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It was the place, hell the only place in town where you could get a decent bite to eat, a good stiff drink, or find a bit of music to dance to. Not a fancy place, but the wood plank floors were scrubbed clean every night and, believe it or not, each morning when it opened the kitchen sparkled. During the course of the day though, the incessant wind would bring in the sand and grit to coat the floors and the grease from the bacon, burgers and steaks covered the kitchen in a layer of grime you could scrape with your fingernails.

Most nights the bar became a swinging place with the jukebox blaring out country music, the raised stage vibrating under the clomping of the boots of drunken dancers and the bell like clink of beer mugs and the ice in glasses. The waitresses served three kinds of beer alongside of Zombies and Singapore Slings to pretty girls in prom dresses, truck drivers longing for company and some lost cowboys just trying to get blasted fast.

When Sally drove into town and stopped at the only gas station still open. She pumped gas into her car and asked where she could go for a meal and a good night's sleep. The attendant, between tobacco stained spits into his can of Dr. Pepper, told her, "Barangrill'll be the place for food, a good night's sleep's gonna depend upon who buys you the most drinks." He grinned, exposing his brown stained teeth and continued, "Or the hotel is quiet sometimes."

"And how do I find these places?" she asked, backing away from the attendant a bit.

"Keep goin' the ways you goin' and they'll find you. Barnagrill's on the right, a bit later the hotel's on the left. Watch the potholes when you turn in or you'll be back here with a tire."

Sally paid cash for the gas, climbed into her car and drove away. It was only a couple of blocks before she saw a sign reading "Mistletoe Bar and Grill" and guessed it was the "Barangrill" the gas station attendant spoke of. The parking lot was nearly full and it looked like every other place in town was closed so she pulled in and parked. She carefully walked across the rutted asphalt and dirt and stepped up two heavily worn stone steps on to the wooden porch. Half expecting to see swinging bar doors, she opened a half glass door and stepped inside, heading immediately past the tables in the dining area into the smoky din of the bar.

She found an empty table and sat down, grabbing a menu. When the waitress appeared at her table, Sally noticed she wore black diamond earrings. Wondering what would possess a waitress to wear black diamond earrings in a place like this, she glanced back at the menu and said, "Give me a chicken fried steak, white gravy and a glass of merlot."

"I don't think we have any of that merlot, just Bud, Bud Light and Miller," she paused a moment, then continued, "And Zombies and Singapore Slings."

"That's all the drinks you have?"

"We got Dr. Pepper an' Coke too."

"Okay yeah, I think I need something strong. Get me a Zombie and better make it a double."

"A double?"

"Just give me two Zombies."

Happily the drinks came very quickly and weren't too bad. When Sally's food arrived she ordered two more and by the time she had taken two bites of her chicken fried steak, the waitress put the drinks in front of her, warning, "Careful with those Zombies, they tend to come back to life."

Sally smiled and nodded, grabbing one of the drinks and taking a big gulp. She continued eating finishing about half of the steak and then gulped the last of her third Zombie. Feeling pretty good she took her last Zombie, rifled though her purse for a handful of quarters and swayed over to the jukebox. Placing her drink on top, she leaned over the curved glass, running her finger down the surface as she perused the songs.

The ancient jukebox still played the old 45s so she soon figured out that there wouldn't be a large selection of currents stuff. Sure enough there was plenty of Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Roy Acuff and Mel Tillis, but no Faith Hill, Lonestar or, heaven forbid, Dixie Chicks. Finally down near the end of the list she spotted some old Christmas classics. There was Johnny Mathias, Spike Lee, Gene Autry and, yeah, there it was, Nat King Cole. She dropped several quarters into the machine and punched the letters and numbers, cranking in the same song about seven times.

"Well, this is the Mistletoe Bar and Grill, I guess we need a bit of Christmas," she mumbled to herself leaning against the jukebox and grabbing her drink for a large sip. The volume was turned up so when the song began, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." she felt the vibrations through the jukebox. Moving slightly, she could now feel the vibration directly on her clit, so she leaned on the machine and let the sound of Nat King Cole send those wonderful sensations though her body.

After a short while, she began to wish that Nat would rock it up a bit when suddenly she felt a hand lightly touch her shoulder. She turned and faced an odd looking man. He was tall and muscular, wearing a black tux, with the bow tie tossed casually over his shoulder and the top three buttons of his shirt unbuttoned. He looked very pale in the odd lighting and when he asked, "Would you care to dance?" his speech seemed broken and gravelly.

