tagIncest/TabooBathrobe Mornings Ch. 03

Bathrobe Mornings Ch. 03


** All Characters are 18 years or older **

** This story will make more sense if you read the other parts of the series first **

I woke up Saturday morning to a bathrobe being tossed on my head. My eldest daughter, Honey, lay next to me, her naked body tangled with mine. Heather, her little sister, was standing over the two of us in her thigh length silk robe.

"Hey, what the hell?" Honey complained, pulling her own robe down off her face.

"Wow, you guys are totally naked under there, aren't you?" Heather asked. "You're such perverts."

Honey and I sleepily pulled our robes on while Heather watched us. I'd been fucking my older daughter for weeks, and though Heather knew all about it, she was remarkably accepting of the situation. She even listened at the door sometimes. She teased us occasionally about our incestuous relationship, but other than that life had been pretty normal.

Heather folded her arms as we covered ourselves. She was beautiful, leggy and blond, with tight abs and strong legs that spoke of her status as star soccer player for her high school. Honey was older, but smaller and more petit. Both had full lips and shapely breasts, though Heather was a little more gifted in that regard.

I took my eyes off my younger daughter's breasts. Ever since she'd found out about Honey and me, I had been careful not to ogle her near perfect body. The last thing I wanted to do was make her uncomfortable. The situation was awkward enough as it was.

"So I've decided we need to make a few changes around here." Heather announced. Honey and I looked to each other nervously.

"Sure." I said, scooting over and patting the top of the comforter. Heather didn't move to sit there though.

"If you guys want to fuck, fine." Heather continued. "I don't really care and I know its what both of you want. But I'm tired of walking on egg shells all the time and feeling like a third wheel. So some things have to go back to normal."

"Like what?" Honey asked.

"Like Saturday snuggling. You might be taking care of some of Daddy's... um, needs, but you don't own his bed, and I miss the weekend snuggling we all used to do. We haven't done that since you guys got started and I'm beginning to feel chased out."

"I never want you to feel like that, babygirl." I said, using my special pet name for Heather.

"Yeah, no totally." Honey said and scooted way to one side of the bed. I joined her in making room, and Heather smiled and crawled under the covers with us, with me in the middle of my two lovely girls.

Honey and Heather each lay their heads on my chest, and pretty soon they were talking about going shopping after breakfast. I wrapped my arms around them and enjoyed being surrounded by the two most important women that had ever been in my life.

But as the snuggle session wore on, and my girls rubbed and shifted their bodies against mine, my cock stiffened and grew. Most mornings by this time I had it lodged deep in Honey's tight, wet pussy. But this was supposed to be more of a normal family morning, so I silently willed the erect beast to calm down. It was a futile effort though, and Heather's scent and closeness weren't helping at all. I had to get out of there before Heather saw my condition and decided she never wanted to do this sort of thing again.

"Well girls, it sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you, I think I'd better get showered and get started on breakfast." I started to pull myself up to a seated position, but Heather and Honey both grabbed me tight and wouldn't let me up.

"No daddy, we're still cuddling!" Honey protested.

"Yeah, you can't leave till we tell you." Heather added. But the covers had gotten pulled off us a bit during all this, and when she readjusted them, she got a quick glimpse of what was going on beneath.

"Oh god, he's hard as a rock!" Heather exclaimed and hid her face in my robe. She and Honey both started laughing.

"He gets that way in the morning." Honey said. This made Heather laugh even more, and Honey joined right in. I had to laugh too. The situation was just absurd.

"God you guys are such perverts!" Heather said again.

Eventually the girls calmed down and caught their breath.

"I think you'd better take care of him." Heather said to her sister in a quiet voice.

I couldn't really see Honey's reaction from my angle, but I saw her reach her hand up and begin to stroke her sister's hair.

"What do you mean?" Honey whispered.

"Well... I mean he's obviously got a problem. Help him. You know, suck him off."

Honey kept stroking her sister's hair. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. It's okay. Really."

Honey kissed Heather on the forehead, and then opened up my robe and kissed her way down to my cock. Heather moved to where she could watch, her head still on my chest. I put my arm around her and held her close while her sister ran her tiny pink tongue slowly up my shaft.

"Like this?" Honey asked.

"Is that how you usually do it?" Heather's voice was thin and quiet.

