tagGroup SexAugust, Hot and Steamy

August, Hot and Steamy


Last August, Georgia and Tammy headed for the lake to meet up with some friends. They stopped off at the corner grocery to pick up a few necessities for the afternoon. They focused on essentials, sun creme, cheese and crackers, hot dogs and buns, and of course beer. They got back into the car, excited to be out for the day, but not really knowing what the day had in store for them.

The group was feeling pretty good plenty of drinking by most and good natured banter. It was late in the afternoon when, almost like clockwork, a rain storm blows in. Everyone made there best effort to stay dry, but it was futile in the driving rain. They were all soaked to the skin by the torrential down pour. After the clouds move on, the wet group resumed sitting on the dock over the lake and drinking. The playful banter continues until Melita dared Guy to throw her into the lake. No one is quite sure how it started, but next thing they knew, Melita was thrashing and screaming in the lake.

Hysterical laughing rang out over the water as Guy striped naked and dove into the murky water after Melita. No one was sure now if Melita's screams were because of Guy chasing her around the lake or just being in the lake itself.

Everyone else was soaked anyway, so they decided to join in too. Several of the guys stripped down to their underwear, mostly boxers. A couple of the girls jumped in with all of their clothes on, but Georgia was not going to go into that water in the outfit she had just bought. She slipped off her tube top and flowered skirt and jumped in wearing just panties and bra. The whole group was screaming with laughter, so much so that the park ranger came over to see what was up.

Guy managed to talk himself out of a night in jail, mostly because there were no children in the near vicinity. The ranger was gracious enough to leave before Georgia climbed out of the water, in her now damp and translucent panties and bra. She caught Tucker staring at her as she slipped back into her blouse and skirt. She thought Tucker was looking damn good in his see-through tightey whities. Georgia couldn't wear wet panties all afternoon, and she was having too much fun to go home now, so she hung them on a tree branch to dry. She did so with a little trepidation because Guy's boxers ended up flying from a flag pole.

Tammy had recently bought a new digital camera and had been taking candid shots of the group all day. She suddenly seemed to get an interest in having Geaorgia pose for her camera. Georgia sat for a few posed shots for Tammy, thinking no one was watching her. Little did she know, but Tucker's eyes followed Georgia the whole time. He was even watching when Georgia complied with Tammy's dare to pull her skirt down, while Tammy took a photo from behind. Tucker could barely conceal his erection from the other guys as they stood sipping beers.

As the sun faded the bugs started getting bad and the party is broke up. Georgia slipped into her mostly dry panties, and climbed into Tammy's car for the ride home. Tucker had had too much to drive back to town, so Tammy offered him a ride. Georgia was completely oblivious to the fact that Tammy might have something up her sleeve!

On the drive back to town, Tucker couldn't get Georgia out of his mind, how incredibly sexy she looked, long blond hair streaming over her naked skin, her body damp and panties translucent from the water.

He kept chit-chatting with the girls, but his attention was really focused on Georgia. Finally, he convinced Georgia to climb into the back seat with him. As soon as she got back there, he was all over her. She resisted at first by pushing him away, but eventually acquiesced, thinking there would be little harm in kissing him. She didn't realize how horny she was and didn't imagine what a great kisser he was until he lays his lips upon her. His hands touching her skin felt warm; his hand slipping up her thigh sent tingles ringing over her skin. As his hand moves, she doesn't find off his advances. His fingers slipped over the silky material, rubbing up and down over her slit outside of her dampening panties.

As she drives the couple in the back seat, Tammy adjusts the rear view mirror so she can see into Georgia's lap. She sees Georgia's legs are parted and she can see the wet spot that has already formed in the nylon. A slight smile came over her face, she can see that Georgia is wanting more than a little necking in the back seat. There had long been something about the juncture of Georgia's legs that had given Tammy a tingling feeling between hers.

Georgia could feel Tucker's heart pounding against her chest as he probed her mouth with his tongue. He slipped his hand along the inside of her thigh, under her skirt, and he pressed his finger inside the leg of her panties. Her velvet folds were wet with his finger sliding along the outside of her lips and picking up a bit of the moisture. His fingers spread the moisture as they slipped around her vulva. Her body arched, instinctively responding to his touch, her ass lifted slightly off the seat.

Tammy, watched in the rear view mirror, glad for her friend that she offered Tucker a ride and glad for herself that she had such a wonderful view. She knew that Georgia had needed this for so long.

Tucker's finger, wet and creamy, parted Georgia's velvet folds as he moved it up her slit. Their lips were still interlocked until she droped her head against his muscular shoulders simply so she could breathe. His moist, slippery finger circled her clit, sending electric chills from her stomach to her erect nipples. Her hips slowly humped against his finger as tension built in her tummy. Georgia cried out as she erupted in orgasm and was immediately embarrassed when she remembered Tammy is in the car too. She realized her private moment was not so private! What she hadn't realized was that Tammy circled the block 4 times to give her extra time to climax. Georgia laid in the back seat panting, her hand resting on the tent that Tucker's pulsing erection made in his jeans.

Tammy came around to the car door and opened it for them. Tucker, the gentleman, helped Georgia from the back seat and held her hand all the way to the door.

"Hey," said Tammy half laughing as she walked up to the door, "you're not getting in without these."

