Aunt Debbie's Weakness


"What's wrong?" Debbie asked as she looked at the expression on Billy's face, which was beet red and tortured as he looked down to the ground, holding his privates in a savage grip.

"Can't look... gonna cum..." Billy grunted.

"It's all right honey," Debbie said quietly. "It's okay."

Billy looked up and released himself from that death grip and stood there with his erection springing up and down wildly, as his eyes fixated on the area between Debbie's legs.

"I knew it - knew that - Arrrrggghhh!" Billy moaned, and Debbie watched as, standing about five feet away from her with his hands at his sides, Billy's body shivered.

Billy's penis sprang up, and a wild jet of seed spurted out of him, landing on Debbie's calves and feet. Several more spurts followed as Billy moaned gutturally, falling harmlessly on the carpet between them, before finally coming to an end.

"Sorry," Billy said as he looked down at the mess he had just created.

"It's okay honey," Debbie said, her eyes following the long, stringy rope of semen that hung from the tip of Billy's now-flaccid tool, almost reaching down to his knees before wearily falling off.

Billy walked slowly over to her, and Debbie opened her arms and they embraced. Billy's felt his dick against the coarse hair of Aunt Debbie's pussy, and already felt some vague stirrings in his loins.

"Oh Aunt Debbie, you're even more beautiful that I had imagined," Billy whispered uinto her ear as they hugged. "I always knew you must have a hairy pussy - because you have a lot of hair under your arms. If you didn't shave them, I mean."

Debbie took her arm from around Billy and lifted it, putting her hand behind her head as Billy leaned his head back.

"Omigod - you didn't shave!" Billy said as he stood inches away from the heavily thatched armpit that he had fantasized about. "How come?"

"For you honey," Debbie said. "You said that..."

Billy was already leaning forward, kissing the perfumed hollow, letting his tongue caress the soft moist fur.

"Omigod, you smell so good - even taste sweet," Billy groaned between kisses.

Debbie drew in a deep breath as Billy's tongue glided along her sensitive underarms, and as he did she could feel Billy's dick doing the same thing between her legs.

"Don't believe it," Debbie gasped. "You're hard again already!"

"So sexy..." Billy grunted.

"Make love to me Billy," Debbie said, and led him over to the bed.

Billy's eye were a wide as saucers as his Aunt Debbie led him over to the bed, pulling him on top of her. Billy had his dick in his hand, fumbling around through the thick bush for the opening, and despite the fact that she was dripping wet Billy was struggling.

"Here honey," Debbie whispered as she reached down and took his stem in her hand and guided the crown between the lips of her womanhood.

Billy's dick slid in effortlessly, and the look on his face as his cock when in to the hilt was that of wonder, and he began thrusting himself in and out of Debbie wildly.

Billy didn't last long; probably less than a minute, but it was enough for his Aunt Debbie, who was on the verge of orgasm as soon as he slid inside of her. Her pussy clamping savagely around his dick as she came most likely sent Billy over the edge at the same time, and Debbie screamed as she felt his dick twitch inside of her while releasing a torrent of his hot cum.

I've never had such an amazing man before...

Billy hung over Debbie, sweat dripping off of him, as he seemed to be waiting for Debbie to say something.

"Was it..."

"It was wonderful Billy," Debbie said, and Billy's face lit up with excitement.

"You mean you weren't pretending to like it?" Billy asked, and when debbie shook her head he fell on her, hugging and kissing her crazily.

"You were incredible honey," Debbie said. "I told you that you would be plenty man enough for any girl."

Billy sobbed on Debbie's shoulder for a few minutes, and Debbie rubbed his back and neck as he let out the emotion that had been stored inside of him all his life. All the insecurity and shame vanishing almost immediately as they held each other.

When Billy regained his compusure, he got back up on his hands and began kissing his way down Debbie's body. Around her neck, and down through her cleavage Billy lavished his affection, and continuing past her navel and into the jungle of coarse auburn hair that surrounded her pussy.

Billy slid his hands under Debbie's thighs, and she felt Billy's mouth licking along her opening before dipping into the wet pussy with his tongue. Billy's mouth was eager but inexperienced, but when Debbie reached down with her hands and guided him, she began moaning and clutching the sheets.

Debbie looked down between her legs and saw Billy's eyes peeking through her bush as he lapped excitedly around her clit. Debbie's breathing became rapid, and her heart began pounding as Billy brought her close to cumming, and Debbie was shocked when Billy stopped.

Billy was climbing up between her thighs, his dick hard again, and this time Billy needed no guidance, thrusting his tool right into Debbie. Billy bucked into Debbie savagely and fast, the rapid slapping sounds echoing in Debbie's eyes as he fucked her hard.

Debbie came again, this time even more wildly than the first one, and Debbie was limp from exhaustion when Billy finally erupted into her a few minutes later.

Honey, I'm so sore...

Debbie felt Billy's mouth on her nipple, sucking and licking the stub while his fingers slid through her pussy hair. She could feel Billy's dick against her thigh, hard as usual, and knew that Billy wanted more.

"Honey, I can't," Debbie said as she looked over at the clock, which read 2:46 a.m..

"How come?" Billy asked.

