Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 11


Patty reached over to the end of the bed and picked up one of the washcloths laying there and wiped the excess away. "There." She said in a satisfied tone. "I can't even tell you've got it in you." Then as I started to move, she told me to stay as I was. I looked over my shoulder to see Patty walking into her bathroom again. When she came out, she was carrying a small glass bottle.

"Sissy," Patty began, "Daddy has a very acute sense of smell and this is his favorite perfume." She held out a bottle and showed it to me. "It won't hurt to put some on you."

Without waiting for an answer from me, she opened the bottle and I felt her dab her finger once at the very back of my thighs and then pushing my nightie up, she dabbed one more time on my back.

"Okay." Patty said as she looked at the clock on her night table. "Pull your panties up, Sissy. We have about four minutes before Daddy comes in."

After pulling my panties up, Patty fixed my baby doll again and told me to sit down on the bed. Then sitting next to me, she reached for my hand and held it in her lap. "Sissy, it's very important you to listen to Mommy now. Can you do that?"

"Yes." I answered, softly. "He's going to fuck my ass, huh? That was going to be your punishment, wasn't it?" I asked, already sure I knew the answer to that question.

"Just listen to me, Sissy." Patty said, completely disregarding my questions. "This is very important. You have to focus on what your Mommy is about to tell you."

I knew from the expression on her face that her father was going to come through her bedroom door, rip my panties off and fuck my ass. That was going to be the punishment she was supposed to get - I was positive of it. There was no doubt in my mind, especially when I remembered Patty telling me she had a painful anal sex experience some time ago, saying the man was rough and it wasn't a good thing for her. As added confirmation, Patty had given me two enemas to make sure I was perfectly cleaned out and squirted more lube in my ass than she'd ever used before. Everything was adding up -- I put two and two together and was sure her father's normal punishment for Patty was fucking her in her ass. "Damn," I thought, "I can't fucking believe this."

"Sissy!" Patty shouted, shaking me back to the present, "listen to me now!" Patty said, shaking my arm and staring at me. When she was sure she had my attention, she looked at the clock and then peered into my eyes.

"Sissy, Daddy's not a mean person. But, a man in his position expects his orders to be followed, and followed quickly. So, if he tells you to do something, do it immediately -- don't think about it, say "Yes, Daddy" and then just do it. Next," she said still holding my hand, "the only thing I've ever been able to find that lessens Daddy's punishments is real crying. And I mean tears, Sissy. So, don't try to bear the punishment like a man would. It's totally okay to cry, but, if you try to fake your crying or your tears, then you're really in for it. All I'm saying is that if you feel like crying, you'll probably be better off if you do."

"Okay," Patty, continued, " now most importantly......"

Just then, Patty's door opened and PJ walked in and closed the door behind him. Patty immediately stood up next to the bed, and then turning to me, motioned for me to stand up, too. Neither PJ or Patty said anything as he walked toward me, and then once he was right in front of me, he reached down and pulled the hem of my baby doll up and looked at my panties. "Turn around and face the bed." PJ said. As Patty suggested, I immediately turned around. Again, he picked up the hem of my baby doll and looked at my backside.

"Lower his panties, Baby Girl." PJ said calmly. As soon as he said it, Patty moved behind me and pulled the baby doll panties down to my thighs and stepped back. I could feel his eyes on my bottom while I stood there nervously. After about thirty seconds, he said, "Pull your panties up, Sissy."

My ears burned when I heard him call me 'Sissy', but I reached down and pulled the matching panties up and stood back up.

"Stay as you are, Sissy." He said, speaking to me, then turning to Patty he said, "You did well for only having sixty minutes to prepare him, Baby Girl. You even made him wash his hair and use perfume.... that's a nice surprise. I'm impressed."

I stood there in silence, afraid to say anything -- afraid to turn around and afraid to look at Patty. It seemed like an eternity before PJ spoke again, and when he did, it startled me.

"Let's get started." He said to Patty. "I don't see any reason to postpone this any longer. Get the table out and set it up."

