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Bacchus House


The man Hanna was riding grabbed her hips and moved her more forcefully along his length. She felt another man position himself behind her so, knowing his intention, she leaned forward to grant him easier access. His cock slid quickly and uneventfully into her ass. He held her hips just above the other man's hands, and they both fought for control of rhythm.

Stretched and filled, sweat beading and rolling down her skin, she rested her head on the chest of the man below her. She wondered if each could feel the other moving inside her, but didn't ask. The man behind her spoke.

"You're a little slut, aren't you? You can't see my face, and you don't even care."

"Mmm hmm..." She moaned and closed her eyes against the mounting ache.

The man, apparently not satisfied with her answer, wound her hair around his hand and pulled her head back, causing her mouth to open involuntarily.

"That's what you're good for, you know? You're a little fuck-slut."

Most of the men at the parties were more respectful, even though the nature of what he was saying was true. Everyone was using and being used. But Hanna liked it, being used that way, for the places they could fill.

She took the opportunity to look around. Dozens of naked bodies filled the parlor, all thrusting and twisting to their own rhythm. There were at least four men for every woman, but none of the men were ever left wanting. A woman lay on a table several yards from her, a half dozen men circling her. The woman turned her head left and right, sucking the cocks of the men that flanked her head. Others waited their turn, some whiling away the time fucking the other end of her. Some masturbated so they could come on her face or in her mouth. One man rubbed himself against the side of her face, eventually coming on her forehead.

The man fucking her ass finally loosened his grip on her hair, her head dropping back to the other man's chest. He groaned and slammed her hard a few more times. She felt the heat inside her and knew he had finished. He whispered a few more obscenities, out of breath, and walked away.

The man below her smoothed out her hair, her scalp sore from the other man's grip. He flipped her onto her back, not once slipping out of her.

"Can't say I'm sorry to see him go." he said, smiling down at her. "I wanted you all to myself."

She finally got a good look at him: handsome, dark hair, and what seemed to be a freshly shaven face. He slowed his pace, almost painfully so, pulling out of her so she could only feel the tip of him, and then plunging deep inside her again. She tried to get another look around, but he turned her face back to him.

"Look at me." he said.

She obeyed, tightening inside from the intimacy of it, meeting his eyes as he penetrated her body. His skin was slippery with sweat, both hers and his own. Her hands slid fantastically over his muscles because of it. Wrapping her legs around him, she raised her hips to meet his thrusts, driving him deeper into her.

To her surprise, and disappointment, he pulled out of her. He kissed her neck, following an invisible line down to her breasts, taking each nipple into his mouth and rolling his tongue around it. His mouth continued down her stomach, to her hipbones, eventually arriving at her soaked cunt, which throbbed to the same beat as her pulse. All around her she heard a maelstrom of moans, grunts, yelps, and shrieks of pleasure. She added her own as his tongue began exploring her, dipping in and out of her.

She grabbed the back of his head with both hands and started grinding herself into his mouth. Her back arched wildly, her throat exposed to the air. He slid two fingers into her and massaged her, causing intense, delirious pleasure to burst throughout her. Her body stiffened and straightened as she neared orgasm, his mouth and fingers working her into a fever.

"Please, stop," she said, her voice jagged "I want you inside me when I come."

He removed his fingers, but gave her a few more licks before pushing his cock back into her. He licked her lips, and then eased his tongue into her mouth. She could taste herself on him. He hooked her legs over his shoulders, causing her to cry out in pleasure and pain as his cock reached the depths of her. A few seconds later her orgasm began, starting at the center of her in one large burst, and then pulsing throughout her. She held her breath, clutching his back as she peaked. So lost in her climax, it was a several moments before she noticed the woman that was crawling toward them.

She knelt at Hanna's side and slipped her hand between their joined bodies, rubbing her just above his cock. She pushed a couple fingers into the woman, who moaned and shoved her breasts into the man's face.

"Do you want to taste her?" Hanna asked him, withdrawing her fingers and sucking the juice from them.

