tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 22

Auntie Mabel Ch. 22


'Fuck me John, look at the Tits on that,' exclaimed John's best mate Steve as they walked across the factory parking lot.

Steve was a Tit man, and John knew he could spot a nice pair of tits at 100 yards.

The young woman Steve was drooling over was certainly worth an erection, as Steve was fond of saying.

She was about twenty years old, looked very suntanned, of medium build with long dark hair.

She had a well-built figure, and of course large breasts.

It took a great deal to wrench Steve's eyes from a big pair of tits, but when he saw her eyes he fell instantly in love.

She had eyes the colour of blazing emeralds, and a beautiful mouth full of brilliant white teeth.

Steve got a good look at her smile, because she appeared to be smiling at him.

'Fuck me John boy, I think I'm in here, she's smiling at me.'

To Steve's delight the young woman ran towards him.

Her beautiful eyes taking a back seat to her breasts, that bounced enchantingly as she ran towards him.

'Fuck me John boy, I'm going to cum in my pants in a second, can you see those big babies bouncing?'

Steve's delight turned into confusion, as the lovely girl ran straight up to John and jumped up onto his hips.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, and kissed him passionately on his mouth.

'Oh Jonny, I've been waiting forever to see you, I've missed you so much,' she cried in a strange accent.

John was smiling broadly as he spun her around, making her squeal with joy.

'Hello Diana how's my sexy girl then?' asked John between the kisses being rained onto his face.

'I have been working very hard Jonny, you must come and see Sarah's house now.'

'I'm sure you have been working hard my sexy little dynamo, I will be sure to pop in one day.'

'No, No Jonny, you don't understand Diana, you are to come and see Sarah's house Now.

That is why Diana has been sent here, Alison wants you.'

'Oh my God, is everything alright with her?'

'Oh yes Jonny she is fine but needs to see you, she says she has a present for you.'

'A-Hummm, A- Hummmm,' said Steve loudly, gently kicking John on his ankle.

John had almost forgotten about Steve, his mind flashed over various stories to explain this sexy woman attached to him like a limpet.

In the end he just fell back on the truth,

'Diana, this is my best friend Steve, please say hello to him.'

'Hello Steeve, said Diana still kissing John.'

'No Diana, say hello to Steve properly, he is my best friend and I want you to like him.'

'Ok Jonny' said Diana brightly, and jumping down from John turned to Steve and said 'Hello Steeve.'

Steve was about to reply, when she hugged him to her pneumatic breasts and kissed him full on the mouth.

As he opened his mouth to speak she thrust her tongue deep into it, and French kissed him.

She finally broke off the kiss, and standing back from him smiled her brilliant smile.

'Hello Steeve, nice to meet you my name is Diana.'

John looked on with interest as Steve Taylor, cocks man extraordinaire of the engineers, just stood in the car park with his mouth open.

'Oh look Jonny,' squealed Diana loudly bouncing up and down with glee.

She pointed to Steve's groin where the unmistakable bulge of his erection was displayed to the world.

'I think he likes me,' she exclaimed happily.

'Either that or he has a spanner down the front of his trousers,' laughed John.

Steve was too entranced by Diana's bouncing breasts, to even be embarrassed at his erection.

As people were looking at the three of them, John shepherded Steve and Diana to his car and pushed them both inside.

'Steve, just sit there and think of icebergs.

Diana, tell me what Alison actually said to you.'

Diana thought hard for a second, remembering Alison's exact words.

'She said to tell daddy......'

'Wow, Diana I understand now, she wants to see me Now?' interrupted John quickly.

'Yes Jonny, that is what I said.'

Luckily Steve's mind was still full of Diana's breasts, and he hadn't heard the explosive word 'daddy'.

John regarded that word as explosive, because if the wrong people heard it his world would literally explode.

'How did you get here Di?'

'It is a lovely day, I walked Jonny,' she replied beaming her 1000 candlepower smile at the love of her life.

Steve had sufficiently recovered, to ask for more information on this stunning girl.

As John drove Steve home he explained that Diana worked for a woman called Mrs. Armatage, who had recently moved into the village.

Mrs. Armatage was a friend of Sarah, the Sales Director's Secretary.

Jane was a friend of Sarah and he was going out with Jane.

'Wow, that's a lot to take in one go,' said Steve.

Turning to Diana he said,

'Well beautiful, I am very pleased to meet you, what part of the world are you from?'

