tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 23

Auntie Mabel Ch. 23


Mabel was in bed, thinking about Alison and Sarah's housewarming party.

She was pleased that there would be more men there than usual.

Having Bill, Sue's husband, attend, would keep Sue off John's back for one night at least.

This friend of John's called Steve, would hopefully keep Diana occupied.

John's dad Sam would have his wife Doreen; Alison would have Sarah.

John and Jane would have each other, leaving of course herself.

Mabel would have no one, now Alison was with Sarah.

She was trying not to brood about this when her phone rang.

'Hello, who is it?' asked Mabel dispiritedly.

'Hello, is that my sexy friend Maybell?' asked a deep sultry voice.

'Oh my God, I'd recognise that voice anywhere, Jasmine it's been five years since Thailand.

How are you darling, are you ringing me from Bangkok?' gabbled Mabel excitedly.

Her whole demeanour changed instantly from despair to happiness, at hearing the voice of her once good friend Jasmine.

Deep husky laughter bubbled from the phone,

' No my sexy friend, I am ringing from Stansted Airport.

I have just arrived in Britain, and wondered if you could put me up for a few days.'

'Yes, Yes of course I will, I will be thrilled to see you again, do you want me to pick you up?'

'No thank you, I have lots of luggage.

I am doing some modelling while I am in Britain.'

'How many dresses have you brought with you this time?'

'Not many, only about fifty, I am planning on shopping for a new wardrobe while I am working in London.'

Mabel heard that golden voice giggling down the phone line.

'When can I expect you?'

'I will be with you tonight about six, is that Ok my lovely Maybell?'

'That will be fantastic, I was feeling a bit low just now but you have

cheered me up.

I'll put the kettle on for you.'

'See you soon Maybell.'

Mabel hung up the phone with a delighted smile on her face.

Jasmine was coming to stay with her; she could come to the party as her


Mabel rang Sue, to tell her the news.

Sue was delighted to hear that Mabel was going to have some company. She was well aware that Mabel was now on her own, compared to the rest of the group.

Mabel told Sue, that she had met Jasmine in Bangkok years ago at a Ball.

'Wait until you see her Sue, we will have to put a chastity belt on John.'

Sue asked if the group could meet Jasmine before the party, but Mabel wanted her to be a surprise for everyone else.

'You want me to keep Jasmine a secret?' asked Sue.

'Yes dear, I want her to be a surprise at the party.'

'Why tell only me?' asked Sue flattered and puzzled.

'Because I trust you Sue, and anyway if you can't trust someone who has just fucked you up the arse, who can you trust?'

'Thank you Mabel; I apprieciate that.

As for the other thing you mentioned it was my first time, was I any good?'

'Oh do you mean when you were fucking me up my arse, or when we were kissing, or when we were fucking each others cunts and arses with those sex toys?'

'You can't see me Mabel but I'm blushing all over, remembering doing that to you.'

The phone went quiet on Sue for a few seconds.

'Could you come over Sue?' asked Mabel ' I need to be with someone, and I can't think of any one else I would rather be with than you.'

Sue had to sit down quickly as her legs went weak.

She had been dreading this, and longing for it at the same time.

Mabel wanted her, she wanted to be alone with her.

Sue knew it would end in sex, the very thought of going round Mabel's house made her cunt wet with illicit desire.

Sue was a married woman for fucks sake, she shouldn't even consider being with Mabel.

Sue wasn't a lesbian, she loved cock, especially John's big young cock. Why the fuck would she want to be made love to by a sixty year old woman.

Even as her brain was throwing up these reasoned arguments, she was walking towards the door.

'I'm on my way Mabel, get your toys out,' she whispered down the phone.

Sue wanted to run round Mabel's house right away, but she had a few bits of work to do for Bill before she left.

Sue helped her husband by acting as his secretary, it allowed her to work from home.

Once she had finished the paperwork, she ran upstairs to change into her sexiest underwear.

Sue had tried wearing a thong but she had to accept that her arse was just too big for such a flimsy thing.

She kept losing it up her arse, and the small triangle of material in front invariably ended up between her cunt lips instead of covering them.

She had gone back to wearing black lacy bras and panties.

Sue had never needed wonderbras as her breasts had been huge since she was young.

She stood in front of the mirror in her underwear, studying her body critically.

Sue was forty five years old, she was in reasonable shape for her age.

However she was very aware that although Mabel was sixty years old, her tiny body had kept far firmer than Sue's larger framed body.

