tagNon-EroticBad Decision Maureen

Bad Decision Maureen


There is no sex in this story. Maureen just made a stupid decision.

The story of my friend Maureen

Maureen and her fiancé Ronald (Ron) were planning to be married during the labour day holiday. They had an appointment at the jeweller in two weeks to choose the rings.

That Saturday they were at her brother's for a patio party.

Her story. As she told me. I wrote in the first person I find it easier to write that way.

We were at my brother's for a patio party. We were introduced to some people we did not know and met some old friends. One man in particular, Henry a friend of my brother was nice looking and seemed to know it. He was very social, especially with the women there, it seemed to me.

He at one point picked me to be the recipient of most of his attentions. This flirting by a nice looking man pleased my ego. He being a friend of my brother I did not want to create a scene but I kept politely sort of putting him down gently but to my regrets later not forcefully, making sure I was not alone with him but with other women or Ron as much as possible.

Ron had to go in the house to use the washroom, and got involved in a conversation with my brother who invited him to join some of the men for a game of pool in the basement. I later learned that he said he would come tell me and then go for a game.

Henry made a bead for me and ran a hand along the side of my face and down my breast. I took his hand away. I should have slapped his face hard instead.

"Henry I have a fiancé and am not interested, go after the single women, there are a few and two nice looking single sisters will be here soon."

"Maybe but you are the best looking woman here and a fiancé is not always around we could have some fun together sometimes. Just once is not a habit, you could give me your cell number I would call you I can tell you are interested."

Saying that he rubbed his hand again on my breasts. I took it away and backed up two steps.

"The answer is a big no I am not interested! I was just polite to you because you are a friend of my brother and I don't want to create a scene. Now go elsewhere before I complain to my fiancé or brother."

I saw Ron coming out, he had seen Henry rub my breast He headed for us. I had seen Ron in a fight once when a couple punks at a bar did not take no for an answer when I refused to join them for a drink and dances I knew what his stint in the paratroopers taught him to do to idiots in a fight. I intercepted him before he got to us.

" Ron I am a big girl I can handle that don't do anything stupid."

"I can't let another man put his hands on my fiancée and do nothing. I am not a wimp Maureen."

"Don't create a scene Ron I told you I will handle him. He is a friend of Marc I don't want this to become a big thing. Besides he only had his hand on top of my clothes and I removed it."

"He still deserves a good man to man talk."

"No Ron it is not that bad and let me handle it in my own way what he did was not that bad after all."

"You don't seem upset by it, maybe you did not mind at all."

That got me pissed that he would think that I liked it. In retrospect I had removed his hand firmly but not fast, it may have looked like I was in no hurry to remove it. I started to actually push Ron towards the patio door and the house. He let me push and backed towards the door, he stepped inside.

"Now Ron cool it. If you can't act in a civilised manner in my brother's house leave."

I immediately regretted that, but as upset as I was I did not apologize. I should have gone in the house with him.

As soon as he was inside I turned back to go give a piece of my mind to this idiot Henry.

On the way back to where Henry was one of the women said that I had been hard on my boyfriend but liked and admired the way I had gotten rid of him to leave the way clear for the new guy.

That pissed me even more that some people would interpret what had happened as my getting rid of my boyfriend instead of my trying to prevent a fight. In retrospect that remark should have woken me up. Unfortunately it did not.

I was really pissed by now. At Ron, for insisting until I virtually had to push him off the patio and back in the house instead of just letting me handle the situation in my own way. but a lot more pissed at this idiot and ay myself for not being forceful enough right away with this idiot. He had by this time went to the far end of the patio. I went to him he give me a smile.

"Thanks for getting rid of the interference, I knew you were interested Maureen."

I could not get over the gall of this guy I was speechless for a second but I recovered and really laid into him. My sister in law came out and asked what the problem was, I told her. She tore a strip out of him too, walked up one side of him and down the other and threatened to have my brother kick him out.

He apologized and promised to stay away from me, he did. Back in the house I asked for Ron. My sister- in- law said that my brother had asked him to join some of the men for a few games of pool in the basement. At least he had not left I was still a little pissed and upset after all this and decided to get a drink and help the sister-in- law with the preparations for the bbq.

I would guess it was close to three hours later when everything was ready, we called everyone to the patio. I was surprised that Ron was not there. I asked my brother who told me that he never showed for the pool games he thought he had stayed with me upstairs. One of the women looked at me.

"Is Ron the nice looking man with a blue sport car?"

"Yes, have you seen him?"

"A couple hours ago I was out front having a smoke he came out and got in his car when I asked why he was leaving, He told me his girlfriend had just told him to leave so she could have a free hand with her new boyfriend, she had just dumped him for someone new, such a nice looking man too. Are you the ex girlfriend?"

I felt my knees weakening I had to hang on the fence around the patio. This could not be happening. As soon as my legs could support me and move. I ran in the house to get my cell out of my purse. I could not get Ron, his cell was off I left a voice message telling him I was sorry and he misinterpreted the whole thing to please come back. I was still sitting on the bed trying to reach him when my cell rang, it was Ron. I picked up immediately.

"Maureen I got my stock out of your apartment and left the keys on the kitchen table, you can take your new boyfriend there, I won't be in the way."

He cut the connection before I could say a word. I was devastated I could not get up from the bed. I reviewed everything. I had to admit that thing must have looked bad from Ron's point of view. He had seen me take Henry's hand away from my breast but I had done it slowly I did not want to draw attention, To Ron it must have looked like I was reluctant to do it, then as soon as I got him through the patio door and in the house. I had immediately turned around to go back towards Henry. He had no way of knowing that it was to give him shit and put him back in his place. I had told him to leave, but I meant the patio to cool off, not the house.

