aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 03


"I'm sorry. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No, no. You just caught me off guard, that's all. Uh, we close at 10, but I probably can't leave for at least fifteen minutes after that."

"10:15 then. Can I give you a ride home?"

She looked at the floor nervously. Her innocence captured me. And she hesitated before answering.

I told her, "I promise I won't bite. Well, unless you're into that."

She giggled at that. "Sure, I'll see you then."


I actually pulled up at 10:05pm. The closed sign was up on the glass door, and Karen looked surprised when I rapped my knuckles against the glass. Perhaps she didn't think I'd actually come.

There was another girl with her, closing up the store. She said something to Karen, I couldn't hear through the door. And nodding her head, Karen removed her apron, grabbed her jacket, and then came outside.

She looked like she didn't know what to say, so I offered an "All set?"

Karen said "yes" in her quiet voice, and I led her to my car. Karen's eyes bugged out when I opened the passenger door to my Aston Martin. I held out my hand to help her in, and she clutched my palm tightly as she sank into the plush cushions before I closed the door and then circled around to my side.

I got in and flicked the switch to the seat warmers, and Karen couldn't help but run her hands over the wood trim or gawk at all the bells and whistles inside.

I let her marvel for a minute before she looked at me and realized that we weren't moving. "Oh, you need to know where we're going."

She gave me a quick set of directions, and then we were off. We made casual chit-chat about how her day went, and after ten minutes of driving I wondered just how far away she lived, and how the heck she got to work?

It turned out, Karen was just a first year student, living in the dorms. But her dorm was clear on the other side of campus, and she normally took a University shuttle bus or perhaps rode her bike.

I enjoyed the ten minutes we did have together, and stopped just outside her dorm. I asked if she was busy Friday night, and with a radiant smile that lit up my car, she said she was free.

We made a date.


Ji-hyun called me on Thursday, wondering if I wanted to pick up a few bottles of soju and spend my Friday night with the Korean babes. Rather coldly, I turned her down. I wanted my life to be more than a hookup, and I had a sweet, innocent girl to take out on Friday night.


The dinner with Karen went smoothly, after a rough start. Karen was nervous as hell when I picked her up, clearly interested but also clearly unsure of herself. She wore what she thought was a nice outfit, although I reminded myself to introduce her to Tina and order Tina to take Karen clothes shopping.

Karen had only a dabble of makeup, and her hair was in the standard ponytail. I suppose I shouldn't have expected anymore from a young first year, fresh out of high school and not from the social crowd on top of everything else.

She seemed to sense her attire didn't quite match up to what I was used to, which only made her even more nervous about the situation. I saw her eyes searching mine in a panic that I was out of her league.

Thinking fast, I decided to skip my reservations at the fancy restaurant. She would be too overwhelmed by the formal setting. So we hit up a local Tex-mex sit-down chain, getting some ribs and salads. And I kept up a non-stop casual chatter so she wouldn't feel pressured into talking until she felt more comfortable. And as the night went on, her answers to my questions went from one word to two, then five, and then complete sentences. After an hour, she finally managed to relax and we could enjoy our dinner.

We went to a movie afterwards, typical Hollywood blockbuster stuff which I figured would be safe. And after a pleasant evening, I took her home.

As the night progressed, I got the distinct impression that Karen was just an innocent virgin. She told me about her life growing up: A late bloomer in school. Never had a steady boyfriend. And more focused on her academics than meeting new people.

Karen had still grown up into a fresh, pretty girl, if only she knew how to dress and maximize her assets. But I would have to be careful with her, and not put any pressure on her.

I sensed a chance to start my love life anew with her. A chance to rediscover the innocent love I'd had with Jenny so long ago and then threw away to get frequently laid.

I walked her to the front of her dorm. And just outside the door, I touched her cheek gently then leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. She gasped, and I could feel her heart racing through my fingertips at her neck. But it was just a soft peck, and she kept her lips closed.

I backed away and smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow, at work," I told her.

She nodded agreeably, and then I opened the door so she could go inside.

I turned away and started down the sidewalk. But before the door fully closed, I heard a giggly voice that definitely wasn't Karen's. "Ohmigod, is THAT his CAR?!"

Without turning I allowed myself a grin. Hey, I still had my ego.