Sue remembered the look and feel of Mabel's firm naked arse, just before she had pushed the sex toy up her arse hole.

Mabel was a lucky fucking cunt, to have such a well toned body.

Sue suddenly doubted herself; Mabel had fucked her daughter Jane.

Jane had an eighteen year old body, Mabel had also fucked Alison. Alison had an amazingly slender and fit body.

Compared to them Sue was old and fat, with cellulite everywhere.

She sat on the bed with her head in her hands, totally insecure and lacking in confidence.

She would have to ring Mabel and cancel their tryst.

Jane found her like that, as she popped in during her lunch break for some tampons.

She had just come on, and had told John to run her home pronto.

Jane didn't mind having her period anymore; it relieved her that she wasn't pregnant.

As a side benefit, she now didn't lose out on the sex side either.

When her cunt was out of action she simply took John's cock in her mouth, or even better, up her arse.

Jane was upset to find her mum sitting on her bed in her underwear in such an uncharacteristically depressed mood.

Under Jane's intensive questioning, Sue told her why she was afraid to go to Mabel's house.

'For Fucks sake mum, you have a wonderful body.

I hope mine keeps in such good shape as yours when I reach your age. Mabel really loves, and more importantly respects you.

The group all know that she tells you things that she shields us from.

She looks upon you as a partner and a friend.

Go and see her, she might just need a cuddle and a friendly ear.

If she needs a good shagging, then my mum is the woman to give it to her.

I can still remember coming over your face when you licked my cunt.

John told me you even buggered Mabel until she came for you.'

Jane laid her mum down on the bed and cuddled her.

'You have lovely big breasts, just like me,' she whispered in her ear.

Jane slipped her hand inside Sue's bra and lifted out one of her breasts.

'Your tits feel lovely and you have really nice hard nipples.'

Jane lowered her mouth onto Sues breast, and sucked her nipple deep into her mouth

'Jane, you mustn't do this; we mustn't do this, Sue whispered as she shut her eyes.

'Rubbish, I'm your daughter, who has more right to suck your nipple than me?'

'I shouldn't be enjoying your mouth on my breast so much.' Sue moaned softly.

'Well if you enjoy my mouth on your nipple, how much do you enjoy this?'

Jane slid her hand into her mum's lacy knickers, and fondled her hairy cunt.

'Jane please,' gasped Sue.

'Please what mum? Please do this?'

Jane slipped her finger into Sue's cunt, and gently fingered her.

'Please don't Jane.'

'Don't what mum? Don't stop? Shall I do it faster?'

Jane began to finger her mum's cunt faster and deeper, as she sucked harder on her breast.

Sue found herself opening her legs for her daughter's fingers.

'You're going to make me come if you keep on young lady,' Sue gasped.

'Oh no mum, I owe you a licking, you licked my cunt until I came over your face.

Now its my turn,' Jane pulled her mum's knickers right off and opened her legs to expose her cunt to her eyes.

'How the fuck did I come out of that little hole?'

Jane spread her mum's cunt lips wide with her fingers, and studied Sue's vagina closely.

'I can assure you daughter dear, that my cunt was a lot bigger than that by the time you had popped out of it,' said her mum.

Jane ran her tongue between her mum's cunt lips, and then sucked them into her mouth.

Sue felt her daughter lifting her legs up to expose her anus.

As Jane was licking Sue's cunt, she lipped a finger up her mum's bum.

'Oh fuck me Jane, that is so rude of you.'

Jane ignored her mum's protestations, and continued to lick and suck her cunt whilst fingering her arse hole.

She was rewarded by Sue crying out,

'Ohhhhh you little fucker I'm coming, Ohhhhhhh Fucking hell Ohhhhhhhhh'

Jane deliberately kept her face pressed up against her mum's cunt, as Sue squirted her cunt juices out of her burning hole.

Her mum was bucking about on the bed, arching her back as she was caught in the throes of her orgasm.

When Sue had relaxed and was catching her breath, Jane kissed her wet cunt and crawled up her body to kiss her mouth.

She kissed her mum deeply thrusting her cunt soaked tongue, deep inside Sue's mouth.

'You dirty little fucker Jane, I can taste my cunt when you kiss me.'

'Your cunt tastes lovely mum, and Mabel will want to taste it as well,' replied Jane hugging her mum tightly.

'I love you so much mum, I was drifting away from you and dad, but now I realise that I need you in my life.

It feels so good to cut through all the taboos, and just love each other fully.'

'Am I still sexy Jane?' asked Sue seriously.

