tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBack Dive Ch. 03

Back Dive Ch. 03


Ch. 03 – Teens Alone in the Basement

"Hi Mom! Aline, Andy, and I want to study for the ACT in my room."

Karen's mother peered skeptically over her glasses at Andy, but only saw Karen's cute boyfriend who looked her square in the face and said, "As usual Mrs. Smith, I can see where Janet and Karen get their good looks." She blushed with a beaming smile and motioned for them to go on to the basement, which was Karen's room.

All three of them hurried down the stairs smiling. Their anticipation came from a somewhat steamy conversation in the car ride from swim practice. Andy had declared that he thought the appropriate way for Aline to show her gratitude for him was to participate in a "bottom rub". Karen immediately objected to the idea of her boyfriend doing a "bottom rub" with her best friend. And of course Aline did not know what that was. Andy's grin widened as Karen explained that it was just a fun way to cuddle that she and Andy had come up with. Erotic tension filled the car with the realization that Karen had not said "yes", but she hadn't said "hell no" either.

Once in the basement no one seemed to know what was expected. Both Andy and Aline looked to Karen who gave in to her desire for control. "Ok, Ok, there's nothing to it. Ya'll just back up to each other and rub bottoms." Andy and Aline continued to just stand there so Karen continued, "Go ahead, it's Ok with me."

Andy and Aline looked at each other and their grins signaled their consent. They backed up to each other with eagerness. Aline extended her hands back to Andy's hips to steady their impact, and Andy responded by placing his hands on Aline's shorts. Aline was a little taller than Andy, but that did not hinder their ability to mash bottoms together. Andy and Aline laughed with playful abandon as they held each other's hips and wiggled rear-ends. Andy stumbled a little but would not let go, dragging Aline a step or so with him, which just made them giggle harder. They didn't stop until their laughing finally ceased.

They stepped away from each other and turned with flushed faces to Karen. Both Andy and Aline assumed that was the end of the "bottom rub", but they were wrong.

"Oh, that's not nearly good enough!" said Karen, "It's not supposed to be just play. It's supposed to be hot. Come on, get down to your bathing suits."

All three of them were wearing their suits as if they were underwear. Without hesitation all three dropped shorts and t-shirts to the floor.

Karen continued directing, "Now, let's get you two warmed up. Help each other move your suits up to a thong style."

Andy stood there shocked at the suggestion, and Aline did not immediately understand what Karen wanted. Karen led by example and turned sideways to them, moving her own suit up into the crack of her ass. "Go ahead," she said, "Aline, you adjust Andy's suit first."

Although she hesitated, Aline took the opportunity to appreciate Andy. He stood confidently in the middle of the room wearing only his black Speedo. Andy may have been small for his age, but he was ripped. He was a wiry distance swimmer, with an occasional case of "attitude". One reason he was well-liked was for his outgoing personality, but he was also very cute, with a perpetual friendly smirk. He had sun-bleached brown hair, a smooth olive complexion, and outstanding blue eyes. Females of all ages liked him and under normal circumstances he would have been a lady's man, but he was a late bloomer and the swimming had taken all of his spare time up to this point in his life.

Andy turned for easy access. Carefully using only her fingertips, Aline pulled his suit up into the crevice of his bottom so that it resembled a thong.

Karen was scornful, "That wasn't very exciting. OK Andy, show her how it's done."

With a glassy-eyed grin and a knowing look toward Karen, Andy circled behind the wary Aline. He knelt close to her, which made her nervously inch away. He gently guided her back close by corralling her knees with his hands.

"I'm sorry Aline," Andy began, "but I've been admiring your beautiful ass in your bright blue suit all afternoon. Karen isn't objecting, so I'm going to make sure to enjoy this while I can."

Aline looked a little spooked as if she might run, but Karen spoke, "Don't listen to Andy. He's just being crude to shock you."

Andy was being treated to a close-up view of Aline's butt. The swimming helped fashion some truly remarkable back sides. Aline was more muscular than Karen and so was her butt. Karen had a very feminine looking tear-drop shape to her ass, and walked with a hypnotizing left and right swing of her hips.

