tagSci-Fi & FantasyBen and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 11

Ben and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 11



Warning; this chapter contains some pretty extreme violence, gore and rape scenes. Not for the squeamish. It's the last chapter in book one of the Clone Saga. Enjoy. -Ax


In the secret facility at Veronas' North Pole, the female Streek was being dragged toward the Cloning Pod by two large Pirate men.

They held her head to the scanner. She shook her head and fought with them. One of them grabbed her head with his big, meaty hand and held it still, the other had his fingers on her face, holding up her eyelids. The line of green light passed over her eyes and then everything went dark.

Streek slowly came around. She felt different. She opened her eyes and two figures came into focus in front of her, it was Skylar and herself. She was a little confused.

She saw Skylar differently now, like she had just woken up and saw her as the great leader she was, and what a great honour it would be to serve her. The sight of the other Streek seemed to make her angry.

She became aware that she was standing inside the Cloning Pod. "Hello McKenzie." said Skylar smiling. "Welcome to the world, how are you feeling?"

"I'm all right, ...a bit disoriented."

"Can you tell me where your loyalties lie?" asked Skylar.

Streek knew that right away, "With you Mistress, and the Pirate Alliance, always."

Skylar turned to the other Streek smiling. "See? ...better!"

"That's fuckin' twisted!" said the other Streek. "You took away her free will."

"I've customised the clone to better suit my needs. Come forward McKenzie." She slowly walked forward, out of the Pod. Streek understood now, she had become the new clone.

"You won't be needing these, you're not my prisoner." Skylar released the cuffs around her wrists and then went behind her and removed the slave collar.

"Do you know who that is?" said Skylar nodding toward Streek. She looked at her other self, ...only too well. Why would she choose to go against Skylar? Against the Pirate Alliance? She was on the wrong side, and McKenzie hated her for it.

"My sire, and a fellow McKenzie clone, and an enemy of the Alliance." she said.

"Does she enjoy killing Pirates?"

"Oh yeah, she gets off on it." Streek grit her teeth.

"Any other interesting things you can tell me?"

"There are plenty of things Mistress. I can draw you a nice treasure map, the X is in a Globular Cluster called M13, and you will like the treasure you'll find there."

"Shut up!" said Streek. "...Don't you know that they brainwashed you? If you're me, then you've been raped by Pirates, gang-raped on more than one occasion. Why the hell would you choose to be on their side?"

McKenzie couldn't recall any time where anyone had raped her. "If anyone ever tried to rape me, I'd rip their balls off. If they raped you, then that's too bad. Whatever we're strong enough to take is ours by rights."

"There's gotta be a part of you that hates yourself for saying that." said Streek.

"There isn't, I just hate you, and your weakness."

"I don't mean to sound like a bitch!" said Skylar, "...but I like her better than you. She's much more open and honest."

"This is fuckin evil!" said Streek.

"There's also someone you should watch out for." said McKenzie. "Another clone who's with the Resistance, a little old man by the name of Doctor Arnott, very dangerous. She hasn't been able to get in contact with him lately, but he's come here after the Cloning Pod. He's got a super advanced Stealth Ship with plenty of Alien Tech goodies, including the mind-writer thing that you want."

"Damn you!, the Doc has been good to us. I owe everything to him!" said Streek.

"I think it's you who's been brainwashed!. The Doctor was just using you. You and Bernie were just pieces of Alien Tech that he could use to achieve his goals. On New Heidi, you didn't function the way he wanted, so he discarded you. He told you that he planned on using and destroying all Alien Tech, but he didn't tell you that that included you and Bernie. You know I'm telling the truth!"

"No, he saved us from torture and death."

"He was just recovering you, because you were too dangerous in the hands of the enemy."

"Fuck you!, Skylar is just using you!"

"I know, I want her to use me."

"Ha! This is quite entertaining." said Skylar. "I hope this Doctor Arnott pays us a visit, I'll be ready for him." She looked at the McKenzie clone, "What do you think we should do with your Sire?"

"She's an enemy of the Pirate Alliance, she needs to die. Let me kill her for you."

"I was thinking of putting her to work in a busy brothel, she can pleasure a hundred Pirates for every one she killed."

"No, she's too dangerous, and Bernie Anders will come for her."

"Yes, I got that impression as well."

"Then I can kill her?" asked McKenzie, getting out her Champion Ruby.

"Okay then!" Skylar came and grabbed the laser gun from her. "I want you to do it with your bare hands."

