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Benefits Package


Being in a new town, I needed a night out at the wildest place that I could find. My nerves were on edge because I had a job interview the next evening.

ComTrec, one of the worlds' most rapidly expanding computer companies was hiring a new Vice President of IT. I thought it was awful strange, interviewing for a job at 7:00 at night, but they told me the owner worked odd hours and that it was the only time that he could fit me in. They were very interested in me. Their former Vice President had left the company without notice. His loss, my gain. I hoped and prayed that I would get this job. It could set me up for the rest of my life.

I decided on a neat looking little club called "Gotham". It was the only place in this damn town that didn't look like a "dirty old man" bar, and I could hear the music from the street - my favorite, tribal techno.

I entered the club without reservation and took a seat at the bar. Everything was black, even the walls. It donned on me by looking at the decorum and looking at the surrounding patrons that this was a gothic club. Thank God I had decided on wearing all black out tonight. I fit right in.

I was on my third Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tonic. I was lost in thought, thinking about the interview and thinking about how long it had been since I had sex. I didn't even mind when the stranger sat down next to me put his hand on my thigh-high encased knee and slowly ran it up to my bare inner thigh. His fingers were hot, damp, very manly, and seeming to melt my flesh down to the bone. I couldn't have timed my first wearing ever of thigh-highs more perfect. Already feeling no pain, I took a long sip from my glass and leaned over towards his stool.

"I like to at least know the names of the men that run their hands up my legs, before I ever consider fucking them." I whispered into his ear.

"Bodaway" he replied as he turned to me and burnt my soul with his piercing eyes.

"I prefer first names."

"It is my first name. It is ancient Native American It means 'fire-starter'".

That explained his waist length, black hair that looked as if it were freshly ironed. I didn't really notice him before that moment. He seemed to blend in with the rest of the gothic crowd. His skin, like fine leather, was devoid of any flaws, whatsoever. I nearly came just looking at what very soon, I hoped, I would have on top of me.

"Interesting. You have certainly started my fire already Bodaway."

"Please, call me Bodi. Everyone whom I know intimately does. What shall I call you?"

"Intimately? Well, in that case, I am Caitie, spelled C-A-I-T-I-E. It is Irish"

"What does it mean?"

"From what I understand, it means 'pure'."

"I hope that your name is deceiving. My cock is about to rip through my jeans if I don't have you very soon."

"Well, Bodi, where shall we go? I am new in town and my place is sort of a mess right now."

"I am more of a nature person Caitie. Trust me."

The way that he said the word "trust" held me captive. I stared into his eyes again. Something commanded me to believe him.

"Please, lead the way."

Bodi stood to escort me from Gotham. He was quite taller than he appeared to be sitting on the bar stool. Before I got up, I gave him a thorough once-over. His long legs, encased in the dark, form-fitting denim called out to be kissed and caressed. His wide chest was quite noticeable under the white, silky shirt, as was a rather large gold pendant that I was unable to determine in shape.

"After you Caitie" he said as he held his lengthy arm out beside me. I smoothed my short black skirt and lifted my purse from the back of the bar stool. As I walked by him, I brushed up against the large bulge in the from of his pants. This would be an evening that I desperately needed.

Outside, the wind was picking up. There was a smell of dampness in the air, but upon looking up, a clear night sky with what seemed to be billions of stars.

"It is going to rain" Bodi stated with some authority.

"There isn't a cloud in the sky!"

"I can smell it. It is all around us. It is in my blood to know these things."

"OK, so it is going to rain. I am a little horny here Bodi and I would really like to get going".

I ran my hand down his chest, stopping for a lingering moment on the waistband of his jeans.

"We'll take my car, it is faster."

Bodi lead me to his car, a black foreign sports model with all of the gadgets and optional instrument clusters on the interior. The upholstery was black leather. Everything around me seemed to be that same wonderful shade of black. An omen, perhaps?

"Get in Caitie, the rain is coming and I don't want to miss it."

"I hope that the rain isn't the only thing coming soon."

Riding in the car, I watched as he shifted from one gear to the next with precision. I removed my gaze from him and pulled down the visor so as to use the vanity mirror. The glossy sheen of my red lipstick felt like satin on my full mouth. My smoky-hued eyes bore the resemblance of a mysterious being, intent on seeing all that the world had to offer. I lit a cigarette and took a long drag while using the other hand to make sure that every shoulder-length Auburn strand was in place.

"You need not worry how you look Caitie. It won't matter in a little while." As if on cue, a few raindrops danced across the tinted (black, of course) windshield.

"I'll be damned..." Bodi glanced in my direction and showed the nearly demonic grin that he had given me in Gotham. God, I could not wait much longer.

He reached towards the CD player in the dashboard. Turning it on, he pushed in the CD that protruded from the wafer-thin opening. Suddenly, the interior reverberated with the exotic thumping rhythm of tribal techno, the same that had been playing in the club.

