tagLoving WivesBarbara and the Hungry Duck

Barbara and the Hungry Duck


Barbara B., my wife, who has beautiful dark chocolate colored skin, has a great body and a sexually adventurous attitude to match. She had heard about a great male strip club in Windsor, Canada. This was across the Detroit River from where we lived together in Detroit. She said it was unfair that men in Detroit had all these strip clubs where they could see women naked but women didn't have the same opportunity. So I checked it out ahead of time by visiting the club on my own after work one day (I worked in downtown Detroit) and informed Barbara I was up for the adventure if she wanted to go. Because I thought Barbara would enjoy it I signed her up for a special treat at the club and paid an extra fee to the club manager.

So it was a Saturday and as we drove up to the club a sign said private party at the entrance. Barbara started to get frustrated and angry but I told her don't worry I'd called ahead and we were going to get in. I'd learned from the club manager that this was meant to scare away the casual visitor. The regulars and those who knew what Hungry Duck was about on Saturdays continued to enter through the back entrance off the rear parking lot.

Barbara was all excited as we got out of the car. She had heard from girlfriends who had attended male strip clubs when visiting other cities that the dancers were hunks who sported huge dicks and that if you tipped them they would let you touch it. She had come ready with a wad of one dollar bills.

As we approached the club's rear door we could hear the throbbing beat of dance music. Barbara leaned over to me and said, "I'm getting so excited about this that I'm getting wet down there." I laughed and thought to myself, "Just wait, my sweetheart, it's just gonna get better...I hope." I was hoping that Barbara wouldn't be freaked out about her part in the show and would just go with the flow and have fun. I myself wasn't certain what would happen; I had just gotten a general idea from the club manager. All I knew right then was the manager said if you paid for a gold pass ($100 fee), your girlfriend or wife would get invited up onto the stage with the male dancers for an up close and personal session. I had no idea of the specifics.

The bouncer at the door, who was a hunk also, asked our names and then handed me one of the golden passes. Barbara asked, "What's that for, hunny?" I smiled and told her, "It's a special surprise for you. I know you've been looking forward to this so I did something extra for you." She leaned into me with that big smile of hers and kissed me hard as we walked through the door, almost stumbling because of not watching where we were going.

Couples were already dancing on the dance floor surrounding the large stage running the length of the middle of the club. There were also large numbers of just women who were also dancing with each other or paired two or more to a single guy. The energy was high so Barbara and I grabbed some beers and headed out to the dance floor. Barbara had worn a loose skirt and blouse, both of a light and airy material. This made it easier for her to dance with abandon. She was moving and grooving and enjoying the loud music, the close contact with me and others on the dance floor, and the two beers she consumed before the first show started. When she wore this outfit she liked to flip the skirt up high so her bottom was exposed. It got her even more excited and bolder. So she was very aroused by the time the show started; I thought she was going to reach under her skirt and pull her panties off so she could dance commando. She often liked to go without underwear when we went dancing at clubs; she liked the feel of the air against her exposed pussy.

The lights dimmed briefly before the show started and everyone moved forward to stand around the stage. The dancers, five of them, entered from one end of the club dressed in various costumes. All were hunks. There were three white guys and two black guys. The stage was large enough that all were able to get up there and still have room. Their gyrations soon had all the women worked up. Each time one of the dancers acted as if he were going to remove a piece of clothing he demanded the women give him an audible reaction. Some women like Barbara were really getting into it: jumping up and down and screaming, "Take it off." Some women were even flashing their tits and some women reached up under the skirts, removed their panties and pitched them in the direction of the dancers.

When the women watching were at fever pitch several of the dancers, by now dressed only in thin, nylon, g-string thongs, which didn't hide much, hopped off the stage and began to circulate among the female audience. They grabbed some women forcefully and held them close. They kissed some women hard on the mouth. Others they toyed with by grabbing their breasts, butts or groins. A dark-haired, Italian-looking dancer approached Barbara and I, and I flashed him the gold pass.

He yelled to Barbara, "It looks like your lucky night; come with me, baby!!!" He grabbed Barbara around her shoulders and with the other hand tucked under her knees lifted her off the floor. She screamed as he lifted her off the floor and she looked back at me. I wasn't sure what would happen but the manager had told me if my lady was adventurous she would appreciate the special attention. I think at this point in the evening Barbara had worked herself up to be ready for a sexy adventure. I gave Barbara a big smile, a go-have-some-fun wave of the hand, and thumbs up.

Once Bruno passed Barbara to the guys that were on the stage the other dancers returned to give Barbara their full and sole attention. So now she had five nearly naked muscular men dressed in skimpy thongs dancing around her and putting their hands all over her. At one point one of the taller guys held her arms up in the air while another guy quickly unsnapped Barbara's skirt and it tumbled to the floor. She screamed loudly but quickly realized that it was gone as one of the dancers tossed it into the crowd. Now Barbara's loose fitting blouse and her panties were all that were covering her bottom side. She looked like she wanted to get off the stage but the dancers were too fast for her.

Now one of the dancers lifted her up off the stage and began dry humping Barbara in his arms. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders to keep from falling, but this left her defenseless. The other dancers continued to touch her all over, and one even leaned in to lay a big kiss on her mouth. When one of the dancers reached between her legs and played with her pussy through her panties she screamed loudly to cheers from the crowd.