Every day I picked up a milk tea or passion fruit slushie. Five times over the next week Karen was there, and we always had a few minutes to chat before I let her take care of the next customer.

We made a date for Friday night, a casual dinner and a trip to the local mini-golf course. We laughed and giggled putting around, only taking the game semi- seriously. I felt like I was fifteen again, in a very good way.

On the ride back to her dorm, Karen asked if I would like to come up with her. Her roommate was out and she didn't want this night to end yet. Besides, it wasn't even 9 o'clock yet.

I agreed, and soon we found ourselves on Karen's couch, listening to the radio, drinking sodas, and immersing ourselves in the glow of puppy love.

She didn't resist when I leaned in to kiss her once again, and when our lip massages continued beyond the first minute, I took a chance and parted her tongue with my own.

Karen sighed happily as she kissed me back with fervor, and a decent ability that probably meant this wasn't her first French kiss. She wrapped her arms around the back of my head and pulled me to her, and then I was kissing her the same way kissing used to be before sex ever got in the way. Kissing was the ultimate, the joy, the pleasure.

But as my heart started pounding and the adrenaline rushed through my veins, old habits kicked in. I seized Karen's arms and pinned them back while I attacked her mouth with my own.

She moaned into my mouth and let me spear her mouth with my tongue. Automatically, I reached down and lifted the hem of her V-neck, whipping it over her head and then kissing her again before Karen could really react to me. My hot hands went to her bare arms, stroking them as I moved my lips along her jaw line until I was planting little pecks at her neck while Karen held my head in her hands, gasping all the while.

The sensations and the thrill of what we were doing had Karen completely under my control, and she didn't even realize what was going on before I managed to unsnap her bra, slip the cups away, and then take a firm breast into my hand.

Her tits were bigger than I thought, solid B-cups. Her outfits hid her curves before, but her breasts were perfectly formed, firmed up with youth and capped by cute pink nipples. I tasted one nipple and she moaned as I suckled.

And then Karen was lying flat across the couch, me atop her with my erection grinding into her leg. She gasped and whimpered as we kissed and I played with her tits; but when my hands went to her jeans, in the middle of a moan, Karen mumbled a soft, "no..."

To my experienced ear, it sounded like a false 'no', a moan of pleasure when her body truly wanted me. So I kept going, and when her jeans popped open and my hands dipped inside of her panties, Karen moaned loudly while my palms rubbed at the firm globes of her ass.

But then a stronger 'no' came out of her mouth when I grabbed more firmly onto the waist of her jeans. Lost to the sex-lust, I kept going, tugging both jeans and panties lower until her pubic hair was just barely coming into view.

And then a blinding pain exploded in my temples, and I was physically moved against the backrest. My body went still with shock.

Karen scrambled out from under me, shaking her hand out from the pain while using her other arm to cover her naked bosom. "I said NO."

Collecting my wits, I looked up into a face that was more hurt than angry. "I'm sorry," I quickly said. "I didn't mean-"

"I'm not that kind of girl," she told me. Then she moved to grab her shirt and held it in front of her torso. "I thought you knew that."

"Karen, please."

"Just, just," she paused, still visibly shaken by the experience. "Get out."

All the weight of my guilt came flooding back to me. Pei-Hua, Jenny, and now Karen. I was a jerk. That was simply who I was. I used people, ignored the signs, and just took my pleasure.

With my head held low, I pulled myself together and then quietly left the room.


It was still Friday night when the landline phone rang. It rang only once, but then stopped as either the caller changed their mind, or Pei-Hua picked it up somewhere else in the house.

For some reason I decided to figure out which, and I picked up the receiver in the living room, but the line was already dead. I wondered if it had been Karen, calling but hanging up before I could pick up.

I furrowed my eyebrows, wondering what the heck just happened. But then I lost myself, miserable over my failure with Karen, and after a minute I began to wonder if I had only imagined the phone call.

And then I was stuck back in my own miserable mind, wondering what misguided decisions had brought me to this point.

I was much happier before I developed this stupid excuse for a conscience. Previously, I had known my role, and I was comfortable with that. It may not have been what American polite society would want, but I didn't care much. The whole steady-girlfriend thing just didn't work for me. I was much better off being the playa and fucking around.

