tagMind ControlBecoming Dominant Ch. 04

Becoming Dominant Ch. 04


Author's warning: It turns out this chapter is mostly about lots of indulgent sex. I know I said there would be a plot someday... but for now, we're still in the "Wow all this awesome just fell in my lap" phase. Hope you enjoy.

Tori returned to the suite immediately after checking out at the front desk. Luggage waited in the limo downstairs, the bill had been paid and everything was ready for departure. All that mattered now was the go-ahead from her current and former dominators.

When she opened the door, she couldn't help but smile. Monica wasn't fooling about wanting to keep Casey as satisfied as possible up until the very last minute. The voluptuous blonde knelt on a pillow in front of him at the foot of the bed. She was clad in her white sundress, having taken off only her shoes while she went down on him. Casey, as Monica clearly preferred, was completely naked, but his clothes were laid out beside him. He sat on the bed, his hands on Monica's shoulders as she bobbed up and down on his cock. His expression was one of pure surrender.

She paused to savor the sight of it. Tori knew the sort of feeling Casey enjoyed very well. She'd spent so many long hours in that blissful semi-hypnotic haze of surrender, with her body softly rippling with pleasure. She knew how good it felt to give in, to allow a dominant to do whatever she—and now he—wanted to do to her, and further how good it felt to give back. Once claimed, simply being with an aroused dominant was like a drug. Sex with a dominant was even better.

Her friends and family had wondered, given her studies, her talents and her ambitions, why she chose to work as a personal assistant, even if her job title included the important term "executive" and her boss was so well-connected. She couldn't tell them about the sheer physical and emotional pleasures of her role, of course. Nor could she come up with an adequate explanation as to why playing "assistant" was so much better than any leadership or management job she would find in the ordinary corporate world. But she was happy, and well-compensated, and in the end that was all that mattered. It looked like she was in for a long stretch of more of the same, too.

Tori adored them both. It was not the first time Tori had watched Monica with one of her conquests, but this one clearly went above and beyond anything Tori had witnessed in her short term of service. Tori looked up to Monica, idolized her and felt a sincere sense of love and belonging with her as her valet and confidant...

...but now there was Casey. Everything about him felt right. Everything about Casey and Monica being together felt right. She hated to split them up, but it had to be done.

Tori slipped in behind Monica, caressing her back. Not many of Monica's conquests, male or female, were allowed to be so presumptuous. Tori had been special; she was allowed greater initiative when it came to touch and familiarity than any of Monica's other toys—at least, to Tori's knowledge. There were those who didn't explicitly know the depths of Monica's control and thought themselves perfectly normal boyfriends or girlfriends, but among those who knew that they were conquests and toys, Tori had always been offered special privileges. It was something she cherished. She hoped it would not end, even now that she had a new dominant. "Mistress," she whispered, "we're ready to go whenever you choose."

Monica let out a hum of acknowledgement. Casey only moaned with pleasure. Then Monica pulled away from him, working his cock with her hand but freeing her mouth to speak. "We're almost ready to go, but I need to be able to talk with Casey for a few minutes while we still have the room. Would you mind?"

Tori's eyes lit up. "Of course, mistress," she said with confident joy, and gratefully took up Monica's spot between Casey's legs. Her eyes met with her new dominant's for just a moment before she opened her mouth for him, sliding down on his glorious cock. She gave herself over to the pleasures of having him in her mouth, reveling in the sensation of his head and shaft slowly sliding through her lips, over her tongue and touching the back of her throat. It was hardly any less pleasurable than the feeling of his cock in her pussy. Tori gave in to it, and to him.

"There are a few things I want to know before we get going," Monica told him in a soft, sultry voice as she took a spot beside him. Monica leaned against her lover, breathing into his ear as she spoke. "Don't cum yet, Casey. Once we hit the airport, you'll have to try to think of anything but sex for a few hours. But before we go, I have questions."

"Uhh?" Casey murmured. His eyes fluttered open again. Tori had him enthralled with her mouth, with her hands and with her devotion, yet Casey was able to think through the haze of pleasure. "About what?"

A naughty grin spread across Monica's lips. "Pussy, for starters," she said, soon trailing kisses along his neck and his chest. "Would you prefer your women shave? Or do you like a little hair down there?"

