Aunt Brandy Initiates My Friends Ch. 01


" Aaaahhh!!.... There you go!... you got my ass!... Aaaahhh!! ..... yeah... now fuck it.... you pervert!..... go on and fuck your cherry up my ass .... "

Leaning forward and holding onto the back of the couch, Simon squatted on top of Aunt Brandy's hips pushing the rest of his tiny dick into Aunt Brandy's still tight ass. His legs came clear off the couch as Simon was quite literally riding Aunt Brandy's ass.

" Aaaahhh!!... That's it!.... You got it in my ass deep now you kinky bastard!!... Aah!.... "

From his standing position on the floor, Todd had Aunt Brandy's tight pussy right leveled with his fat bastard cock. He moved his hard cock to the entrance, bending backward to see her pussy better and to avoid getting too close to Simon's squat open ass. Todd pushed the head of his fatty in her waiting pussy.

" Aaaah!!... Fuck!.... fucking teenager perverts!!!... Aaaah!!... you gonna double fuck my ass and pussy now...??!!... kinky bastards!!....Aaaah!!"

Even from thousands of hours watching porn on the Internet I couldn't have imagined such kinky double fucking scenario was possible! Goddamn, this woman was really something out of this world. Todd and Simon were really stepping up to the plate, inserting their hard cocks deep into Aunt Brandy's tight holes.

" Aah yeah!!... kinky perverts....!!... you are the nastiest virgins I've fucked... Aahh!... Yeah!!... double fuck Aunty good... Fuck me good just like that...!!...."

Todd and Simon pumped their cocks deep into Aunt Brandy's horny pussy and asshole....

" Aah yehh!!! ... Fuckers!!!... Aaaahh!!!... fuck that ass and pussy you teenager perverts!!...."

Finding leverage holding the back of the couch, Simon started to swing on top of Aunt Brandy's ass, feet clear off the couch and his full wait on top of her. He started to ride her ass hard and fast, kind of a mix of a frog with a rabbit style. He was out of this world, eyes closed and riding his hips wildly. No class at all...

" Aaahh!! Goddamn!!... gonna butt fucking my ass like that!!?? ... huh?? " Aunt Brandy said bouncing from Simon's hard rabbit style.

" Aaahh!!... kinky mother fucker!!.... wanna butt fuck me hard up my ass!!?? Yeah!!??... "

Simon went wild with Aunt Brandy's nasty talk. He started to shake wildly with his entire body. Aunt Brandy brought both hands to the couch to stabilize herself for the wild ride and hissed back at Simon...

" Aawwh!! ass!!.... damn you fucking pervert!!... Aawwhh!!.. butt fucking me in the ass so hard.... Aawwhh!!"

Meanwhile Todd pumped his thick cock into Aunt Brandy's delicious pussy and the action was all about Aunt Brandy shaking and thrashing...

" Aawwh!!... you perverts both gonna loose you cherry at once!.... kinky bastards!!"

Simon blew his wad in an earth shattering orgasms. Simon froze with his pecker buried inside Aunt Brandy's ass, and his legs stiff in a frog like position, in a not so hot hilarious cartoon position.

" Aaff!!... nasty mother fucker!.... You fucked me ass so hard!!.... Aawww!!...

Pulling his softening cock out, Simon dismounted Aunt Brandy as a river of watery cum oozed out of Aunt Brandy's butt"hole, splashing down onto Todd's cock and hands.

" Goddamn it Simon! " Todd protested.

We all laughed hard, and Simon ran out of the room without a word, embarrassed by his peculiar performance.

" .... Awh! Did you leave your teenager cherry cum up my ass...?? ....huh?... was it good? Damn teenage perverts!... I didn't think you'd be so kinky... Are you OK back there Todd?... wanna go next?...."

Aunt Brandy rocked back and pumped Todd's cock inside her tight pussy.

" Now fuck that fat cock cherry up my tight pussy... OK? ... pussy fuck me doggy style and slap my ass hard... you'd love it, I promise..."