Tucker and Georgia broke down laughing as Tammy unlocked the door and ushered the pair into the house. 'They are really starting to feel it,' thought Tammy, "Good night all."

Tucker and Georgia bounced their way down the hallway, hands groping as they move down toward the bedroom. Georgia excused herself, telling Tucker to make himself comfortable as she went into the bathroom. Tucker sat on the edge of the bed in the dim light of the bedroom, waiting for Georgia to return from bathroom. She came into the dim bedroom light wearing only a man's dress shirt.

Georgia walked over to him and he stood shakily upon his feet. She knelt before him, her head hovering before his loins. She reached up to rub the prominent bulge in the front of jeans in circular motions, thinking of the bulge she had spied at the lake. Her hands found the buckle of the belt that held up his jeans. She unbuckled the belt and then began unbuttoning each button on the fly of his jeans. She took the waste band and pulled his jeans over his hips. His erection tented his briefs and Georgia reached inside and pulled his hard cock out through the fly. A drop of precum was already formed on the tip of his dick. Georgia grasped his hard dick in her fist and flicked the end with her tongue, then ran her tongue the length of the shaft from tip to his balls. She finished by running the peak of her tongue along the crease in his sac. Tucker dropped his head back and moaned as he took the glans into her mouth, and ran her tongue over the sulcus directly behind the head. Tucker groaned again, filling the room with his moans. Cupping his balls, she slid her lips around his shaft, taking it all the way into her throat. Bobbing her head, she worked her tongue over his cock. His balls got tight and his body quivered, then with the head buried deeply in her throat, Georgia felt his hot cum empty into her mouth.

"Oh gawd, that was awesome," Tucker exclaimed when he could talk again.

Tammy had followed the couple into the house. They were too involved to have noticed her as she spied from the doorway to the bedroom. Her heart was pounding, after watching Georgia go down on Tucker. As the couple lay down together on the bed, she stole softy into the bedroom. She surprised Georgia by sliding onto the bed next to her, then pressing her lips over Georgia's. Surprised at first, Georgia met Tammy's kiss. Tammy could feel and taste Tucker's cum in Georgia's mouth, moving her tongue inside Georgia's like she were licking her clean. Her hands moved onto Georgia's body, feeling, teasing, and probing.

Georgia, lying between the two lovers feeling the heat of each burning into her skin. Her heart was burning with lust and her pussy was dripping, hungry for Tammy's tongue. It was not long before Tammy obliged her.

Slowly and deliberately, Tammy kissed her way down Georgia's slender, sexy frame. Tucker was hard again, his cock pressed against Georgia's thigh, his lips pressed covered her mouth. Georgia's was panting with anticipation while Tammy was spreading her lover's lips and probing with her tongue. Georgia's body quivered as Tammy buried her tongue into Georgia's weeping hole. The quiver turned to shaking when Tammy circled Georgia's clit with her tongue and slid the third finger inside her, beaconing her to cum using a 'come hither' motion that caressed her G-Sport. Her hips rose from the bed as a giant fist took hold of her insides causing her loins to flutter.

Tammy and Tucker lay next to her, holding her in their arms. She kissed Tucker then licked her own cream from Tammy's face. Tuckers hands caressed her, Tammy's hand slowly stroked Tucker's cock.

Tammy pulled Tucker by the cock until he was positioned over Georgia. Taking his cock, she held it at the entrance to Georgia's vagina, coating the head with her juices. She didn't have to guide him any further, since he entered her in a single thrust, plunging deeply inside of her. He rocked on top of Georgia, Tammy swatting his ass with encouragement. It wasn't long until Georgia was cumming again, and when Tucker's hot cum filled her soaking pussy, she exploded once more.

The two lovers lay soaked in August sweat, while Tammy looked down upon Georgia, stroking her hair; she then looked at Tucker, eyes traveling over his masculine body, eyes on his cock, she licked her lips. Georgia smiled, she knew exactly what Tammy was thinking.

Tammy slid down Georgia's body, hard nipples slipping over her skin, her lips passing over Tucker's stomach. As she lay across Georgia, she took his shaft in her hand and began licking the tip with the point of her tongue. He squirmed as her tongue ticked his over sensitive organ, but it instantly began to spring to life. Her lips surrounded the head and she began fucking her own mouth with his dick. He got even harder.

She looked him in the eye, "Take me," she said, as she dropped to all fours, her naked ass pointing toward the ceiling. Tucker didn't need to be asked twice as he knelt behind her and began rolling his dick around her gaping hole. He pressed against her and he slid in easily. His hands on her hips, he began rocking her from behind.

From her vantage point, Georgia saw his balls swaying with his movements, the same balls that slapped her in the ass a few moments earlier. Now it was Tammy who cried out in pleasure, took him deeply inside her, hovered on the edge of explosion. Georgia reached up between Tammy's legs and massaged her clit while Tucker rammed her from behind. Tammy's arched and she rocked hard against Tucker, screamed for more and took it deeper and deeper. Her screams of ecstasy filled the house as she arched her head back, her entire frame shook, and then she collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed beneath Tucker; his cum dripping from between her legs.

Georgia stroked Tammy's hair, as the three lovers laid on the bed, were they slept through that hot, steamy August night.

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