'I am from Italy Steeve,' she replied smiling at Jonny's friend.

Steve went into full charm mode, and John could tell that Diana was enjoying the attention of this handsome young man.

John was driving Steve home this day, because his own car was having its MOT test.

John almost had to drag Steve away from Diana; he was so taken by this exotic young woman.

'See you later Steve,' said John as he drove away.

Steve stood and stared after them, as the mini dwindled in the distance.

'Fuck me, what a stunner,' he said to himself as he walked into his house.

'Now Diana, tell me again what Ali said.'

'Oh Jonny, I have already told you hundreds of times, please stop somewhere and fuck me, I need you.

'I'd love to fuck you my sexy girl, but I think I had better see Ali first.

If I get the chance I will fuck you afterwards Ok?'

Diana pouted prettily, but accepted the situation with good grace.

'Diana is very wet Jonny, look,' she pulled up her light summer dress to reveal her naked hairy cunt.

'Di, you will be getting cunt juice on my seat if you're not careful,' he scolded.

'But I am so hot Jonny, I will have to rub myself.'

Diana began to rub her clitoris, putting her legs up on the dashboard of the mini, so she could thrust her fingers deep inside her wet cunt.

'OK Di, I will stop in a lay-bye and we can have a quickie,' he capitulated.

'I want you in all my holes Jonny,'

'Yes OK Di, in all your holes, just as you like it.'

Diana smiled and sat primly in the passenger seat, as he headed out of town towards a lay-by he knew of.

Had it been night time he would have fucked her in the car.

In daylight however the road was far too busy, so after locking his car he led her into the fields.

He spotted a little copse of trees, and holding her by her hand led her deep inside it.

Di had brought a blanket from the car, and quickly spread it on the ground.

They both stripped off, and she was soon kneeling in front of him naked.

'I want to play with your cock please Jonny,' she asked looking up at him standing above her.

Help yourself Di, I'll keep a lookout,' he replied stroking her hair.

She loved to feel the weight of his cock and balls in her hands.

She gently rubbed him, until his shaft was sticking out hard and hot.

'Fuck my mouth Jonny,' she asked opening her mouth for him.

Holding her head firmly, he slipped his cock into her mouth.

Her lips closed on his shaft, and he began to gently fuck her eager mouth.

'I love your mouth on my cock Di, it's so hot and wet, just like your juicy little cunt.'

As he was fucking her mouth, she was fondling his balls.

She loved to hold them in her hands, and feel them moving around inside his ball bag.

'Am I big enough for your cunt yet love?' he asked.

With a last strong suck, she released his cock from the hot comfort of her mouth.

To his surprise Diana stood up and facing away from him, bent down and touched her toes.

'Fuck me like this Jonny, both holes please.'

He stood behind her, and gazed at her naked bottom presented to him.

Bending over so completely, she looked so vulnerable and sexy that his cock grew even harder.

Spreading her naked arse apart, he slipped his cock easily into her willing cunt.

He had to hold her hips firmly, so he wouldn't push her over as he fucked her hard and deep.

He pounded away at her hot wet cunt, his balls slapping against her cunt lips with every stroke.

'Oh Jonny, I am coming for you already, Ohhhh Joohhhhhnnnnyyyyy,' she howled as her cunt juice splashed back over his balls.

'Is your arse ready for me? You sexy little fucker?'

'Oh yes Jonny, I knew I was going to see you so I am nice and clean for you.'

Diana reached back and pulled apart her bum cheeks for him.

John didn't have any KY on him, but that wasn't such an issue with Diana as it would have been with any of the other girls.

Di had been buggered for so long during her life, that her arse hole was far more flexible than anyone else's.

John just made sure he had plenty of her cunt juice on his cock, before slipping it gently up her bum.

'Oh Jonny, your cock is so good up Diana's bum, I love to feel you fucking me there.'

'I love to get my cock right up your hot little arse Di,' he said as he fucked her arse hard.

Di's tits were bouncing against her knees as he buggered her.

'I will have to stand up Jonny, my breasts are banging against my knees like this.'

He stopped fucking her arse long enough for her to stand up.

Then holding her tightly around her waist, he continued to fuck her up her arse.

'Oh Jonny I love you holding me like this, hold my breasts as you fuck me.'

John grabbed hold of her large breasts, as he continued to bugger her arse.

His fingers found her enormous nipples, and pinched them lightly.

'Please don't come up my bum Jonny, I want you to come in my cunt,' she gasped.

