At The Desk


The intercom blared for a second with an "Amanda Smith, please report to the principles office."

Amanda looked around a moment and slowly got out of her desk, she wasn't sure of what she was in trouble for and also had no clue as to the stares she was getting from all the boys around her. Her little skirt rode up as she stood up and the boy just behind her groaned softly as she straightened it.

"Mr. Kendal, may I go?"

"Of course Amanda, and hurry," Her teacher replied as he stared at her stocking covered legs as she walked towards the door.

"I will," She replied casting a glance towards him.

He smiled at her and watched her leave along with many a jealous and lustful look. Her blonde hair was tied back and the white school blouse she wore was tight across her chest. She had grown so much over the school year that her uniform was a tad small on her. She had just turned eighteen and though graduation was still months away, she was at the top of her class.

Amanda walked down the long empty halls towards the offices, frantically thinking of what she was in trouble for but came up with nothing. She was a very good girl and a good student so she thought it must be something outside of school.

She turned the corner and bumped into someone coming the other way. She spilled her books on the ground and stumbled back a little. Standing in front of her was the guidance counselor.... hers to be precise. Mr. Randolph looked at her a second and bent down to help her collect her things.

"Oh I am sorry Amanda I didn't see you there," He said as picked up some of her books.

"No, I'm sorry I was hurrying to report to the office. I should've been more careful," She stammered out, shyly glancing at him as she bent down to pick up the rest of the books.

They both stood up and his hand, accidentally, brushed up against her side as they did. She looked up at him, her dark brown eyes shining. He coughed and handed her the books.

"Thank you, sir."

"Run along now, Amanda. and don't forget we have an appointment later to discuss your summer program," Mr. Randolph said as he looked her up and down. His gaze lingered on her breasts that strained against the blouse buttons but he quickly moved around her and walked down the hall.

"Don't worry, I'll be there," she said, blissfully unaware of his looks.

Amanda went down the hall after she watched him go.

He is always so nice to me and helpful too, she thought as she reached the offices.

The secretary of the school looked up and just motioned her inside past her desk. Mrs. Pudee was a stern older lady with a very sour look on her face all the time. Amanda had never seen her smile or even laugh at all and so she was rather intimidated by her.

"Just go on in and behave, yourself, young lady," Mrs. Pudee said, glancing disdainfully at Amanda.

"Yes, ma'am," she said and hurried down the short hall to the principles office.

She paused when she got to the door and knocked softly on the glass that read: Mr. Carl Vaeth, Principle. There was no response so she knocked louder and more firmly against the wood of the door. She waited a moment but before she could knock again the door swung open.

"Come on in, Amanda," Mr. Vaeth said holding the door open for her.

She walked past him, smiling up at him as she made her way to the chair in front of his desk. He was rather young to be a principle but his innovations and he dedication to the school had earned his place as principle. His dark brown hair was cut short and he green eyes always seemed so friendly and warm to Amanda. He was very fair and supportive of his students and liked to have long talks with those that wanted his help. This was her first time visiting his office without having made an appointment to speak with him. She had never gotten into trouble and thus never had to see him unprepared. She was getting nervous as she took her seat. She watched him go around to the other side of the desk but did not meet him in the eye.

"Do you know why I called you here today, Ms. Smith?" He asked, in deep yet friendly voice.

"No, sir," She replied, barely looking up at him.

"I have been getting some disturbing complaints about you and some of your teachers have informed me that you have been behaving in a manner inappropriate with school policies."

Amanda stared at him, shocked by what he had said. She never behaved badly and she thought all her teachers liked her. She was speechless.

"Amanda, I have to follow up on this and I need to ask you some questions of a personal nature," He stated, looking at her with sympathetic eyes.

"Yes, sir, I understand..... what have people been saying about me?" she stammered out.

"We will get to that soon," He answered before continuing, "Have you broken our schools code of conduct?"

"No sir," she replied.

"Have you engaged in any illicit activities while on school grounds?"

"No, sir."

"Have you in any way behaved in a sexual manner towards faculty or any other students?"

She looked at him, stunned.


"N-n-no, sir."

