tagRomanceBack Dive Ch. 01

Back Dive Ch. 01


(This story is based on true events.)

Back Dive 1 – Sarah tries a back dive with Sullivan's help.

"To get an 'A' in this class, you have to do a back dive off the low board."

Sarah listened intently to Coach Hart as she sat on the edge of the diving well along with the rest of her class. Her friend Janet snorted into Sarah's ear, "Woah! That's going to cause a big problem for people!"

Sarah continued looking directly at the coach as if she were listening to him while she whispered back to Janet, "I've never done a back dive, but it looks easy." Janet showed that she obviously didn't think so, by rolling her eyes and smiling knowingly.

Coach Hart continued, "I know this is a life guarding class, but I think it's important that you appear comfortable around a swimming pool. Maybe I'm biased since I'm also the diving coach, but you should at least be able to do a back dive if you expect to instill confidence as a life guard."

Janet always had a side comment for Sarah, "I'm not going to college to become a lifeguard! I just want an easy 'A'." Coach Hart glanced meaningfully in Janet's direction but she ignored him and continued whispering, "Luckily I grew up around a swimming pool so I can do one, but it was scary to learn."

Sarah was not intimidated. She had managed to become a pretty decent swimmer even though she had not been a city girl, and she was not afraid. She had been doing front dives off the low board since this summer class had started a couple of weeks ago, and noticed that even little kids could do a back dive.

The sun was blistering hot for this 2:00 pm class. Coach Hart stepped back into the shade of the cabana as he gave basic instructions for beginners.

Sarah looked to the other end of the pool. The university swimmers who were in town for the summer worked out at the same time as Sarah's class. Janet noticed where Sarah was looking and asked, "Is he here?"

They both knew exactly what Janet meant, and Sarah answered, "No."

On the first day of class Sarah had developed an interest in one particular guy on the team, when everyone was in their street clothes. He was handsome not in a cute way but in the masculine way that made her catch her breath. Since that day Sarah had seen him on campus and realized that it was also his style that had gotten her attention. He did not appear cocky or even obviously confident like his friends. From a distance he just seemed capable and authentic. Sarah had hoped to maybe meet the guy, but mysteriously he had never shown up for a swim team workout.

Janet commented, "It's probably good that he isn't here today. You wouldn't want him around in case you look like an idiot up there on the diving board." Sarah glared at Janet who chuckled merrily at her own sense of humor.

The pavement was hot, so people waited their turn while staying seated on the side of the pool, or even in the water hanging onto the side. As Sarah waited her turn she paid close attention as Coach Hart patiently talked one guy into falling backward off the board head first. The next two, a female and a male, did not need Coach Hart's help. They were both able to do the trick with a "spring" into the air, even though they looked uncoordinated.

It was Sarah's turn. With a slight smile the confident eighteen-year-old hurried across steaming pavement and climbed the few steps onto the wet diving board. She walked with poise to where the handrail stopped then took small steps to the end of the board as it bent downward.

Everything was fine until Sarah began to turn her back to the water. Suddenly three feet above the water seemed like three miles! She froze while standing sideways on the end of the board with her hands out from her sides in a crouching position.

Coach Hart recognized his cue, "Sarah, just turn around and do a back bend into the water."

Sarah was partially turned toward the coach but she was concentrating on her footing. As she struggled to raise her surprised-looking eyes to see the coach, the diving board began to vibrate violently. She squinted against the sun's glare, knowing that Coach Hart was somewhere in those shadows. "Coach, I'm a country girl! I've never done a back bend!"

Up until that comment Sarah's classmates had maintained composure over her predicament. But the country-girl excuse ignited loud gut-wrenching laughter from them all. At least Janet yelled encouragement playfully above the roar, "Come on Sarah!"

Sarah could hear Coach Hart say to someone, "I can talk her through it." Then he spoke directly to Sarah, "First, turn around and let your heals hang off the end of the board." Sarah was able to do this with very small shuffle steps, as if she were on the edge of a very windy cliff. "Now raise your hands above your head and look straight back...No, don't turn your head left or right. Lift your chin straight up."

Sarah looked straight up to the sky and became disoriented. She stumbled around on the board and her classmates let out a gasp of concern for her.

"Be careful!" The coach took a long deep breath and continued. "Now, I'm going to count to three and at the count of three you start falling backward off the board. Ready? One...Two...Three!" Sarah remained frozen on the end of the board with her hands up and face tilted to the sky.

"OK Sarah, let's do this again. Look up...Put your hands over your head... One...Two...THREE!" Sarah was like a motionless statue facing upward and rooted to the end of the diving board.

Coach Hart was clearly irritated. "Relax Sarah." Then Coach spoke to whoever was standing next to him, "Okay, okay, go find out what you can do with her."

A large muscular leg stepped out of the shadows and Sarah realized this was not someone from her class. Coach Hart announced, "Sarah, this is Sullivan. He's a diver on the swim team, and he wants to help you."