"Fine with me. After it's done, ...I have a request..."

"What's that?"

"My grand-sire was male. I feel that I'm male too. I want to use the Cloning Pod to give me a mans' body again."

"So, she has gender issues too?" said Skylar looking at Streek.

"She thinks she's a man?" said Sadie. "I thought she was just a little butch."

"No, we won't be doing that just yet. Like you said, Bernie will be coming for her. Instead she's going to rescue you, and you'll be my girl on the inside when we come knocking on the Resistances' door." She looked at Streek again, "All your friends are going to think you're a stinking traitor!"

"You fuckin' mad bitch!" spat Streek.

"But once the Resistance is taken out, I'll grant your request. Man or Woman, you'll still be my Great White Shark."

"All right, let's do this then!" said the clone, approaching Streek with her fists clenched.

Streek held her cuffed hands up in front of her "Hey, now just wait a min..." THWAK! McKenzie punched her hard in the head, sending her stumbling back. She slipped forward and gave a strong kick to her guts, knocking her off her feet. Streek quickly pulled herself up again. "Nnngh! ...I can't even fight back with this fuckin' slave-collar on!"

"Y'know, that doesn't seem to bother me!" said her clone, smashing a fist into her head again.

Streek leant back and dodged a high roundhouse kick. "Are you scared I'd beat you in a fair fight?"

"I'm not the one who's scared, you are!, and with good reason." McKenzie came at her again with a series of fast punches and kicks. Streek did her best to dodge and block with her bound hands, but a strong kick struck her side, making her groan.

Streek turned and ran, she jumped up on the handrail on the stairs and ran up it. McKenzie was close behind. "You have nowhere to run Sire!" Streek leapt off, onto the upper level, McKenzie leapt off with a flying kick and got her in the back, sending her tumbling forward. She ran up and kicked Streek hard in the head as she tried to get up.

She continued laying into her Sire, her enemy. Streek rolled away, just as McKenzie was about to stomp her face. She got up on her feet again and backed away, her face was swollen and bleeding.

Her clone came at her with more frenzied punches, most of them connecting. Streek retaliated by raising her cuffed arms in a double fist and screaming out in pain as the intense shock hit her body as she slammed McKenzie in the jaw.

Both of them stumbled back. The punch hurt, but McKenzie could see that Streek was dazed. "Ha! That punch hurt you more than it hurt me. Do it again bitch!"

McKenzie leapt at her with a flying kick, Streek ducked low, dodging her and darted away. Streek leapt up on a console and then up on some machinery, she ran up the wall and grabbed onto one of the steel beams that criss-crossed the ceiling with her cuffed hands. She managed to swing her legs up and climb up there.

"Don't think you're gunna get away from me up there." said McKenzie, she did the same, leaping and climbing up to the beams. She got up in front of her Sire as she got up and got her balance.

"Bad idea coming up here Streek. Gravity is gunna give you the smack-down." She came at her with more kicks, her sire was struggling to block and dodge and keep her balance. She leapt to a parallel beam, and McKenzie leapt across too.

McKenzie feinted a left kick and then smashed Streek in the head with a powerful left hook. Streek was dazed and struggled to keep her balance, then McKenzie gave another strong kick to her chest, Streek slipped back and fell, but managed to catch the beam with her bound arms.

Her clone walked up to her, "Down you go!" she said and then stomped Streeks' head. Streek let go of the beam and fell about four meters, crashing into a desk below and smashing it.

She was reeling, but still managed to just move away in time as McKenzie came crashing down after her. Streek was struggling to get to her feet.

Alerts started sounding in the facility. Were Streeks' friends coming for her already? McKenzie felt she had to finish this quickly, so that they could execute Skylars' plan for her to be 'rescued', but she couldn't resist taunting her Sire.

"You still getting up?" ...Can't you see that your fucked. You're never gunna get your cock back! And you tried so hard too. When I get my cock back, I'm gunna get one of those slave collars for Bernie, make her my fuck-slave. I'm gunna enjoy raping her up the ass, making her scream." Streek grit her teeth and growled in anger. "...Then when I get bored of her, I'll choke the life out of her and throw her away with the trash."

"FUCK YOU!!!" Streek yelled as she stepped forward and swung her double-fist hard, smashing McKenzie in the face, it hurt like hell. Streeks' slave-collar surged with raw electricity but it didn't seem to phase her.

