Becky Ch. 06

byMany Feathers©

"So, ah...when do you want to try and do this?" William asked, still surprised that things had headed off in this particular direction. Admittedly he wouldn't mind seeing Grace's body, though he was well aware that would be the extent of it.

"How about tonight after dinner?" Mellissa suggested. "Why don't you join us, and then we can leave from there?"

"Sounds good to me," Grace smiled. They had already discussed where they were planning on going, and since it was closer to where Grace lived than anywhere else, she invited them back to her place afterwards. They soon parted company after that, with Grace indicating she wanted to head home and straighten her place up a bit before they met for dinner. Mellissa and William had already made plans to do some sight-seeing together, and headed off to do that, though they were both grateful for the opportunity to further discuss things in even greater detail while they did that. William was still a little unsure of how something like this would work, or could work, though he found himself likewise excited and looking forward to it. Something that Mellissa, and mostly likely Grace had noticed as well.

Mellissa even teased him a bit. "I see you're not at all put off by the thought of the three of us," she chuckled. "Which I'm pleased to see. I honestly was a bit nervous about Grace's suggestion when she first mentioned it, not knowing how you'd respond to the idea. But it appears, you're responding just fine." She even caressed his crotch, finding his hard stiff member, squeezing it affectionately as they'd stood there in the open door of her car before driving off. William was to follow her back home where she'd drop off her car, and then they'd leave from there, meeting up later with Grace at the restaurant.

William had maintained his erection all the way back to Mellissa's place, thinking about the night ahead, excited as well as anxious for it. It would be the first time in his entire life that he'd ever been with two naked women at the same time, even if he'd never actually touch or do anything with one of them. But even this much, was far more than anything he ever dreamed he'd ever see or do. Being exceptionally horny now, he thought he'd have some fun, removing his cock, exposing it to the elements as he pulled up in front of Mellissa's house waiting for her as she got out of her car, heading over towards his. She climbed in, looked over and laughed.

"When you suggested we should go sight-seeing, you weren't kidding were you?"


Becky sat up wiping her mouth. She had just finished sucking both Larry and Bobby off together. She'd enjoyed the sensation of having both their cocks in her mouth at the same time. Pleased that they hadn't got all squeamish or weirded out when she did that. After only a few moments, they both seemed to get really into it anyway as she played with their dicks, one in each hand, very often placing them side-by-side in order to suck and lick them far more easily together like that. They had even cum at almost the exact same instant, one orgasm sparking the other. And though there hadn't been a whole lot of nasty juice for her this time, there had at least still been some, though it was now evident, both guys were totally done in for the day.

"Well, now you owe me a favor," she stated starting to dress, just as they were. "Since I kept my end of the bargain."

"Ok, what?" Bobby asked.

"I'm going to need you to take me someplace around six o'clock. My father's having dinner with someone, and I want to find out who she is."

"Your dad's seeing someone?" Bobby asked surprised to hear that.

"Apparently. But not just seeing someone either. I'm pretty sure he's fucking her too. So I want to find out who my possible future step-mother might be."

"It really that serious?" Larry asked.

"I don't know...but I intend to find out," Becky said looking sternly at him. "But for now, I need the two of you to leave, I have things I need to see to and do," she told them both, though turning back to face Bobby again. "Pick me up around six," she said. "Oh, and it might be a good idea if you bring that fancy camera of yours, you know...the one with the telephoto lens?"

That was Bobby's favorite hobby and pastime. Taking photos, being a member of the school paper as the high school photographer. He was good at it too, and was thinking about taking it up professionally after they graduated.

He grinned. "Maybe we'll get lucky enough to get something nasty," he chuckled.

"You never know," Becky agreed, and then saw them both to the door. The moment they left she ran back up to her room to check how the video files she's secretly recorded had turned out. They had turned out great, and she lay there in bed, touching herself, watching the three of them doing everything they had done together, finding it incredibly erotic, seeing herself as she was fucked in the ass for the very first time...twice. It was nice having something on record to remember this as she lay there and once again brought herself to a very, very intense orgasm.


