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Bathing Mistress


When I prepared to bathe my mistress I removed my high heels, stockings and garter belt so I would be less likely to slip and fall on the hard tile floor. Wearing just my bra, my maid's dress and apron I began filling the tub with hot water and some perfumed oils. The tub is an oversize tub set out in the middle of the floor so I can easily get around all four sides of the tub. This is especially handy when bathing my mistress as well as when I clean the tub.

When the tub got about half full, I called out, "Mistress, the tub is ready for you."

Stepping into the bathroom she said, "Thank you my little Tommy. Help me get this off."

I carefully helped her remove her housedress and carefully folded it, placing it on top of the hamper. She wasn't wearing any underwear so I got to look at her completely naked. While I enjoy gazing at her like this, it is particularly hard for me because I have to keep my mind distracted enough to keep from getting an erection. I moved toward her in as ladylike a fashion as I could, gently taking her hand and guiding her to the tub, helping her to balance as she stepped inside.

With the tub only half full, as she sat down and her body displaced the water, it filled up just about to the overflow drain. I quickly shut off the water asking, "Mistress is the temperature okay."

"Yes, nice and hot, just like I love it. Please hand me the soap." I handed her the soap and she held it to her nose, smelling it. Handing it back to me she said, "I think I want the apple scented soap."

"Yes Mistress," I replied, going to the closet and bringing out a green colored soap. Handing it to her, I waited.

Sniffing the bar she said, "Yes, that is perfect." She handed me back the soap and closed her eyes. Grabbing a wash cloth, I dipped it in the water and liberally spread the water over her large breasts and her round belly. Lathering up my hands I began rubbing the soap over her soft and pliant breasts and stomach. Lifting up each breast I scrubbed away the sweat and lint beneath them gently letting them flop back down onto my mistress' stomach.

I then lifted her left arm and scrubbed her armpit, feeling a light stubble. Still holding her arm up in the air, I grabbed her razor and gently pulled it over the delicate skin, carefully shaving the stubble away. I then scrubbed down her side and as she sat up straight, I scrubbed her back. Moving onto the other side of the tub, I lifted her right arm and scrubbed and shaved that armpit.

When I finished with her arms I them moved down to her thighs, running both hands down her right thigh, down over her knee and then down her calf. Dipping my hands back in the water and then lathering up again I lifted both her feet up and scrubbed them, running my fingers between her toes and gently massaging the bottoms of her feet. I then moved to the other side of the tub and scrubbed down the left thigh, knee and calf.

At that point I grabbed the wash cloth and gently rinsed her off, making sure none of the harsh soap was left on her body. I then lathered up my hands, and ran my fingers through the dense mat of pubic hair and then scrubbed quickly over her pussy. She then leaned to one side as I lathered up my hands and slid them down between her buttocks, scrubbing down to her asshole where my soapy fingers scrubbed her ass clean.

She then sat back down in the water as I scrubbed my hands and then rinsed them off. Standing up I waited her next instruction. Relaxing a bit, she leaned back and slowly ran her hands down her body, finally looking over to me and saying, "Why don't you take off your dress and come in with me."

I quickly and joyfully pulled off my apron, dress and bra and moved to the tub. My bad boy was hard, but it was what she wanted at this time, so I would not get my balls slapped. I carefully stepped into the tub between her legs, slowly lowering myself as the water drained out of the overflow drain.

When I could finally sit down, I watched as she soaped up her round stomach and her breasts and the she nodded at me. Standing up, I worked one leg down on one side of her and another down on the other side of her. Crouching down I let my bad boy and balls lay out on her stomach. I then pushed my hips forward and slid my bad boy over the soapy billows of her stomach. Sliding it up her body I moved up near her breasts where she lifted one and I pushed my bad boy under it.

She let her breast fall back down onto her stomach, gently pinching my bad boy in the soft rolls of her flesh. I them eased my bad boy back and forth feeling the wonderful, sensation of he slippery, soft skin sliding over me. I continued thrusting and withdrawing as the pleasure intensified and I got closer and closer to coming.

Just before I was about to explode, I pulled my bad boy from under her breast and pushed up between her breasts as she squeezed them together. Pushing once, twice and then once again, I felt the wonderful sensation overtake me and I came, spurting onto her face and then on her breasts. Leaning against her, I slid my softening bad boy and balls down over her belly until I was again sitting in the water.

I then grabbed a wash cloth and gently dabbed the cum from her face. After that I leaned forward and licked the cum from her breasts before rubbing some soap to clean away any of the cum or saliva. I then rinsed her off, stood up and grabbed her towel.

Helping her up I pulled out the plug in the tub and began drying her body off, being careful to dry between the many folds in her skin. When I finished drying her, I quickly dried myself and then moved back to her when I got the scented powder and applied it liberally in her many folds of skin.

She then slipped into the bedroom where she began dressing for bed while I began cleaning up the bathroom. It had been a very special night for me.

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