Honey smiled and placed several slow, wet kisses on my cock, before running her tongue all over it's length. Then she looked to her sister again, and took her hand in her own before taking me into her mouth.

Honey bobbed her head up and down on my hard rod while she held her sister's hand. The only noises were me moaning my approval and Honey's soft slurping noises.

I stroked both my daughter's hair, loving the feeling of Honey's warm mouth. After a few minutes though, I felt my balls start to contract.

"Honey, I'm getting close." I warned.

"Does that feel good when she does that Daddy?" Heather asked.

"Oh yes, babygirl, you have no idea. A little faster, Honey. You're getting Daddy so close."

Honey took her lips off my cock and pulled her hand away from Heather, wrapping it around the base of my dick instead. "Please cum in my mouth, Daddy. Haven't I been a good girl?"

"Oh yes, angel, you've been so good."

"Perverts..." Heather whispered, but she wasn't taking her eyes off her sister, and she was squeezing her thighs together hard beneath the sheets.

Honey sped up her pace, twisting her hand around as she sucked me. I held Heather even tighter to me as I got closer and closer to the edge.

Heather slid her hand under my robe and rubbed my chest.

"It's okay Daddy." She said. "Cum for her. Cum in her mouth."

That was all it took. I made a fist in Honey's hair as I shot load after load of sperm onto her tongue and down her throat. She took it all, just like always. I moaned long and low as I let go.

"Is he cumming?" Heather asked.

"Mmmm. Mmm-hmmm." Honey said as I continued to shoot. She let the cum fill her mouth, and then swallowed it all before making her way back up to my chest.

"Did you like watching that?" Honey asked her sister.

Heather paused for a while before nodding her head. "It was different, but it was hot... I listen to you guys fuck sometimes... I guess you probably knew that. The freakin hallway floor creaks so bad."

"We knew." Honey said. "It's okay. I had a fantasy about you watching me do that. Thanks for making it come true."

Honey kissed her little sister on the cheek and Heather giggled again.

"A whole family of perverts." She said.

"I don't think you're a pervert." Honey told her.

Heather pushed her sister's hair away from her face. "What does it taste like?" She asked, finally.

Honey smiled, pulled Heather close, and French-kissed her.

My two little girls stayed like that for a while, their mouths locked above me, their tongues swirling together, what was left of my semen getting passed back and forth between them. There was no hesitation. It was like they'd done it a million times before. Watching them had me recovering in record time, and I got half hard in seconds.

"It tastes like that." Honey said as their kiss broke. "Only better."

The girls lowered their heads back onto my chest, and we lay like that for a few minutes before Honey announced that she needed a shower and got out of bed. Heather and I followed suit and our day went on as normal, with them going shopping for several hours while I caught up on some paperwork for the health club.

When my girls were little, Saturday night had traditionally been our movie night, but as they got older and busy with friends that had fallen by the wayside. Around five o'clock though, when my daughters got home from shopping, they told me they had rented a couple of DVDs and that we were to watch them this evening. They also informed me that I was ordering Chinese, and lastly that they had bought me a present.

"What did you get me?" I asked. They each had two full shopping bags. I sensed my credit card bill wasn't going to be much fun this month.

"It's a surprise, Daddy." Heather said, and kissed me on the cheek as she walked past.

"And anyway," Honey added "We're going hot tubbing first. Why don't you order the food and grab some towels?"

So of course that was exactly what I did.

By the time I was done ordering and changing into a pair of swim trunks, my daughters were already in their bikinis and in the backyard hot tub, jets going full blast. They'd raided my wine rack and were trying to open a bottle of sweet Italian prosecco without much success.

"Daddy, help!" They said together as I climbed into the tub. Their synchronicity sent them into peals of laughter.

"Sure you girls are old enough to handle this?" I asked as I took the bottle.

"Won't be the worst thing she swallowed today!" Heather shot back. Honey gasped and slapped her sister's arm.

"Oh fine!" She said. "So I'm a big girl and I can have some, but the little virgin here isn't ready for booze."

I popped the cork and both girls shouted out excitedly and grabbed their glasses.

"You know these are wine glasses." I said, filling them. "The champagne flutes are the thin ones."

"These hold more!" Heather protested.

All I could do is laugh and shake my head. "I don't know who raised you girls..."

"You did!" Honey said, and moved to my right side. "And you did a good job, didn't he Heather?"

