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Going back to work after a long weekend with my mistress is a hard thing to do. After taking four days off with the holidays this time it was even harder. At home all I have to do is put on my dress, apron, hose and high heels and follow my mistress's instructions. Sure it hurts a bit her slapping my balls if I fail to be ladylike, and it often is difficult to keep my bad boy under control around her, but the rewards are wonderful.

From the time I get home from work until I back out of the driveway my life is completely in her hands. If I am good, she will reward me, if I am not good she will punish me, which, to be perfectly honest, is also rewarding. To feel her crop redden my ass turns me on so much I can barely keep from coming as she hits me. As she squeezes my balls, my cock will get so hard until I nearly double over with the pain, yet knowing that sensation pleases her, makes me happy.

Sadly, today was the day after Christmas and while I had the wonderful memory of bathing her last night, I had to go off to work and face running the company, directing managers and VPs on how to do their jobs, make crucial decisions on contracts and pricing, and fight with the accountants to try to get some type of straight answer out of their bean counting minds.

After shaving I went in and selected my clothes, pin stripe... blue shirt, black belt, several ties planning to let my mistress select the tie. Dark socks and black shoes would complete the uniform of the day. How I miss those high heels and garter belt while I am sitting in endless meetings and yet in the end it all balances out I guess.

Walking into my mistresses room before getting dressed I asked, "Mistress, I am about to dress for work can I do anything for you?"

"Well my back is a little sore, do you think you could give me a massage?"

"What kind of a massage do you want, Mistress?"

"I'd like one of your special ones," she said, turning over and looking playfully into my eyes.

"Yes Mistress, let me go call work and tell them I'll be late."

"Don't take too long, my back is hurting."

I slipped out of the room, grabbed my cell phone and called my secretary. "Hey Danielle, look I'm going to be an hour late or so. And tell accounting to work up a draft on that Sarbanes Oxley thing and I'll go over with them when I get there. Okay, see you then."

Tossing my cell phone onto the bed, I removed my clothes, paused a moment thinking about my mistress's body and then walked into her room, my bad boy fully hard. "Are you ready mistress?" I asked.

"Ready and waiting," she replied.

I moved over to the bed where she was on her stomach. Grabbing the lotion, I carefully straddled her and though I was kneeling, I was also sitting on her lower back, with my cock pressing into her rolls of skin. Pouring the lotion into my hands I let it warm up and then began running my hands first along her shoulders, then over to her backbone and down to her ass, pressing against the muscle striations buried deep in her tissue. I continued adding lotion and rubbing her all over her back and then down her buttocks and thighs.

Working back up, I let my bad boy slide over her now slippery skin. As my hands moved over her back, pressing deep to reach the muscle, I moved my hips so my cock slid up and down the furrow between her buttocks as the base of her back. I continued the massage as I could feel the pressure building in my balls. Pleasure shot through my cock and it spurted my cum out onto her back.

I then quickly licked it up, grabbed a towel and wiped down her back, cleaning any excess cum and lotion from it. I then slid over beside her on the bed where she gave me a kiss on the lips and said, "Be careful." I kissed her forehead and headed back into my room, quickly getting dressed.

Once dressed, I headed out to my car, started it up and backed out of the driveway. Traffic was light since it was so close to Christmas so I got to work quicker than I had expected. I pulled into the parking lot, drove up to the space nearest the front door, the one marked CEO and I pulled in. Stepping out of my car, I locked it, took a deep breath and then walked into the building.

I walked back to my office amid a hail of "Good Mornings," "How was your Christmases," and "Boss I think we have a problem heres." I was back at work and completely in charge.

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