tagNonHumanBeauty & Beast's Lust Ch. 04

Beauty & Beast's Lust Ch. 04


Unfortunately, she never got a chance to find out if his cum tasted like her father's. Just as her lips were greedily sucking on Beast's cockhead, he wrenched her off him, flinging her to the ground. The birds chirped and the breeze blew lovely scents all around them, but she didn't pay it any attention as fear now overcame her.

"Didn't you enjoy it, master?" she queried in a frightened voice. "All I need is practice."

He laughed, but it wasn't a friendly one. "No, you tease. A few more minutes of your little mouth and I'd have cum in it. No, I want your pussy. I want to shove my cock deep inside it and fuck you so hard that you won't be able to sit for days. I want my cum to wash your insides, and I want you to beg me for more!"

His words, although arousing her, frightened her as well. He wanted to put that fat thing inside her tight virgin pussy? He must be mad! Besides, she'd wanted that honor to go to her father, or at least to the man she eventually married.

"Please, master, think what you're saying. I'm to be saved for my husband. I can't let you have your way with me. I'll be more than happy to pleasure you with my mouth every night, but you can't violate me with your cock."

He laughed again as he approached a cowering Beauty. "You think not? If I can't have you, then I'll make sure no other man will want you!"

"No, please!" she cried out as he grabbed her, deaf to her cries and pleas. He yanked her onto her stomach and tore away every last scrap of clothing with his sharp claws.

He had her on her stomach, her milky smooth body exposed to his lecherous beady, yellow eyes.

Beauty struggled as best she could, terrified by the prospect of what he meant to do to her. She screamed and tried to claw her way through the grass, but he was strong and intent only on raping her. Strangely, it wasn't so much the prospect of the rape, but rather the fear of disappointing her daddy. And she had to remember that it was an animal that was about to violate her, not a human being—and that thought was enough to make her fight for her virtue.

Except that the more she struggled, the wetter and hornier she got, especially when she felt the heat and size of that meat brush against her, and the beast's hot breath and drool against her flushed face, and that soft fur brushing along her whole body. It wasn't long before her struggles weren't as intense and the idea of being raped by that thick cockmeat of his was making a willing victim of her. Besides, she really had no chance against his strength and determination, she reasoned.

He yanked her legs apart and drew her up onto her knees. And then she felt the hot cockhead against her tight opening and she pleaded, as a token, with him again not to rape her.

"Please, master, have mercy! I'll do what you want, but not this!"

With a mighty thrust, his cock lunged in through her resisting but very wet pussy, pushing through her virgin barrier until he'd lodged himself inside her nearly to the hilt, impaling her with his powerful fleshy sword.

Beauty screamed at the pain and ensuing pleasure of the violation, and at the sheer size that was stuffing her pussy canal. She didn't think she could stand it! He was so big, and then he started to move inside her, slowly fucking her with his pulsating meat doggy-style. Back and forth his thick cock expanded her tight pussy until it finally began to accommodate the monstrous size without as much pain and discomfort, forcing her to take him in completely with each mighty thrust.

She cried out, screamed and cursed at him, hating the pleasure that was creeping in on her. "You fuckin' dirty animal! Get that thing out of me!" But then she'd spoil her tirades by groaning with pleasure. But it was wrong! To be fucked by this furry beast wasn't supposed to give her such pleasure!

Her insults only fueled beast's anger and desire. The more she called him names, the more brutal he was with his cock, pounding away at her as if she were a slab of meat that needed tenderizing. "Shut up, you bitch. You'll take it and love it. You enjoy being fucked like a whore, don't you..."

He needed to work out a lot of sexual frustrations and he needed to dump his cum inside her...and soon! He continued to thrust his rod into the resisting pussy over and over, hearing her cries of pleasure. He laughed, feeling her melt against him, feeling that virgin pussy stretching for him. "You're a slut, aren't you!"

The cock inside her pussy was pounding all the reason out of her. "Oh, yes... I'm a slut, your slut... Oh, fuck me hard...make me cum...ohhhhhh, harder...I want your jizz in my belly...!"

Beauty was too far gone by now. Her body was on fire and she welcomed the hard maniacal fucking of her innocent little pussy. She didn't care that no respectable man would ever marry her now, or that her daddy would be furious with her and even ashamed of her for letting this animal have its way with her. No, all that mattered was this beast's cock deep in her cunt, stuffing her fiery love canal to capacity and pounding away at her with a might that quickly brought her over the edge, again and again.

Beast seemed insatiable. He kept fucking furiously at her not-so-tight-anymore pussy from behind even after she'd jackknifed against him a few times with her orgasms. He kept going until she'd cummed senseless, until her pussy was so hypersensitive that all she did was scream over and over her pleasure and need for him. But he wouldn't let up until finally his unnaturally large balls finally filled up with a shitload of cum that needed to be released. Knowing that he was about to blow, he shoved his beefy cock inside her, up to the hilt so that she felt his wrinkled balls, and waited, growling like a wild dog as the painful pressure was suddenly released and his thick manseed poured out of his large sacs and spewed inside Beauty's contracting pussy. The cum kept gushing into her womb until it started gushing out of her—but still he had lots more to spare! He pulled out and aimed his cock at her ass, covering it and part of her back with the warm, white, gooey, slimy liquid before he shoved it back inside her stretched cunt again.

Beauty was weak, though still horny and crazed, but managed to balance precariously on her hands and knees as that fat meaty fire hose drenched her with a seemingly never ending supply of beast cum! She was in heaven, groaning and muttering over and over her pleasure. "Thank you for your cum...Ohhh, your cock makes me feel sooooo good, don't stop...I want to feel your pecker in my pussy again...oh, don't take it out...I want to lick it, suck it...my pussy is yours..."

When his balls were emptied, Beast lay on top of Beauty, his dick still deeply lodged in her soft, cum-filled cunt. He was exhausted, growling deep in his throat at the pleasure he'd just experienced. He had her exactly where he wanted her and that's how he liked it—he was completely satisfied and content for the first time since this damned curse of his. Ahhhh, never had it felt like this with anyone. This girl would be his prisoner for ever!

Beauty tried to move her legs but she was sore all over. She almost laughed out loud; he'd been right, she doubted if she'd sit for the next few days! She was a little disappointed to feel his cock eventually wilting inside her and then having him pull it out completely so that he could lay in the grass and rest. She dragged herself over to him and saw that his cock was limp, although it hadn't lost much of its size. She took the cum-covered cock in her hands and ran her tongue and lips over it, cleaning it up for him. "Thank you, master. You have given me unimaginable pleasure. I am yours."

Beast looked down at her with satisfaction, but he had to wonder if she meant it or if this was a rouse to get his guard down so that she could easily escape him and go back home.

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