I heard Patty walk away toward her walk in closet as PJ stepped up next to me. He leaned over and bent his head close to my ear. Whispering softly to me, he said, "I don't get the pleasure of punishing Patricia very often anymore. She hardly ever disobeys me these days, Paul. I want you to know I was very happy when you volunteered to take her punishment. It shows me that your love for her has no bounds, and I'm hopeful you'll come to accept an occasional punishment as well as she has. If you do, you'll find I can be quite understanding and compassionate."

As PJ finished speaking, I heard Patty rolling something across the carpet and stopping a few feet behind me. There was some clicking, and the sounds of metal pieces unfolding or snapping into place. I wanted to turn around and look, but, I kept facing forward. With every sound, my stress level and my anxieties increased. It became unbearable after a few minutes.

Soon the noises stopped and Patty came to stand next to me again. "I'm delighted with you, Sissy." PJ said as he walked behind me. "I bet it was unbearable standing there listening to all those sounds -- wondering what fate was in store for you. Tell me, Sissy, do you still feel as cocky as you felt when you volunteered to be punished? Is fear setting in yet?"

"I, uh...." I stuttered, trying to say something coherent, "uh..."

"Take your time, Sissy." PJ said softly as he came around to stand in front of me. He turned his head to look at Patty and then looked back at me. He raised his left hand and placed it on my chest, directly on top of my bra and I felt him squeeze softly. "Hmm," he said, "I like the way that bra looks on you. You'll have to wear it for me again.... sometime soon, perhaps."

PJ looked directly in my eyes as he touched my chest. He glanced down briefly and I felt his other hand go under the hem of my baby doll and push its way right inside my panties and grasp my soft cock. His touch felt foreign and rough, but he wasn't hurting me.

"You're not hard, Sissy." He observed.

Looking over at Patty for an instant and then back at me, he continued speaking, saying, "Patricia told me you almost always get hard when you wear panties. I was certain you'd be erect for me. Is it because you're scared? Maybe it's the embarrassment of being dressed like this in front of me. Do you feel humiliated, Sissy?"

I cleared my throat without turning my eyes away from him. "All three, I guess, Daddy." I gulped when I called him 'Daddy'. It felt strange to say that word since I can't ever remember saying it to my own father.

"Very good, Sissy." PJ said as he smiled and squeezed my cock. "Looks like Patricia had enough time to give you some training. It's very promising, indeed." Then he briefly looked toward Patty and said, "Take the Baby Doll off him and then take the rest of your clothes off, Patricia. Let's see how he reacts to you being naked with me present."

I dared not look away from PJ, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw Patty push her shorts and panties down and step out of them. "Come stand next to me so he can see you, Patricia. Maybe we can coax an erection out of his sleeping penis." PJ smiled as he looked at me. I felt his hand begin to caress my cock down inside my panties, but I still wasn't getting hard.

"Look at her." PJ said to me, reaching over to take Patty's panties out of her hand. "You saw me feel her breasts and touch her inside her shorts earlier, didn't you?" He asked.

I turned my head away from Patty to look at him and nodded my head up and down.

"You were hard then, I know you were. I saw it." PJ added as he slowly raised Patty's panties to his nose. "Just so you know," PJ continued, "Patricia and I have discussed your attraction to panties many times and I fully support you on that. Believe me," PJ added as he took a long sniff of the gusset of her panties, "I completely understand how strong a panty fetish can be, especially when Patricia's panties are involved. But, I warn you right up front," PJ said as he leaned in very close and smiled, "we'll probably end up fighting over her panties each day."

"Well, well." PJ said as he leaned back and looked over at Patty. "I feel something growing down there. Perhaps we should take a look. What do you think, Patricia?"

Patty stooped down in front of me, bending underneath her father's probing hand, and pulled my panties down to my knees. Patty stayed down in front of me, watching her father ceremoniously squeeze and release my cock. I was almost completely hard now and when I looked down at Patty, I could see her eyes were wide as she watched her father fondling me.

"Open up, Baby Girl." PJ said, guiding my hardened cock to her mouth. "Just a quick suck and a kiss," PJ said as he laughed, "I don't want him to enjoy himself too much. After all, he's supposed to be getting punished."