"Billy, my pussy is very sore," Debbie said in total honesty. "I'm just not used to this kind of thing."

Debbie could see the disappointment on Billy's face even in the dim light, but it was true. Debbie had no idea how many times Billy had made love to her over the last six hours, but even Billy's modest organ had made her sore after the fifth or sixth time.

"Maybe we can do other things," Billy said hopefully.

"But honey, we have," Debbie said, remembering that Billy had put his dick between her breasts and had Debbie squeeze her breasts together around his dick.

He had enjoyed that a lot, and even though Debbie could not see his dick, which was somewhere in her cavernous cleavage, her neck and face wore evidence of Billy's pleasure afterward.

She had also taken him orally again after that, and she had hoped that he would fall asleep after that, but he was awake again, and obviously ready as usual.

"There's other stuff we can do," Billy said, his finger massaging her clit which could offer no response at this point.

"Billy, you're insatiable," Debbie said. "You're the most virile man I've ever met, or even heard of. You're cock is always so hard, and you make me feel so good, but my pussy is so sore."

"One more time," Billy asked - no, rather told his Aunt Debbie, as he rolled her over onto her stomach, poking his finger between her ass cheeks.

"Billy... please, not there!" Debbie whimpered, and then cried out as she felt Billy's index finger penerate her anus.

"Omigod that feels so hot and tight," Billy said as he climbed behind her. "Get on all fours Aunt Debbie, so I can play with your tits while I fuck you in the ass."

"Please don't hurt me Billy," Debbie pleaded as she dutifully got up on her hands and knees and felt the tip of Billy's dick rubbing around her exposed anal ring. "Use some lot..."

Billy forced his dick into Aunt Debbie's ass with any lubrication, and even though his dick was slender it still hurt Debbie as Billy forced it into her.

"Aw man!" Billy yelled as his dick went in down to his nuts. "So hot in there... so tight!"

Billy grabbed onto Debbie's hips and began to hump her slowly, grinding himself into her as he reached under and grabbed her pendelous tits which swayed with their movements.

Billy felt Debbie begin to push back into him with each thrust despite her crying out and begging him to stop, and combined with the tightness of her ass, brought him to a climax after a few minutes. Billy enjoyed listening to Debbie's grunts as his cock spurted his load into her bowels, and as she collapsed he felt down upon her, done for now.

I'm glad you're back... I've missed you.

Debbie heard the car pull up in the driveway and heard the car doors slam. Debbie stood up and took off her nightgown, hanging it in the closet and stood there naked by her bedside, just as he had told her to do.

The front door opened and Debbie listened as the footsteps grew closer and closer to the door. Finally, the door opened, and Debbie smiled as she saw the two figures in the doorway. The gasp came out of the young woman beside Billy, who had been told what to expect, but was still not prepared for what she saw.

"She'll be naked waiting for me when I get there," Billy had told Kimmie as he drove them to his Aunt Debbie's house. "She does anything I want her to do, and all I have to do is tell her what I want. She says I'm the greatest lover she ever had!"

"What a bullshitter you are Billy!" Kimmie had scoffed in the car, taking Billy up on his offer to prove everything he had told her. Kimmie knew that Billy was desperate to get in her pants, and would do or say anything in his quest, but figured whatever Billy had planned would be worth a laugh or something.

Now Kimmie watched in amazement as Debbie stood with her breasts in her hands, squeezing and kneading her massive mammaries as Billy came toward her and gestured downward, and Debbie willingly sank to her knees before him, unbuckling his pants and pulling them down along with his underwear.

"I've missed you so much this afternoon," Debbie said as she grabbed his hard dick and gave it a pull. "I know what you must need by now."

Debbie leaned forward and slid her mouth down the length of Billy's dick and moved her lip up and down the length of it while Kimmie stood there stunned, watching this voluptuous woman sucking Billy's cock.

Billy came rather quickly by choice, having gained the experience necessary over the summer to give himself a measure of self-control when needed, and he ran his hands through his Aunt Debbie's hair as he ejaculated into her waiting mouth.

Debbie kept going down on him until he had become limp in her mouth, before getting up and smiling at the cute girl Billy had brought to her home. The girl's eyes were glued on her breasts as Debbie rose, and when their eyes finally met, she looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

"This is my, er... friend Debbie," Billy said. "Isn't she something else?"

"You must be Kimmie," Debbie said as she took a step toward the girl, who was now leaning against the wall. "Hope you don't mind sharing your man with me. Billy tells me you like girls too."

Debbie's tongue reached over to the corner of her mouth and captured a little trickle of Billy's seed which had found its way out, before reaching out to Kimmie. Debbie took the terrified 18 year old's face in her hands and kissed her hard, slipping her tongue into Kimmie's mouth so she could share Billy's gift with her.

"Mmmm... nice," Debbie said as she felt Kimmie relax, and she slid her hand up under Kimmie's blouse, finding and cupping her perky breast.

"Room for one more?" Billy asked, coming beside Kimmie and kissing her neck while he reached under to grab Kimmie's other tit.

"Always room for a good man," Debbie said with a wink, as they began to undress Kimmie while leading her to the bed. "Especially one like you."


Thanks for reading, and as always I welcome your comments.

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