Aline was very different. Her buttocks were round, almost like two small melons, with a back dimple above each mound. She had a slight sway-back posture which caused her butt to protrude back. This posture also resulted in an attractive "pooch" look to her tummy. There was no crease in the creamy-smooth skin at the junction where her legs attached, just a smooth transition into the buttocks. When Aline walked she did not sway as much from side to side, but rather her buttocks took turns moving up and down without much of a jiggle.

Aline looked over her shoulder to see what Andy was doing. He raised his hands to the level of her exposed butt-cheeks, and her butt began to quiver involuntarily.

Andy took his time. He very lightly placed his palms on Aline's smooth white buttocks.

Aline flinched, "Oooh!"

Andy gently ran his hands along the edge of the leg opening to the front side, almost touching Aline's vaginal area.

Aline bucked in his grasp, "OOH! OOH!"

He ran his fingers inside the leg opening, pulling upward as he came back, resting the suit higher on her hips. With one hand he pulled the leg opening back away from one buttock, and with the other hand he gently seized a handful of her bare bottom, pulling that leg of the suit into her crevice.

"OH MY GOD!" she whispered as her skin trembled under his touch.

Andy repeated the same procedure with the other leg opening, completing the "thong" look. He took the opportunity to place a palm on the inside of Aline's thigh from behind and slowly ran it up her leg, with his fingers protruding out front.

"Ooh!" she gulped.

He pretended to stop just short of her vagina, but of course he managed to just barely graze her sensitive area.

Aline jumped almost three feet forward, calling out, "Whooaa!"

Karen took over again, as usual. "Oh Andy! She can't take all of that. Remember she's new to this." Karen approached the skittish Aline and gave her a hug. "See, there's nothing to be afraid of. Come on you two, it's time for friendship hugs all around." Karen hugged Andy and waited impatiently as Andy and Aline gave each other a very polite embrace.

Karen stepped forward in a matter-of-fact way. "Come on Andy. Do a bottom-rub with me first so Aline can see how it's done."

As Karen moved forward she did some unconscious preening. Karen had a round face with cute dimples, and she knew she was pretty. With her eyes cast downward she walked toward Andy, moving her hands sensuously over the outlines of her new red suit. Karen had a tiny waist to go along with her shapely bottom, and she put a little extra swing into her walk.

Andy was only slightly taller than the petite Karen which helped make them look particularly cute together. Andy and Karen tentatively reached back to gently grip each other's almost bare hips. There was no laughing but they smiled with eager anticipation. Andy and Karen were wide-eyed with their mouths slightly open as they gradually braced for the erotic feel of skin on skin. With a fraction of an inch between them, both of their bottoms trembled in anticipation.

"Oooh!" said Karen in a high pitched voice as they made first contact. They stood still, barely touching for several seconds.

Gradually Andy began to move his bottom from side to side, and Karen followed his lead. Every few seconds she would express a nervous sounding "Oooh!" and each time Andy answered with a dreamy-eyed "Mmm"

Over the course of about half a minute they went from barely touching to pushing and mashing butts against each other. Meanwhile they had unthinkingly begun to let their hands move, so that by the end of the 30 seconds they were gripping and pulling on the front of each other's bare thighs.

Karen gently pulled away with the exclamation, "That was a good one!" They were both red-faced and breathing heavy.

"Holy Shit! You two were hot!" Aline croaked. She skipped in front of Karen and gave her a bear hug. "That was so good!"

Aline turned with a smile and also gave Andy a full-body hug. Suddenly, Aline's knees gave out and she collapsed to the floor laughing hysterically, disrupting the excitement-packed mood in the room. Aline continued to laugh uncontrollably and slowly pointed to Andy's groin. The three robotically looked at Andy's obvious erection, barely covered over by his bathing suit. Aline squealed, "I could feel his boner!"

Andy's already red face got redder with embarrassment. "I can't help it!"

Aline's laughter almost died down but then exploded again, "And Karen, look at your wet spot!"

Sure enough, they all looked down to Karen's vagina and a small dark spot stood out against the pure red of her suit.

Karen covered her privates with both hands and turned on Aline with an evil grin. "Oh, you're going to pay for that, Best Friend. It's your turn now, and I get to say what happens. You're going to have to lean up against his thingie again, bitch!"

Karen was smiling, but stern. From a seated position on the floor Aline sobered up in a hurry, "Karen! I don't know about this. It's getting a little serious."