Patty's mouth opened and she bent in to take my cock inside while he held it for her. Closing her lips around my tool, she closed her eyes and began to suck on me. PJ looked at me and smiled a proud grin. "She's been taught by experts." He said as we both watched Patty mouth my cock. "When she wants to," he continued, "she can make me cum in less than thirty seconds. But, I like it when she takes longer. I love seeing her on her knees with my penis in her mouth."

"That's enough, Patricia." PJ directed. "Just give his head a kiss and we'll get on with it."

Patty looked up at us and then pulled off my cock. I think she intentionally slobbered all over me to add to the visual effect, and it did. PJ continued to hold my cock for her as she leaned back in and placed a kiss at the end of my rod, snaking her tongue out at the end of her kiss to lick up some of the slobber.

When patty was done, PJ told her raise my panties and get up. Reaching out and gently pulling my panties up and over my hardened cock, she stood. Then PJ reached over, put his hand inside the panties again and gripped me very tightly. After a second, he jacked me a few times and looked over at Patty.

"He's got a nice one, Patricia. It's very firm and stout." PJ remarked as he squeezed and handled my cock. "I think it'll fill you up nicely, Baby Girl," he added, "once I've taken your cherry on your wedding night, that is."

Patty let a small smile form at the edge of her lips. She peered up into my eyes as he let go of my member and walked behind me, saying, "I think we've caused him enough anxiety. Let's get him into position so we're not here all night doing this."

"Would you mind introducing your Sissy to the table and get him situated on it, Baby Girl?" PJ asked.

"Yes, Daddy." Patty answered, then reaching for my hand, my naked A-Cup Angel stepped up to me, reached up to give me a kiss me and then asked me to turn around. Taking a deep breath, I turned around and saw what they were calling "the table".

"The table" looked ominous and frightening as I took my first look at it. It seemed to be a cross between a massage chair and a gynecology exam table. There were padded velcro straps all over it and the frame itself appeared like it could bend and change shape. It seemed well padded and had crisp, white fitted sheets stretched tightly across the three pads that made up the top surface. It wasn't small -- probably six feet long and almost three feet wide, and maybe twenty five inches in height. The table had rolling wheels similar to the wheels on a hospital bed and the more I looked at it, I was positive this contraption was not hand made -- it was expressly made for a specific purpose.

Patty let go of my hand and walked to the far side of the table. She lifted a latch on the frame and the top surface seemed to separate into three sections. Then, bending down, she began to turn a crank and one section at the very end of the top surface began to lower. Patty continued to turn the crank until that section lowered almost to the floor.

She reached over to another crank and as she turned it, the middle section of the table started to angle down. All this continued for several minutes, and while I watched her work, the device was obviously being configured for someone -- namely me -- to be laid out on the padded surface and from what I gathered, be strapped down to it.

Each sound the table made as Patty used the cranks and levers to configure it pounded through my head. PJ stepped to my side and I watched what Patty was doing. "It's quite comfortable," PJ told me, "you'll see. It supports the body perfectly. All the pressure points, joints and extremities are equally supported. I'm sure one could almost fall asleep on that thing."

"Do you mind if I ask what its intended purpose is?" I asked. "I mean, what is that thing really made for."

PJ smiled as he looked over at me. Reaching down to put his hand around my cock through my panties, he gave my member a tug and said, "I'm surprised you don't recognize it from your visit with Angie." PJ replied as he chuckled under his breath. "It's made for training, punishment and discipline, Sissy. It's an amazing and effective tool," he explained, "both Patricia and I have had the chance to experience it. And you'll have your chance in just a few moments since it looks like Patricia is just about finished."

Patty stood up and nodded to her father, indicating she was done with the table. He walked around and checked each latch and crank. Lastly, he shook the table, checking for stability and nodded his satisfaction. "Very good, Patricia." PJ remarked. "You can do the honors of getting him on it now. I'm sure you'd be considerably gentler with him than I would."

Patty came to stand in front of me and reached out to take both my hands in hers. "It'll be okay, Sissy. Mommy's going to be here with you the whole time. Be brave and do what Daddy says -- come with me and don't be afraid."

"Make sure he removes his panties himself," PJ mentioned to her, "and make sure his penis goes into the receptacle properly."

