nipples in your mouth, one at a time, and slowly suckle them, interspersed with gentle nibbles, grazing them with your facial stubble and I squirm beneath you, my head shaking back and forth, moaning and lost in the sensations. My pussy is so on fire, dripping on the bed, my clitoris so swollen that it's visibly poking out from beneath it's protective hood. It's throbbing so hard that it's almost post-orgasmic in it's strength, except without the relief.

You move down my tortured body, bringing my encaptured arms with you, making sure your torso stays between my legs enough that I can't close them and seek any type of relief. My gut twists in agony, tight and desperately needing the tension that's built up to find it's release. I look down, wondering what else you're going to do to me, and I see your head dip down between my thighs, your shoulders keeping them spread now, my wrists still in your hands. AS if I have the strength to pull away at this point anyway.

"Oh fucking god... " I moan softly... I know what's coming.

I feel it.. the warm, wet stiffness slowly stroking me, starting between my cunt and my anus, and licking all the way up my slit, tonguefulls of my cream spilling into your mouth. You get to the bottom of my clitoris and instead of licking it, you lick around it, your tongue just barely edging it and I scream in frustration. You scrape your mouth down the other side of my pussy, making sure not to make any direct contact with my blood engorged nub. I can't help but shudder and tense, hoping... my hips rising, trying to capture your tongue, trying desperately to get the release I need so badly. I can think, I'm completely lost to everything except the burning of my cunt. I want you to suck on me so fucking much that I'm struggling against you like a tortured animal, squirming beneath your hold on me, my tits bouncing as my hips hump air.

You circle my clitoris several times, until my legs are shaking, my whole body is sweating with the effort to get to the pinnacle. Finally, you give it one solid and firm swipe of your tongue, causing me to cry out, as if in pain. I am in pain. My pussy is literally aching with the need to be relieved, the pressure so intense that I feel like I've been tied and tortured in a prison camp for days. I start to sob as you let go of me and stand over me, watching me helplessly trying to get what I need from something that's not there. Something deep in my subconscious keeps my hands off my pussy and my legs wide open. I can't touch my tits either. I'm so close to orgasm that anything could send me over. But there is nothing except me and if it's this bad now, how much worse will it be if I fuck myself into the oblivion I so desperately need right this second?

You chuckle and reach down, pinching both my nipples hard at the same time. I cry out again, my hips haven't stopped humping air. You whisper in my ear, reminding me... "Don't cum... or else. Only four more to go, sexy. I left the times on the counter."

I hear you, but it doesn't fully register at this point in time. I'm an animal in heat and if I don't rut, I'm going to rage until I find something to fuck. My pussy is aching, soaking wet, my clitoris as big and swollen as my pinky finger. I shudder as your words slowly start to sink in and I realize you've already left.

I lay still for a while, keeping my legs wide open and my arms flat at my sides. I decide to meditate and try to get to a state where just closing my legs won't make my pussy spasm so hard that I fall on my ass in what would probably be the most intense orgasm of my life. I intentionally slow my breathing and heartrate, not moving an inch. I close my eyes and focus on my breath instead of my tits... I focus on my chakras instead of the burning ache that is still overwhelming to almost all my other senses residing between my thighs.

Finally, after I don't know how long, I feel like I'm stable enough to move. I'm still intensely aroused. God help anyone that comes to my door right now.... I go and find his list. It's now 10:30 PM. I look at the paper with scrawled times on it. Oh shit.. how the flying fuck am I supposed to pull THIS off???? I wonder.

11:15, 11:45, 12 and 12:15.... Each increment decreased by 15 minutes making the last two sessions run on. I wonder how long you expects me to keep this up? I guess I'll find out when he calls. All I know is that I will never, ever cum without him telling me to again. My cunt twitches yet again. Fuck. This is going to be one long assed night.

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