John stopped buggering her and just stood there with his cock up her arse.

'I can't do that Di, I haven't got any condoms on me.'

'Oh you don't need any of those; this is my safe period.

In Italy we use the rhythm method of birth control, we don't have condoms over there.

A woman can only get pregnant at a certain time of the month.

That is why Italian men fuck their wives up the arse at dangerous times of the month.

The rest of the month they can fuck them normally.'

'I didn't know that, perhaps that was why Mabel was so suspicious of Alison getting pregnant so easily.'

Diana moved away from John, causing his cock to slip out of her anus.

She lay on her back on the blanket; with her legs wide open for him.

'Please Jonny, fuck your Diana, I want to watch you as you cum in me.'

John was fairly certain he had heard of this rhythm method, and had no reason to doubt Di's word.

He knelt down between her legs, and thrust his throbbing cock back into her soaking cunt.

She held him tight as he thrust his hips forward, driving his big cock deep into her womb.

'Come for me Jonny, squirt your hot cum into Diana.

I want to feel your cum inside me' she demanded, thrusting her hips up to meet his cock.

John loved to fuck Diana; she was so grateful and uninhibited.

He could feel her hot cunt clamping on his cock as he withdrew it.

Her cunt seemed to be milking his shaft, at last he allowed himself to release his cum deep into her body.

'Ohhhh Diannaa, I love you, you sexy fucking girl, take this.'

He pumped all his cum into her; she had wrapped her legs around him to stop him withdrawing at the last second.

Diana hugged him tightly and kissed him passionately, as she felt his cock shrinking inside her.

'Thank you Jonny; Thank you so much.

Diana loves you more than anyone else.'

'I know Di, I know you love me, and I love you too.

I really enjoyed pumping my cum into your cunt.

Are you sure it was the right time?'

'It was the perfect time my hero, my love,' she replied smiling up at her man.

Diana had told him the truth about the rhythm method; it was widely practiced in Catholic countries as a form of birth control.

However the birth rate in those countries testified to its ineffectiveness.

What Diana hadn't told John, was that she was now in her most fertile part of her cycle.

Quite simply, Diana had to watch, as Alison's belly began to swell with John's child.

She wanted one as well, and she would do whatever it took to become pregnant by him.

They got dressed, and made their way back to the car.

Soon they were continuing their journey to Sarah's farmhouse.

John loved driving his car anywhere, but he especially enjoyed visiting Alison.

She was carrying his child and he loved her.

He loved all his girls, but obviously the mother of his child ranked high.

He pulled up next to Alison's BMW, they got out of his car and he followed Diana up to the farmhouse.

'Oh my God Di, Alison doesn't want me to fuck her does she? My balls are empty after fucking you just now.'

'No Jonny,' giggled Diana;' she just wants to talk to you.

I think.'

'Well if I get into trouble because of you, I will watch as they spank your naked bottom.'

John was met at the door by Sarah, Alison's partner.

'Hello John, I am so pleased you came to see us,' she said smiling at him.

Sarah had never kissed John; she was the only girl in the group that he hadn't fucked.

Sarah loved Alison, and had invited her to live with her.

Although technically a lesbian, Sarah was a very proper girl and found the group's sexual licence a bit frightening.

It hadn't helped when Alison had offered Sarah to John.

Sarah felt most comfortable with Sue, Jane's mum.

'How's mummy today? asked John, smiling at the beautiful dark haired woman.

'Ali is fine thank you John, she has just been out and picked up the rest of the group for a meeting.'

'A meeting? That sounds serious.'

'Oh no John, it's only about our housewarming party.'

'Oh thank God, I was getting worried there,' he replied looking with admiration at Sarah.

She was beautiful, tall, dark haired and slender, he noticed that she found it hard to look him in the eyes.

He assumed that it was because Alison had offered Sarah to him, after he had fucked Alison in Mabel's spare bedroom.

John found Sarah very desirable, and was making every effort to get in her good books.'

Sarah for her part; was relaxing more in John's company.

He wasn't the rampant braggart, that she had originally thought he was. She actually found him surprisingly sensitive for a young man.

Diana loved him madly, and was always telling Sarah what a lovely man he was, how handsome, how brave etc.

Sarah admitted to herself that perhaps they could be friends soon, but she was in no hurry to suck his cock.

She led him through to her sitting room; all the gang was there.

The girls had sorted out their own pecking order regarding John.