By now, I was sweating and on the verge of trembling. As she led me to the lowered end of the table, my heart started to thump and I felt my breath catch a few times. When I was within a step or two of the table, Patty stopped me and told me to take off my panties.

"Sissy," Patty said softly, "you need to take your panties off now. Can you do that for Mommy?"

Like I was in a dream, my hands floated to my waist and I pushed my panties down in one motion, making my hard cock bounce up and down as I stepped out of them. Patty reached down to the floor, picked them up and handed them to her father. Then pointing to the lowered platform, she told me to kneel down on it and lay my stomach against the angled piece while I guided my cock into a small hole in the pad.

Following her instructions, I kneeled down on the cushioned platform close to the floor and aimed my cock toward the hole she pointed to. When my cock made contact with the hole, it pushed through easily and then with Patty applying pressure to my back, she pushed me the rest of the way forward until my belly was touching the pad. "Oh, God." I moaned to myself. I was doing this. I was really doing this -- I was allowing myself to be put into some contraption so Patty's father could punish me. I was so consumed with the intimidation of the table and how they were going to strap me to it, that I'd completely lost track of the fact that he was probably going to fuck my ass once I was on it.

Patty reached down to the side of the table and lifted up a small inflator bulb attached to a rubber hose -- very similar to the kind they use on a blood pressure cuff to pump it up. She squeezed it two or three times and asked me if I felt it, and I absolutely did.

My cock must have been placed in some kind of inflatable sleeve because when Patty pumped the bulb, I felt pressure along the entire length of my cock. It didn't hurt, but, it didn't do anything to reduce the stress I was feeling, I can tell you that, for sure.

Patty turned the release thumb wheel on the bulb and let the air out as she reached down to lightly rub my arm. "Its okay, Sissy." Patty said, reassuring me. "It's just to keep you from moving around too much. I'll let the pressure off for now."

Next, Patty moved behind me and one by one, moved my shins to the far sides of the platform I was kneeling on, as far as they would go. Once there, she told me to feel for the indentations in the cushions and then put my weight down in them, which I did. Next, she bent down and threaded two velcro straps over each of my legs and fastened them together, effectively locking my lower legs to the platform.

"Hold still now," she said, "I've got to adjust the pads before we do anything else."

She retuned to the side of the table and started turning some knobs and cranks until my legs raised and started to spread apart. At the same time, the angled platform was raised and it wasn't long before I felt I was hanging in mid air on my stomach with my legs spread out behind me. I starting to get distressed with the position I was in and I looked at Patty. I'm sure she could see the worry and anguish in my face because she had to force a loving smile on her face while she adjusted the table. A second later, I saw her eyes start to water again and then a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Hurry up, Patricia." PJ said. "This is taking entirely too long."

"Yes, Daddy." Patty replied, looking down at me with tears now on both sides of her face. She took a deep breath to try to compose herself, but even that didn't help and it wasn't long before she was quietly sobbing as she worked the controls of the table. Standing, she reached over my body and pulled two straps over me and secured them - one, just below my shoulders and one at my waist. Then she tightened them until they were snug, forcing me down into the cushions of the pads. Moving behind me, she tightened some straps at the top and bottom of my thighs and cinched them up, too. Now, except for my head and arms, I was completely unable to move as the table kept me in place, comfortably, but tightly.

PJ stepped to the other side of the table and started turning knobs and cranks and I felt the table, and me on top of it, start to move. At the same time, Patty was swinging out two small side panels and then one at a time, pulled my arms on top of them and strapped them down. Patty's father adjusted the table in a manner where my legs were separated as far as I think they could ever go and my butt was raised, forcing my head down to where I had to lay it on the pad beneath me. I saw Patty walk to her bed and pick up a small thin pillow and then walk back to me, lifting my head and placing the pillow under it.

I could feel the position my body was in and my face burned with embarrassment because of it. There was no question in my mind how exposed I was or how open my legs were -- I felt completely vulnerable, and when they'd finished adjusting everything and the table finished moving, Patty stood next to me, sobbing quietly.

"There!" PJ said as he locked down the dials, knobs, levers and cranks. "Patricia, while I get ready, I'll give you sixty about seconds to tell him what's going to happen next and what my expectations are."

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