He nodded and leaned down to kiss her, the taste of both women mixing in his mouth. When he was finished, he moved the woman's face down, pulled his cock out of Hanna, and slipped it into the woman's eager mouth. He pumped into her mouth a few times and then back into Hanna. He repeated the pattern for several minutes, cunt then mouth.

He groaned, thrusting harder, and emptied inside her. The woman pulled his cock out and licked the come that was beginning to seep out of her cunt. The man looked down at Hanna, a strange look in his eyes. But her attention was on the woman lapping at her cunt. The man disappeared sometime when her eyes were closed.

The woman finally came up for air, smiling and wiping her damp hair from her face.

"There's a private party going on in a back room. It's a little more intense. Do you want to go with me?"

Hanna propped herself on her elbows. She was nearly exhausted but, still, the night had just begun.


The woman helped her to her feet, and they moved carefully through the struggling bodies. Hanna thought there was always the possibility of getting sucked into one of these couplings. The smell of cocks and cunts and fluids was overpowering.

The house was maze-like. Hanna had no idea exactly how big it was, or how many rooms occupied it. At the very least, a couple dozen, she was sure. After a flight of stairs and a hall, the woman stopped at what seemed to be an ordinary room. But Hanna could hear a multitude of sounds: women moaning and crying out, men laughing and shouting stern words and gentle reassurances.

The door opened into a dimly lit, fairly spacious room. Six tables covered in rich brown leather were arranged in the center, and large paintings hung on the dark green walls. Thirty or so men were obscuring the women she had heard outside the room.

Craning her neck to look over the crowd, she saw the lower half of two women strapped down on tables, with various men doing various things to them. There were too many bodies to see clearly. An older man, dressed in a dark suit, hurried over to them.

"Do you wish to participate?" he asked.

Hanna looked to the woman who had brought her there, who nodded eagerly.

"Yes." she answered.

"There is a rule to this room." he said "If you do not agree with it, it's best you leave now."

"What's the rule?" Although Hanna was sure he had repeated the monologue many times, he seemed no less serious for it.

"You are required to be here a minimum of fifteen minutes. When your time is up you'll be asked if you would like to leave or continue. If you choose to continue, you will have another fifteen minutes. Your time will continue this way until you choose to leave." He paused, letting her know she should pay careful attention to the next part "Nothing will be done that will cause you lasting harm. However, you cannot ask for anything to stop during your fifteen minutes."

Hanna still couldn't get a good look at what was going on. She wanted to see something, anything, before making a decision, but she imagined that was the point. She heard muffled cries and moans, but she hadn't heard anyone asking for anything to stop. The man continued.

"Do you understand these rules?"


"Do you wish to proceed?"

Hanna looked at the other woman again. She only smiled and nodded her encouragement.

"Are you going again?" she asked her.

"Yes." She seemed eager enough to be convincing.

Hanna nodded her consent to the man.

"Very good." He said, "Your time begins when you're on a table."

He led them to the center of the concentrated chaos, and Hanna finally got a look at what was happening. One woman was lying on a table with a large cushion under her ass, her cunt in the air. Some type of instrument, like a speculum, held her vagina wide open. Nearly a dozen men circled her, each masturbating. When one of them came, he would position the tip of his cock over her cunt and come directly in it, his cock never actually making contact. The woman was filled to overflowing.

The woman who had led Hanna there was rushed over that table and pushed to her knees, under the filled woman. Two men tilted her head back and forced her mouth open. The filled woman was sat up, so that the come flooded out of her and into the other woman's mouth. Her mouth was held closed, a brook of come escaping the corner, until the men were satisfied she had swallowed every drop.

Hanna was taken to the table next to her and made to lie on her back. The table was smaller than the others, so her head hung off one end and her ass off the other. . Her arms were fastened down next to her, but her legs left free. Uncomfortable and unable to move, surrounded by strange men, she felt a sudden surge of panic.

The man who had greeted them addressed the room.

"Gentlemen, we have a new addition. She has never participated in this room before. Let's break her in."