He looked at her skeptically.

"Are you sure, Amanda?"

"Yes, sir, I am sure."

"So in Mr. Kendall's class you didn't drop the marker at the board and bend over, revealing your panties to the entire class?" Mr. Vaeth asked, sternly.

"No, I mean yes I drop things but I don't show my ... um .. eer.. panties," she said blushing furiously.

He glazed at her with his deep green eyes.

"Can you explain at gym when your sports top, "accidentally" came loose and you revealed your breasts to the entire class?"

"That was an accident, I didn't mean to do it. It just happened!"

"May I ask why you haven't purchased a new school uniform? I have had several complaints about the revealing nature of yours," he asked shifting in his chair a little.

She looked down at herself and while it was tight and snug, it didn't show anything.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"The top is too tight and someone can tell when you aren't wearing a bra, young lady. Like you aren't wearing one today." He replied, standing up.

"What? You can see that?" she asked innocently.

"Miss Smith would you stand up?" he said as he stood up and walked around the desk.

She stood up and turned to face him. He picked a ruler up off the desk and knelt down next to her leg. The principle held the ruler to her leg measuring the distance between the ends of her skirt and stocking. His touch lingered on her soft smooth skin before standing up.

"Your skirt is 4 inches shorter than dress code. Where you unaware of this or the code?"

"No sir I am not unaware of the code but I thought it would fine until next year. I can't afford a new school uniform and I didn't realize it was that short."

"Amanda, you are a smart young lady and I find it hard to believe that you didn't realize your dress was inappropriate."


"You know that since your skirt is so short and not wearing a bra, you are flaunting yourself in front of your classmates and teachers. Teasing them with your innocent behavior while all the while knowing the effect you are having on them. Showing them your panties when you bend down or having accidents in gym class. I have a stack of letters from teachers and parent's of students who have found your behavior unacceptable for a school environment." He stated with some heat.

She had never seen him like this, he was angry and looming over her. Amanda didn't know how this could be happening. She was a good girl and never did these things on purpose. She thought that she might be able to explain but the principle was so mad at her, it left her speechless.

"I will show you what I mean," He said, dropping the ruler to the ground. "Now pick it up but stop when you reach it."

She bent over and grabbed the ruler stopping herself from rising back up. She could feel her skirt rising up a little but didn't see the big deal. His hand was suddenly on her panty covered butt. She could feel his fingers curling along her inner thigh. Shocked she turned her head and looked at him.

"This is how much you reveal bent over lie that. Your entire bottom is hanging out for all to see and that is just deplorable," He said, as his hand rubbed her bottom and his fingers played with her skin. He didn't seem to be focusing on her face but on her bottom.

"I am sorry sir, "she said, jerking away from him and standing up straight.

He shook his had a moment and stared at her.

"Nope lift your arms above your head like you are stretching," He commanded.

She didn't want to but her parents always told her to do what her teaches asked of her and she knew that Mr. Vaeth was just doing his job. Reluctantly, she put her arms over her head. As she did her shirt pressed tighter against her breasts and revealed some of her flat smooth stomach.

He reached out and put on hand on her stomach and the other along her side, his forearm brushing the side of her breast. His fingers caressed the skin of her stomach as she held herself still.

"Now look at yourself... your stomach is bare and your shirt is so high up and so tight you can see everything through it."

Looking down, she saw that he was right her breasts where clearly visible and her nipples where outlined by the fabric of her blouse. She was amazed that she had never noticed this before and a little ashamed of what was shown. Amanda didn't want people thinking she was a bad girl or anything like that. She was shocked when she saw his hand reach up and touch the top button of her blouse. The strain was so great and the hole was well used that it came undone at even that gentle touch.

"And see how easy it is for an "accident" to happen? And you want me to believe that you were unaware of your state of attire?"

"Yes sir and no sir I wasn't aware I will get a new school uniform as soon as I can," she said still blushing furiously.

"Well that is a good step but I can't have you parading around here like that today and some sort of discipline will need to be enforced so that everyone will know that our rules are being followed."