'You are the sexiest woman I know, we Sandersons are fucking sexy and don't you forget it.'

'You made me wet my knickers.'

'If you're going to see Mabel, don't bother wearing any,' replied Jane.

Jane had to go; she said she wouldn't wash her face because she wanted to French kiss John in the car.

As a treat for running her home, she was going to let him taste her mum's cunt juice.

'Dirty little fucker,' murmured Sue, ' who does she take after?'

Sue felt a lot better, and decided to take her daughters advice and go naked under her skirt.

In fact she went even further and took off her bra, to let her breasts swing free under her blouse.

Walking up the road towards Mabel's house, she felt freer than she had for a long while.

A young lad on his bike wolf whistled her, as he noticed her freely bouncing breasts.

I've still got it, she thought to herself.

Watch out Mabel, here comes Sexy Sue Sanderson to fuck you senseless.

Mabel heard the doorbell and went to answer the door.

Her welcoming smile for Sue faltered, when she saw it was Alison standing there.

Her face was white, and it was obvious that she had been crying.

'Oh No Alison, please don't tell me that there's something wrong with your pregnancy,' begged Mabel clearly worried.

Mabel's look of sincere concern broke Alison's fragile composure. and she burst into tears.

As Mabel went to hug her, she pushed her away and stumbled into the sitting room.

'Stop being so fucking nice to me,' she screamed loudly.

'I'm a fucking dirty lying cunt, I don't deserve your kindness.'

Alison went into Mabel's bedroom and straight to her sex bag.

She rummaged frantically through it, until she found what she was looking for.

With tears still pouring down her beautiful aristocratic face, she thrust a whipping cane into Mabel's hand.

'Beat me Mabel, beat my lying fucking arse as hard as you can.

Stripe my arse, I need you to hurt me as I have hurt you so selfishly,' Alison sobbed hysterically.

Mabel was at a loss to explain what was going on here.

Just then the doorbell rang again, Mabel forced Alison down onto the sofa and answered the door.

This time it was Sue, her smile at Mabel quickly vanished as she saw that she was very upset about something.

'Thank God it's you Sue, I need your help here.

Alison is having hysterics in the sitting room, and wants me to spank her with a cane.

I don't know what the fuck is going on here.'

Sue wasn't as close to Alison as Mabel was; therefore she wasn't blinded by emotion when thinking about her.

Walking into the sitting room she saw Alison sitting on the sofa crying hysterically, her whole body shaking with the strength of her emotions.

Alison looked up and saw Sue, to their surprise she stood up and stripped off her clothes.

Her skirt and jumper were thrown onto the floor, followed by her bra and panties a few seconds later.

Alison went over to Mabel, and took the cane out of her hand.

She gave the cane to Sue.

Beat me Sue, Mabel wont do it and I need to be beaten hard, please Sue,' she begged and knelt down on the carpet, offering her naked bottom to Sue.

Sue looked at Mabel and said,

'This is about using John, isn't it Alison?'

Alison groaned in utter despair, as she realised that they had known about her deceit.

'Please,' she screamed, ' Please I need to be punished, I am so sorry for what I did, please Sue beat me hard.'

Sue knelt down beside Alison and spoke to her calmly.

'Alison, we know how you got pregnant, it was wrong of you to use John like that.

However we cannot beat you or spank you.

However it happened you are pregnant, and we cannot risk any harm to John's baby.'

This calm announcement made Alison even more hysterical, she was panicking and hyperventilating.

Standing up she grabbed both of them by the hand, and dragged them upstairs to Mabel's bathroom.

They could tell she was out of her mind with guilt, and watched helplessly as she searched through the medicine cabinet.

They both leaped forward as one, when she found a razor blade.

She was frantically trying to unwrap it, when Sue wrested it out of her hands.

Alison was beyond reason so Sue decided to humour her to a certain extent.

'Alison, you lying bitch, get the fuck into that bath and lie down,'

she shouted at the shaking woman.

'You are a dirty fucking whore and we are going to punish you.'

Alison heard the words she was desperate to hear, she was going to be punished for betraying Mabel's trust and love.

She quickly got into the bath and lay flat on her back looking up at the two women in who,s hands she put herself.

'You are so dirty, you lying cunt that I wouldn't soil my hands beating you.

You are a piece of dirt and I piss on you,' shouted Sue getting in the bath and helping Mabel in also.

Both women were standing over Alison, their legs either side of her naked body.

