tagIllustratedBattleBabe vs The Smugglers Ch. 01

BattleBabe vs The Smugglers Ch. 01


She could feel his cock throbbing inside her mouth. Every thrust would send more cum into the back of her throat. She wanted to gag from the salty taste, but she could barely move. Her hands were tied behind her back, and his hands were forcing her head back and forth against his cock. Tears were streaming down her face, but the only response she got was chilling laughter. She tried struggling against her bonds, but she had no hope of breaking the metal handcuffs. She could feel her hair being pulled even harder, then her head was thrust back and forth even faster, and her enormous tits were slapping against his legs and her erect nipples began aching . She could feel his cock becoming more and more engorged, as his cum poured out of her mouth and dripped all over her huge chest.

Kate had thought this would be easy. She was BattleBabe, the most amazing superheroine to fight crime in Metroville. Her huge breasts had always gotten her attention, and her skin tight battle costume not only had the most advanced defense technology, but it had also given her an advantage over male villains who were always distracted by her incredibly huge tits. She and her mentor in microtechnology had worked for years to perfect the battle suit and create a superheroine that would protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

But when BattleBabe went into the warehouse a few hours ago on a tip that drugs were being smuggled into the city, she didn't know that the smugglers had gotten an electroneutralizer. She never felt it impact her battle suit, all she had felt was the jolt of electricity through her body as she convulsed on the floor. She felt her breasts ache from being wildly throttled to and fro.

When she woke, she realized what a mistake she had made. Her suit had been removed, leaving her helpless and naked. They had tied her hands tightly behind her back, compressing her shoulder blades and thrusting her enormous breasts forward. She was completely and utterly helpless. There were eight smugglers, and she could see all their lustful eyes staring at her chest. She knew that they were all eyeing her luscious body, and she wondered what perversions they might do to her.

But then one of them grabbed her by the hair, forced her to her knees and began shoving his cock into her mouth. Again and again, she felt it going in and out of her mouth, the cum splurging into her mouth. She tried to breathe, but could barely find any air; there was too much cum in her mouth. The jism began pouring out of her mouth and onto her jugs. Her nipples became rock hard as the warm cum slid over them. She wanted to scream, but he kept shoving himself inside her mouth over and over and over. The cum kept pouring out of her mouth onto her quivering body.

Suddenly he pulled himself out of her mouth, as the cum kept dripping onto her chest. For a moment, she thought it might be over, but her pain had only begun.

One of the other smugglers pulled her by her hair and then slammed her face into the floor. She could feel the blood coming out her nose when she felt his hands squeezing her buttocks. He spread her butt cheeks wide so that her ass was fully exposed. She was just about to beg him to stop, when she felt his cock shoved inside her ass. She screamed in pain and that just made him laugh. "Damn, what a tight ass" he said, as he continued to thrust his cock inside her. She was humiliated as he continued to drive his penis deeper and deeper and deeper.

She thought she had reached the extent of her torment, but then another smuggler lifted her body and struck his fist against her face. She was completely at their mercy, but they had no mercy for her. She felt her ass burning as one cock kept thrusting in and out of her, and then her mouth was forced open and another cock was crammed inside her wet and inviting mouth. She was on her knees and her breasts rocked ferociously back and forth and the smugglers had their way with her. She gagged as his jism exploded down into her throat, the warmth of his junk heating her already burning mouth as it slid down.

Minutes went by until they were done with her. Her body quivered from exhaustion, as cum oozed out of her ass and mouth. Surely they needed to escape with their drugs. But she heard one of them on the phone, telling their boss how no police were aware of what they were doing. BattleBabe hadn't bothered to tell any other superheroes of the drug tip, so no other superheroes were coming.

As two more smugglers flipped her on her back, she knew there would be no rescue. She was powerless and helpless as one smuggler lifted her legs in the air and crammed his cock into her tight cunt. She tried to resist, but he kept pushing and pushing. The more she tightened her pussy in resistance, the more her soft muscles enveloped his dick.

She tried to pretend that her pussy wasn't enjoying the cock trying to penetrate her, but her vaginal fluids poured out of her. Her cunt was too wet to resist his throbbing penis thrusting inside her.

She tried to stop her soft vaginal tissue from pressing against his cock and stimulating her, but it was too late. Her pussy began pulsating from pleasure, which made his dick all the more hard. And he shoved his hardened shaft inside her. It hurt, but the pain only stimulated her more.