Sarah's first impression of this guy was slight surprise at the amount of exposed skin. Those swim team suits were extremely small and this close view was becoming even closer as he moved toward her. He was muscular without being too bulky. The sun reflected off his naturally bleached hair causing it to almost sparkle.

This was definitely distracting Sarah from her fearful predicament on the end of the diving board. Without thinking about it, Sarah noted a few physical traits she tended to admire in a man. He had wide relaxed shoulders, and some body hair. The collar bone and chest combined for a very nice shape. His long arms accentuated the all-important forearms. And even though it was distracting to see a man almost totally nude, Sarah was able to admire the lightly tanned skin tone.

He moved in an easy way that looked familiar. His lips were very full, and that also looked familiar. He raised his blue eyes to make riveting visual contact with Sarah as he calmly and politely smiled to her.


Sarah turned wide-eyed toward Janet on the side of the pool. Janet's answering stunned look communicated that she understood; Sullivan was the guy Sarah had been looking out for.

Sullivan rounded the turn at the base of the board and gripped the handrails to elevate himself and land lightly on the board without using the steps. Again he gave Sarah a friendly and accepting smile as he carefully approached without shaking the diving board.

Coach Hart called out to Sullivan, asking him to stick around and help others who might have trouble. It caused Sullivan to stop and turn his head to answer. Sarah took the opportunity to continue checking him over. She could see his chest hair formed a 'V' pattern that pointed sharply downward to the top of his skimpy bathing suit. Her eyes widened in shock, as she couldn't help noticing the detailed outline of his genitals through the thin bathing suit material. The overall impression for Sarah, as a college freshman, was not as much attraction as it was an intimidating vision of uncensored manhood.

When Sullivan faced back toward Sarah he seemed to hesitate. She was too preoccupied to be aware of her own appearance, but Sarah now stood erect and faced Sullivan squarely without appearing shy or coy. What could not be easily seen from a distance was that she had plenty of womanly curves behind that modest two-piece bathing suit. She had full breasts that were understandably heaving up and down with her hurried breathing. And her small waist flared out to shapely hips and strong-looking attractive legs. The "country-girl" description suited her, because she was an excellent example of a healthy young woman.

Her full lips and wide mouth were slightly open and relaxed. She had thick light brown hair extending to her shoulders, and bangs. Her eyebrows were full and a couple of shades darker than her hair, emphasizing her large light-colored eyes. She had the type of looks that did not need makeup.

Sullivan moved carefully to her and extended upturned palms, saying, "Sarah, I'll make sure you don't get hurt." She nodded and placed her hands in his.

A couple of people in the class laughed nervously, but were immediately scolded by Janet, "No laughing!" Janet looked up toward her friend saying, "Come on Sarah!", and the rest of the class followed Janet's lead with a few encouraging calls.

Sullivan maneuvered Sarah to the correct position by guiding her hands. "Back up a little more. That's it, half of each foot on the board and half off."

Using only body language, Sullivan gently slid Sarah's hands up his arms so that she gripped his forearms. He then placed his hands on her bare hips. She gasped when his hands slid along her warm uncovered skin. He gently positioned one foot on top of hers, apparently to give himself a wider base of support.

In a soothing voice he spoke, "Hold on to my arms and begin to look back...Don't worry, I've got you...That's it...Bend backward until you can see the water."

Sarah's chin was tilted back which exposed cleavage and smooth creamy skin above her suit. Her stomach was stretched tight. Her slightly trembling thighs curved outward and almost touched him. Her hips and pubic bone were pushing hard against the fabric of her suit.

"Now, when you see the water you can put your hands over your head...Keep looking back...Do you see the water yet?"

"Yes." Sarah kept a firm grip on Sullivan's forearms.

"Just let go of me and put your hands over your head...Go ahead, I'm not letting you go until you're ready."

Sarah slowly lifted her arms over her head, and Sullivan continued. "I'm going to start lowering you, but don't raise up or you might land on your back."

Sullivan leaned forward and Sarah continued to arch backward. Just as he was about to let her go, Sarah slapped her hands down to again grip his forearms, and reared up so she was nose to nose with him! It was too late for Sullivan to pull her back up. Instead, he hugged her close as they both began to fall.

He placed his lips against her ear. "We're going in!"

With his hands still on her hips, Sullivan pressed his chest against hers, forcing Sarah into an arch and keeping her from busting flat on the water. They entered the pool head first in a snug embrace.

Once underwater Sarah was totally disoriented, but she relaxed at the feel of strong hands on her hips guiding her to the surface. Sullivan remained underwater pushing Sarah above his head until she was swimming toward the side.

Sarah joined her class and was aware of scattered applause. She climbed up and sat next to Janet who was eager to whisper, "SARAH! THAT WAS SO HOT!"