'Piss on her Mabel, she needs to be punished and this way we won't hurt her body or the baby,' ordered Sue.

Mabel realised that if they didn't do something, then Alison would punish herself with unknown results.

Mabel watched as Sue lifted up her skirt to reveal that she was naked below the waist.

No sooner did Mabel see Sues hairy cunt, than a stream of urine jetted out from between her legs and splashed over Alison's body.

'Mabel Please, piss on me,' screamed Alison desperately.

Mabel never wore knickers, so she only had to relax her muscles to let her golden stream pour out and over Alison.

Alison relaxed as she felt them pissing on her, she deserved it and worse.

She wriggled up the bath until her face was between Mabel's legs.

She then moved her head into the golden stream of water issuing from Mabel's cunt.

Her face was soaked, as was her beautiful blonde hair.

She closed her eyes but opened her mouth, allowing it to fill to overflowing with Mabel's urine.

When Mabel's stream faltered Alison quickly turned in the bath so her face was under Sue's stream.

Again she opened her mouth and allowed it to fill, until it overflowed down her chin and between her breasts.

Finally both women were empty, and just stood there looking down at Alison.

She was still crying but she had lost that hysterical edge, and seemed to be calmer.

Mabel looked to Sue for instructions on what to do next.

'Strip off Mabel, time all three of us had a shower,' she ordered quietly.

Sue and Mabel stripped naked, and helped a quietly sobbing Alison out of the bath and into the shower.

Alison just stood there quietly like a little girl, and let them both wash her from top to toe.

As Sue was taller than Mabel she concentrated on Alison's upper body, whilst Mabel washed her below the waist.

Sue told Alison to shut her eyes, as she shampooed her lovely blond hair.

Alison complied passively, her body still shuddering from the aftermath of her emotional storm.

Mabel washed between her legs, and told her to open her legs so she could sponge her pubes and anus.

Soon they were rinsing Alison down, and wrapping her in a big fluffy towel led her into the bedroom where they both dried her.

When she was dry they lay her on the bed and pulled a duvet over her.

Sue and Mabel then dried themselves, and climbed into bed with the silent girl.

'What now Sue?' asked Mabel.

'Alison has been punished, now she has to be loved,' replied Sue kissing Alison tenderly on her face.

Mabel took her lead from Sue, and both women were kissing and caressing Alison.

'I don't deserve you,' whispered Alison in a little voice.

'I have never felt so guilty about anything in my whole life.

Thank you Sue, I needed so badly to be punished, Mabel loved me too much to do it.'

'Regardless how you achieved it dear, you are now very precious to Mabel,' said Sue.

'If it helps alleviate your guilt you can think of your baby as being the one that Mabel should have had.

Perhaps you would consider letting her help you bring it up?'

'I would love Mabel to help me, I want her to be part of my life and the baby's,' said Alison clearly.

Both the women hugged her affectionately, Sue decided to make a cup of tea, and leaving them in bed together went naked downstairs to the kitchen.

'One last favour please Mabel,' asked Alison.

'Please turn onto your front.'

To humour her Mabel lay on her belly.

Alison crawled down the bed until she was lying between Mabel's legs.

Mabel jumped involuntarily as she felt her bum cheeks spread and Alisons mouth on her anus.

Alison kissed and licked Mabel's arse, in a spirit of capitulation.

'I am so sorry Mabel, I went mad for a while.

I was obsessed with getting pregnant and didn't care who I used or hurt to achieve my desire.'

'Alison if you need my forgiveness you certainly have it, I am just as guilty as you regarding using John to get pregnant.

I am still having periods at my age, and I have made no attempt to protect myself from John's sperm.'

Sue returned with a tray to find Mabel laying on her tummy, with Alison burying her face between Mabels bum cheeks.

'You won't find any biscuits there Alison darling, I have them on this tray,' she joked.

Both the women sat up on the edge of the bed and drank their tea.

'I suggest that we say no more about this to anyone,' said Sue.

'I don't know how to thank you Sue,' said Alison.

'Me neither Sue, I was panicking there myself until you showed up,' added Mabel.

Sue looked at both these women, she wanted to be their friend.

'If you really want to thank me then how about a fuck?' she asked smiling at them.

'What both of us?' asked Mabel.

'Why not? I have two holes,' challenged Sue.

Alison and Mabel looked at each other and smiled a wicked smile.

'Double penetration,' they said together.

Sue watched with interest, as Mabel equipped herself and Alison with strap on cocks.

'Shall we toss for her arse?' asked Mabel.

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