As long as the girl was aware of my intentions, I wasn't "using" her, was I? Pei- Hua had a role, and when she was with me, she accepted it and even seemed happy with it. Wasn't that enough? Who was I to say that my opinion counted more than hers when it came to her choices, and her decisions in giving me affection?

Laying my head back, I was drunk without a drop of alcohol in me, the world spinning in circles around my head faster than I could get a grip on it. Despite all my rationalization, I was finally faced with a staggering realization:

I was lonely.

I'd fucked a few dozen varieties of pussy in the last couple of years, but it was all physical pleasure and meaningless sex. And in that time a gaping hole had formed in my heart without me realizing it. And that hole had grown bigger and bigger until something in me cried out for someone to fill it and make me whole again. And that's a strange concept for a life-long player. But who would understand me enough to complete me? To satisfy me and yet still put up with me? Was I waiting for an angel to drop out of heaven and into my lap?

I was still staring at the ceiling when a warm body crawled across my legs, surprising the hell out of me.

My eyes snapped into focus, and there was a smiling Tina, perfect hair, blue- contact eyes, and pretty face, straddling my legs and sitting in my lap on the couch. How the hell did she get in?

"What were you doing?" she asked.

"Thinking," I answered automatically.

She pressed a finger to my lips. "Silly boy." Then unceremoniously she shoved her tongue into the back of my throat.

My body responded before my brain did, and I was kissing Tina back with a comfortable fervor. It had been a long time since we'd last hooked up, back before the Winter break.

She broke away for our kiss to moan a breathy, "Hmm, let's see if we can't relax you."

Tina slinked her way down my body until she was kneeling on the plush rug before me. My eyes gravitated to the perfect cleavage on display before me, barely covered by her scoop-necked shirt. But then my gaze went up to her face as Tina fished my half-hard cock out of my pants, then leaned down and took a long lick along the shaft from base to crown.

I growled happily as I leaned back to enjoy a patently wonderful Tina-blowjob. She knew just how to play me, teasing my nerve endings with her fingers and the tip of her tongue. Her hand would tightly jack along my shaft, and then she'd back off to swirl around the head. For a moment I wondered if we should move into the privacy of my bedroom. But if Tina was willing, I wasn't about to do anything that would remove her mouth from my dick.

By the time she reached into my pants and squeezed at my swollen testicles, I was more than ready to blow. I hadn't gotten off since before I caught my father fucking Pei-Hua, and now weeks of sperm were boiling inside of me.

Tina sensed my impending eruption, and backed off until just the head was still in her mouth. Fisting my rod, she tugged on me until at last the pressure slacked from my mind, and a torrent of spunk flowed out of me and into Tina's waiting throat.

She swallowed quickly, every drop going down like a pro. But after the fifth and the sixth bursts even Tina had to pause to breathe and white droplets began to dribble out onto her chin. At last she gave up, closing her mouth and panting while jacking the rest of my jizz onto her pretty face.

When I was done, I sank into the couch cushions, a wave of relief cascading over me. All the tension that had built inside of me from Pei-Hua to Jenny to Karen was simply GONE. I understood now: the key to my happiness lay in the ecstasy of my orgasms.

Still in this meditative state, I heard a faint "Thank you" in Tina's voice, but it wasn't directed to me. Turning towards the kitchen, I saw that Pei-Hua had just handed Tina a wet washcloth and a few paper towels to dry her face off. She also dropped the paper towel down to her thighs, and I saw the wet reflection of what looked like a self-induced climax on Tina's part.

And then Tina winked at Pei-Hua, and returned back to me while Pei-Hua disappeared out of view once again.

Tina's feral grin was back, and she began a slow strip tease for me. Soon she was down to just her lingerie, a matching lace set that outlined her perfectly round tits, slender torso, rippled abs, and drum-tight ass.

My body was already charging up for another go, and by the time Tina bent over, facing away from me and touching her toes, my erection was back. Smiling upside-down at me between her spread legs, she reached up and dragged the panties down to her feet, baring her perfectly smooth pussy lips and a winking asshole. Tina was simply the most perfect, fuckable minx I had ever laid eyes on.

