tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBehind Green Eyes Ch. 05

Behind Green Eyes Ch. 05


I was walking through the gardens late at night. It was after midnight already, and I came across the pond Jenna had mentioned.

It was beautiful, shining and shimmering in the moonlight. At periodic intervals lanterns had been sent along the edge, and they reflected off the water. At one end there was even a waterfall!

I looked around. I could see no one in sight. The keep was dark, and I surmised the servants had gone to bed. I couldn't resist.

I shimmied out of my dress, and for a moment stood in the moonlight. I waded into the pond, and then swam in.

The water was warm to my skin, and I never had had a chance to do anything like this. I swam directly toward the waterfall, and stepped carefully onto the rocks, until I was standing directly underneath it.

The water washed down over my body, between my legs, my hair plastering to my back. I felt like a wood nymph, free and beautiful.

I should have known better. I heard a man clear his throat, and I whirled around.

The moon shone onto him, dressed as he had been for his journey. He had a small smile on his face.

We regarded each other for a moment, I naked and blinking water out of my eyes, and him standing with one foot on a rock unabashedly looking at me. Then I came out of the spell, and jumped into the water.

He chuckled.

"Don't you have any shame?" I said. Actually I wasn't angry, just embarrassed. My face was red, but my body tingled. No man had ever seen me naked before.

He seated himself on a rock at the water's edge. "No as a matter of fact, I don't. Not when it comes to someone so pretty as you."

"Um...thank you," I said. The water was over my head, so I was treading water, and therefore couldn't hide myself too well. And the moon chose that moment to sail out from behind a cloud, of course.

He stood up, and began unbuttoning his shirt. I could only watch him, transfixed. Somewhere I knew he was going to come in the water with me, but my eyes were glued to his body. And, oh, what a body it was.

His shoulders and chest were muscular, and his stomach was flat, with a faint line of hair going down the center. My mouth opened in a small `o' as his hand strayed to his belt buckle.

He slid his pants down his legs, and then stepped out of them. For a second I thought he would remove his shorts also, but he left them on as he waded into the water. His legs were like the rest of him, long and muscular.

I came to my senses, and darted away in the water. I was an excellent swimmer, but no match for him. He dove in, and caught up to me in a few stokes. Catching my hand, he drew me back roughly into his embrace and pressed his lips to mine.

His lips were rough at first, demanding, but as my resistance melted in the face of his onslaught he gentled them. His hands were still tightly gripping my wrists, and he gently pulled them behind my back. My head was tilted back, and he was kissing me under the moon, in a way I had never imagined it could be.

Surprisingly, his hands did not stray. I both wanted him to let me go and at the same time yearned for his touch. His tongue gently slipped between my lips, and explored my mouth, velvet fire touching here, there.

I moaned, an animal sound I had never heard myself make. If his thought had been to take me there in the water I would not have protested. My whole body was afire, and I was possessed with feelings I did not know I had. My nipples were hard, and barely brushing against the hairs on his chest, which made them even harder. I had had always given off an air of "hard to get", and because of this most guys gave up quickly. No one had ever treated me like this—and I liked it and was ashamed of my reaction at the same time.

At long length, he moved his mouth away. I looked up at him with wide, innocent eyes, breathing hard.

"What was that for?" I said breathlessly, squirming to get out of his grip, which was like iron.

"Because I wanted to, my dear." He switched both my wrists to one hand, and stroked down my cheek with the other. "I wanted to do that from the moment I saw you. And when I saw you standing there, I just couldn't resist."

I looked away, pouting. "Well, you shouldn't have."

He smiled. "I gave you plenty of time to run. You didn't. I thought if you had really wanted to go, you would have."

I blushed. His hand was still stroking my cheek, maddeningly sensuously. I looked down.

"Well, what now?" I whispered softly.

"Whatever you want."

"I think you should let me go to my room."

"I don't think I want to."

I looked up at him, wide-eyed. "What will you do?"

He studied me for a moment. "Elenia. Tell me the truth on something, will you?"

I nodded.

"Has anyone ever kissed you before?"

I hung my head, and then slowly shook it. He lifted my chin, and studied my face intently. "I see."

"You thought someone had?" He nodded.

"You seemed so confident and self-assured."

"It's a front," I whispered.