While still pumping Todd's cock inside her pussy, Aunt Brandy slowly spread her knees real wide, lowering her hips all the way down almost flushing her legs on the seat. Like a striper in an amazingly flexible leg spread, Aunt Brandy looked back at Todd offering her awesome back side for his thick 8" cock.

" Doggy fuck my pussy you pervert! ... Fuck Aunty deep and enjoy your first fuck!... go nice and slow...OK?"

Todd was a lot more composed than Simon. Over her shoulder Aunt Brandy grabbed her ass buns open with one hand, while the other reached underneath to her pussy, opening her pussy lips for the fat cock entry. In that position Aunt Brandy set her buns up and pussy opened for fucking Todd's cock nice and sensually. What a hot Aunt I have!! Todd positioned his hard dick at the entrance of Aunt Brandy's waiting pussy and pushed the fat head inside...

" Oooh! Fat cock pervert... enjoy my tight pussy... Yeah... Like that!... Here we go!..."

Todd held Aunt Brandy's buns and pushed more fat cock inside...

" Yeah!... Fuck!!.... nice thick cock my virgin boy.... Yeah!.... now slap my ass... Go for it... it's fun..."

Slap! Todd layed his heavy hand timidly but firmly on Aunt Brandy's ass.

" HARDER!! Spread it open and fuck your fat cock deep in that asshole... Yeah, yeah, yeah...."

Slutty Aunt Brandy raised her messy face up and offered her mouth to our cocks. Bouncing from Todd's fat cock fucking, she alternatively mouthed our cocks for several minutes. Aunt Brandy fucking and sucking our cocks was a lot of fun. She was swinging, grinding, pushing onto Todd's fully inserted cock while pumping, liking our balls, sucking the cock heads, deep throating, gagging and forcing our whole cocks in her mouth and spiting cum and saliva. She even tried to suck them both at the same time, and laughed and giggle.

Unable to resist the moist puckered asshole in front of him while man handling Aunt Brandy's ample ass, Todd brought his big finger to her butt-hole... Using Simon's semmen as lubricant, Todd caressed his middle finger around the sphincter hole and inserted it deep inside.

" Uhmmm!!... Phuck...!!... uuhmm!" Aunt Brandy exclaimed with her mouth full of Jerome's black cock. Aunt Brandy seemed to be waiting for a reason to get kinkier. Looking back at him, Aunt Brandy backed her ass onto Todd's cock and finger....

" You pervert!!... You want it in my ass too huh?... You wanna loose you cheery butt fucking my ass kinky like your friend did... don't you pervert?... " Aunt Brandy said with a lewdly provoking face....

" I know you want it.....kinky bastards!!.... ya'll wanna butt fuck your cherries up my ass with your big virgin cocks..." Aunt Brandy went back to sucking Jerome's big cock...

Todd inserted another finger up Aunt Brandy's shitter, and it slid tightly even with all of Simon's left over cum.

" Aww yeah!.... that's good... fuck it in and out... alternate with fucking my pussy and ass... Yeah!!... virgin pervert...."

Speeding up, Todd shoved his cock and fingers in Aunt Brandy's pussy and asshole. Not wanting him to cum in the wrong place, Aunt Brandy pulled her body and Todd's cock came out with a pop. Aunt Brandy turned around and mouthed Todd's thick cock holding and squeezing Todd's cock by the base. Her hand could not close around the entire fat cock. She deep throated and spat on his dick several times.

" (Spit) Uuuummm!.... (Spit) Uuum!... want it in my ass now, huh??... Yeah?... kinky teenager pervert... "

Still holding his cock firmly Aunt Brandy turned back around and raised her ass to him. She aimed his thick dick to her butt hole....

" Here we go... Goddamn fat cock... gonna stretch my ass wide open... You butt fuck my ass slow you fat cock pervert... you cock is too goddman thick to go in all at once... understand?"

Aunt Brandy spread her ass cheeks centering her butt hole on the tip of Todd's cock, and slowly pushed back onto it. Todd's cock bent with the pressure. Aunt Brandy grabbed it and wiggle her hips backward, while rubbing and pushing the fat head onto her ass sphincter, forcing its way into her asshole. The fat cock kept slipping off the target. It was too thick...