I got my brother to drive me home to get my own car and drove to Ron's apartment, he was not there I went to the house he had bought and was renovating for us to move in after the wedding, no sign of him anywhere. I finally went back home and tried to reach him until late in the night I finally gave-up and tried to sleep The next morning I felt pretty bad, I had not slept well.

I got dressed and drove to Ron's apartment, his car was there I went to the door I had a key but I knocked, he opened and let me in.

"I am surprised to see you here Maureen, I thought you would be with your new boyfriend the complete week-end. Your property that you had here is packed and in those boxes next to the door . I was planning on dropping them at your place on my way to work."

"Ron there is no boyfriend I handled thing badly I realised but I was just trying to prevent you beating him up, I did not want you to beat him up and maybe ending up in jail. You did not have to leave"

"I had no choice you had just told me to leave, and you know that I don't start fights I have never hit anyone first, I will of course defend myself it attacked"

"I was not flirting with him I was just trying to get him to stop coming after me without causing a scene he is a good friend of my brother and a business partner I did not want to be the cause of friction between them."

"You sure did not seem in any hurry to remove his hand from your tits and in an awful hurry to go back to him the minute you got me through the patio door and on my way out."

"I was pissed at him and I went back to give him shit and put him back in his place Ron. I did not think you would leave the place, just the patio, after telling him off I went back in and was told that you were downstairs playing pool."

"You sure made sure I was no longer around to see you giving him shit if it was shit you wanted to give him. Telling me that you thought that I was in the basement playing pool is a good excuse for almost three hours before you tried to call me on my cell, you are hardly believable there, and why did you not come downstairs to talk to me, you would have found out I had left, maybe you knew and it suited you and this guy well."

" I did not go downstairs because I wanted to give both of us time to cool off, then I got busy helping out with the preparation of the salads hors-d'oeuvre and all and did not realised how much time had passed."

"Or maybe the flirting and planning to meet with your brother's friend was too interesting to think of your poor fiancée, I am glad I found out about that side of you now instead of later."

"What do you mean that side of me."

"The side that makes you fall for any nice looking guy that flirts with you and plays with your tits. and side with him against me."

"Ron that is not fair. I did not let him play with my tits I removed his hand and I did not side with him I just wanted to prevent a bad scene."

"If that was so please explain why you told me to leave . did not come in the house with me and went running back to him, this in front of friends of ours, You sure did not show that I was the most important of the two in front of them, they interpreted the scene the same way I did, like you wanted to get rid of me to have a free hand with him."

"I am sorry if I handled things badly and are you sure this the way they interpreted it?"

"I went for a drinks after leaving I met the two Barton sisters with their boyfriends and another couple that was there and all said they were sorry for me being dumped that way they were shocked at your behaviour, I was told that one woman there even congratulated you for the way in which you got rid of me to have a free road with the guy. You did not deny it to her and no one mentioned your giving him shit like you claim."

"Like I said Ron. I did not want to create a scene, I took him to the far end of the patio and I was not screaming, I felt like it but I was not, You can check with the sister-in-law. She came to us and tore a stripe of him too."

"The fact remains that you sided against me and did not consider me important enough to check were I was for three hours. While you went back to him almost running, the second you got rid of me. We are finished I will not marry a woman that has so little respect for me."

"Please Ron you cannot dump me and cancel our marriage over this."

"No Maureen I am not dumping you and cancelling the marriage, you made your choice yesthurday, you chose your brother's friend and business partner over me. That was your choice not mine, you dumped me, kicked me out of your brother's house and ran back to the guy that was flirting with you and caressing your breasts."

I still could not believe that thing had gotten that bad I was crying hard by that time Ron had tears in his eyes too.

" Ron that is not the choice I made, I just handled the situation badly I am sorry. No one is more important to my than you."

"Then can you explain why you did not stay with me instead of running back to him, it had to be more than to give him shit. You could just as easily have stayed with me and tell him off in front of me if this was your real reason to run back to him."

"Please that was my only reason. I only realised later that it was a mistake not to stay with you in the house. We have to get over this it is not reason enough to break-up."

" You don't understand Maureen, by the way you acted you destroyed the thrust I had in you. From now on I could never be sure what you are doing when I am not there. Worse than that if we were at a function together I could never be sure that if a nice looking man decided to flirt with you. You would not again find a way to get rid of me. Under the pretence that I might create a scene that would embarrass you. Then run back to whomever was flirting with you as soon as you are sure I am gone to enjoy the flirting. You have killed my thrust in you and I could not live with a woman I cannot thrust."

I was crying so much I could not say a word, that was so unfair, I had just handled a minor problem badly was all I had done.

"I have to leave for work. I will put the boxes of your stock in your car."

At home I cried for two days straight . My sister-in-law could not believe how badly I had handled everything when I told her the whole story. She promised to talk to Ron, to at least tell him that I really went back to give Henry hell and that she had also.

This was three months ago and Ron still won't talk to me. I sent him email almost every day telling him how much I love him and miss him and how sorry I am. I have not been on even a dinner date since then . Mutual friends tell me that he has not been out with a women either.

Yesthurday I got a short mail back from Ron it said

"Hope you are well."

Maybe there is still hope.

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Can You Not Spell?

Trust...is not thrust....geez get an editor or learn to spell or reread what you have written...any of the above would work!! As far as the story goes ...not any thinking going on by either side! And itmore...

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Crash and burn.

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A man with a set of balls to dump his fiancee for screwing up an already bad situation.

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