"Stay here," he ordered. He turned and went back to the banks where his clothes were. I examined my wrists. There were faint red marks where he had held them, and my lips felt bruised.

He came back, carrying his shirt. I opened my mouth to protest, and he pressed a finger to my lips. "Quiet or I'll kiss you again. I'm already tempted to."

I remained quiet.

He gently wrapped the shirt around me. It soaked up the water quickly, and clung to my skin. Quickly, he bent down and picked me up in his arms, cradling me against his chest. I gasped, the water dripping off of both us. The shirt didn't fully cover me, it wasn't closed at the top for one thing. It barely reached my thighs.

He carried me out, leaving my clothes on the riverbank. I was silent and so was he as he carried me all the way inside, up the stairs, to my room.

He opened the door with one foot, and then swung it shut behind him. I wasn't sure what to expect, but he carried me straight to the bathroom. Setting me on my feet on the edge of the pool, he walked to the window and opened the curtains wide, letting the moonlight in. Then he turned and walked back to me.

He lifted my face and looked into my eyes. I looked up at him, examining the lines of his face. He leaned down and kissed me again.

I wasn't ready for it this time either. His lips started out gentle this time, and grew rougher on my mouth. I scarcely noticed as he slid the shirt off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

His hands dropped onto my shoulders, and then slid under my hair. He gently but firmly tugged it until I tilted my head back.

I felt completely helpless in his arms, and completely wanton. His lips slid across my face, down my neck. His hands went around my waist and picked me up, raising my neck to his mouth. This pressed my body against him and I could feel my nipples pressed against his chest. Instinctively I wrapped my legs around his waist. Inexpertly, I kissed him back. I no longer cared what he thought of me, or even what I thought of myself. I was filled with desire, and as my wet sex pressed against his belly he actually groaned.

He bit my ear, and whispered, "I want you. You have one chance to stop me. And I won't be gentle."

In answer I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him harder.

His hands dropped to my back, and stroked up it. I felt him moving backwards, and then I heard him enter the water. He slowly sat down, and I ended up in his lap with my legs around his waist. He curled one hand under my bare bottom, supporting me.

He curled one hand in my hair again, and pulled. My head tilted back, and he pressed his lips back to my neck, devouring it. I felt his teeth nipping at me, and his mouth moving in circles ever lower. He kept a firm grip on my hair, gently pulling it. His tongue teased my skin, trailing down to the top of my breast.

His mouth slipped over my nipple and my back went rigid with shock. Totally unknown emotions swept over me, and I arched my back into him and moaned again. In response, he sucked and then bit my nipple hard enough to hurt. I cried out, and he chuckled.

"Your innocence makes me want to hurt you."

I gasped. His free hand slid up my belly, which flinched ever so slightly, and then he cupped my breast, sliding his mouth to the other nipple. He did the same thing; sucked on it gently, then bit it until I cried out.

He squeezed my breast cruelly, but I was too far gone to stop him. My hands wrapped tightly around his neck, and I curled my fingers in his hair.

I felt him lowering me back onto the steps of the pool. I was trembling, and nearly jumped when I felt his fingers slip between my legs.

He explored me with his fingers. When I tried to squirm away from him, he held me down with the other hand and continued exploring leisurely. He parted my folds, and gently tried to insert a finger. I was very tight, and it hurt a little, but he did not hesitate.

I felt it slip inside of me, and gasped. I had never felt this full. He pushed, and I felt him stroke something deep inside of me. I opened my eyes, breathless.

"You're a virgin," he said, eyes amused. "Of course," I whispered. His eyes were smoky with desire, and he flicked his nail across the inside of me. I cried out, in pain and pleasure.

He was on a lower step than me, and as I watched, he moved to one even lower. He withdrew his finger, and his eyes on mine, lifted my hips to his face.

I squirmed, and tried to scrabble away from him. I didn't get far, though, he just picked me up and set me in his lap. He looked at me sternly, pretending to be angry, but beneath me I felt him hard against my bottom.

"Why do you fight me?"

I pouted and looked away. He grabbed my chin, roughly, and turned me to look at him. "Answer me, or you'll be punished." I looked into his face. "Punished? How do you think you're going to do that?"

"I see. That's the way you want it."