" GODDAMNIT!!... You wanna butt fuck me in the ass, didn't you?... So push that fat fucker up that goddamn asshole!!... fuck that fat virgin cock up my ass and enjoy it good...."

With forceful hip work and wiggling, the fat cock head popped in her asshole.

" Aaaaww!... There it goes!!.. aaaawww!!... your cock is up my ass!!... Aaaww fuck!!.... mother fucker!! Enjoy loosing your cheery up my ass you bastard!!... Aaawww!!"

Aunt Brandy had barely put the cock head in her ass and they both looked like they were going to cum. Aunt Brandy loved a big cock up her ass just as much as Todd was going crazy with her tight ass grip in his fat cock.

" Aaaw fuck!!... thick mother fucking cock up my ass!... Aaaw!... Slow down... you bastard!! Butt fuck the head in and out... like this..."

Holding his cock in her hand, Aunt Brandy moved back and forth fucking Todd's thick cock head up her asshole. She wiggled while fucking her ass on his pole until her sphincter relaxed and opened up some more...

" Yeah!.... Here we go... You are corning my ass good now you teenager pervert... Fuck that ass ... Yeahh!!.... Aaaww!.... Slow down you mother fucker..."

Aunt Brandy finally had a real cock up her ass, and I could tell she was gonna cum. His fat cock was hardening and widening even more as it pumped her tight asshole. It was so fat that it squeezed narrowly as it entered her butt. Aunt Brandy pushed her big butt back and forth onto his thick cock until the entire fat pole disappeared inside her butt!!

" Aaah! Fuck!!!!! Aaaahh! Fat cocked bastard!!!!! Is that what you wanna? Huh? Loose you cheery up my butt?? Huh?? Fucking pervert! Aah!! "

As Aunt Brandy finally butt fucked Todd's entire 8" thick hard cock it swollen up deep inside her ass hole, like a dog's cock knot. Aunt Brandy enjoyed the pain....

" Aaaaww!! Fat cock virgin mother fucker! Butt fuck my ass good with that virgin fat fucker! Butt fuck my ass! "

Todd force pumped and it seemed his cock knot would pop all the way out and back in with each back and forth movement. It was definetely a different composition and it made Aunt Brandy go crazy in pain and pleasure...

" Aaaaww!! God!!! Yeah!! Fuck!! I'm gonna cum...."

Without jerking off for 3 days, Jerome and I were going crazy with all this. Eyes closed and cum soaked face, Aunt Brandy mouthed Jerome's huge black cock down her throat, hands free, as she used both hands to try to spread her ass cheeks open for Todd's fat cock butt fucking.

" Aaaaww!! Butt fuck my ass you virgin bastard!! I'm gonna cum with your fat cock up my ass!! Aaaww! "

Aunt Brandy spread her ass as far as she could, and backed forcefully onto Todd's fat cock, taking it all in for her orgasm. They glued and ground her ass onto his cock as Todd and Aunt Brandy grunted and shrived with the onset of an intense orgasm with his engorged cock buried all the way to the limit up her tighten up ass hole.

" Aaaaawww!!! Aaaaawww!!! " Aunt Brandy felt a hot stream of Todd's plentyful jism going up her ass.

At the same time, sensing his incoming orgasm, Jerome forced his huge black cock further down Aunt Brandy's throat. Holding her head he shot a gallon of black cock cum straight down her stomach.

" Aaaggghhh!! Aaaggghhh!! Aaaggghhh!! " Aunt Brandy grunted with Jerome's forced feeding black cum down her throat.

Grounding her ass with Todd's entire fat cock cuming inside her boils, and shaking her head frantically to get Jerome's exploding cock deeper inside her throat, Aunt Brandy shook all up, taking a gallon of hot teenage cum on both ends of her digesting system for a long minute. It was the most intense orgasm I've seem. While Jerome was still cuming, Aunt Brandy's could not help but to instinctively expel the huge intruding pole in her throat and to regurgitate a mouth full of thick white spunk.