They turned in time to watch Sullivan reach the pool edge next to the diving board. He placed both hands on the side and appeared to almost jump out of the water, landing on the bank with both feet. In a couple of steps he was back on the diving board waiting for the next student.

The two girls were looking at each other in wonder when Coach Hart broke the silence. "Janet, it's your turn."

"Coach, I can't do a back dive either, but I'll try."

As Janet was standing up, Sarah whispered to her, "You said you could do one!"

Janet smiled knowingly at Sarah. "My boyfriend will understand!"

Janet was tall with short dark hair. She had a wiggle in her walk and an impish grin to go along with it as she quick-stepped to the diving board in her one-piece black suit.

Janet climbed the ladder and abruptly appeared very fearful. As she turned sideways to get past Sullivan, she looked down at the water in near desperation, managing to move her hands across his chest and abdomen. Janet clinched his hand in both of hers until he wrenched them loose at the end of the board.

Just like Sarah, Janet arched backward when directed. But when she did, her hips thrust forward causing her to bump up against Sullivan. He backed his hips away like a gentleman.

Sarah was not surprised to see Janet grab Sullivan at the exact instant that he allowed her to fall backward. For the second time in a row he had to go in the water, this time with Janet hugging him close.

Sullivan was back on the board before Janet could swim back to Sarah. The girls sat together and whispered while the next person got on the board. As usual, Janet commented first, "Well, I think I finally know the best way to do that dive!"

They both giggled and then Sarah got a little serious. "Janet, I know the reason you did that was so I wouldn't be the only one to look like a goofball. I appreciate it."

Janet adopted a fake serious expression. "Oh, uh, yeah, right. I did that just for you." The girls squealed with laughter, which caused the coach to scold them for distracting the next student. This time Sullivan did not have to go in the water; he just grabbed the guy's legs and tossed him over enough so that he would not land flat.

After the last student got a turn on the board Coach Hart spoke, "Everyone will get another chance in two weeks. Work on doing a back bend and you should be able to do it." The coach then turned to Sullivan. "How about showing the class your back dive?"

Sullivan nodded and grinned. He casually spoke to the class as he walked to the end of the board. "I do this dive in pike position, which is probably different from what you're used to seeing." He spun around on the end of the board and became serious as he assumed a rigid stance. He rocked the board and then made so powerful a jump that the tip of the board looked like it might touch the water. His straight body shot up extremely high, he bent at the waist until his pointed toes rose up and touched his fingertips, then his upper body fell back until he was perfectly upside down and he extended his tightly flexed body toward the water's surface. As he entered, the water bubbled instead of making a splash. He seemed to move in slow motion until his knees went under, and then his pointed feet snapped out of sight below the surface.

After just a couple of seconds Sullivan's head appeared from the middle of the remaining bubbles. First he looked to see how far he was from the board, and then he looked to the coach. The class was clapping as Coach Hart simply complemented him in a matter-of-fact way. "That was a good one. You almost went over but the knee-save worked for you."

Sullivan popped out of the water and made a shy half-hearted wave to the class. He walked quickly away from the pool area, but not without a very quick glance directly at Sarah. Janet noticed and whispered, "He likes you!"

- - - - - - - - - -

The next day, Sarah's heart was pounding as she reached for the phone to call Sullivan. The worst thing that could happen was he would say no, and she was prepared for that.


"Hello, my name is Sarah and I'd like to speak with Sullivan."

"This is Sullivan."

"Oh, uh, uh, hey, uh..." Sarah winced at herself and overcame this opening stutter by speaking quickly. "You probably won't remember me but I'm one of the people you helped to do a back dive in my lifeguard class..."

"Of course I remember! Did that embarrass you?"

It was the tone of his voice that instantly put Sarah at ease. She sensed that he was purposefully calm and gentle for her benefit. "Oh no, you didn't embarrass me! I mean...I was embarrassed, but it could have been even worse if you hadn't helped."

Sarah got straight to her request. "I've called to ask for help. I want an 'A' in that class and the only thing keeping me from it is that dive. You probably teach lessons so I'm offering to pay something if you could help me."

Sullivan answered with a quick laugh. "I'd be glad to help but I could never take money from you..."

Sarah thought he was going to continue talking but there was silence on the phone. "Hello?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Sarah, I was just thinking...we could make this fun if we could meet for coffee or a beer first, especially since I don't get out much. I could get together with you for a short while Friday evening."

First of all, Sarah found it hard to believe that Sullivan needed help with his social life. And this turn in the conversation was a surprise. She stuttered again, "Oh, uh-huh..."

"Wow Sarah, how thoughtless of me! You must have a boyfriend and plans for the weekend."

"Oh no, that's not it... Sure, we can do that. I've already dedicated this weekend to learning that back dive."

Sullivan let out a sigh, and they arranged to meet at the Bengal Lounge early Friday evening. Sarah and Sullivan made an attempt at some polite conversation, but they were both a little nervous and kept it short.

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