These dancers were really strong and at a signal from the dancer holding Barbara at his waist he flung Barbara upwards and, startled, she screamed out again. She was caught by three of the guys before she hit the stage. One of the black dancers had caught her under the arms and the two white dancers had caught her around the waist and legs. As I said Barbara never hit the deck even though she is tall. Now the remaining black dancer and Bruno began to tug in one direction on Barbara's legs and feet while the other three pulled her in the opposite direction. This caused Barbara to rise and fall repeatedly. Her blouse began to ride up exposing her red lace panties. Each time she dipped she screamed which got a rise out of the audience. During this maneuver Barbara was parted from her blouse and then her bra. She screamed each time to the enjoyment of the crowd, but was helpless to hide her nakedness or stop what was happening to her. Her arms and legs were held fast by the dancers.

Now the five dancers raised Barbara way up in the air to both cheers from the crowd and screams of surprise from Barbara. Held aloft in the air and completely helpless the guys stripped her panties off to her loud screams of shock. She began kicking defensively but the dancers raised her high up in the air again and opened her legs up to reveal her pink gash against her dark brown skin and jet black pubic hair. Fearing a fall she stopped struggling and let them parade her naked body and exposed pussy around the stage.

Now one of the dancers took his fingers and, first holding his fingers aloft to the audience and getting approval, proceeded to vibrate Barbara's clitoris. When his fingers pulled away, it was clear from the bright lights on the stage that Barbara was fully excited. Her pussy was lathered and shiny with her own pussy juices and her labia were engorged and folded open revealing her pussy hole. In the bright lights of the stage the crowd could clearly see it all. Now the dancer took his two fingers and again getting the approval of the audience her inserted his fingers up Barbara's pussy and began to finger fuck her. She screamed and struggled at first but everyone could soon see by the spasms her butt and hips made that she was getting sexually aroused by his fingering.

The crowd was roaring its approval at this stripping naked and molesting of one of their own fellow females. From the glassy look in many women's eyes around me it looked as though they wanted to be Barbara...up there and having five muscular naked men toying with them sexually.

Now the dancer who had been playing Barbara's pussy like a violin with his fingers, pulled them out, and held them up to the crowd so we could see how creamy his fingers had become inside of her. We all could see Barbara was close; she was still involuntarily spasming. Barbara told me later that she couldn't see what was happening but she did hear the crowd yell out, "Yes, yes, yes." She suddenly felt two wet fingers slide back up inside of her vagina and she almost passed out as she came. Until that moment she hadn't realized how much the manhandling, being stripped naked and being sexually toyed with had put her on the orgasmic edge.

The crowd roared its approval again as she felt the guy's fingers slide out of her pussy. I told her he had held his wet, shiny fingers up to the crowd and had offered them to a woman who proceeded to suck Barbara's pussy juices off his fingers.

Now the guys flipped Barbara over face down but still suspended in the air. They turned her around so that all on the opposite side of the house got a bird's eye view of her wet and fully engorged pussy. Again, and this time she saw it herself, the same dancer gestured to the audience on that side of the Hungry Duck, "Shall I do it again?" The crowd answered back with a resounding, "Yes, yes, yes!!!" With that Barbara watched as his two fingers slid back up inside of her and she felt him massaging her g-spot rapidly inside of her vagina. Within seconds she lost it in yet another body shaking orgasm and the crowd cheered its approval. Again the dancer held his dripping fingers aloft and began to offer them to those who were at the edge of the stage but at the last minute he put his fingers in his own mouth and licked Barbara's juices clean from his fingers.

Now that same dancer and one of the others brought back a red velvet platform upon which they laid Barbara's beautiful brown body, now face up. One of the dancers had removed his g-string and everyone including Barbara knew what was about to happen. Barbara started screaming, "no, no, no, no," and struggling back and forth. But as the other four held her down (at least at first until she got lost in the great fucking she received) each dancer with his fully erect and huge cock fucked my wife right on that stage and she had at least five full orgasms in front of everyone. With the last dancer the guys had turned Barbara face down with her butt in the air and after a few strokes in her vagina to lubricate his penis, he fucked my wife in the ass. Again she orgasmed, literally grinding her ass into his groin while being facefucked by one of the other guys.

With this last act in my wife's performance the dancers stood her up and she exited stage left with the five dancers, still butt naked and a little weak in the knees from the multiple orgasms she had had on stage in front of all at the club. One of the bouncers urged me to follow him back to the dressing room where I found they had collected, magically, all of Barbara's clothes except her red panties. Barbara was sitting there naked with the five naked men all still sporting hard-on's. Her body was draped around theirs as if it were nothing...a beautiful nude black woman sitting among five fully erect penises and nude muscular bodies. When she saw me, however, she separated herself from their touch, ran up to me, laid a big hug and kisses on me and thanked me intensely for what had just happened to her. "Oh, honey,, my wildest fantasy got fulfilled tonight with these five men and it was my loving and understanding husband who made it possible for me. Thanks, hunny." And again she gave me a big naked kiss. I wrapped my hands around her naked ass and crushed her to me.

As a gift the club gave her a pair of yellow sheer panties printed with "I got taken at the Hungry Duck" with an arrow pointing down to her pussy. On the backside of the panties was printed with another arrow pointing down, "And so did I."

Bruno stepped up to Barbara and I at that point and said that if we stayed for the whole show for the four other women to follow, that Barbara could be pleasured one more time by Bruno or me in public in a group intercourse on stage. The difference was that the dancers would also have orgasms and the women could feel the guys ejaculate inside of whatever opening they wanted.

Creative as my gorgeous Barbara is she opted to have Bruno's huge dick fuck her pussy one more time while I came in her mouth. The four other women and Barbara's non-stop playing with me during the other shows got me so worked up that I didn't think twice about being butt naked, on stage with a bunch of butt naked men and women and a horny as hell audience cheering us on in our group sex act.

And that was our night at the Hungry Duck in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. What a place!!

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