Quickly he picked me up and laid me across his knees. He grabbed both my wrists and in a second I felt him tying them behind my back with his shirt. "Hey!" I said.

He didn't answer, just tied them so tight I couldn't possibly get out. I was humiliated, lying across his knees with my bottom exposed for him to see and my hair in my face.

"Don't do this," I begged. "Please, not in this way."

His large hands gently ran across my buttocks, and I couldn't help but moan. He was touching me in ways no man ever had.

All of a sudden, I felt a stinging pain across my backside! It took me a second to realize he had hit me, and not gently, either. Before I could do more than cry out, he raised his hand and did it again!

It hurt! He gave me several more, on each cheek. His hand covered my whole cheek, and I could imagine how red I was. I cried out and flailed around in his lap. My whole bottom felt inflamed.

After maybe ten whacks altogether, suddenly he forced my legs apart and pressed his fingers against my clitoris. I was surprised at how sensitive it was, and he only rubbed for a few seconds before—for the very first time at the hands of a man—I cried out and came, all over his legs. My back was arched, and as I moaned, he thrust a finger into me. I was slick and wet but it wasn't much easier than the first time. All of a sudden I felt something at my backside, and then something pushed its way in!

Even when I had experimented with touching myself I had never touched myself back there. It hurt like anything, but at the same time liquid fire crept up my body and then burst. I screamed as I came again.

I sagged onto his knees, exhausted. He wasn't done with me yet, though. Not even close. He removed his fingers, lifted me off his knees, and deposited me on my knees on one of the steps. My hair hung in my face, and my hands were still tied behind my back. My face was pressed against a higher step. And my bottom was sore.

He lifted my chin roughly. I looked up, and realized he was naked and standing only a few inches in front of me. I had never seen a naked man before and I goggled at the size of what was in front of me. I shook my head.

"No, no, please..." He smiled tenderly at me, and stroked my hair. Then he cupped my chain hard and forced my mouth open, and forced himself into me.

My mouth was tiny, and I could barely fit him. He pushed hard enough to hurt, but even in my haze I sensed he was still holding back. It seemed like no time at all before he hit the back of my throat, though. I was afraid he would push further, but instead he slid back almost out, then in.

Oh how it hurt! At the same time it was unbelievably arousing, being used like this. He pumped in and out, using my mouth. It didn't take long before he gripped my hair and pulled me onto him. I gagged, but he stopped at the back of my throat. He groaned, and all of a sudden he erupted.

I had no idea what to expect and I coughed and gagged around him. The bittersweet liquid filled my mouth and there seemed to be so much of it. I could feel him throbbing into my mouth, and he held himself there for a few minutes.

I had no place to go. I couldn't pull myself off him since he was pulling my hair, so I was forced to swallow it. Tears ran down my cheeks as I tried not to choke on it.

He finally pulled out of my mouth and crouched down in front of me. He examined me for a moment, and then kissed my bruised lips, roughly sliding his tongue in and out and spreading his own fluids all over my mouth. I could barely fight off this new assault on my mouth. In a few short hours I had experienced more than I ever had with a man.

He washed my face and chest gently—I hadn't even noticed that it had dripped down there—and picked me up and carried me to the bed. He untied my hands and lightly dropped me onto it. I didn't know what to expect but it was clear soon enough when he lifted my legs, hiked them over my shoulders, and buried his face between my legs.

Liquid fire erupted wherever his tongue touched. He was rough, jabbing, and licking, but I liked it and whimpered and ground myself into his face for more. I felt his tongue invade into my depths, and I screamed. His mouth was rough one moment and soft the next, and drove me absolutely insane.

He flipped me over onto my belly, and I felt his tongue running over my burning bottom. His tongue felt like salve, so cool, until he ran it up between them at my opening. He flicked it against me, and I screamed and came again.

I didn't know what was happening to me. I felt ravaged and humiliated that I was responding to my ravishment so. I thought I was protesting what he was doing but I was so overwhelmed I couldn't understand anything.

He flipped me back over to my back, and slid me down his chest. I felt myself leave a wet trail. All of a sudden, he pulled me away and I felt something at my opening. He gave me no time to think about it, instead, he pushed hard and very quickly his head popped into me.

