tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeauty and the Beast Ch. 08

Beauty and the Beast Ch. 08


The light coming through the windows was cold and gray, and fog seemed to be trying to enter the castle with cold fingers. It was the kind of morning Belle simply wanted to stay in bed, warm and cocooned in her comforters with her beast. Unfortunately, the beast had already risen from slumber early that morning, leaving her alone in their island of a bed. The fire, too, had gone out and even with the down comforter wrapped about her the cold was managing to bite through.

Belle rose from the bed, the comforter wrapped around her shoulders. She went to the fireplace and poked at the smoldering logs within. She tossed a few meager shreds of paper in the help coax the flames back to life, but nothing.

Picking herself up, Belle wandered out of the bedroom and into the even chillier hall. She decided the best place to go would be the library reading room. It was the warmest place in the castle, and fireplace magically never seemed to go out.

She knew she wouldn't see her beast until late that evening, he was going out for his hunt. Every so often he would disappear into the woods, going to fulfill the beastly tendencies within him. Now that he didn't call upon the village to sacrifice a virgin maiden to him, he went out into the woods hunting the tender flesh of the animals within. He told Belle he went when he was afraid the real monster inside would hurt her. They had been too close once before, and he didn't want to rear an ugly head.

The evening her came back from the hunts were Belle's favorite. Often, he still possessed that wild ghost and the very moment he saw her, even smelled her, he'd be sent into a wild lust that would not subside until the late morning hours. His raw passion unleashed, barely a thread holding him back, as he used everything he possessed to use Belle and wake up the beast inside her.

Bell missed him, but she knew this evening it would all be worth the wait. She made her way through the library and sat herself in front of the fireplace, picking up some books laying about. She found her favorite and began to read it. The pages describing the various conquests of heroes and villains alike.

Her favorite story involved an evil enchantress being seduced and captured by a Viking warlord. Her powers drained, she succumbed to his wild desires, becoming his plaything and captive. In surprisingly vivid detail it told of her delicious torture, and despite how hard she tried to fight it, the Viking still brought her to explosive ecstasy.

Belle had derived many an idea from this book and used it on her beast. Belle knew she shouldn't be reading this book, as it tended to arouse her horribly, and without her beast about she had no way of relieving it. Well...her favorite way.

As she read, Belle's fingers slowly moved down, caressing and playing with her nipples straining against her sleep gown. She pinched the tight buds, easing out a painful pleasure she found exquisite. She touched and rolled her finger tips about deftly, feeling the peaks harden into taut, pebble-like mounds.

Belle then began to gently massage her whole breasts with the palm of her hand, pressing and squeezing. Pulling down the top of her sleep gown, her breasts popped out and became exposed to the cool air. Her nipples ache at the touch of cold. Her breath hitched and she smoothed her hot palms across her soft, moist flesh. Her whole body was beginning to ache with desire, her loins already dewy.

Belle pinched her nipples and tugged on them like her beast did with his teeth. Belle could stand it no longer and lowered her hand down between her thighs, hiking up the skirt of her nightgown and pressing the blade of her fingers against her burning sex. She slicked her fingers across her swollen vulva and then circled around her engorged clit. She moaned, falling onto her back and spreading her legs wide open, exposing her naked flesh to the cold air.

She bit down on the tip of her tongue, feeling her nectar flow out and slick between her ass cheeks. She worked her fingers inside herself, thrumming against tender sweet spots. And no matter how hard or fast she moved, she still wasn't satisfied.

Sitting up again, grinding the hell of her palm against her clit, she looked around, searching for something that could soothe her. She saw that on the small side table there where ivory handles sticking from the side. A servant could use these handles to carry the table along for their master. Studying this closely she saw the table was sturdy, not only that it was at the perfect height to simulate her beast entering her from behind while she stood on all fours. The naughty idea of using it filled Belle with even more yearning and she didn't take a moment longer to decide.