"Seems kind of... not my call to make," Casey shrugged, stroking Tori's neck as she serviced him.

"Silly, you're a dominant," Monica countered. "You absolutely get to make these calls. If it's no difference to Tori, or to me... what would you prefer?" She kissed him softly again. "It's me, love. I'm not asking you to be a good feminist. I want to know what you want. What your cock wants."

He let out a long breath. "Hair," he said finally. "As long as it's taken care of. I like a little color. Something to draw the eyes. Feels intimate."

"What else? Take your time," she counseled, fingers tracing across his scalp. "Let Tori help you. You're thinking clearer now, aren't you?"

"I am," Casey nodded. "Still feels amazing, but I am."

"She's yours. Enjoy her. She can let you turn your mind off and sink into the pleasure, or she can clear your mind better than anything on earth.

"Think, Casey. Tell me what really turns you on. Nothing you say to me will make me love you any less. Everyone has their little perversions. So tell me what you want.

"I've known your girlfriends, but I also know how they've turned out. You never have to settle for less than what you want ever again, Casey. Do you like them older? Barely legal? Any ethnic preferences?"

He gave it a moment's thought. The pause let him focus on Tori's mouth and tongue. "Everything," he said finally. "I'd want them old enough to drink. But hot is hot. Doesn't matter what color or if they're older."

"What turns you on, Casey?" Monica hissed. "Tell me."

"This, right now. Two women. All the attention. I feel awesome. You don't even know."

"Oh, but I do. Nice treat for the ego, isn't it?"


"It gets better," Monica grinned. "What do you daydream about? Tell me your fantasies, Casey. All of them. Anything."

"I'm kinda vanilla," he shrugged. His brain worked just fine. His voice still trembled with pleasure.

"Nothing wrong with that."

"I want it all. I want to be pursued. I want to be the aggressor. I want them to pose. I want them to know they're hot, and enjoy it and to feel confident and offer themselves to me. But mostly I want to know they want me, one way or the other. I don't want them to be clones. I want them to be themselves."

"Variety is good."

"I want them to be slutty, but slutty for me. I don't care if other men want them. That's fine. I just want to know I'm the one getting laid, and I'm the one they're slutty for."

Monica's lips trailed up his neck to his ear. She nibbled on his earlobe, endlessly reminding him of the hold she had over him.

"Lesbians," he said. "Bi. Women with women. So hot."

"Good boy."

"That, too. You. I'm so turned on by you. The confidence. The sexuality. It's like you're flexing some sort of muscle at me. I feel you dominating me."

"You like it?"

"I love it. So much. It's so good."

"I'll keep it up. Surrender and enjoy." She kissed him deeply, telling him once again in no uncertain terms who was in control and why, and he loved her for it.

"What else? Not just me. Think broader."



"I'm crazy about it," Casey admitted. "Gets me every time. Even simple sports bras. But the better stuff... I love it."

"Tell me."

"I used to grab your lingerie catalogues before they wound up in the trash," he said, "and I'd hide them. I know it's just visuals and marketing, but I always think... that's what a woman wears when she feels sexy. When she wants it."

"Anything in particular you like?"

He slowly shook his head. "I like it all. I like the innocent stuff. I like slutty stuff. I like leather. I like French maid outfits and harem girl costumes.

"I like... I love hearing all this submission talk," he confessed. "Hearing how Tori feels about me. All the ego-stroking. I like... I love feeling like a stud and getting you and Tori off. I can't get enough, and... Oh God this feels good."

Monica waited until he had more to say, but realized she was losing him to bliss once more. After a moment, she decided it was time. "You know she wants it, right?" Monica asked. "Wants to taste you. Drink from you. She wants it as badly as you ever want me. Maybe even more."

"Yes," Casey murmured. Tori let out a wordless, hungry whine of agreement and need.

"Anything else? You sure you're telling me everything? Not holding back out of embarrassment or because you're worried I'll think you're sick?"

"I don't know..." Casey answered dreamily. "Like what?"

"As far as I'm concerned, women should call you master and consider themselves lucky to have your cock in their asses. Don't worry, I'll keep you from actually hurting anyone. I'll teach you. I want to know everything, even the dirtiest stuff. I don't mind if it's a little dark... dominants usually have some dark tastes. Like..."

