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Belinda Shows a House


My thanks to the reader who is a real estate saleswoman and, in an email to me, described doing what the central character does in this story.

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Thanks to the inept and selfish lover who had left her unsatisfied after their Friday night date, Belinda McCarthy woke up horny on Saturday morning. She woke up late too, and didn't have time to go to her computer and read stories on Literotica while she applied her trusty vibrator to her neglected pussy. That would have made up for what the man failed to do, but she just didn't have time that morning.

At ten o'clock she had a meeting scheduled to show a house to a newly married couple whose doting parents had granted them a total of nearly $100,000, with the stipulation they use the money to put a down payment on a house. They were all but sold, from reading descriptions and taking a virtual tour of one property, but they needed to actually check out things such as closet space and other qualities before they would sign on the dotted line and hand over the hundred grand.

Belinda really needed the sale. Business had been slow lately, and the nice commission from the house she would be showing would get her caught up, and even a little ahead. Although she would have much preferred to spend a long time with her vibrator buzzing around and against her clit, she couldn't afford to lose the easy sale. After a quick shower and a sketchy breakfast, she climbed into the company car and drove to her office where she knew the newlyweds would be sitting in their pickup truck waiting for her. She had been careful to get there on time, having learned long ago being late for an appointment was a good way to lose a sale.

"Hi, Patsy. Hi, Elmo," she greeted the prospects as they approached her. "Just follow me. The place is no more than a couple of miles from here. You have the address, don't you?"

Patsy forced herself to pull her adoring eyes away from her bridegroom long enough to nod in the affirmative, so Belinda waited until they got back into the truck, with Elmo behind the wheel, before she pulled out onto the street. Occasionally checking the rear view mirror to be sure the lovebirds were still following her, she drove slowly to the home being offered. It was a nice single family residence, with the master bedroom and two smaller bedrooms upstairs. It was newly painted, had good quality carpets, a fireplace in the family room and many of the other amenities that would be excellent for a young family.

Belinda fully expected to make the sale before the day ended, if she could keep her mind on business and away from her pussy, which was clamoring loudly for attention. While stopped at lights, she fondled her clit through her skirt, but she was too careful a driver to play with herself while in traffic. Besides that, she needed an inspiration, such as a story by Boxlicker101 on Literotica and, without one, her fingers didn't help much. By the time she stopped in front of the property, she was wildly envious of Patsy, believing she and Elmo were doing every night what she avidly wished some handsome stud were doing to her right at that minute.

Belinda used her realtors' key to open the lockbox hanging from the door handle, and used the key inside there to open the front door. After stepping into the foyer, she removed her shoes, wanting to keep the carpet as clean as possible. The prospects followed her example and she led them into the combination living and dining room to start their inspection.

Elmo and Patsy had pored over all the information available on the house, as well as going through the online virtual tour several times. They did have a few technical questions about the foundation and other structural matters, and Belinda was able to refer to her detailed description to answer everything they asked, but they otherwise knew at least as much about the house as she did. The tour took a long time, because the prospects wanted to be careful to select the perfect place to spend the rest of their lives together. When they finally reached the kitchen, Belinda's carnal needs were even more urgent and, as she set her briefcase on the kitchen island, she noticed something that gave her a sudden idea.

The examination of that room was even more detailed and took longer than the rest of the downstairs, but she didn't mind, because Belinda knew what she needed, and had seen a way to take care of it as soon as she had enough privacy. When their inspection of the kitchen was finally complete, Elmo and Patsy asked about checking out the second story, paying particular attention to the master bedroom and bath.

"After all, the bedroom is really important to us," Elmo said with a smirk. His bride giggled and punched him in the arm.

"Why don't you kids go ahead without me? I can finish some of the paperwork I need to do while I'm waiting."

As she spoke, the horny saleswoman removed some folders and her Blackberry from her briefcase and set them on the marble top of the island. Belinda was standing between it and the kitchen sink, with the drawers and cabinets on her side.

Elmo and Patsy thought that was a good idea too, and they started upstairs, probably to do a bit of smooching and petting once they got there, Belinda surmised. They had been almost sold on the house even before coming to look at it in person, and they had become more enthusiastic during their detailed inspection. The thought of what they were liable to start doing on the floor in the master bedroom increased her horniness, but Belinda believed she would be able to do something to alleviate it while the newlyweds were upstairs. She hoped they did initiate the bedroom before even making a commitment to buy the house, and took a long time with their fucking, because that would give her more time to emulate them with what she had noticed.