" Aaaggghhh!! (Spit) (Cough, cough) (Spit)! Aaaggghhh!! " Aunt Brandy was trying to catch her breath from almost drowning in cum.

Jerome kept hosing her face with thick spunk, landing heavily on her forehead. He finally found her coughing mouth wide opened and reincertedc his black pole right back in.

" Aaaggghhh!! " Still shaking from Todd's butt fucking, Aunt Brandy swallowed down and face fucked Jerome's pole like a goddamn insatiable whore. Jerome drove another stream of hot cum down her throat again, enticing another gagging reflex and grasp for air.

" (Spit) (Cough, cough) (Spit) Woaaaww!! Gee... Fucking A!! (Cough, cough) (Spit) You ain't fucking kidding huh? That black monster cum like a horse down my throat!! (Cough, cough) (Spit)..."

Still with Todd's thick throbbing cock and hot cum deep up her ass, Aunt Brandy turned around to her back door assailant.

" Goddamn you virgin ass fucker!!... I'm sure you will remember this butt fucking for life... Damn!!! My ass is burning with your hot cum!!...Did you like deep butt fucking my tight ass?... Wasn't it the best way to loose your fat cock's cherry? Huh?"

Aunt Brandy pulled off and Todd's cock released like a huge crap coming out of her shiter. It was so thick and wet that we heard a pop and a flow of cum drenched down Aunt Brandy's legs!

" GODDAMN butt fucker! You cum so much in my face and in my asshole! " Aunt Brandy commented while reaching back to check the damaged done by Todd's butt fucking her ass. Still spiting black cock cum, Aunt Brandy started subsiding from her earth shattering orgasm.

" Aaauggh! (Spit, spit)... So much teen cum...!! That was a royal gang banging mouth and butt fuck I tell you boys!! You are the kinkiest, nastiest, big cock virgins mother fuckers I could ever imagined!!!"

I was beside myself. Everyone has cum at least once, and here I was almost jerking off myself.

" Jimmy.... My sweet big cock angel, you must be so horny!! " Rolling onto her back, Aunt Brandy raised and opened her legs high up in the air and held her shaved pussy lips opened with her fingers on a 'V' in a irresistible slutty invitation. Her ass was just off the seat of the couch and her gapping asshole was dripping cum on the carpet.

" Poor horny pervert! Come here... My aching tight pussy needs that giant cock of yours!! "

I was so happy to hear that! As I approached her, I could not believe the scene in front of me! Aunt Brandy looked so beautifully attractive, yet obsene beyond words! Her big blue eyes and bright smile punctuated her three times butt fucked asshole and mouth. Her asshole was as wide as a silver dollar, and it was oozing gooey cum in globs and rivers. It was swollen red, glistening with liquid and amazingly still throbbing in orgasm. But that was nothing compared with her pretty face. Aunt Brandy was flashing the most beautiful smile, and her perfect mouth and teeth were overwhelmed with cum. I could see overlaying texture from three different teenage cum. Starting from the corners of her mouth down, transparent white cum coated her pretty face all the way to her ears, neck and tits. So much cum glued the ending corners of her mouth shut. Her forehead, cheeks and nose sported globs and globs of hardening dripping cum.

I lean on top of her knowing this was going to be so quick. Aunt Brandy held my super hard cock by the base, and I thought I was gonna cum right there."

" Fuck that big mother fucker right here in my pussy dear nephew! " Aunt Brandy positioned and pull my cock eagerly toward her entrance.

Trying to control myself, I slowly pressed my cock and invaded her warm tight snatch with deliberate slow speed, even though I knew it was going to be very short. As I slowly penetrated her warn pussy, Aunt Brandy arched her back in pleasure and pain.

