tagToys & MasturbationBella's College Experience Ch. 01

Bella's College Experience Ch. 01


Bella stared down at the pages underneath her hands, watching as the words slowly began to blend together. She had been studying for this exam for hours, and by now any knowledge that was to be imprinted on her brain had already done so. So why did she still have the book open? Truthfully, it was because she had nothing better to do. Entering college had been exciting – for the first few weeks. Now it had been almost three months, and any perks of being on her own had long since faded. Now she was just in a strange city with no family, no friends, and no boyfriend. The only way she could think of herself was undeniably lonely.

As she shifted in her seat, she felt the material of her panties brushing ever so gently against her crotch. She was lonely, yes…but also horny. It had been ages since she had had any sexual contact – months, in fact. Ever since she had left her boyfriend back in her hometown. She had tried to get out and meet new guys here, but she just hadn't had any luck. Every guy she had met was the epitome of idiocy…she had left each date disgusted, every thought of sex out of her mind. She wasn't the partying type, either, so that idea was out. It wasn't that she was unattractive…it was anything besides that, even she knew that. She was a fairly average height, standing at 5'5". Her brown hair reached the top of her pert breasts, which her old boyfriend had once called "just over the right size for handful." She was satisfied with her breast size, knowing that her shapely legs and firm ass more than made up for the fact that she was a little small. But her physical attractiveness, while a beacon for plenty of men, was matched by her slightly picky personality. She wasn't going to do anything, no matter how horny she was, with a guy she wouldn't want to see or listen to the next day. This wasn't exactly the type of attitude most people had in college – which is why she was always by herself. Bella had resigned herself to the idea of being lonely…it had to pick up sometime.

But before that…

Bella turned slowly to look at the set of drawers across the small room from her. There were two of them, one for her, and one for her roommate, Lisa. Lisa was out right now – with her boyfriend, of course. If they weren't out at some party, or at the beach, they were in Bella and Lisa's dorm fucking. The noises they made at night did nothing to rid Bella of her horniness. The worst part was that Lisa's boyfriend, Jeff, was a pretty nice guy. Bella had let herself snatch a peek at his body on more than one occasion…and knew that besides his strong torso and great smile, Jeff also had a pretty nice sized cock. More than once, Bella had wished that she were the one moaning under him, instead of that bimbo Lisa.

But not for the first time, Bella thought about taking advantage of her privacy. Lisa wouldn't be back for at least another hour, which left Bella plenty of time to do whatever she pleased.

Shutting the book in front of her quickly, Bella stood up and tugged at the bottom of the boxer shorts she was wearing. The prospect of what was to come sent a swift shiver up her spine, and she rapidly crossed the room to the set of drawers. Opening the bottom on, she reached into the back, beneath the piles of socks and underwear that she kept in here. Her fingers closed around a solid object, and she smiled to herself as she pulled her arm back.

She stared down at the vibrator almost lovingly, running her fingers over its familiar pink surface. Glancing behind her, she quickly moved to the bed and reached over to switch off the lamp that was sitting on her nightstand.

She didn't hesitate in quickly twisting the bottom of the vibrator, shivering once more as she felt the smooth surface begin to shake ever so slightly. Inhaling a quick breath, she moved her hand down to pull off the shorts covering the lower half of her body. Using her free hand to brush over her smoothly shaven pussy, she spread apart the lips. She was already wet from even the thought of giving herself this type of pleasure. Bella used her fingers to brush up and down her slit quickly before bringing her fingers back up to her mouth and licking them clean. The taste was bitter and yet satisfying – if only it had been someone else's lips wrapped around her fingers. She sighed at the thought, her eyelids fluttering closed as she let her imagination begin to take off.

The vibrator slipped down her toned stomach as the scene unfolded in her mind. In her head, she was still laying there on the top of the bed on the sheets, exposed with the trembling vibrator sitting on her lower abdomen. But she was not alone. In the same chair she had been studying in across the room sat a large shape – she could barely make out the outline, but from what she could tell, the person's shoulders were large, toned, and broad. She shivered again, thinking of this imaginary man, and began to rub the vibrator up and down her slit.

In her mind, he liked watching her. She knew what she must look like, lying on the bed sheets with her bottom half exposed, the pink vibrator teasing at the lips of her pussy. She raised one arm above her head, tossing her hair away from her face and rubbing the vibrator more insistently against her body. Her clit was responding amazingly, already sending tingles of passion through her. The man in the chair sat riveted, a bulge growing in his pants.

A dark haze in her mind, he stood from the chair and walked towards her. He leaned down towards her, a strong jaw looming on top of hers for a second before he kissed her roughly. She could feel his tongue in her mouth, almost strong enough to be real. His imaginary hands landed heavily on her waist, and she let out a small cry out loud before plunging her hand downwards, moving the vibrator so that its tip was positioned at her small entryway.