Streek gave a straight kick right into her chest and the collar continued to fire. She gave another strong double-fisted punch into McKenzies' jaw, knocking her back.

"You're fucked!" said Streek. McKenzie came at her again. Streek blocked a fast, high kick and threw a quick right jab to her face. The collar surged again. Streek followed up with a powerful left hook.

McKenzie was unable to defend herself against the flurry of strong punches. She didn't know what was going on, as her head was getting repeatedly smashed hard. The fists were a blur, and seemed to be glowing with blue light.

McKenzie was dazed, but still managed to stay on her feet. Streek threw her arms forward and roared, and a bright blue light shot from her hands right into her. Her whole body was slammed with great force, and then she was slammed again from behind, and she blacked out.


McKenzie quickly sat up with a jolt and lashed out at the person in front of her. The man was smashed hard in the face and was knocked down onto the floor. "AAAAGH!! ...FUCK!!" he cried out as he clenched his jaw. The clone looked around, she was in the large hangar on a stretcher, there were groaning, wounded soldiers all around her.

"Where the fuck is she!!" McKenzie called out.

"Ow! Fuck you! You clone bitch!" said the man she had just hit as he rubbed his chin. He was in his fifties and looked unkempt with a large dark moustache.

"Where is she? What the hell happened?!"

"You were knocked unconscious. Skylar had you dragged out of there and seen to by me. I'm Doctor Morgan."

"What's going on?" said McKenzie looking around. Another Pirate Soldier was being dragged in, crying out in pain as he bled from wounds to his torso and arms. She could hear the muffled sound of gunfire, laser blasts and explosions from behind the curved steel walls of the dome.

"Fuckin' attack of the clones! The intruders locked themselves in there, and used the Cloning Pod, then they blew it up and attacked. It's a fuckin' war zone out there."

"THEY BLEW IT UP?!!" McKenzie got up off the stretcher, she was furious.

The doctor came over to her. "Now hold on, you're not supposed to..." THWAK! McKenzie knocked him down with another punch and then walked away at brisk pace, stepping over wounded Pirates.

Sitting in a far corner in the hangar was the Ronin mech. She remembered coming up against it in the Holo-Arena. She immediately felt ashamed of her actions at the Holo-Arena, or rather, her sires' actions.

Three armed Pirates were guarding the large, advanced mech, she walked over to them. "Why isn't that mech on the battlefield? Why aren't you out there?"

"Who the hell are you? This is Skylars' mech, she's not using it at the moment." said one of them.

"Skylar wants me to use it. Step aside Ass-hole."

The guards raised their rifles at her. "We never heard anything about that. Fuck off Bitch!"

McKenzie got up close to him and looked into his eyes. "Haven't you heard? ...I'm Skylars' new shark, if you're stupid enough to get in my way, you'll get bitten!"

She quickly knocked his gun to the side and punched him hard in the throat. In one smooth motion she grabbed the large combat knife from his belt and slashed it through another guards' throat. She kicked at the third guards' rifle as he let off a burst, making him shoot wide and then she sprung forward and plunged the knife right through his heart, he fell back to the ground dead.

Another guard ran up with his rifle raised, he stopped and stood around twenty meters away from her. McKenzie stood there, with the bloody knife in her hand, looking at him. He slowly lowered his rifle. "Smart." said the clone. She started climbing into the Ronin. "Command: Power up."

"Unauthorised user." came the computerised voice.

"Fuck you!" said McKenzie. She got the TAB out from her jumpsuit pocket and started running a remote hack. Soon the Mech powered up and stood up, fifteen feet tall.

The controls seemed quite intuitive, it responded to her normal arm and leg movements in the same way as the Logan mech her sire had piloted earlier. It responded to voice commands and to buttons at her fingertips and it tracked her eye movement when targeting. She brought up a summary of its' weapon systems and functions on the display screen.

The hangar was filled with a THUMP, THUMP, THUMP noise as the mech jogged toward the large hangar doors. A guard at the entrance opened the doors for her and she bent down as she moved through the doorway and into the battle zone. She had one thing on her mind; find and kill Streek.

Blood, bodies and wreckage were strewn through the snow. Overhead, the Pirate ships were firing their lasers at other ships. She saw the Avatari appear from nowhere, let off a flurry of laser fire and then disappear again. 'So, Arnott's here, I hope I get a chance to kill him as well.'

