tagNonHumanBeauty & Beast's Lust Ch. 03

Beauty & Beast's Lust Ch. 03


Beauty turned to her captor and almost screamed out in horror at the half man/half beast that stood before her, resplendent in the finest of clothes but looking as if he should live out in the barn. He had the body of a man but he was furry and had a snout, like a dog's. And his yellow eyes seemed almost inhuman. She shivered in terror, wondering what was in store for her and wishing with all her might that she could go back home with her father.

"Leave us," Beast ordered the merchant. There was nothing else the merchant could say to get his little girl back. With great reluctance he got on his horse and waved to his daughter with a reassuring smile.

Beauty watched her father's departing back with great sadness. And then she was forced to face her captor. Beauty was repulsed and frightened by the beast. What was expected of her? Would he eat her? Or maul her? Would she ever see her family again?

Beast knew what his appearance must be doing to the girl, so he'd need to handle her with kid gloves—to begin with.

She was shown to her room, one fit for a queen. The beast gave her a tour and told her the history of the castle and the family. He was really rather pleasant each day that passed, suggesting they take walks through the garden or ride through the woods, and soon Beauty began to lose her fear of him. Even her disgust at the sight of his dog-like face began to fade. In the evenings she'd sit by the fire embroidering, and he'd sit close by watching her and even reading aloud to her from his vast collection of books. They soon began having conversations and she realized that she quite enjoyed talking with him. But that didn't mean she wanted to remain here forever. She was living in the lap of luxury, but she still pined for her father.

It was with a start of surprise that one day Beast presented her with a magic mirror to soften her towards him. When she peered into the looking glass, she saw her father and sisters going about their duties. Beauty was thrilled and profusely grateful to Beast for his generous gift. How could she not be friends with such a thoughtful man...or rather, beast....

For days and weeks she'd sit looking into the magic glass. She loved seeing her father and sisters every day, seeing her home and all the things she knew and loved. But the looking glass offered her extra insight she wasn't prepared for.

One night, while looking in on her sisters, once again pleasuring each other 69-style, her father came in on them and saw what the strange grunting noises were coming out of their room. And then Beauty was shocked to see him being dragged, without much protest, to the bed by his daughters. They tore his clothes away and then their mouths and hands roamed all over him. Precilla even dared to take his cock in her mouth, just as Beauty had done once. But father wasn't fighting them. He let them do with him as they pleased. Beauty was shocked when Precilla squatted over his cock and lowered herself, his meat rigid disappearing into his daughter. And Rumella took her place over his face so that as Precilla rode him, Rumella was getting her pussy eaten out by father.

The sight made Beauty wet and horny. As much as she resented her sisters for giving father such pleasure, she wished she was there with them, doing the same things to him. Her resentment turned to jealousy as night after night her father would visit his daughters and give them untold pleasure with his delicious big cock. She craved these sinful pleasures, but she was a prisoner and would probably die a virgin with this frightful beast.

Seeing her father and sisters going at it like rabbits all these weeks had done some strange things to her, though; the most craziest of them being that she began to look on the beast not only as a friend but as something much, much more... When she saw her father fucking Precilla, she'd look up at Beast and wonder if his cock was as big as her father's and how it would taste and feel inside her pussy. Yes, the beast still repulsed her, but she couldn't help the horny wetness that flooded her tight little cunt when she thought of that furry body between her legs, pounding away at her as father did to Rumella...

For an innocent, Beauty kept her growing lust for Beast hidden quite well. But meanwhile, he was frustrated with his non-existent progress with this beautiful wench. He didn't want to frighten the hell out of her otherwise he'd have attacked her and forced her to welcome his cock inside her heated love tunnel. He throbbed for her every time he looked at her and no amount of jacking off helped cool his lust.

He'd hoped that she'd warm up to him by now, but she was too preoccupied with that damned mirror! And he couldn't take it away from her otherwise she'd despise him forever. And that's not what he wanted; he wanted her body with every hot ounce of blood in him. But he had to remember that he also needed her love in order to lift this curse he was under.

In his desperation for her, Beast played a long shot and asked Beauty to be his bride. She was appalled, but hid it fairly well. Of course she couldn't marry a beast, but neither did she want to hurt his feelings. He'd been so good to her...

But he didn't stick around to hear the rejection he knew was coming. He flew off in a rage and took solace in the roses in his garden. Beauty followed, contrite and angry at her stupidity for making her friend so angry.

She found him on the bench, gazing lovingly at the rose bush by his side. "Beast," she called out in her sing-song voice. "I didn't mean to hurt you. I can't bear to see you looking so sad. Let me make it up to you somehow..."

What could she possibly do to make him feel better? Her eyes were suddenly caught not by his yellow beady eyes but by the bulge in his trousers. As she approached, a most obscene thought came to mind: she remembered what she'd done for her father and how much pleasure she'd given him with her mouth. Maybe she could do the same for this furry friend of hers? Besides, she'd wanted to find out for some time now exactly what it tasted like...

Beauty got down on her knees between his legs and looked into his eyes as her nimble fingers went to his trouser buttons.

Beast was taken aback by the girl's willing action. Lust filled him—it always did when he looked at her. He'd been so damned gentlemanly for too long, restraining himself from attacking and fucking her brains out because he needed her to accept his proposal out of love for this damned curse to lift. But now his hope of love was gone. So, there was really no point in denying himself what he'd been craving and needing all these weeks from her.

Beauty's fingers felt his hard bulge and she gasped audibly, feeling the pulsating heat and size of him, so much bigger than her father's generous size. She felt herself weakening towards him and her pussy began to water at the though of having this cock all to herself. It didn't matter that he was a furry beastman; all that mattered was that she pleasure him and make him like her again.

The monster cock sprang out from his trousers as if it had a mind of its own, and Beauty nearly fainted at the beauty and size of it. It couldn't have been shorter than 13 inches, and it was thick and heavily ridged with thick veins, and it glistened with clear slime. She couldn't resist and grabbed the cock by the base and covered the tip with her ruby lips. Her tongue licked at it with delight, welcoming the feel of him in her mouth. Soon her tongue was exploring the length and every inch of that huge tool, even going so far as to lick at his large ball sacs, which surprisingly had no fur, unlike the rest of him. She couldn't get enough of it!

Beast was about to lose control! This girl's mouth was somewhat clumsy because of his size but her enthusiasm more than made up for it. Her saliva covered his whole length and then her mouth went back to the tip, sucking on it as if to suck all the cum out of his cock before he was ready to let go! Her mouth and hands were driving him crazy! But it wasn't enough!

He had to have her pussy. It had been years since he'd sunk his cock into a woman's steaming cunt. He'd often contemplated sneaking into the surrounding villages late at night to rape the women in their sleep, but he couldn't afford to have a lynch mob come after him. So he'd fantasized and gotten his pleasures where he could, but nothing matched a woman's hot, wet pussy.

Beauty was unsuspecting of Beast's thoughts, so engrossed was she in giving him a blowjob he wouldn't soon forget. If his animalistic growls were anything to go by, he was going to cum soon. She wondered what his cum would taste like? Anything like her daddy's?

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