"You should have thought about that before you laughed at us."

Still embarrassed, Andy piped in, "Hey, it's OK Karen. Aline shouldn't have to do anything she doesn't want to do."

"Yes she does too! Now back up to each other."

Andy looked toward Aline but she did not return his gaze. However, she slowly and reluctantly stood up with her back toward Andy, wearing a scared expression.

"Place your backs together and then I'll tell you what to do next." Andy stood next to the taller female so that his shoulder blades were just slightly under hers and their lower bodies several inches apart. Aline was breathing fast and shallow with her eyes closed. Andy reached back and gripped Aline's bare hips and she did the same. Slowly they closed the distance between them. No one was smiling but all three were tense with anticipation and the only sound in the room was their labored breathing.

"AAHH!" groaned Andy and Aline in unison as their warm skin finally touched. Andy and Aline slowly and sensuously moved only enough to push against each other and enjoy the passion of the moment.

When they had calmed down some, Karen got on her knees, reached across to the front of their hips, and gently pulled. "Now stay pressed against each other and slowly turn."

Karen kept her hands in place and her friends did as directed. From her knees on the floor, Karen was treated to a new visual experience as the two pelvic regions came into clear view. Andy had a more prominent boner than before and it was causing the top of his suit to stand out slightly from his six-pack abs. Aline's suit had formed a serious "cameltoe" into her pussy, probably due to the thong arrangement, but also because her genitals were engorged and swollen.

Karen turned them until they faced each other. They had primly pulled their lower bodies apart so that only their upper bodies met.

"Now give your partner a good hug."

They grabbed each other across their upper backs and hugged. This was still very intense given that only Aline's racing suit materiel separated Andy's toned chest from her high round tits. They gently rocked their shoulders and increased the warm sensitive feeling across their torsos.

But that was not enough for Karen. She gripped a handful of buttock on each of them and slowly pressed them toward each other. Andy and Aline both flinched at the contact with Karen's palms and briefly looked down at Karen, who seemed to be focused only on their lower bodies. They looked back at each other and Aline slowly closed her eyes while letting her head fall slightly back.

Karen's mind was on the joining of that boner with that cameltoe. As the two genital areas got close Karen guided Aline upward and Andy downward so that the head of his penis would meet with the opening of Aline's pussy. When they were very close, Karen pushed them together. The almost visible head of Andy's penis gently and firmly nudged through Aline's cameltoe lips and lodged against the opening of her pussy.

"AAHHHHHH!" they almost yelled at the same instant. They violently jerked their hips apart. But neither one tried to fully separate.

"BINGOOOO!" yelled Karen.

She allowed a moment for her friends to calm down and continued, "Now keep turning around," she croaked hoarsely as she pulled on them. All three were breathing heavy and fast.

Aline and Andy allowed their hands to fall and touch each other as they turned. By the time their backs met they had each lightly touched the other person's thighs and buttocks with their fingertips.

"A couple of more turns and you'll be finished." Andy and Aline did not respond, they just kept turning.

As they turned to face Karen, she assessed the situation. Andy's dick had grown even more and the head was even with the top of his suit. Aline's cameltoe was a lot more pronounced due to the nudge, and her pussy lips were more engorged with throbbing blood. Normally Karen would have been shocked with such views but she was too carried away with the event to be shocked. She stretched higher to look down the top of Andy's suit and got a brief look at the red top of his dick.

Andy and Aline faced each other again and hugged their upper bodies tight together. They patiently waited as Karen grabbed their butts again, she leaned in close to carefully lined them up, and very slowly pressed them together so that she could clearly see the head of his dick graze down the length of Aline's cameltoe pussy to line up with her covered opening. Then Karen signaled with a push.

This time Andy and Aline pulled at each other across the lower back. "Aaahhhrrgg!" they both gasped through clenched teeth. They staggered slightly as Andy pressed hard enough for his butt cheeks to flex.

As Andy and Aline pushed, Andy raised up on his toes. Both of them had their eyes closed and accidentally grazed lips, causing Aline's eyes to pop open.

"OK, keep turning."

On this turn Andy and Aline were openly caressing each other. They touched and pulled on each other without quite touching the other's genitals. As they turned to face Karen, she got a view that would burn forever in her memory. The head of Andy's throbbing dick protruded at least an inch above the top of his suit. Both of their toned stomachs were rapidly moving in and out. And Aline's pussy was totally wet from her lubricating fluids, causing her suit to conform so closely to her pussy that Karen could clearly see her protruding clitoris.