The adrenaline pumped into me, and I got off the couch. Seeing that I was in motion, Tina stood up and turned to meet me, but before she could react I seized her body in my hands and spun her around to sit on the couch. I planted her butt on the edge of the cushion, and then lifted her legs. Tina was quite flexible, and I managed to fold her in half until her knees were next to her ears and her feet sticking into the air above her head.

This put Tina's dripping wet pussy front and center, and with my shoulders trapping her legs back, I thrust my hips forward and buried my cock all the way into her.

Tina shrieked as I entered her then started giggling at my rough handling of her body. But as I got into my fucking motion she whimpered and moaned, letting me do all the work while her petite figure was folded and pinned beneath me.

My hands dipped underneath her legs to grab onto her firm tits, and Tina simply let her head roll back while I abused her body, fucking hard and fucking fast.

This wasn't love. This wasn't tender. This wasn't about an expression of affection. This was FUCKING. This was SEX. And we were two consenting adults who just wanted to have a good time.

For perhaps the first time in my life, I started talking actively during sex. "Do you like that? I'll bet you love this? I can feel your cant dripping out of control, Tina. You're such a fucking slut! You love it, don't you?"

Tina barely had breath to mumble back. "Yes! I love it. Fuck your slut! Hit me harder! Take me! Take me!"

So I took her. We kept up the chatter and Tina responded to my aural stimulation, and with me carving her as deeply as I could go I counted three piercingly high shrieks of agony and ecstasy as her body quivered beneath me, completely at my mercy.

And when Tina's third earthquake set off inside her cunt, the ripples set me off and I was blasting away, coating her insides with a fresh layer of my cum. But still I wasn't done yet.

I kept thrusting to maintain the friction and listening to Tina's whimpers and moans while I whispered dirty thoughts in her ear had me still revved up. Fuck being the nice guy. Fuck trying to be considerate. I am a MAN, and this is who I AM. Tina was my willing fucktoy, and I was going to enjoy her body in every way I could.

Going for the hat trick, I pulled out of Tina's soaked pussy and lifted her light body into a new position. Her legs were weak from lack of movement and blood loss, being elevated for so long, and when I folder her over the armrest of the couch, she simply collapsed until only her hips held her upright on the armrest, her tits crushed into the couch cushion and her ass in the air.

She did not resist when my hands spread her asscheeks, smearing our mixed cum around her asshole. In fact, she called out, "Fuck my ass! Fuck your fucking fucktoy! Ream me out and slam me HARD!"

How could I say no to that?

For the next ten minutes, Tina's body was my property to do with as I pleased. I shoved my dick into her pussy to get it properly lubricated, and then I speared my way between her asscheeks and fucked out Tina's anal chute until it was stretched wide and dripping my sperm out of it. I'd dropped one load deep inside her bowels, then pulled out and jacked myself off all over her ass until both globes were coated in ribbons of cum.

I jerked Tina by her hair and kept a tight grip on her locks. At my command, Tina knelt naked at my feet and growled at me, her eyes wild and a big smile across her face. Her hair was no longer in place, instead she had long bangs in her face and strands of blonde streaks were sticking out everywhere. Her makeup was even running a bit from the tears that had streaked her face, dark eyeshadow splotches around her eyes now making her resemble a Goth punk chick.

She grinned before I pulled her head onto my half-erect shaft, and she suckled the last drops of sperm out of me.

This is my life. And I'm okay with that.


After Tina was finally done with me, I collapsed from complete and utter exhaustion. My brain was finally relaxing after the abuse I'd put it through, my mental energy gone. Every last bit of physical energy also fled my body, finally free from the tight coiled tension in my muscles. I felt like I could melt into a puddle of water.

With Pei-Hua and Tina's help, I managed to stagger up into my bedroom.

There, I let Pei-Hua draw me a bath, and I soaked in the warm water with my head and shoulders propped up so I didn't slip down. My head was angled so that I could see through the glass doors of the separate shower and watch Tina cleaning herself up, and Pei-Hua massaged my shoulders while I watched my fucktoy Tina soaping up her tits.

I left myself sag into Pei-Hua's strong hands and the soothing touch of her skin against mine. I realized that this was probably the closest contact Pei-Hua and I had in the past few weeks. And that was just about the last thing I remembered before I fell asleep.

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