She leveled herself with the little table and began easing herself back. She felt the cool ivory probe her engorged vulva, and then it slid inside. Belle released an involuntary sigh of relief. It fit snuggly and comfortably inside, and she adjusted herself for optimal comfort. She then remained still for a moment, clenching her inner muscles around the carved ivory and feeling it fit deliciously inside.

She began to move then.

Gently at first and with slight caution, she wasn't used to anything but the beast's cock these days. Back at home, Rose had taught her how a candle could help ease her yearnings, or even the handle of her brush or mirror. She had also warned Belle about what she should and shoulder use. This seemed safe enough though, Belle thought. The nobly ivory felt so sweet and luxurious inside her, moving in and out and rubbing those spots inside Belle liked.

"Oh yes." Belle whispered, throwing her head back as she began to move faster along the ivory shaft. "My pussy!"

She reached down, confident with her balance, and began to rub her clit. She massaged it as she rapidly pumped herself along the ivory, coaxing moans and gasps of delight from herself she couldn't control.

"Ah! Ah! Ooooh!" Belle squealed giddily.

The feeling of doing such a thing so exposed and so lewdly was better than she expected. She would certainly have to show her beast what she did that morning.

In a finale burst, tossing her head onto her shoulders, Belle came along the ivory. Her muscles tightening inside so, that, she juices squirted out and all over the floor.

Sated and relieved, Belle pulled away, enjoying the feeling of the ivory coming out. She smiled at it, thanking it silently and then pulled down her nightgown and covered her breasts again.


Unbeknownst to Belle, she had indeed put on a show for somebody. The witch, Mirena, had been watching Belle since she had arrived to the palace. Normally, Mirena was alone but this time, she had guests with her.

Turning away from the looking glass she used to watch Belle, she looked upon the three sisters, anguishing as her pet creature held them suspended, its many tendrils holding their wrists and ankles and invading their most private of parts.

Mirena watched hungrily as her monster fucked them. She waved, motioning from her creature to bring Melody down, her pussy at level with Mirena's face.

"Please..." Melody whimpered. "Let us go, please."

Mirena teasingly licked Melody's pretty pussy, causing the poor girl to whimper involuntarily. "But don't you like it?" She easily slipped a finger into Melody's pussy.

"Ah!" Melody gasped. "It's wrong!"

Mirena licked at Melody's clit. "But it feels so good, right?" She hitched up her skirts as the creature lowered Melody down further.

Mirena pressed her pussy with Melody's and began to rub. "Mmm! It feels amazing, yes?"

Melody was gasping, losing herself.

"Feel all that wonderful pleasure! All yours all the time! So much better than life out there where you were alone, playing with yourself." Mirena grunted, relishing the fact that Melody had a plump pussy. "A wonderful cunt like this going to waste!"

"Oh!" Melody whimpered, watching as Mirena transformed into the man she lusted after, Mr. Harrow. "Yes..." She whispered, looking down at his glorious cock. She licked her lips, and shivered impatiently. "Yes!"

Mr. Harrow swung his hips back, allowing his cock to poke at her entrance. He rubbed himself, gripping his shaft and rubbing Melody's juices along himself.

Melody whined impatiently, already forgetting that it wasn't Mr. Harrow at all, but the witch Mirena.

Finally, smirking, he thrust into Melody's tight cunt.

Melody gasped, gripping hard onto his fat cock with all her might. "I love you Mr. Harrow!" She whispered.

"Melody!" Rose spat.

Pearl rolled her head onto her shoulder. "She...she can't..."

Rose had been fighting the hardest of them to stay in control, but what killed her the most was seeing Pearl loose. Mirena had been extra attentive with poor Melody, so susceptible and naïve. It was no wonder that Melody was slipping away from them faster and faster.

Rose tried to force herself from climaxing, but it was no use. Once again, the tendril swirling around inside her brought her to a juicy orgasm, her nectar sliding down the smooth tentacle and splashing on Pearl's ass.