Monica grinned wickedly. "Like maybe being a little forceful," she said as she put one hand on Casey's shoulder and then grabbed a fistful of hair on the top of Tori's head with the other, pushing her down slowly but relentlessly on Casey's cock and holding it there. "Don't worry, just enjoy it," Monica hissed at him. Tori hadn't gone down this deep on Casey yet, and clearly would not have without coaxing. It couldn't have been entirely comfortable. But now that she was pushed into it she submitted without a struggle.

"Holy fuck," Casey gasped, less in shock than in pleasure, though there was more than a little surprise, too. He'd been passionate with lovers before, but never this rough. He knew he should object, should stop this, shouldn't allow Tori to be treated like this... but it felt so goddamn good.

Her breathing seemed a bit struggled. Her hands were open, muscles tensed, but she didn't struggle. It felt incredible.

Monica kept her there, and then swept around the two so she could straddle Tori's head where it rested in between Casey's legs. She ground her crotch into the back of Tori's skull while the helpless younger woman's mouth and throat served as a warm, wet, tight sleeve for Casey's whole cock.

"She'll be fine," Monica assured him with a cruelly gentle grin. "She's your bitch now, after all. Do you like that? So much to teach you, Casey. So many pleasures to introduce you to."

Casey stared in wide-eyed amazement at his foster mother even while his carnal pleasures soared. He could feel Tori's struggle to breathe, but he could also feel his guilty enjoyment build.

"You should consider having her call you master," Monica suggested with a light kiss on his neck. "That's what you are now. Maybe you'll fall in love. Maybe you'll just be friends. Or maybe she'll just be your valet. But no matter what, you've conquered her and she's yours.

"You can have anyone, Casey," Monica whispered into his ear. She ground her pussy against Tori's head, both for her own pleasure and to create some motion for Casey, which left him moaning and Tori whimpering whenever her throat could manage it. "She's loving this right now, you know. You can almost feel it. You'll learn to feel it.

"You can have anyone you want, Casey," she repeated. "Virgins just starting college. Innocent girls you can turn into your own personal needy, desperate sluts. Lesbians you can teach to love your cock.

"Mothers. Wives. You'll have to try out some married women," she chuckled. "I know dominants who greatly prefer them. That ego boost of having someone else's woman... hearing their weak protests of how they love their man while they give themselves up to your cock. Watching their resistance break down until they're ready to give themselves to you entirely. Hell, I know dominants who make a hobby out of cuckolding. I do it myself. It's a little cruel, but it's fun."

"Isn't that..." he gasped again at the wonders his cock enjoyed. "Isn't that wrong? You said not to... hurt people."

"Oh, there's hurting and then there's playing," Monica cooed. "I can teach you. No tears. No scars. No hurt feelings. You can take what you want and send them home to their husbands happier than ever. You can fix all the damage and have them forget everything. I'll teach you, Casey," she whispered into his ear. "I'll approve."

He let out a moan of pleasure. Casey had never really considered such taboo pleasures, but under Monica's seduction and Tori's helpless deep-throating, he was far too turned on. "Are you gonna cum now, lover?" Monica whispered. Casey nodded breathlessly. "Then give her all you have. As much as you can. Cum, Casey. Cum whenever you want."

It wasn't long. Casey's whole center began to tremble. His eyes winced shut, but then after the first throb of cum burst from him, his eyes snapped open again. It went straight down Tori's relaxed throat. Monica withdrew to allow Tori more control as she swallowed the rest. Casey looked down at her with concern.

Tori met his gaze. Her face was a bit red and showed her physical distress, but she refused to waver in her duties. She swallowed eagerly and quickly while still looking directly up at him. He could tell that she enjoyed this as much as him. She shivered, and whimpered, and her body trembled against his legs. He could feel their connection build even further. He came, and they both loved it.

Monica allowed him a brief moment to lay back on the bed and rise out of the haze again. Tori's mouth stayed locked on his cock until she had swallowed every bit of his sweet fluid. When she was finished, she pulled back only enough to lick and stroke him. "Thank you, sir," Tori murmured. "Mistress. That felt so good."

"You're okay?" Casey blinked, still shuddering. "I'm so sorry."

Tori shook her head. "It was tough, but I loved it. I would do that again for you, sir, if you wished. Anytime you wish."