"Yes." Heather answered, "He did a very good job." Heather moved to my other side. I filled my own glass and wrapped my arms around my angels. We clinked glasses and all went to drink, but Honey pushed Heather's glass away from her lips.

"None for the Virgin!"

Heather laughed and turned away so she could take a quick gulp. She spilled some on herself in her haste, which made her giggle.

"She can't even swallow!"

"Shut up, miss perfect. Besides, you were a virgin yourself until Daddy took care of that for you."

"Wait, what?" I broke in, "No she wasn't, I would have noticed that."

I looked at Honey. She shrugged and drained her glass, bringing a whoop from Heather, who quickly followed suit.

"This is good!" She said. Heather filled both their glasses again. I decided to let the virgin issue drop for the time being. I hoped that the neighbors weren't paying too much attention to our backyard conversation. Luckily, it was starting to get dark.

A bit later, the prosecco ran out and the girls demanded more. I went to get it, and when I came back I saw two wet bikinis crumpled up on the edge of the tub.

"Lose 'em!" Heather said, pointing at my trunks. I handed her the bottle and did as she said, very much liking the way the evening was going. I climbed back into the tub with my dick already half hard. Honey slid her naked body in next to me and wrapped her tiny hand around my cock.

"Mmm. Thank you, Daddy." She said.

"God, you're totally stroking him right now, aren't you?" Heather asked. Honey just kissed my ear in response as my cock grew underwater.

"Knock it off!" Heather added, pushing her sister's hand away with her foot.

"What, you didn't mind watching this morning." Honey said, taking the bottle and filling all of our glasses.

"I know but..."

"What?" I asked.

"Just... slow down a bit, turbo." She said, winking at her sister. "I might want to watch again tonight, and I can't see anything out here, or not well anyway."

Honey laughed and guzzled her drink. I really did have to teach them about the difference between wines and beer, or even shots apparently. But this definitely wasn't the time.

"You know," Honey said, "He's your daddy, too. You don't have to just watch."

Heather stared at the water and then concentrated on drinking her prosecco. We all sat in what was now darkness for a moment, with only the sound of the jets breaking the silence.

The doorbell rang, and I put my shorts back on so I could get the food.

"Showers!" Honey said, and she and Heather jumped out of the tub, wrapped towels around their naked bodies, and ran into the house. Damn it all but in the dark I couldn't get a good look at Heather's naked body.

I went and paid the delivery guy, put the food on the dining room table, and went up to my room to rinse off. As I passed the bathroom the girls shared, I could hear the water running and them whispering and laughing. I guess they decided to rinse off together. It took all of my pathetic willpower not to go ask to join them.

As I was washing the chlorine off my skin in my own shower, I heard the bathroom door swing open.

"Your present is on the bed, Daddy!" Honey said, "Hurry up, we're hungry!"

My present was a black, thigh length silk robe. It felt great. I didn't bother to put on anything underneath.

The girls had robes for themselves as well. Honey's was pink, and she was naked underneath save or a pair of lacy black panties. Heather's was black like mine and she wore a matching set of bra and panties beneath. Both girls looked fantastic. I loved the innocent / sexy mix that Honey had going, and Heather was simply stunning in her outfit. It was about this time that I decided I was the luckiest father, hell, the luckiest man on the planet. Winning the Lottery had nothing on this.

"We figured if we're going to be spending so much time in our robes, they might as well be nice ones." Honey said as I joined them both at the dining room table.

We sat in our robes, eating our Chinese food, drinking more wine, and feeding each other little morsels. The air was electric, both girl's cheeks flushed. I turned the heat up a bit so we would be comfortable in what little we had on. There was no way I wanted someone getting chills and having to cover up.

After dinner we moved to the living room. I reclined on the long couch, Heather took the loveseat, and Honey sat on the floor by my side. With all we'd had to drink we were feeling no pain.

"It's getting kind of lonely in our room these days." Heather said after finishing the last of her wine. "I keep thinking my sister will come spend at least ONE night in her bed but no. How much sex do you guys need anyway?"

"A lot!" Honey said at once. She gave my thigh a squeeze.

"Wow, Dad, you must be really good."

"I try. Gotta keep my little girl happy." That sent both girls into another fit of giggles.

"Seriously though," Heather said, "Honey... did it hurt your first time? Did it... you know... work?"