He looked at her thoughtfully and with a gleam in his eye that, Amanda, didn't recognize. Tapping the ruler against his leg, he stared at her. His gaze traveling along her tight, young body and he motioned her to his desk. Amanda moved over to it and stood in front and suddenly she felt his hand at her neck. Startled she barely had time to put her hands in front of her as she was forced face down on top of it.

"Now, since you seem to be unaware of what you are doing or you think you are so much smarter than the rest of us then I will show you how wrong it is to be such a tease," He said as he held her down.

She heard a whistling sound and then felt a sharp crack as the hard wooden ruler made contact with her little bottom.

"Owww," she cried out and struggled against his grip.

The ruler came down hard again and then again; each time making a loud cracking sound against her bottom. Struggling still but she couldn't break his commanding grip on her neck.

"Please, sir, I didn't do anything. I'm a good girl. I don't mean to tease anyone. I will get a new uniform please stop," she pleaded as struggled.

"Oh, you think that I am stupid? That a hot little girl like yourself doesn't realize every thing you do has an affect on people," He said angrily, slamming the ruler harder and harder into the teenage ass before him.

Crying and sobbing she struggled to get free of the merciless beating her ass was receiving but she struggled to no avail. Tears leaking down her cheeks, the beating stopped, scared and uncertain she tried to look at the principle standing behind her. Amanda saw the ruler drop neck to her face and then her panties were being forced down by his free hand. Her bare bottom was exposed to the air and she felt gentle fingers rubbing her traumatized skin.

I am glad that is over, she thought to herself.

But it wasn't as she saw the ruler picked up and taken behind her again. She cringed in anticipation of the blow but she waited and waited for it until it finally fell as she relaxed her guard. The next blows fell on her bare as she squired and tried to fight but he was much too strong for her. Crying as her punishment continued she tried to pretend that it wasn't happening and she wasn't in this office being spanked like a ten year old girl. There was a pause and she felt the ruler slide between her legs, coming into contact with her young little pussy pushing against her clit. She clamped her legs shut. Her head was pulled back suddenly as the grip shifted from her neck to her hair.

"Open your legs, now." He whispered in her ear with menace.

She quailed inside and hesitantly opened her legs the ruler fell to the floor.

"Good girl, now I am going to give you what you have been asking for," He told her as he unzipped his pants.

Amanda was shocked she started to struggle and opened her mouth to scream. He was ready for that as he clamped her mouth shut with one hand and held her down with other. Amanda felt his hard penis pushing against her bare ass as she struggled and fought but she could not get him off of her. The principle had a hard time putting it in the teenage pussy before him but he was patient and finally managed to get the tip in even with her struggles. She was tight and apparently a virgin as his cock stopped against her hymen. Leaning over he used his body to pin her down so he could spit on his hand and rub his shaft with it. Wrapping his fingers back in her head he slowly and deliberately pushed his cock into her pussy.

Amanda was scared and lost. She had do how she had ended up about to be raped in the principles office. His thing was pressed inside her and she could feel it starting to hurt as it pushed its way inside. She scream and wept as he broke her hymen but once that was out of the way she felt all of him go inside her. It was way deeper and more filling than her fingers could ever be which is all she had ever had before. She screamed into his hand as she struggled and fought but it was in vain because he was bigger and stronger than her. She felt every inch of him going in and out of her; it hurt and she was confused.

The principle was thrusting in and out of her hard and fast in her tight little teenage pussy. She felt so good as he fucked her against the desk. He knew he would last long as his cock pounded her pussy but he didn't care. Her struggles had pushed him past the point of caring. He spilled his seed inside her as he pushed himself deep inside her one last time.

Amanda felt something go inside her pussy but she had never felt anything like it before but she was glad he was finished. A tear dripping down her cheek as his weight was almost crushing her as he relaxed on top of her. She heard the door open and felt his weight leave her and his hands. She looked towards the open door and saw Mrs. Pudee standing there with angry look on her face. Amanda felt his cum dripping down her leg from her pussy and she turned her head away in shame.

"What is going on here?" Mrs. Pudee said in a loud voice as she closed the door behind her.

"Well,...." Mr. Vaeth started but was cut off.