Bobby picked her up at six sharp. It was only a ten minute drive to Chili's, from where she lived. She spotted her father's car parked in the lot almost immediately. "Park over there," she said pointing out a spot that was actually across the road from the restaurant parking lot. After Bobby had done that, she turned to him. "Now...I need you to go inside, see if you can find where they're sitting without being noticed. Think you can do that?"

"Yeah, shouldn't be too hard. I can pretend I'm looking for the restroom, should allow me enough time to have a quick look around, figure out where they're at. "

"Good, and while doing that, see if you can figure out who it is while you're at it, just in case you happen to know her."

"Will do," he said slipping out of the car, walking across the street, and soon after disappearing inside the restaurant. It was a good ten minutes before Bobby came walking outside again. He soon sprinted across the lot, across the street, jumping into the car.

"Well? Did you see them? Did they see you?" She asked anxiously.

"Yes...and no," he responded back smugly, obviously enjoying the fact he had knowledge which she didn't.

"Alright smart ass, tell me...who's my father with anyway? Do you know her?"

"One of em I do," he grinned mischievously.

"One of them? You mean there's two? Who?"

"Well one of them's a blonde, though I've never seen her before. But the other one..." he paused making Becky irritated with him as he drew out the suspense.

"Tell me you little fucker!" She spat. "Or I'll grab your dick and tear it off by the root here!" She threatened starting to actually reach for it.

Bobby's smug look immediately evaporated. "Ok, ok. The other Miss Woodruff!"

"Grace?" Becky almost yelled. "He's having dinner with her two?" She openly asked, confused by that as she knew that her P.E. teacher was a lesbian for one thing, and why on earth her father would be having dinner with her and another woman, totally escaped her. There was really no reason for him to be doing so, unless they were talking about her for some reason, which now made her even more suspicious. She had liked Grace, one of the few teachers she had that she had liked, and had even grown to trust. She'd even been over to Grace's place a couple of times, helping out filing paperwork, or loading grades and assignments as a teacher's aide. She wasn't even aware that her father had ever met Grace before, let alone talked to her. And he was having dinner with her, and some other blonde.

"So now what?" Bobby asked anxiously, seeing that Becky was irritated, worried that she might actually go in there and make a scene.

"We wait," she said simply.

"But they could be in there for over an hour!" Bobby complained. The last thing he wanted to do was waste an entire evening sitting out in the parking lot with Becky in the mood she was now in.

"We wait until they come out, and then we follow them," she told him in a no nonsense tone of voice, letting him know that he really didn't have any options here. "Be patient," she added to that. "Something tells me that camera of yours is going to come in real handy tonight!"

Although that did brighten his spirits a little, Bobby still wasn't too keen on sitting there for that long basically doing nothing. Several minutes passed as they sat there staring out across the road towards the restaurant. Bobby fidgeting in his seat, sighing heavily twice.

"Stop that!" Becky demanded. "If you're so fucking bored, why don't you just take your cock out and jack it off while we're waiting?"

"I would...but I'm not sure I could even get it up again after today," he grinned. Becky shook her head, reaching down, undoing her zipper, and then lifted her ass, shoving her jeans off as she did. "What are you doing?" He asked looking at her, surprised at her sudden bold move. And outside no less.

"Well if you can't get it up again, you can do me. That should keep you nice and occupied for a while shouldn't it?"

Becky sat back in her seat as indeed Bobby reached over and began playing with her pussy. If nothing else, it would help keep her mind occupied too. She was seething inside, curious as to who her father was seeing, and fucking...and even more curious as to why Grace was a part of that. More than any other single person, Grace was the one woman she had come to really care about. And had she had any latent fantasies or desires about being with another woman, Grace would have been the one woman, she'd have enjoyed experiencing that with. Now she was angry and confused, once again feeling betrayed, and more determined now than ever to find out just who the mystery blonde was too.


"Hey!" Bobby complained as he felt Becky's legs suddenly close all but trapping his hand between her legs.

"Shut up, they're coming out!" Becky stated, chasing his hand away, pulling her pants up, all the while looking, though she still hadn't been able to make out who the blonde was yet, though seeing Grace was obvious, along with her father. "Hand me your camera!" Bobby gave it over to her as she picked it up, adjusting the focus. Even this far away, once she looked through the camera, she might as well have been standing there next to them. "Holy fucking shit!" She exclaimed shortly after that.