At this point I gave in to curiosity. The first time I'd put my cock in my older daughter's pussy, there had been nothing in the way to slow it down. I'd assumed she'd had some sexual experience but Heather seemed to have a different idea of it.

"Honey... were you a virgin the first time we were together?"

"Well, no. Not really. Sort of."

"I have no idea what that means."

"I'd never been with a man before. So you were my first. But I'd already had my cherry popped."

"How?" I asked.

Honey pointed to her sister.

"Guilty!" Heather said. "We deflowered each other last year with Honey's vibrator."

Honey broke in. "We were talking about sex and how we both didn't want it to hurt the first time. I have this vibrator that I kind of stole from mom, and we just decided it would be better if we did it for each other. So we did. We were really gentle and used a lot of lube and it was probably so much easier that way."

"But did it work?" Heather demanded, "Did it still hurt?"

Honey shook her head and squeezed my thigh again. My cock was stirring beneath my robe from our conversation. Honey lifted the silk and checked to see how it was shaping up.

"Looks like Daddy likes the idea of us playing around." She said.

"Of course he does. He's a total pervert."

"So you two are sexually involved, then?" I asked.

Heather shrugged. "Not really. We took each other's virginity, and we make out sometimes. Honey taught me how to masturbate a couple years ago. But its not like we spend all night in a sixty-nine. Besides, you pretty much stole her away from me."

I felt a hot pang of guilt. I hadn't even thought about the impact of just keeping Honey in my room, instead of in Heather's. I had four bedrooms in the house but the girls had always elected to share one and they did at their mother's house as well. They were incredibly close. Of course Heather would miss her sister.

Honey crossed over to her sister and hugged her tight. When she did her robe rode up over her panties, giving me a few of her tight little panty clad ass.

"I didn't even think about that!" Honey said, voicing my thoughts exactly. "I'm so sorry. I'll come stay with you more often. I love you so much!"

The girls shared a long embrace, and I went and got another bottle of wine and poured some for myself. When I settled back down on the couch, Honey pulled away and just looked into her sister's eyes. They stayed like that a few seconds, gazing at each other and stroking each other's hair. Then their lips started drifting together, and suddenly my two daughters were kissing deeply, their tongues at play in each other's mouths.

Heather eased down until she was reclining on the love seat, one leg up over the back and the other foot resting on the carpet.

Honey untied the sash on her sister's robe, and began running her hands over her perfect body. Over her c-cup tits, over her rock hard stomach, even over her pussy, rubbing her finger back and forth along Heather's slit, but not beneath the panties. Heather moaned and twisted and ground against Honey's hand.

The girls kissed for several minutes, their passion and hand play growing more intense every second. My cock was rock hard from the show, and I just absolutely could not keep from slowly stroking it as I watched. I could only hope Heather was okay with how fast things were moving.

Honey was the first to break the kiss. She'd taken Heather's bra off and both of them were just in open robes and black panties. For the first time I got a good look at my younger daughter's perfect tits. They were well rounded and very firm, with small nipples hard as pebbles.

"Heather, remember that thing I wanted to do to you a few months ago?" Honey asked.

"When you wanted to... to..."

"When I wanted to taste your pussy."

"Oh god."

"Can I do it now, baby? Please let me."

"O...okay." Heather stammered. She shot a look towards me, but I obviously was okay with it. She closed her eyes as her sister slid her panties down her smooth, strong legs.

Honey shifted Heather around still her little sister was laying at an angle on the sofa. She rubbed Heather's pussy with her thumb, and I could see from where I was that she was already dripping wet.

Honey pushed a finger deep inside her sister, who arched her back like a cat and cried out.

"Feel good?" Honey said with a sly grin.

"Oh god it does. It feels so good." Heather locked eyes with Honey. "Lick me. Please lick my pussy."

"Of course." Honey said, and kissed her way down her sister's body, just like she liked to kiss her way down to my cock most nights.

Honey got her tongue into her sister and went to work. She must have been every bit as good at eating snatch as she was at sucking cock because Heather was going insane, writhing and moaning for all she was worth. It was absolutely the most erotic thing I'd ever seen, and it was an act of will not to speed my hand up and just blow my load all over both of them. I was breathing hard, my body covered in a sheen of sweat. I'd never been so turned on.

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