First to kiss him was Jane, she was his girlfriend and regarded him as her property.

'Hello fuck face, what took you so long to get here?'

One of the many reasons that Jane, and in fact all of the girls loved John, was that he rarely lied to them.

He may not tell them everything, but if asked a direct question he would normally answer it truthfully.

Unless of course the answer would hurt anyone present.

'Hello love, I had to fuck Di, before she got me pulled over by the cops.'

The fact that this confession didn't faze Jane; proved her total confidence in her place as number one.

Then by reason of the fact that she was carrying his child came Alison.

'Welcome daddy, we are so pleased to see you, aren't we little one?' Alison smiled at him and patted her belly where the little one was.

Then came Mabel, she said nothing to John, just hugged him tightly and kissed him.

'Love you May,' he whispered fondly, looking at his favourite Auntie.

After Mabel would normally have been Diana, but she had already said Hello in her own inimitable way.

She was in the kitchen, putting together a snack for everyone.

That only left Sue, Jane's mum.

She was sitting quietly watching them greet him.

As new girl she didn't want to push herself forward.

Jane wasn't having it.

'Come on mum; kiss the dirty fucker.

Not on his cock, its just been up Di's arse.'

Sue blushed, as John bent down and kissed her warmly.

'Hello Mrs. Sanderson, lovely to see you again.'

'It's a change to see mum with her clothes on, isn't it you cocky cunt,' chirped Jane.

Sue just blushed and said nothing.

Although the new girl to the group, she had managed to lick her daughters cunt, and suck her tits.

She had sucked John's cock, and taken that same cock in her cunt and up her arse.

She had buggered Mabel with a strap on cock.

She had then made love to Sarah.

She only had Alison and Diana to fuck, and she would have made a clean sweep of the entire group.

John sat down on the sofa between Jane and Mabel, he put his arms around both, and settled down to hear what the meeting was about.

Sarah took the floor as it was her house, she thanked them all for coming and put forward the suggestion that they throw a housewarming party.

Everyone was excited at the idea, and it was only a question of when to hold it, and who to invite.

Sarah pointed out that her house wasn't that big, and perhaps they should confine the guest list to immediate family.

If they did that, then apart from all those now present they would only be inviting Sue's husband Bill, and John's parents Doreen and Sam.

John pointed out that everyone would have a partner, except Diana.

He suggested inviting his best friend Steve, to be her date.

Alison suggested that they ask Diana first, if she wanted this Steve to escort her.

Sarah called Di in, and asked her if she would like Steve to join them for the housewarming party.

As usual, Diana asked John what she should do.

'Di, you can do as you please, you have my official permission to fuck anyone you wish.

You are not my slave, I love you, we all love you.

But I will be with Jane, Alison will be with Sarah, Sue will be with Bill, and Doreen will be with Sam.

That will leave you with nobody; I won't have that.

I would like you to accept Steve's company for the evening, but only if you want to.'

'Ok Jonny, if you say so, do you want me to fuck him?'

'Oh for fucks sake Di, Mabel can you please sort this girl out,' said John in exasperation.

Mabel smiled at his consternation, 'Diana, do you like this Steve?'

'Oh yes, he makes me laugh.'

'Well John tells me that Steve really likes you too.'

'Oh, why would he like me?'

'I can think of two reasons straight off,' said Jane.

'Never mind why; he just does.

It will be nice for John to have a friend at the party won't it Di?' continued Mabel.

'Ok he can come to the party,' said Diana walking back out into the kitchen.

'Do you think you got through to her?' asked John.

'Well let's just hope she doesn't offer to suck his cock, before he has taken off his coat,' replied Mabel with a grin.

'I still don't understand why she loves John so slavishly,' queried Sarah.

'It's a long story love and I will tell it to you one day,' said Mabel evasively.

'Well there must be more to John than meets the eye,' said Sarah.

'Oh believe me Sarah, there is a lot more to John than meets the eye,' replied Mabel.

'Yes Sarah and most of it is in his trousers,' added Jane.

Sarah blushed at this blatant reminder of John's sexuality.

'While all concerned are here,' said Alison 'what are we going to do about telling John's parents, that they are soon going to be grandparents.'

'Well I suggested that I get John's dad Sam alone and tell him,' said Mabel.

'Perhaps he can then think of a way to let Doreen know, with the least recrimination for John.'

'What do you think John, it would be a good opportunity for me to speak with Sam casually.'

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