"Damn them..." Rose seethed.

Below Melody was crying out in pleasure, her plump body bouncing with the force being delivered by the fake Mr. Harrow. "Oh yes! Oh yes!" She mewed happily. "I love your big cock tearing me apart!"

Rose watched as her sister was violated, watching the man's massive cock slide in and out of Melody's tiny, pink pussy so easily. It seemed impossible that it fit inside without hurting her. Rose licked her lips, the inability to keep her desire in-check was winning over her will.

"I can't..." She whispered to herself.

But she couldn't help it, she wanted a hot, real dick.

Melody was shuddering, clamping her fingers tight on her plump breasts. "I'm cumming!" She cooed. "It feels so good! Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!" Her back arched and she thrust her breasts up towards the ceiling. Her mouth hung open, screaming silently as Mr. Harrow continued to fuck her silly, fuck her into submission, fuck her mindless.

Melody became limp, and she moaned with each rapid thrust Mr. Harrow delivered as he brought himself to his own orgasm. But suddenly he pulled out and then tentacles moved, rolling Melody over so her round rump was presented to Mr. Harrow.

He slid back into place, hands firmly clamped on either side of her sweet ass, pulling her open slightly. Melody wriggled some, but she didn't fight at all.

"Melody..." Rose groaned. She was trying to reach her, but she found hers

elf becoming ravenously jealous. Mr. Harrow was about to perform her favorite act upon Melody, and all she could do was watch.

Mr. Harrow's fat cock, lubed with Melody's copious nectar, slid easily into her anus. Melody let out a weak gasp as he began to thud all the way back into her, stretching open her tightest hole, her virgin ass.

It wasn't long before Mr. Harrow released, climaxing in Melody's ass. His load hot, and seering in her belly. She moaned, gasping as he pulled out of her. The vines lifted her back up to the ceiling beside Rose. She hung slack, sated, actually smiling.

The next thing Rose felt was the tentacles pulling her down and before Mirena, no longer Mr. Harrow. She watched, terrified and angry as Mirena smiled.

"Still no love?" Mirena pouted playfully.

Rose scowled.


Belle waited anxiously for her beast to return. It was already dark and there was still no sign of him. She ate a small meal and went back to the library where she sat and read.

She looked outside the window, seeing the moon rise high. Frustrated, Belle returned to the bedchamber and locked the door. She threw herself into bed and forced herself to fall asleep. If he wanted to stay out all night and leave her alone, worried and waiting, let him. If he did come back he could just fall asleep wherever he wanted. He was an animal after all!

Belle woke with a start when she heard a loud pounding on the door. She sat up with a start and stared frightened. The beast still wasn't back. What if something horrible had happened?

"Open the door!" It was the beast roaring.

Belle became angry again. It was just barely morning. Where had he been all this time?

"No! You can just sleep outside since you love it there so much."

He pounded harder on the door, making even the frame shake. "You better let me in girl or I swear I'll eat you like I was supposed to."

Belle jumped out of bed. "I'd like to see you try!" She screamed. "I'd like to see you try and find another girl willing to fuck you!"

He roared, loud and angry and Belle stepped back. The door was beginning to splinter he was hitting it so hard.

"Let me in you fucking whore!"

"How dare you?" Belle screamed.

The door splintered off it's hinges and the beast ripped it away, tossing it into the hallway. He was seething, angry and lusting for blood.

Belle pressed herself against the wall. "Don't you dare come near me!" She snapped.

He howled again, that angry, painful howl. He then lunged at Belle, pressing her up against the wall. He ripped her clothes off with his sharp claws. "You belong to me! You do as I say! You do what I want! You understand!"

Belle screamed, turning her head away.

The beast then threw her down on the floor, trapping her by pressing his massive, clawed paw on her back. Belle kicked and struggled but he pinned her down harder.

"Don't you dare move!"

Belle whimpered. "Please..."

He lifted up her hips and forcefully pulled her open.