"I thought we were going to punish the little tease together and now look at what I have found you doing," she burst in with heat in her voice and eyes.

"Well I started to spank her and I lost control because of her slutty little teasing ass," He replied, "And don't yell at me because I will make you very sorry."

Amanda witnessed Mrs. Pudee look at the ground and respond with a quiet "Yes, sir"

"Now I left you something to do ... I want you to clean up this little teases pussy of my cum and do it now."

Amanda was stunned as Mrs. Pudee walked over to her. The little schoolgirl tried to get away but was grabbed and hauled onto her back across the desk. Mrs. Pudee spread Amanda's legs apart and knelt down in between them; the first caress of her tongue along her cum covered pussy was startling and oddly arousing. She threw that thought out as she tried to break the grips on her arms and legs but she was in no position to escape. The tongue was lapping and the mouth was sucking all of the sticky mess away from her young pussy, the most she could do was squirm and that seemed to cause the lapping to increase its pace. Amanda lifted her head and saw only the top of the secretary's head bobbing up and down as she went to work. Mr. Vaeth's lips suddenly covered the teenage girl's in a very passionate and forceful kiss, almost pushing her head down against the desk. She was helpless and being touched top and bottom with lips and tongues. To her shame, she started to get lost in the sensations of it. His teeth scraped her lips as he kissed her but she kept herself from returning it.

Mrs. Pudee finished lapping up the cum from the teenager's pussy; she sighed in disappointment because the little tease hadn't cum while she was at work so she didn't lap that up as well. She crawled around the desk to reach her master's cock that was still hanging free and started to suck on it; she tasted both of them all over again and she rubbed her pussy fast, the taste turning her on.

Amanda felt the hands leave her legs and she thought that might be her chance to escape so she started struggling again but was quickly pinned by the principles hands and upper body.

"No, no little one, I am not done with you yet," He said as he dragged her across the desk. "Your punishment hasn't even begun yet for being such a little fucking tease."

He flipped her around and lowered his face to your little young pussy and started slowly to lick and kiss it. The teenage girl had a subtle light taste and he reveled in it as he worked his tongue in and around her pussy. He had to focus though as his secretary sucked on his hard cock. He pulled out of her mouth and keeping a firm grip on Amanda sat down in the chair and pulled her closer to him. Mrs. Pudeee made whimpering sounds but repositioned herself under the desk and greedily took his cock back into her mouth. For awhile all that could be heard in the office was the sounds of lapping and sucking until the phone buzzed, reaching over the principle hit a button.


"Carl, Mrs. Pudee is gone to lunch and I was wondering if you had a moment?" Mr. Randolph's voice spoke through the phone.

"Of course Jason, though I have a student that we discussed earlier in my office right now and I think she could use your skills," Mr. Vaeth replied, "Just come on in."

Amanda heard all of that and she made a break for it; she couldn't have her counselor see her like this and look at her with disgust. She desperately tried to free herself and get to her clothes; but the hands caught her again and tightened painfully on her arms, slamming her back down on the desk. Amanda watched as the door opened and Mr. Randolph came into the room; he took in the scene in front of him and closed the door. Slowly, he walked over to the desk and looked down at her.

"So, I see the lesson has started without me... fair enough, I was going to take her in my office today without you so I think that is fair," Jason said, as his hand lightly touched her skin and a sad smile appeared on his face. "Has she started to enjoy it yet?"

"No, the tease is being stubborn about it. We should find a way to make her admit her lust," Carl said, groaning a little as Mrs. Pudee deep throated his cock under the desk.

"Well, I am here now and I will take the little slut and show her how whores should really behave. Not tease but do what they were born to do ... learn to please," he stated, as he unzipped his pants and dropped them down.

The councilor was already hard and dripping precum as he grabbed Amanda's legs and pulled them apart. He slammed his hard cock straight into her as the principal held her arms down. He thrust hard in and slowly withdrew and thrust hard again into her. Slowly pulling out of her pussy, he dug his fingers into her flesh and slammed in again hard. He his thrust pounding her into the desk. Amanda started to whimper.

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