"Who is it?"

Becky handed back the camera, her face red. "Remember that little shit who I had the run in with?" She asked. Everybody had heard about it. And had it not been for Grace coming in and breaking things up when she did, she was sure she'd have been expelled from school because of it.

"Yeah? What about her?"

"That's her mother," Becky stated. "That's who my dad's with."

"Yeah? No shit! Really?"


"So now what?"

"Start the car." Bobby did that. "OK, so now what."


"Drive where?"

"I'll tell you. I have a pretty good idea where they're going. And I want to get there and get set up before they do."

Becky had watched the three of them standing there together out in the parking lot. When Grace turned, pointing off in one direction, Becky knew. Grace lived just around the corner and down the street, no more than a mile away. Having been there before, she had a pretty good idea of the lay out, and even more importantly, knew exactly where to be once they got there. Now she could only hope that's indeed where they'd end up. But knowing how Grace lived, and how she liked to entertain, if there was any one place they would end up, things would at the very least start there. Bobby raced, following her directions, and then parked down an alley way where the garbage trucks normally ran. There was no fear of that happening tonight as they parked his car, and then let themselves in through the back service gate. Running across the backyard, they positioned themselves behind a hedge, and waited. Just beyond, only a few feet away stood the patio, a pair of sliding glass doors leading into the house. Only moments after that, they saw lights being turned on inside the house, and then sure enough, the room just beyond was suddenly lit as well. Both Bobby and Becky watched as Grace, her father...and the woman whose name she now remembered as "Mellissa," came walking into the room.

Becky and Bobby watched as Grace leaned over, kissing Mellissa fully and warmly on the mouth, and then her father did.

"Oh yeah...this is about to get very interesting," she quipped. "Bring your camera?"

Bobby held it up, and then zoomed in, quietly focusing as he began taking picture after picture.


William and Grace slowly began removing Mellissa's clothes, piece by piece, simultaneously sharing her, kissing every square inch of her body. They both took their time doing so, still standing together there in the middle of the room, now sucking her breasts, Grace on one, William on the other. Mellissa moaned quietly, her head tilted back, eyes closed, savoring the exquisite intimacy she was now sharing with the two of them.

"I want to watch him fucking you while you're eating me," Grace said, tossing several throw pillows down in the middle of the floor as she then began removing her own clothes. William doing the same until all three stood naked in front of one another. "Well I must say William, if I were interested in feeling what a man's cock felt like inside me, yours would be the one I'd be most tempted to try," she smiled. "Tempted, I said," she laughed, now placing herself down on the floor, legs spread, knees bent. "Come here your other lover how much you enjoy eating a woman's pussy. Especially THIS pussy!"

William had to admit, he was aroused beyond reason. Even knowing that he and Grace would have very little contact, if any. But she was still uninhibited around him even then, spreading herself, showing off her cunt, the delicate pink inner skin of her folds and lips as she skinned back her tiny clit, exposing it to them both, taunting Mellissa with it as she did so. "Come here baby, lick it. Taste me, see how fucking hot I am for you! Let William see and imagine that talented tongue of yours licking my cunt baby, wondering what it would feel like to have two tongues licking his dick!" She laughed again.

"You're a nasty little tease, you know that?" Mellissa chastised. "Keep it up, and I'll make you do it," she challenged, though getting down on all fours, presenting her sweet ass to William as he wandered over, now kneeling down behind her, rubbing the head of his prick up and down the wet slick furrow of her gash. Mellissa began licking Grace however, her tongue flicking out rapidly, tickling, teasing, and torturing Grace's pussy, just as William was doing to Mellissa's, not yet slipping inside her. He was enjoying this too much to rush things. After all...they had a full night ahead of them.