He was raping me! I hadn't expected him to go this far! My fingernails dug into his arms. I felt him tense himself, and suddenly I felt him thrust, powerfully, tearing my depths open and making me scream. I felt him batter aside my already bruised hymen, and then I felt him lodge deep inside of me.

If I had thought I felt full before, it was nothing compared to this. Instead of continuing at the same pace, though, he stopped dead, and returned to kissing and licking my neck, my breasts, my lips. I felt feverish, and I didn't know if I could move my legs.

He continued in that way for a long time, my legs loosely around his waist, him buried deep inside of me, him kissing and sucking and nibbling on my skin. I was surprised to feel the breathless resurgence of desire in me. Tentatively I tried to squeeze him in me. I had no choice anyway. It hurt, oh it hurt so bad, but at the same time there was more of that amazing feeling.

I heard him chuckle. He place his lips over mine, and continued the rape of my body as his mouth began the rape of my mouth. He began gently thrusting in and out of me. I was surprised to find that while it did hurt, the friction began making me rub myself against him, and whimpers began to escape me.

In no time at all it seemed, he was moving quicker and quicker inside of me. My hands instinctively curled around his back and my nails dug into him. I felt him groan, and he drew back and really started slamming into me.

My desire was sky-high now, and as he slammed down on me once I finally felt the dam burst. I screamed, and wrapped my legs around him. My fingernails came away from him bloody as he poured into me at the same time.

I barely remembered the rest of that day. He exhausted both himself and me, and he did not leave my body until I begged him to. Sometime late in the day he withdrew from me, and I passed out.

When I came to, I was lying in a different room. I had been cleaned, and was dressed in a simple white gown, nearly transparent.

It hurt to move, but I turned my head and saw him laying next to me, his back to me. My eyes opened wide as I saw the bloody welts down his back, and I raised my hands. The nails were broken and bloody.

I remembered last night. Had I been raped? I had certainly responded eagerly enough, and I had come here -- but I hadn't expected such violent treatment, ever. I remembered how tender he had been in the beginning and I began to shudder with tears, remembering how my virginity had been taken so brutally.

He must have felt me move, for he turned. I saw him wince as he turned onto his back, and then turned all the way to face me.

I touched my lips gently and they were puffy. I tried to speak, and it came out in a rasp.

"What happened?" I whispered. "What have you done to me?"

He caressed my face, tenderly. "I had to have you. I couldn't wait."

The tears came then, unbidden. "I didn't want it like that. How could you?"

He wiped the tears away and suddenly I was furious. I slapped his hand away and painfully sat up. My body was bruised and black and blue. I couldn't help feeling a resurgence of desire as I remembered the events that had caused that, but I shook my hair over my face as I got out of bed.

I steeled myself, and turned to face him. "You bastard." I hissed. "How could you do this to me? I was a virgin. I trusted you. I've never trusted anyone like that."

He must have seen bridges burning in my gaze, for he quickly got out of bed and came toward me. "Elenia—"

He never got any further, for as soon as he came close enough I cocked my fist and belted him one. Not a slap, but a genuine punch in the face. I wasn't that strong, but I had forgotten that I was still wearing my ring, and it cut his cheek. It grew white, and then the blood poured from it.

He blinked, and touched his cheek and examined the blood on his fingers. He looked at me, hurt. "You enjoyed it," he accused.

I spit back at him, "Just because I did didn't mean you had any right to do it in the first place."

He looked at me angrily. "What do you want me to do?"

"Let me go, of course."

He suddenly sighed. "Very well. Your things are all in this room. I'll have your horse ready for you. I would suggest you clean up before you go."

"Clean up? Clean up the evidence of what you did to me?" He seemed about to say something, but instead just walked out of the room.

As soon as he closed the door I sank to the ground, the tears coming freely now. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to go back to Jenna, because she would feel that it was her fault. It was my own fault, for being so trusting. I would never trust anyone again, I thought.

I groaned. He had taken no precautions, I thought. What if I was pregnant?

I forced myself up and into the bathroom. I washed and cleaned myself, scrubbing the signs of him away. I kicked the dress I had worn last night into the pool.

I packed and dressed in the plainest dress I owned. Somewhere deep inside of me was the realization that if he had been just a little gentler, if he had been more loving; I might not be leaving today. I didn't let myself think about it, though.

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