The man's hands groped at her breasts through the thin material of her shirt, his hands pinching the nipples and slowly rolling them around between his thumb and forefinger. Bella's own hand sought to do what her mind was envisioning, twisting and pulling at the sensitive nubs as she continued to rub the vibrator around her quivering pussy.

She could feel the man's cock pressing against her side as if it were real, hard and waiting for attention. She let out a whimper again, this time louder than she had before. Without thinking, she plunged the vibrator into her warm, wet pussy. In her imagination, the man was suddenly on top of her, bending her legs up towards her shoulders as his thick cock moved in and out of her.

All nine inches of the shaking pink dildo was soon pumping in and out of her. Bella writhed on the bed, throwing her head back in ecstatic cries. Her breathing had grown shallow and panty sounding, and she gasped for air while crying out loudly. Her free hand slipped down to her clit, quickly rubbing across the small nub. Her back arched up from the bed, and she hissed in a breath at the contact on her sensitive spot. She began to rub her clit furiously, in time with the rhythm that she was fucking herself with. She could feel her plateau approaching as she envisioned the man above her, holding her hands above her head and fucking her like she hadn't been fucked in months – no, in her life. Being lonely didn't matter, and being horny didn't matter – not now, not when she was rapidly coming closer to a better orgasm than she had had in a long time.

A loud yell traveled up her throat, and she could feel her body shaking as she continued to fuck herself.

"Oh God…oh, oh yeah…ohhhhh, yeah…oh my god, yeah, give it to me…Ohhhhhh God…" The cries resounded through the room, echoing through Bella's own ears as her back arched towards the ceiling and her toes began to curl.

She imagined being fucked in every position possible – on her back, where he pounded into her while rubbing her clit for her. She imagined him rolling her over and pulling up her backside so that he was fucking her doggy style, penetrating her deeply while his balls slapped against her firm ass. She gasped out loud as she imagined him rolling his thumb over the small button that was her asshole. She had never been fucked or fingered there before…but the thought of something so forbidden sent shivers up and down her spine once more.

They flipped over in her mind, so that he was lying on his back and she was bouncing up and down on him. Her breasts moved up and down in time with her thrusts, and she reached up once more to squeeze her nipples, using her arm to push the two breasts together. Her clit throbbed, calling for her attention once more. She moved her fingers back down to the little nub, rubbing in circles around it as she started to shake uncontrollably. The man flipped her over once more, pounding her hard on her back. She loved it, she absolutely loved it. There was nothing, nothing better than this feeling...this feeling of…

The cry that the man let out echoed through her head as the orgasm ripped through her. She could feel her own juices on her fingers as she came all over the pink vibrator. She continued to pump it in and out of her pussy for as long as she could; finally stopping to throw her head back while drawing her knees up towards her chest. She lay there, letting the orgasm finish its wave of assault over her body.

She finally lay limp, smiling to herself. What did she need a man for?

The thought fled from her mind, though, as she remembered the fantasy that had been running through her head. She let out an involuntary shiver, pulling the vibrator out of her. She stared down at it, watching the way her juices glinted on the surface of the pale moonlight of the room. She slowly brought it up to her mouth, slipping out her tongue to run across the smooth object. The now familiar taste of her juices was even sweeter once she had been satisfied, and she quickly lapped it all up. She lay back again, smiling in the darkness. A post-orgasmic chill ran through her, and she began to laugh. Even if she was lonely, she could find ways to occupy herself, right?

Over the sound of her own giggles, she heard someone clear their throat. She quickly stopped, inhaling a surprised gasp as she whipped around to see who was there.

Standing in the doorway was none other than Lisa's boyfriend, Jeff. There was a smile on his face that indicated to Bella that not only had he seen quite a bit…but that he had liked it, too.

Bella's cheeks were still flushed from her orgasm, and she quickly reached for a blanket to cover her lower half. The vibrator, now forgotten, rolled off the bed and onto the floor. But Jeff still stood in the doorway, his gaze fixated on her. Bella wondered briefly where Lisa was, but the thought vanished as Jeff began to step towards her, the erection in his pants clearly visible.

She stared at him, her eyes wide. But even as he stood before her, she began to smile. Slowly, she peeled back the blankets and exposed to him her smooth pussy, still glistening from her previous orgasm. Jeff's own smile widened, and Bella felt her heart skip a beat. Lonely college girl? Not if she could help it…

Hope you enjoyed Part I…II and III are written and will be posted if you so desire. Contact me, I'd love to get some feedback!

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