They continued to turn without urging from Karen. As they faced each other Aline leaned her head down to Andy and they again touched lips as if by mistake.

They patiently waited for Karen to line them up again, which she did with careful scrutiny. Aline spread her legs some more and they waited patiently while breathing so hard the noise filled the room.

Karen carefully used her grip on their butts to line up the head of Andy's dick just above Aline's clitoris. She gently guided them together and then signaled for Andy to move up and down against Aline's clitoris. Andy and Aline gently carressed each other's butts

Andy caught on that he was stroking Aline's pussy with the head of his dick. Each time he felt himself rubbing across the little nub of Aline's clitoris she would groan into his mouth.


After a half dozen gentle strokes, Karen lined them up again at the entrance to Aline's cloth-covered pussy and gave the signal. She watched as the head of Andy's dick almost disappeared into her close friend, stretching the bathing suit materiel close to the point of tearing.

"UUGGHHHH!!" they cried. Andy and Aline were gripping each other's asses and pulling hard. They were red-faced and grimacing. Without encouragement they pushed hard several times against each other, as Karen concentrated on the veined head of Andy's naked dick appearing and then disappearing into the hot bathing-suit-covered folds of Aline's pussy lips.


"OK, that's good enough. Ya'll can stop now." Karen croaked as she stood up from her kneeling position. "Now that's what I call a good bottom-rub!"

Andy and Aline were slow to hear Karen. They continued to hold each other tight but with less motion. Their lips were together as they turned their faces to look incredulously at Karen. Finally they stopped moving, but in the position of their genitals jammed tight against each other.

"Come on ya'll, that's it," Karen said. She fanned her flushed face with her hand, indicating that she was also affected by the "show".

"We can't keep doing this for a while?" Andy managed to ask.

"Oh no. I shouldn't have let you get that carried away with my best friend," Karen commented casually, "but this was a special occasion."

Andy and Aline looked at each other's red faces. They were both still breathing heavy through open mouths. Aline nodded that it was time to separate. Very slowly she backed away from their embrace with the last point of contact being their genitals.

"Aahh!" they both groaned.

Aline automatically looked down at Andy's groin and saw his erect dick protruding half-way out of his bathing suit, "Oh my goodness!" She backed up to the wall in a daze.

Andy did not take his eyes off of Aline. "Karen, this is killing me!"

Karen snuggled close behind Andy and spoke in a mocking tone, "Oh, my poor boyfriend has a case of blue-balls because I won't let him abuse my best friend!" To add insult to injury she lightly reached around and dragged her fingertips down the length of his aching hard-on.

"Uugghh," he groaned while still looking intensely at Aline.

Karen scolded, "Andy, you just can't do things like this with other girls." She turned to go fetch their clothing.

Andy flinched with that comment, hesitated and slowly turned toward Karen. He briefly watched her exposed teardrop-shaped ass sway with a slight jiggle at each step. With a rapid movement Andy caught up with Karen, hugging her around the waist from behind. Karen squealed in surprise as he picked her up and spun her so that both of them faced Aline across the room, with Karen in front of him.

"Oooo Andy! Don't embarrass me in front of Aline!" she laughed hysterically. But one of Andy's hands was already moving vigorously across her bosom.

"Oh My God!" uttered Aline.

Karen was giggling but also getting turned on. She ground her butt against Andy, causing him to grunt. He was clearly out of control and probably would not stop until Karen got angry, and that did not look likely. As Karen and Andy openly groped each other in front of Aline, Karen looked at her best friend and tried to explain from across the room, through giggles and groans.

"Aline, I think I pushed Andy too far. He's in one of his moods." Karen reached behind her to grab Andy's dick and give it a few jerks, causing him to groan as he humped against her thong-covered ass. She continued looking into Aline's eyes, "Would you make sure to watch the stairwell and let us know if Mom opens the door?"

Aline kept her eyes glued on Andy and Karen as she stumbled to a spot where she could also see the stairwell. Karen had turned her head so that she and Andy could share a deep kiss as he stroked her breasts and she pulled on his dick.

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