There was cheering and laughing as men crowded around her. Her neck began to hurt from holding it up, but it wouldn't be a problem much longer. A man stood behind her and put his hands under her head, supporting it for her. His cock bobbed above her face and, although it wasn't very thick, it was longer than she was used to. He moved his hips back, positioning the tip of his cock against her lips.

"Open your mouth." he said, giving her hair a small tug.

She complied, and as soon as she did his cock slid into her mouth, thrusting in and out as far as the back of her tongue.

"Don't suck." He said "Just hold your mouth open."

She did, opening her mouth as wide as she could. He thrust his cock forward in one quick motion, forcefully, pushing it down her throat. She gagged and coughed as he pulled it out again.

"Wait." she sputtered.

"No waiting."

He thrust into her throat a few more times, and let her take a breath before continuing. She couldn't see anything except his testicles and legs, but she was sure the other men were watching. He gripped the sides of her head firmly and slid down her throat again, this time pumping several more times than the last before letting her breathe again. The stretching hurt, and her eyes were watering badly, but it was turning her on. She had never had her throat fucked before. She barely caught her breath before he started again.

The entire length of him was buried in her. Instead of moving in and out, this time he held his cock down her throat. It was a good twenty seconds before he withdrew. She didn't have the opportunity to fully collect herself before he started again.

She heard him groan loudly and pump into her a few more times. Although she couldn't feel or taste it, she assumed he had come. He pulled his cock out of her throat, a string of come following it. He wiped it off with his finger and rubbed it over her tongue, letting her taste him. He gave her face a light slap and walked away.

Her throat ached. She moaned and noticed how hoarse she had become. Another man came up behind her, and she thought he was going to use her in the same way. But all he did was pull a section of the table up and out, so her head was supported and she was sitting up.

"Want to make sure you can see this." He said, smiling at her.

He moved to the end of the table and put her feet up, so they were next to her ass and her knees rested against her ribs. She felt like she was in an exam, legs drawn up and spread wide. He buckled a strap around each ankle, pulling on them to make sure they were secure. She couldn't move her legs at all, except to spread them further.

He stroked her inner thighs and then moved his fingers to her cunt, moving them up and down the slit. He rubbed her clit for a moment, causing her to moan, and then slid two fingers inside her. It wasn't just a finger-fucking, he was concentrating, feeling around. He pushed his fingers in to the knuckle.

"She not very deep." He said. "I don't think she could take more than six or seven inches." He looked around at the other men, who were chuckling. He motioned to someone in the crowd, who pushed his way through the throng.

Hanna stopped her squirming, her body stiffening as she looked at the man standing in front of her. His appearance was ordinary, but his cock was anything but average. Thicker around than her wrist, and close to twelve inches long, she knew it was going to hurt.

He stood at the foot of the table, her cunt splayed and offered up to him. He spit on his fingers and wiped the moisture over her entrance. As hard as she tried to stay calm, she panicked, knowing the spit would never be enough to ease the pain it would certainly cause. There was a man on each side of her, holding her knees apart. She was positive they expected a struggle from her, as the restraints were already holding her legs securely.

The man with the beastly cock looked straight at her as he rubbed the tip up and down her cunt. He was enjoying her fear, prolonging her agonizing expectation. The head finally parted her lips, and she felt it pressing intrusively against her opening. He pushed hard, but there was too much resistance. She winced and tried not to cry out. He took hold of her thighs, using them for leverage, and pushed harder. She bit her lower lip hard, unable to stop a whimper from escaping her.

Resolved, he held his cock's shaft tight and shoved. And that's when it happened. She cried out in pain, fighting uselessly against her restraints, as he finally broke through. The other men laughed and shouted encouragements. She felt that everything inside her was being rearranged to accommodate him.

She took a deep breath and gathered the courage to look down. He was hitting her cervix, and still only half of him was buried in her. Never had she seen herself so stretched. He was doing his best to slam into her, and causing pain with each thrust. He took her breasts in his large hands, massaging them, as if that could make up for the brutal fucking he was administering.

"All the way inside her!" Someone shouted.