Taking another dip from her glass, she put it back on top of the jukebox and took the strange man's hand. It felt cool and clammy, but as wasted as she was by then she figured she probably felt the same way. "Hell, both of us are probably embalmed," she thought to herself as the man immediately moved into a waltz, bringing her with him to the middle of the floor.

Looking around as she spun, she couldn't see out beyond a row of lights along the edge of the dance floor. Initially wondering if anyone was watching, she realized she really didn't care, her partner was dancing so wonderfully that she couldn't help but look good. They danced until the first rendition of Nat's song finished and then, while the jukebox was returning the record to its slot, only to search and find the same one again, placing it on the turntable, the man had moved her against the wall.

He wasn't forceful in moving her, it was a graceful movement that almost seemed an extension of the dance, until she felt his hand slid up under her dress and gently run over the soft fabric of her panties. She didn't resist, she just leaned against the wall, widening her stance to give him easier access. Her breath quickened while she felt his rough hands slide over the top of her panties and slip down through her pubic hair and over her lips.

His finger then gently moved up and down, working its way between her lips and then slipping into her wet opening It moved around inside her, coating itself with her wetness and then it slipped out of her and slid up her slit, stopping at her clit. The man's finger then gently circled, slowly exciting her more and more. She began pumping her hips against his hand, losing herself in the man's touch.

In a moment he reached back up to her panties and tugged at the waistband, trying to pull them down, but then suddenly, impatiently he grabbed them firmly and just pulled them, ripping them off her. Sally felt a bit of a burn as the fabric pulled against her flesh, but suddenly it was gone as he tossed them aside and moved his hands to his pants. She waited patiently as he removed his cummerbund and then opened his pants.

As he pulled out his cock, she reached down to it, taking it in her hand. It felt cool and although it was hard, the skin felt so soft to her. She stroked it slowly until the man grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up. Quickly spreading her legs, she grabbed his cock and guided into herself as he lowered her down. She closed her eyes as the strange man filled her inch by inch.

Leaning her onto the wall, he began thrusting himself into her as her ass banged against the wall recoiling from his motion. She moaned as he continued his thrusts, each time filling her in a splash of intense sensation. Throwing her head back and shoving her pussy against him, she came, her pussy pulsing, squeezing his wonderful cock again and again. Almost immediately she heard a feral growl and felt her ass slammed hard against the wall. Instead of withdrawing he left her pinned to the wall, supported by his cock and his hands on her waist as he came, spurting his cum into her still pulsing pussy.

After a minute or so, the man moved back a bit and lifted her off his cock. He gently lowered back to earth, slipped his cock into his pants, zipped his zipper up and then bowed to her nobly. He then took a deep breath and spoke, "Thank you for the dance." He gently took her hand and kissed it as she closed her eyes, feeling a bit dizzy.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself leaning against the jukebox as Nat King Cole continued singing. Glancing around she saw the same old bar she had walked into. "Can I get you another," a waitress asked, nodding at her empty glass on the jukebox.

"Bring me a Dr. Pepper please," she said, trying to get her bearing. Glancing over to the far corner she noticed a piano she hadn't noticed before. Above it hung a picture of the man she had danced with, the man who had fucked her so wonderfully just moments ago.

The waitress returned in just a moment with her soft drink saying, "I told you to watch those Zombies, they'll really lift you off your feet. "

"Thank you," she said to the waitress, "Who is in that picture above the piano?"

"Oh yes, that's the infamous Johnnie K, best piano player these parts have ever known."

"Have you seen him tonight?"

Laughing she said, "No honey, I've never seen him, but some folks claim he still haunts the place, say they see him dancing with a beautiful woman. Not me though, I think it's just those Zombies."

"You say he haunts..."

"Yeah, seems that years ago someone tried to rob the place. It went bad and Johnnie got shot, died right over there by the jukebox. You okay darling? You look like you just seen a ghost."

"No, no, just let me sit down a while," she said, moving back to her table. Sliding on the seat, she felt her ass slid over the rough fabric and realized her panties were gone. Breathign deep to maintain her composure, she slowly sipped her Dr. Pepper. After a few minutes she opened her purse, placed a twenty on the table and headed for the door. Before stepping out she looked back at the jukebox and whispered, "Merry Christmas Johnnie K, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

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