She took off her blazer with the company logo, placed it on the working space on the island and turned on her Blackberry, which had all the attachments that had been available. It booted up quickly; she went online, and from there to her list of favorites on Literotica. Boxlicker101 was the name she sought, because Belinda knew his down and dirty stories were just what she needed to help her get off. She loved having her pussy eaten and, if her date from last night hadn't been such a jerk, and had gone down on her as he should have, she wouldn't have needed to read the dirty stories while she was supposed to be working. Since nobody would be doing it for her, she would have to settle for reading the graphic descriptions while taking care of her own needs.

She quickly found her favorite story. It was written in the first person, and he, refers to himself as George Boxlicker and describes, in great detail, eating out an especially horny "lady friend," as he calls the women in his stories. It describes how she cums twice from that, and again from the fucking that follows. Belinda felt so horny she believed she might be able to match that, if Elmo and Patsy spent enough time upstairs. The first two paragraphs just described the telephone call George got and how he hurried over to the lucky woman's house. Eager to get to the good stuff, she skipped that part and began reading where she answered her doorbell.

George's lady friend was described as brunette, bosomy and horny, and that was one of the reasons it was her favorite, because she was all three of those things, especially the last. They embraced and kissed, and she skipped those parts too, resuming her reading where the woman in the story was naked and lying on top of her bed.

As he always did, George began by licking her nipples, alternating broad strokes of his tongue with short jabs using just the tip. Belinda glanced at the stairs again, before pulling her blouse clear of her skirt and unbuttoning it. She wouldn't need to remove it, but she did need to reach up and unhook her bra so she could start to do with her fingers what the man on Literotica was doing with his mouth.

The brunette in the story quickly started cooing and her body was squirming in bliss, and Belinda wasn't far behind. Although less comfortable standing in the kitchen than the woman was on the bed, and wishing she had George's lips and tongue on her breasts, she could feel her fingers getting the job done. The newlyweds on the second floor of the house were apparently taking care of their own questions, so she took care of herself.

In the story, George was taking great care of the woman on the bed, kissing and licking his way from her breasts down her belly until he took off her blue jeans and dropped them on the bedroom floor. Belinda replicated his actions, unbuttoning her skirt and pulling down the zipper to let it drop to the floor in front of the sink. The panties of George's lady friend and those of the real estate agent quickly followed their skirt and jeans, both wet, skimpy items ending up on the respective floors.

There was still no noise from upstairs, and Belinda hoped the young couple would take their time doing whatever it was they were doing, because of the discovery she had made earlier. The large knob on the drawer she was standing behind was exactly the right height to press against her clit. Even better, for her purpose at least, it was made of hard plastic in the shape of a hemisphere, with multiple planes and angles. She stepped closer and, while reading about how George was licking the pussy lips of his lady friend, she moistened a finger and started caressing her own swollen labia. While stroking herself, she swayed from side to side, brushing her swollen clit against the knob.

As often happens when George calls on a lady friend, the woman in the story was so horny he decided to bring her to a quick climax, followed by taking a long time to bring her to a second one. That sounded like a great idea to Belinda, because it would make up for not cumming at all the previous night. Just as George drew the fictional brunette's clit into his mouth to bring about her first orgasm, the real woman plunged two fingers into her soggy hole and started thrusting them in and out while massaging her clit against the handy plastic knob.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" the woman in the story whimpered blissfully from the actions of George's mouth, and Belinda's own sounds of pleasure formed a duet.

As his lady friend sang out in uninhibited ecstasy, the masturbating woman had to be more discrete, and her own cry of joy was more muted. George's head was held by the woman's legs, which swung back and forth, but Belinda had nothing to clamp between her thighs. All she could do was ram her clit back and forth against the drawer pull until she climaxed. The woman in the story sagged back onto the bed and relaxed, but the best the real estate seller could do was to lean heavily against the kitchen island. George didn't hesitate, but licked all the fresh nectar off his lady friend's body and started eating her pussy again, intending to bring her to a second, slower orgasm.

Belinda couldn't manage that. She didn't have anybody to use his tongue to lick up her juices, and she had to catch her breath before she could start playing with her pussy again. The edge had been taken off her horniness, but she was still needy, and after a few minutes, her fingers once more scooped up some of the lubricating fluid from her pussy and she started fondling her lips, which were still swollen with her lust.

She looked at the stairs again, wondering about her prospects. "They've been gone a long time. I'll bet they're making love up there on the bedroom floor," she told herself, while smiling. "I hope so. If they are, they're almost certain to buy the house, and I'll have time to do what I need to do down here." Having spoken to herself, Belinda began to pleasure herself again, while continuing to read the story by her favorite author.


Thank you for reading and listening to this story by me, Boxlicker101.

I hope you had as much fun as Belinda did, and as Elmo and Patsy apparently did. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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