Baseball Annie


That one was much the same as the first two had been, as was the next and the many that followed. Their movements were slow and steady and they seemed unaware they were the last two people in the suite who were sexually active. Their bed was softly squeaking in time with their movements, but the only other noises they might have heard, but didn't, were the happy snoring of sexually satisfied baseball players and their dates for that night.

A naked couple climbed onto the bed that had been their private playground but they were apparently just there to sleep because they did nothing but lie together and pull the sheet around themselves. Billy and Sylvia wouldn't have noticed them anyhow; they were too wrapped up in pleasuring one another. She was still moving under him and setting the pace but her movements were steadily becoming less and less controlled. Billy kept matching that pace and her clit and the top of his cock continued their sliding and rubbing against each other until they were both on the verge of what they knew would be tremendous climaxes and they wanted them to be simultaneous.

"I'm almost ready to come, Billy. Really give it to me," she urged him.

He did so eagerly because he knew his own climax was just as imminent. Bill lowered his body again and started plunging his cock into the sexy woman who was thrashing wildly under him. Sylvia still moved back and forth as her pussy was impaled on his cock but it was in response to his movements. For less than a minute they continued until her climax began to erupt. She uttered a cry of ecstasy and wrapped her legs and arms even more tightly around him as her pussy continued thrusting back against his body.

No more than a few seconds later, Billy's climax exploded too. He grunted and sighed in joy and ejaculated heavily into his condom but, because he knew Sylvia hadn't quite reached her orgasm yet, he continued driving his cock in and out of her until her incoherent shout let him know the happy news. She sagged back onto the bed in a state of sweet and happy exhaustion and he stretched out on top of her. They remained lying together like that until his cock softened and slipped out of her pussy and he went to dispose of the condom in one of the toilets.

When he returned, Sylvia was still lying in the same position. "That was terrific, Billy. Everything we did together was the best ever for me."

"Me too, Sylvia. You were the greatest. I'm all tuckered out but I got this way the best way I know how, winning the game tonight and then making love with you."

The last part slipped out and he wished he hadn't said it but he would not have taken it back even if he could have. He had intended to have sex with one of the available baseball Annies that night, but what he had ended up doing was more like making love to a girlfriend.

"I'm tired too. Can I stay here tonight?" Sylvia was quite sure of the answer but she didn't want to take anything for granted.

"Of course. I'd be disappointed if you didn't." He lay down beside her and she rolled onto her side with her back to him. With one arm loosely around her lovely form and sharing the same pillow, he pulled the sheet over their tired bodies and they gave themselves over to sleeping for what was left of the night.

Sylvia felt great as Billy cuddled up against her backside with his arms around her, both of them tired and happy and more than ready for some sleep. Her first night as a baseball Annie had been better than she could have hoped for. She had fucked three of the Comets, coming every time, and sucked off one of them and he was the same player who had eaten her pussy to her first orgasm of the night. She did not expect any sex in the morning because Billy and the other ball players would be saving their energy for the game that afternoon.

She did expect to have breakfast served by Room Service and to get a ride back to her apartment. She also hoped to get a free ticket to the game from Billy or one of the other players. She could buy her own and had done so to the Friday night game but Sylvia believed the freebie should be part of the benefits of her being a groupie with the Las Vegas Comets. Either way, she would definitely attend the game and hoped to follow that by returning to the same place for more great sex. She hoped it would be with Billy but, if not, with the same group of men or one or more of the other three who were paying the rent or maybe with all of them or even with some different players altogether.

She didn't really care, just as long as they were all members of the Las Vegas Comets baseball team.

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