"No! Please no!" Belle cried.

He forced himself inside her and Belle cried out in pain.

"Stop! I don't want this!"

He was moving hard and without purpose. He was simply fucking her because he was a beast and she had a pussy to be fucked.

"You'll want if because I say you want it." He pumped harder, his cock red and hot, savaging the sweet pussy he loved. He could feel her fear tightening up around him, creating a new and delicious sensations.

He seethed, wanting to devour ever inch of her.

He took his finger, forcing it into her tight ass.

"It hurts!" Belle whimpered.

The beast gripped her hair, yanking her head back. "I can bite open your throat right now and fuck the corpse! Do you want that?"

Belle dropped her eyes. "Please...no..."

The beast continued thrusting and bucking, and then he released himself inside her. Belle dropped to the floor, sobbing and shuddering.

The beast too pleasure in this kill, but then, watching her on the floor, he had realized what he had done.

"Oh god..." He got down beside her, reaching for her. "Oh god Belle...I'm so sorry!"

Belle screamed and wretched away from him, striking at him. "No! Don't you dare touch me!"

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't...it wasn't..."

"I don't want to hear it!" Belle sobbed.

Looking down the beast saw Belle was bleeding from her vagina. He stared in horror, tears coming to his eyes.

"Get away from me." Belle seethed angrily. "Get out of here. I never want to see you again."

"I'm not leaving you." He whispered. "I have to take responsibility for my actions." He took the blanket from the bed and placed it around her. "You're hurt."

"And you did it." Belle spit. "Get away from me." She tried to push the blanket off but he stopped her hands.

"Please Belle...you're bleeding badly. Let me see. You may need a doctor."

Belle was afraid. Afraid of him and afraid of the pain, and he was the only one who could help her if something was wrong. Slowly, she opened her legs to him. The beast gently touched her, she was swollen and sore below from his harsh attentions.

She was bleeding inside. The beast shook his head in disbelief. What had he done to this sweet creature? He opened his lips, licking the blood away from her folds.

Belle hit him as hard as she could. "You have no right!"

"I'm cleaning it." He said. "Please, be still."

Belle looked away, trying to ignore his warm tongue going inside her, washing over her pink lips, her waking bud. She suppressed a moan, she didn't want him knowing at all that he was causing her pleasure.

The beast was thankful he had hunted that day, or else her sweet blood might of awakened and even more frightening monster. And then, he realized, she was beginning to drip with girl cum. Her clit was swelling. She was enjoying his tongue.

The beast pulled away, seeing a glittering jewel drip down from her pussy to the floor. He then looked up at Belle, tears still in her eyes.

"Belle," he beckoned.

She ignored him.

"Let me take care of you, Belle." He whispered and went back down between her legs.

He kissed her swelling bud, and she shuddered. His tongue washed over her, collecting her sweet nectar. Belle swallowed, still trying to keep her voice in check. He slowly pushed his tongue inside, tasting her blood, her honey.

"Stop." Belle whimpered. "I hate you."

He licked still, causing Belle to shudder and jerk. He took his fingers, gently stroking her pussy.

A moan finally escaped Belle's lips.

"I love you Belle. I love more than you could understand. I cannot bear the thought of having hurt you." He inserted a finger, and Belle's legs opened wider.

"Don't say that...not now." Belle gripped at his mane, pulling hard at it. "I can't stand you!"

"I don't care. You can hate me all you want, but I will always love you." He replaced his finger with his tongue, swirling it around and then suckling on her clit.

"No." Belle gasped.

He pinched her clit between his fingers and he was thanked by a hot splash of her cum against her tongue. Belle wriggled and then finally escaped, pulling away from him and hiding in the blanket.

"You fool! You stupid man!"

The beast sat before the bundle that contained his love and her embraced it. "I love you Belle. I love you more than I have loved anything."

"You absolute fool."

And then, the blanket collapsed. The beast started, raising and picking up the blanket.

Belle was gone.

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