tagInterracial LoveBefore the War Ch. 3

Before the War Ch. 3

byDon Byron©

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Becka's breath was temporarily torn from her. She gasped inwardly, and then went silent. She seemed to pause to savor her initial victory. She then began to slide up and down on the piece of my shaft she had conquered thus far. John stood and took her hands to steady her as she rode up and down my shaft. Every time she came down, another bit of my straining cock went into her. With her constantly gradual movement up and down, she managed new and larger increments of my meat. Displaying endurance I would never thought her capable of, she continued this rhythm for a good six or seven minutes. At the point where she had about six inches going into her, I felt her body begin to shake. Barely perceptible at first, it increased exponentially as she impaled herself onto my meat.

Becka then exclaimed, "I have never had anything this deep. Not my hairbrush, or John or anything I could have dreamed of." After saying this she proceeded to continue her assault. Her breathing was growing more rapid, and her shaking was reaching what seemed like a crescendo. She was still taking about six inches when I realized that she was going to come on my cock. She continued her movement up and down on me and then reached a point when she froze at the apex of an upstroke, my cockhead nearly escaping from her channel. Then she dropped back down on me, taking an additional two inches. She now had a good eight inches of jet-black cock in her and I felt something stop my progress upon her descent. I just had the time to note the obstruction deep within her when she let a compressed shriek and came for all she was worth. She then let go of John's hands and lay back on my stomach. I eased her fall as I sensed her imminent collapse.

Once she was lying all the way down across me, all of her movement ceased. I reached across her torso and held her breasts while she laid there with ten inches of meat crammed into her. Then I felt John's tongue again. For a while we both were content to lie there while John sucked her lips and ass into his mouth. He continued unrelented for several minutes. Then before I knew it I felt her cunt clamp down on me again. She proceeded to orgasm again. I was happy to lie there and feel the resulting pleasure her tiny tunnel was getting from the combination of Johns tongue and my deep penetration. John continued for some minutes and brought her to two more crashing orgasms.

I felt it was time for something different because I could tell that Becka was not going to be moving for a little bit. I warned John to watch out as I picked Becka up and laid her beside me. She was totally soaked in sweat. I didn't know how much more she could stand, but I was determined to find out. I brought her to the center of the blanket, brought her beautiful white legs back over my shoulders and laid my meat across her stomach again, scissoring back and forth. I could see where the wet spot ended on my cock, and I knew I had to try to get the rest of it up her snatch.

John watched mesmerized as I brought my nearly apple size head back to the mouth of her womanhood. It felt as if all of the blood in my body was in my dick, and it looked it, too. Not wanting to waste time, I slipped into her tight little white cunt nearly to the previous watermark. Her eyes opened up wide and the breath came out of her in a long sigh. She was still tight as hell, and I couldn't believe after what she had taken of me while on top that her pussy had closed back up, but I knew that was only temporary. I started a slow, deliberate pumping into her. Then I came up against her cervix with about two inches to go. I was not going to give in unless she asked me to stop. She did no such thing. She reached up and pulled my head down to hers wanting my mouth. This made me even harder and crazed with lust the likes of which I had never known existed.

Against what felt like the end of her tunnel I pushed. Then I pushed more. Now and again I would bring my meat back out so I could look down and see her sweet little red pussy spread out. I doubt it was made for this kind of abuse, but I knew that she would never look at another cock the same way.

I pushed more and more and over a period of twenty minutes buried myself deeper and deeper into her newly ruined twat. Her orgasms came about once every couple of minutes. She told me that I had her pussy stretched out so wide that every movement caused action on her clitoris. She didn't know the word "Clitoris" though. She referred to it as her little "bud".

Finally I got what I wanted. I had assaulted her tiny teenage cunt into submission I suppose. I felt no remorse for the damage I was doing. I only knew I wanted to be as deep into her as I could be when I filled her with my cum. On the in stroke as I was pushing, I felt myself go through something even tighter than anything before. I knew what it was, too. I was in all the way to her womb! I had every bit of my huge dick in this tiny, not even five foot tall little girl. Upon this conquest I felt more like a man than I had ever before. I pulled her ass up off of the blanket as I held firm against her womb just to feel my balls, which mostly been laying on the blanket, against her ass. I wanted her to feel this as well. I wanted her to well and truly know what it felt like to have a real man all the way in her. My strategy worked two fold as I felt her insides tighten up. She then convulsed and came harder than ever. Now I knew that she was all mine. Every bit.