He pushed harder and harder. He even wrapped his arms under her shoulders and pulled her into him violently. She was sure that at any second he would burst straight through her cervix. But it didn't happen, he just kept pounding her mercilessly. She looked at his face, and he didn't look happy with her lack of give.

To her relief, he pulled out, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. And then he smiled at her, as if he had just remembered something. He spit on his fingers again, but this time he rubbed the moisture over his cock. He looked at her, as if punishing her for her anatomy, and spread her ass.

Hanna's mouth fell open and she shook her head. "Oh, god, not that."

He only smiled and nodded his head, pleased with himself. He held his cock against her ass for a moment and looked at her, as if he was waiting for her to beg him to stop. But even if she were to beg, she remembered the rule. Nothing would stop.

He began pushing. This time it didn't happen in one agonizing rush. His cock slid in slowly, inch by excruciating inch. The pain was so intense she felt the room was dimming, and she couldn't think. The entire length of him was buried in her ass, so far that when he came she was sure she would taste him in her mouth. She screamed as his cock invaded her with no boundary, reaching places no one had before.

As the only redemption, her tightness made it impossible for him to pound her hard and fast. His movements were slow, restricted. But he didn't seem to mind, his face contorted with pleasure. He moved a hand to her cunt, and she was hoping he would massage her clit, take some of her pain away. Instead, he slipped three fingers into her cunt. As soon as he was sure she could take that, he added another finger, until half his hand was inside her.

He fisted her cunt as hard as he could manage, as if making up for what his cock couldn't do. Her head lolled to the side and she felt she was falling away. A few moments later the pace of his cock and hand increased. He was going to come. He yelled into the air as he exploded deep inside her. She had never felt as relieved as she did when he grew smaller and slipped out of her ass.

She felt that she had been there forever. She had no idea how long she had actually been there, but she was certain she could trust the old man to be honest. He appeared to be a man who was a stickler for rules.

Part of her, the smaller part that was enjoying the intensity of what was happening to her, wanted to continue. But her body was screaming out for an end. She ached and throbbed like she never had before. She felt like she was coming out of a long sleep, her eyes and head heavy.

"Alright, guys. Let's go easier on her." She recognized the voice of the man who had raised the table earlier.

Her arms and ankles were released, and she was pulled to her feet with the help of a few men. Her knees buckled and she nearly fell over, but many hands reached out to steady her. The back of the table was lowered again and she was turned around, facing away from the waiting men, and bent over the table. The leather was refreshingly cool against her flushed skin. She folded her arms under her face and relaxed.

Someone reached under her and rubbed circles on her clit, causing her to moan and push her hips back into it. The man moved and a cock slid into her cunt. She couldn't see any of the men behind her. The man held her hips as he fucked her, his movements fluid, not rough at all.

Nearly a dozen men took turns with her, some in her cunt, some in her ass. Some of the men stroked her hair and her back. After the earlier abuse, she appreciated the attention. She came twice. So many men had come in her that she felt it begin to trickle down her legs.

Sooner than she expected, now that she was enjoying her time, the man who had greeted her informed her that her time was up.

"Would you like to continue, or leave?"

She hesitated. If the next round continued as it was then, she wanted to stay. But she knew it wouldn't. She craned her neck, trying to look up at him, but from her position she could only see his well-dressed neck.

"I think I'll go." She said, feeling a sliver of regret "But can I come back later if I want to?"

"Of course."

Several men helped her up. She weaved with exhaustion as she moved to the door, but each man she passed put a hand on her back to help her along. She ached from head to toe, yet felt strangely receptive to more.

The old man opened the door for her, smiling and nodding his acknowledgment as she left. She stumbled into the empty hallway and stopped, leaning against a wall for support. There was a strip of dark marble running the length of the hall, which she pressed her face against for the coldness of it. She stood there, resting, while her thoughts unraveled. The night seemed to fly by, with no time for resting.

She felt a hand move her hair aside and brush the back of her neck. As she turned she recognized the man from earlier, the man who had made her look at him while he was on top of her.

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