The remaining Pirate forces were swarming toward the northern building, so McKenzie started heading that way. She jogged past a group of dead Pirate Soldiers. One Badly wounded Soldier held his arm up to her, begging for help. The Ronins' large metal foot came down and crushed him, as the mech jogged past. It left big red footprints in the snow, as it proceeded.

A group of half a dozen Pirate soldiers were running up ahead of her. Someone came out from some wreckage behind them and fired their assault rifle, spraying automatic fire into the group and dropping them. McKenzie recognised the bright red hair, Mia!

McKenzie stared right at her to aim and held her arm out in front of her and fired a plasma burst. Mia dove out of the way, narrowly avoiding it. She got up and fired back. Bullets struck the mechs' energy shields as it sprinted toward her.

McKenzie extended the long vibro-blades from the mechs' arms. She swung the blades at Mia as she got close. Mia danced around avoiding the large, fast blades.

Then Mia jumped right at the mech, McKenzie quickly swung its' arms and managed to knock her away. She quickly fired a plasma blast at the ground where Mia was knocked down. Mia just managed to leap away in time, but her rifle was destroyed.

Mia ran away fast, weaving and leaping to present a difficult target. McKenzie activated the ATS; Automatic Targeting System, and fired off another plasma blast. The ball of plasma hit the lower half of Mias' body, disintegrating it. Her upper body flopped to the ground and her blood and organs spilled out onto the snow.

McKenzie looked up at the Northern building and saw the Van Halen up at the rooftop, people were jumping into its' open rear doors. "NO!! You're not getting away from me!" she cried out as the mech sprinted toward the building.

The Cthulhu approached the building and fired on the Van Halen and the ship took off. Through the X-ray scanner on her view screen she could see that someone was still up on the roof-top. She zoomed in on them and saw that it was Streek; male Streek.

She had become a man again and then destroyed the Pod so that McKenzie would be stuck in a womans' body forever. Rage built inside her, she desperately needed to kill him.

McKenzie activated the jets on the mechs' legs and it rose up off the ground. The Ronin Mech was able to fly for brief periods. She locked onto her sire as she flew up over the edge of the roof, then tried to come down right on top of him, but he darted out of the way as she slammed down hard onto the rooftop.

"Skylar?!" called out Streek, looking up at her.

"No, not Skylar." said McKenzie. "You fuckin' Cunt! You destroyed the damn Pod, now I'll never become a man again. Now I'm gunna finish off the first order my Mistress gave me. You're a dead man!"

The mechs' arms spread wide and long vibro-blades extended from them. Streek flipped backwards as the blades slashed at him with great speed.

He kept moving about as the large mech came at him, swinging its' blades. McKenzie aimed the mechs' arm at him and then fired off a plasma blast. The blue ball of energy exploded on the ground near him, throwing him several meters.

Streek rolled over on the ground and fired his assault rifle at the Mech. The Ronin ran up fast and kicked Streek, he was knocked back and smashed into the low wall around the edge of the rooftop, bricks flew everywhere and the dazed Streek barely managed to hold on to the edge, stopping himself from falling down off the building. 'I've got you now!'

The big Mech walked over to where Streek was hanging off the edge. "This is the part where you die." said McKenzie, raising the blade high.

Suddenly, yellow quad laser blasts hit the Ronins' energy shields. It was the Hornet firing on her, Ben-Two had joined the fight. McKenzie raised the mechs arm and fired plasma blasts at the fighter, its' strong shields absorbed the attacks. The Hornet continued to pelt the mech until it flew past.

"Fuckin' pest!" said McKenzie. She looked down and Streek wasn't there anymore. Streek stabbed at front of the mech with his vibro-blade knife, he had climbed up onto it and was clinging on.

McKenzie retracted the mechs' blades and tried to grab Streek, but he was swinging his body around, avoiding the large hands. "Get off me, you Prick!" She remembered getting shocked when the mech held her back at the holo-arena. She pressed some buttons and a powerful electric shock surged on the outside of the Mech.

Streek screamed out in pain, but he still held on. His fist glowed with blue light. "You don't learn do ya?!" McKenzie felt the impact as he punched the back of the mech with tremendous force. The punch smashed through the strong grey plate and left a hole in its' armour. Streek grabbed a grenade from his belt and dropped it inside the hole and then jumped off the Mech.

The grenade exploded inside the mech, and McKenzie screamed as she felt the shockwave painfully rip through her. The Mech stumbled forward and black smoke enveloped her, she was breathing it in. She felt like she was dying.

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