"Holy fucking shit! You are getting all this right?" Becky asked turning back towards Bobby for a moment, surprised to find he had actually taken his cock out, and had been stroking it occasionally in between taking pictures. "Here, let me do that. You keep taking the fucking pictures!" She exclaimed. The only thing she wished, was that they could likewise hear what was being said too, though at times managing to lip-read what was being said, enough that she and Bobby both were getting a pretty good picture of what was going on, in addition to the actual pictures he was taking. But it was also a bit of a relief to know if they couldn't hear the three of them inside, the odds were, they couldn't hear her or Bobby outside either.

The one thing that Becky was having the most trouble with however, was the way she felt emotionally at the moment. It was a mixed bag that was causing her to have what felt like a rollercoaster of emotional turmoil. On the one hand, what they were seeing, watching...was extremely erotic. It was hard not to be turned on by it, as was evidenced by Bobby's hard prick, nor the fact that Becky was in fact enjoying herself while stroking it, feeling how hard it was, and how slick it had also become. She could even feel her own cunt leaking profusely, and knew without any doubt, she was leaving a rather large wet spot in her crotch.

On the other hand...she was pissed. She felt once again betrayed, by everyone, though especially Grace and her father. Mellissa was simply a participant in the scheme of things, though she likewise held her responsible for the cruel teasing's she had endured at the hands of the woman's daughter.

But it was now indeed Grace who she looked at, and fumed over. The one person she had basically opened up to, and confided in. She had felt a closeness to her, in a non-sexual way. Sure...she wondered what it might be like, and not that they hadn't had somewhat intimate conversations, because they had. But it was mostly her, sharing with Grace how she felt, how stupid and ugly she thought she was, how ugly her breasts were, and how she hated the way they looked, once going so far as to pull the top she had on, up and over them, showing them to Grace. Though admittedly, Grace hadn't asked her to do that, or expected it when she did. She had calmly told Becky to cover herself, though telling her as she did, that regardless of what anyone else thought...she thought that Becky had beautiful breasts. That had meant a lot to her, even then. Grace had been the first ever person to tell her that they thought her boobs were actually pretty. For that reason alone, she again felt betrayed as Mellissa knelt there licking Grace's cunt, her pretty...almost perfect boobs hanging there, swinging erotically to and fro, Grace occasionally even reaching out to cup one, and toy with the woman's hard taut nipples. The very same nipples she had stood there and watched her own father sucking on!

"How many more pictures do you want?" Bobby asked breathlessly. He was so close to cumming now, that a few more hand strokes by Becky's hand, which felt like a vise about his cock, would have it doing just that, and soon too!

"Take a breather," she told him. "Wait until they move into some new position other than this one. I want to make sure I've got lots of really good stuff on them for what I have in mind," she confided.

"What are you going to do?" Bobby asked nervously, now not too excited to even be there and be doing this. Though Becky seemed to sense that, his fear now and reluctance at continuing on.

"I don't know yet. I'm still thinking about it. But I can assure you, it will be well worth all this when I do. Now...while we're waiting for them to do something else, how about fucking me in the ass again? I really think I'd enjoy your doing that, especially now. In a way...I've already been fucked in the ass watching this. So I might as well enjoy it too, don't you think?" Becky stood, removing ALL of her clothes, much to Bobby's surprise.

"Shit Becky! What if someone comes out and sees you? Catches us?"

She laughed. "So what if they do? You think they're going to make a big deal out of seeing me? Or you? After we've been sitting here watching the three of them? I don't think so." Once she was naked, she knelt down on all fours, even bold enough to now be poking her head around the side of the small hedge rather than over the top of it. Which also had the effect of giving her a much better view inside the room.

"Alright Bobby, stick your dick in there! Fuck my ass Bobby, stick it in and fuck my ass. But don't you dare fucking cum...until I say so!"

Bobby didn't dare do otherwise.


Grace cried out joyfully, surprised at the intensity of her climax. It had seized her almost unexpectedly, one of the best she had experienced in a very long time. She too was struggling, surprised to find herself this turned on, and mostly because she could hear William's cock slamming in and out of her lover's pussy. The wet, slick juicy sounds she was hearing, escalating and intensifying her own level of arousal. She even allowed herself the brief slip of thought as she came, wondering what it might feel like to have William's hard stiff cock inside her, while Mellissa simultaneously licked her clit.

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