" Aahh! Yeah! Aunty needed your big cock in her pussy so much...!! Fuck Aunty good with that big cock my angel!! "

Half way in I felt the incoming orgasm, I pulled back out just so I would get to pump her pussy at least once before I cum. As I pressed back into her tightness I felt the three days of self restrain flood into Aunt Brandy's uterus in hot exploring cum. I kept inserting to the wilt while still cuming.

" Oh my God! Ohhh Jimmy! Cum on Aunty's pussy! Cum on me!! Cum...!!! " Aunt Brandy's orgasm was just like mine. This woman was a fucking machine, and her pussy had been neglected so far. My super hard 9 incher and hot cum hit her spot just right.

I pumped in and out while still cuming. In fact, I fucked Aunt Brandy's pussy for a minute while cuming rivers of jism. Cum sprayed out of the sides of my cock when I pressed inside her tight pussy. Aunt Brandy's orgasm was just as long lasting.

" Oh my big cock angel! You brought all your friends in here to butt fuck me, and now you give Aunty this huge orgasm!!! And you're so horny still! I love you so much!! Tell me what else you want my big cock lover... "

Aunt Brandy could see the answer to that question right in my eager eyes and still throbbing cock in her pussy.

" Wanna butt fuck my ass too, huh?.... Yeah?.... I know you want it in my butt .... you pervert.... if this is all that you horny bastards want... Ok ... " Reaching under her, Aunt Brandy pulled my cock out of her pussy and a river of cum flowed down her gapping asshole.

" You just gonna have to share me with horny Jerome... OK? His got this boner ever since he saw my ass and I know he wants to loose his cheery butt fucking my ass with his big black cock."

Aunt Brandy turned around again, into my most favorite position. She raised her ample ass and opened her knees wide, spreading her butt cheeks by arching her back and pulling one side open with her hand over her shoulder.

" Ok Jerome... finally!!... You wanted in my ass??... so here you go... you big black cock virgin... Cum butt fuck that nasty black cock up my asshole ... "

Jerome moved behind Aunt Brandy pumping his still rock hard black cock and pointed to her gapping sloppy asshole. Aunt Brandy twisted around to suck and spit on Jerome's black pole a couple of times. Still holding on his cock, Aunt Brandy went back on all fours and guided Jerome's cock to the entrance of her asshole:

" Now you two take turns butt fucking my ass... OK? Be gentle and no hogging!!... all right... let's do this thing..."

Aunt Brandy gently backed up and the huge black cock head popped in.

" Aaaawww! There we go...! It's in my ass .... Good thing it's nice and lubricated... big cock bastard... Butt fuck my ass slowly you mother fucker!!"

Holding Jerome's huge black pole in one hand, while opening her ass with the other, Aunt Brandy expertly prolonged the virgin's experience, fucking her distended ass onto his huge horny black cock with slow and deliberate movements.

" Aw yeah... fuck your nigger cherry up that ass.... aaww....slow down... goddamn big cock virgin...."

Aunt Brandy's cum soaked face distorted with pain and pleasure. Holding his cock back, Aunt Brandy butt fucked it back and forth. Jerome butt fucked Aunt Brandy's wide open ass as she directed. She knew he was about to blow his cum and wanted to teach to enjoy the experience.

" There we go... you are butt fucking my ass good... Yeah... enjoy loosing your cherry in my ass... Yeah... Uuhmm... Yeah.... butt fuck me good............. ok.... now it's Jimmy's turn.... OK!! no hogging Aunt Brandy's ass.... let Jimmy butt fuck his Aunty...."

Jerome reluctantly moved to the side as I took his position.

" There's my ass Jimmy! Butt fuck it like you did last week. Slow down for now ok?"

I pressed into her anus and fucked further then Jerome did.

" Aaaahh Yeah!!.... you like butt fucking your Aunt don't you pervert.... huh? ... Good going Jimmy... Yeah! ... go deeper now.... Aaaww! That's good... that's good right there... now let Jerome have his turn...."

We switched again, and Jerome pushed his huge cock even further than I did.

" Aaawwh fuck!.... Nigger's butt fucking my ass deep now.... huh?... like corning my ass with your virgin black cock... huh?.... kinky pervert...."

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