I then pulled out of her and leaned back to behold the sight of her pussy. It was completely reamed out. Her lips were squashed against her, away from one another as if trying to flee from the assault my weapon had brought upon her. Then I pulled her arms down over my elbows, leaned in for another kiss and proceeded to do what I do the best. I fucked the absolute shit out of her for the better part of fifteen minutes. I went from holding the tip at the entrance to full insertion. Back and forth. In and out. Sometimes slowly, and then I would pick up steam and slam into her sweet cunt nearly as hard as I could go.

Becka bore the brunt of the assault like a woman possessed. When she wasn't in the throes of cumming, she was trying to help me gain even more access to the inner recesses of her fount. By this time we were both so wet, I couldn't tell the difference between what was sweat and what was errant sex juice. She was heaving with my lunges, and I was fucking her with every bit that I dared to give to her. Every time I drove up to the hilt in her tiny red pussy my balls would smack audibly against her ass.

I knew that the end of all of this was near, so I decided to spread her out as far as possible for what was to come. I took her feet away from my chest and grabbed her under her knees and pushed them back till they were flat down on the blanket. Then I pulled out all of the way until the head of my cock was resting at the thoroughly stretched out entrance to her cunt. I see sawed across it a couple of times and then slowly sunk the entire thing into her and up through her womb till I was squarely to the hilt inside of her. I laid my weight on her, which put pressure on the base of my dick. This brought me to the pinnacle of my hardness and then I felt the cum start way down low. I held her just like that as I felt it run down the length of me. I watched her eyes as she felt my cock expanding with what was soon to be her gift from me.

Then it erupted out of me, blasting into her. Her eyes got so big; I thought I might see some of myself come out of her head. I reared my head back and stifled a primal scream of the likes of which I had never experienced before. Jetting, spurt after spurt I unloaded a few days worth into this tiny child. She was coming again, and I hadn't even noticed it at first, so lost in my own release. My come almost immediately started running out of her as I shot even more into her. I heard a grunt and briefly looked over to see that John had gotten himself off along with us, watching the spectacle.

I was still dribbling into her pussy when I finally released her legs and fell down to my elbows over her and started kissing her sweet mouth. She was kissing me back in spite of still being caught in her lust-induced delirium. I thought it was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced, or likely ever would unless I ever got the chance to have at her again.

I slowly lowered myself off of her so she could get whatever fresh air was available. I lay on my side beside her. From there I still was not far enough away for my cock to come all of the way out of her. The last three inches or so was still resting inside her when I saw John take the opportunity to get in between her still outstreched legs. He buried his face in her cunt, which woke her up with an inwardly drawn breath. He pulled me the rest of the way out and feasted himself on my sticky, come covered cock. Then he would alternate between sucking me and sucking the still gaping cavern that was Becka's pussy.

I wouldn't have ever thought I could rise again after what we had just done, but I suppose the sheer perversity of the scene was affecting me and the results were almost immediate. I was quickly hardening thanks to the ministrations of Johns sucking and the sight of him devouring the river of sperm still running out of his cousin. His entire chin was nothing but a mess, but he managed to work her back up to the point of another orgasm. I looked between his legs and he was back up again. I hoped inwardly that he did not expect me to return the favor. He could do what he wanted on my Johnson, but I was sure as hell not inclined to return the favor. At looked back at Becka in time to see her fall back onto the blanket with another orgasm. John spent a minute or so at the task of policing her privates with his tongue and then leaned back over to me, stuffing as much of myself into his mouth as he could take.

I must admit I had not really ever thought what it might feel like to have a person of my own sex sucking my dick. But if I would have, I doubt that I would have imagined it to feel like this. Where I was used to a feminine touch, his was much more aggressive. He would lick at the head for a few moments, and then plunge nearly half of it down his throat. I could tell this whole episode excited him as he was trembling from stem to stern.

To be continued...

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