"Later," Monica interrupted happily. "Time to get dressed now. There's more fun waiting at home."

* * *

Rain fell the entire trip from the hotel to the airport. Casey rode in the back of the limo with Monica, who seemed somewhat preoccupied catching up with messages on her smartphone. Casey didn't mind. It gave him time to think.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Monica asked as they came closer to their destination.

"Just thinkin' about this place. Going home. I like the Northwest, but it's not LA. I've wanted to go home for a long time."

"I've wanted you back since before you first left," Monica said. Her tone carried as much warm, familial love as it did seduction or romance.

He smiled a bit, looking from the window and grey skies beyond to his mentor and newfound love. "Yeah, but I guess it's true what they say about never going home again, right? I mean, I'm sure as hell not complaining, I just..." he shrugged. "I thought it was going to take a while to decompress. Maybe it hasn't caught up to me yet. But I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and it never does."

"You're different from other people," Monica shrugged. "You also have something new and exciting to walk into. Wonderful opportunities. Someone who loves you and will support you... multiple someones," she corrected, tilting her head to the closed window to the driver's compartment.

"You didn't describe it as love before."

"Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn't. Depends a lot on how you handle it and the personalities involved. It's generally a pretty positive relationship regardless, unless you're a complete dick to the people you dominate. I don't expect that'll be an issue with you. Just isn't in your nature. I fully expect you to have quite a number of genuine romances in addition to ours. It's totally okay with me; I know I'm not going to be replaced. I'll be very happy for you." Her smile broadened a bit as she added quietly, "I was really proud of how you handled Tori."

Casey blushed. "Never thought I'd hear you say you were proud of how I fucked."

"No, silly. I mean what you said to her. How you treat her and look at her. Telling her to be beautiful and sexy, telling her that's what she was and shouldn't ever doubt it... that was wonderful. Most people have self-doubt when it comes to things like that. Even movie stars and models worry about that, despite everyone in the world telling them otherwise. Tori hardly felt sexy at all when I first met her. To hear that from you right when you first claimed her... that's gonna stick. She'll carry that for the rest of her life."

His blush faded somewhat, as did his grin. "Does it bother you?" he asked. "Living longer than ordinary people?"

"Other people," Monica corrected. "You're different, but remember you should only indulge in the superiority trip while you're playing. There'll be a lot of that in the future, but I want you to keep the moral reality in the back of your mind. I know it feels good, but keep it in perspective so it doesn't really go to your head," she counseled with a grin. "No, I know what you meant. I'm just saying. Perspective is important."

"Moral reality?" Casey asked.

"Yes. As in, all people really are of equal worth on a moral level. You are not morally or intellectually superior to others just because you're a dominant. I know it might feel that way, and I know it's fun to play—it's a lot of fun to play, to be honest, and you'll see me get pretty bad with it—but in the end, deep down, you have to remember that the people you play with are people.

"You ask me," she smiled wickedly, "that's half of what makes it so much fun. If I felt like I was just above everybody else, dominating them wouldn't feel nearly as awesome. After awhile I'd just look at them as toys and it would get dull. Instead, I remember they're people, and it makes me even hornier. And happier."

Casey listened to her, somewhat concerned. Monica gave him a smile and a shrug. "You'll understand. Like I said, our pleasures can run a little dark, and you need to indulge them or they'll get out of control. I'll teach you balance, and I'll hold you in check until you're ready to handle yourself on your own.

"But understand this much... it never gets old. It's still sex. It's still exciting and intimate and satisfying, no matter how much you have or with how many partners. It's still the ultimate pleasure, and it's still a driving need for dominants. Hell, maybe moreso for dominants. Just because it's easier for us doesn't make us value it any less. And what's exciting or satisfying with one partner isn't necessarily the same with others. Every relationship has its own spark, even the one-time trysts.

"Anyway... back to longevity. Yes, sometimes it bothers me, but generally no. You have to remember it's okay to let other people live their lives. Casey, when we claim people, it's not entirely a one-way street. Your women will be healthier. Even a one-night stand with one of us can give a person a glow that'll last for months. The ones you keep close to you and fuck frequently become a little like us. They age slower. Their health picks up. Tori may look slender, but she's very athletic thanks to me, and now to you.

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