Just then anther smuggler climbed on top of her and put his cock between her warm breasts. He grabbed her jugs and the cum that had previously dripped onto her chest lubricated his tit-fuck and he jammed his crotch into her soft mounds of flesh, quivering with each thrust. His fingers squeezed her erect nipples, and she gasped in pleasure. She didn't want to enjoy his stiff penis in her breasts, but when the cum started shooting onto her face, she could not help herself. She moaned in ecstasy, her open mouth licking his cum, her pussy became more and more wet, lubricating the cock thrusting harder and harder inside her.

They raped her for several minutes, and she hated the thought of what they were doing to her, even as her body was stimulated by their exploitation of her.

When they were done with her, and their cum was slowly dripping on the rest of her body, she thought that at last she had come to the end of her suffering. She was completely humiliated at how this criminal scum had violated her incredible buxom body. Her gigantic tits were red from being squeezed so hard, her pussy was pulsing and dripping cum. But at least it was all over.

Or so she thought.


Only an hour ago, she had been BattleBabe, a woman with titanic tits and a skin-tight body suit that possessed the most advanced defense technology on the planet. But she had been overconfident, and it had cost her dearly. She had come to stop the drug smugglers only to find herself outnumbered, naked, powerless, and helpless. Five of them had already humiliated her by forcing their cocks into her mouth, her ass, her pussy. She felt every throbbing thrust they had made her endure. But perhaps it had finally come to an end.

A smuggler came behind her and helped her to her feet. Her arms were still tied behind her back, pushing her incredibly large breasts forward. For a second, she hoped they would release her.

Instead, she felt a rope around her neck. All of a sudden, her body lurched upward, and the rope around her neck tightened. Her body was pulled upwards, so that only her toes barely pressed against the floor. This was the only thing keeping her breathing. She became afraid that they would continue pulling the rope until she choked, but they didn't; her gasping got faster, but at least she could breathe, barely.

Then she saw one of the smuggler pull out a whip. Her eyes widened as he pulled his arm back. She never saw his arm move forward; all she felt was the sharp sting against her defenseless breasts. She shrieked and heard only laughter in response. Her tits jiggled for a few seconds as the smuggler drew his hand back. Again, the whip lashed against her tender mammaries.

She screamed "Please! I beg of you! Stop!" He didn't say a word, he simply whipped against her fleshy breasts again and again. Every time her shrill screeches filled the room, the other smugglers mocked her.

She begged for mercy, but it only encouraged him more. She struggled against the ropes on her hands, but they were too tight. She strained to keep the rope on her neck from completely choking her, as the lashes kept coming. Welts were starting to form on her unbelievably enormous tits, twitching with every stroke of the whip.

She felt a warm liquid dripping down her leg, and she realized that her pussy had become impossibly wet. Her cunt throbbed in gratification as the whip kept thrashing against her exposed body. She would never have believed that she would find sexual satisfaction, but every lash brought her one moment closer to orgasm. She tried to fight the euphoria between her legs, but the whipping that made her tits squirm in pain only made her cunt even more wet, even more satisfied, even more throbbing. It seemed like hours before he got tired, just as she was ready to orgasm.

This was her weakest moment. She wanted to be fucked. She needed to be fucked. She craved being fucked, and she didn't care who fucked her. She thought about imploring someone to fuck her. But before she did, she felt a cock driven into her ass. She gasped in pleasure, her neck still being held up by the rope, as he grabbed her hips and impaled her over and over. Her ass enjoyed every moment, but her pussy kept dripping, unfulfilled and throbbing.

She was about to beg for someone to fuck her cunt, but she felt someone grab her breasts instead. She could feel his tongue flick over her nipple. She even felt some drops of milk dribble into his mouth. As soon as he tasted her, his teeth sunk into her fleshy mounds and she moaned.

The pain was incredible, but she was too close to the pinnacle of her passion, she cried "Yes, yes, yes!!!" as tears flowed out her eyes. He was sucking so hard on her breasts, too hard, and her nipples were in anguish. Her ass was stinging and her twat trembled and poured out more wetness. She yearned to achieve orgasm, but the pain she felt kept her from achieving it.

There she was, her hands tied helpless behind her, another rope around her neck dangerously close to choking her. She was being raped in the ass by one smuggler as another kept squeezing and chewing her immensely huge breasts. She was gasping in pleasure, and she started pleading for someone, anyone "Please fuck me! Please! Fuck me hard!! I beg of you!! Fuck my pussy as hard as you can!!"

And then she felt the cum shooting into her ass, and then drip back out. She felt the bastard on her tits ease off as her engorged nipples, drenched in milk, were throbbing in pain. Someone cut the rope that was on her neck, and she fell to her knees in exhausted ecstasy. She began sobbing, tears streaming out of her eyes, her pussy yearning for satisfaction. She quietly said, "someone... fuck me.... my cunt... please... please..." and her voice trailed off.

And then she went unconscious.

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