"Interesting music. It is my favorite."

"The music isn't the only thing that is going to be interesting tonight."

Fifteen minutes later, we pulled onto a wooded stretch of road. We drove up a hill into a row of trees. The rain was pouring the proverbial "buckets". Bodi stopped the car at the top of the tree-lined ridge. He left the music thumping and the headlights on.

"Get out" he ordered firmly.

"Yes sir" I replied and opened the car door. I slipped one leg out of the door and was instantly covered by a sheet of raindrops. If felt so cold, but yet so good. I swung my other leg out and pulled myself into the weather. I turned to watch Bodi do the same.

"Come here Caitie." I liked the way he used my name so freely.

I stepped out of my high heels as he again held out his hand. His body, by then, was totally drenched in the short period of time he had been exposed to the elements. His hair hung over the now transparent shirt.

I walked through the mud and grass-like foliage towards him. More coldness shot through me. When I reached him, he grabbed me with such force that for a moment, a very brief moment, I thought that I feared him, but, I remembered his words: "trust me".

He took me into his arms. Bodi's lips met mine. His tongue darted in between my teeth before I could catch my breath. He tasted of Peppermint and spirits. The cold that had momentarily gripped me before turned into a burning heat, more intense that the rays of the Sun itself. His hands slipped from my arms to the bottom of my saturated blouse. I figured that this would be like so many other times, the man unbuttoning my shirt one button at a time as to slowly reveal his prize. With one swift pull, every button effortlessly popped open, revealing my lace and nylon covered tits. I whimpered. His hand smoother back my wet hair while his other hand slid to the back of my thigh and lifted me up. He turned and literally slammed me onto the hood of the car.

As the rain poured down upon us, Bodi kissed my body all over. He slid my bra over my tits and slowly encircled the nipples with his tongue. I closed my eyes not only from the raindrops, but from the sheer delight of this man all over my body with his mouth.

I opened my eyes when I no longer felt his tongue or weight. He stood at the front of the car and slowly undid his shirt, button by button. His hair gleamed in the headlights. I sat up and reached around to my back to undo the hook and eye contraption that was holding my bra to my body. Bodi admired my body, not speaking a word. I still heard the tribal techno playing over the waves that were sloshing around in my filth-ridden mind. It seemed almost louder than before. I put my feet on the fender, lifted my ass off of the hood and slowly reached under my skirt and slid off my underwear. Between the rain and the natural fluids flowing from me, I don't know which made my panties that incredibly wet. I believe that it was a tie. I spread my legs to offer him what so desperately craved him.

"Fuck me Bodi."

"Fuck yourself first" he replied, showing the teeth again.

Taking heed of his request, I lowered my hand across my hard nipples, down to the nether regions of my womanhood.

"Lift your skirt, I cannot see well enough Caitie."

I withdrew my hand long enough to pull the skirt up around my waist. The cold, wet fiberglass hood felt so good against my ass.

"Now, show me."

I spread my legs as far apart as I could and leaned back against the car. My fingers parted the petals of my rose and began stroking my clit in a steady, back and forth motion to the music coming from the vehicle, the bass reverberating through the fiberglass underneath me. My other hand grabbed one of my breasts roughly. This man had an effect on me that even I couldn't have expected. I had never "got off" manually in front of a man, but this, this felt liberating and intoxicating, a freedom I had never felt before. I lifted my head up, moaning ever so gently and stared into his eyes. He was mesmerized by my skill at pleasuring myself. He let his hands fall to the button and zipper of his jeans. He never took his eyes off of me. He pulled his cock from the metal-toothed cage it had been in. I had never seen one so large and perfectly proportioned. It's width was as tremendous as it's length.

"Fuck me now!" I shouted as I brought myself to the first climax. Pleasure surged from my head to my toes and back again.

"Do you want me to fuck you Caitie?"

"Yes Bodi."

"Do you want me to fuck you forever Caitie? Do you want to be mine for all eternity, until the end of time?"

"Yes Bodi, I do." My mouth said the words that were in my post-climax head at that moment. I look back now and wonder what would have happened if I had decided to say "no".

Bodi came over to the car, grabbed my upper thighs and slid me off of the hood. He turned me around with my back against his chest and manliness. He pulled my left arm up behind my head and let his right hand glide over my tits, down to my lower hair. With one swift move, he put his hand in my hair, wrapped his fingers around the tangle of wet strands, pulled me head backwards towards him and bit into my neck with violent ferocity. I screamed out in formidable pain. He pushed me forward onto the hood again. My palms slapped the fiberglass hard as he slid his arm around my waist, put one foot on the bumper and entered me from behind, all of the time, draining my blood. Once in, he didn't move for a few seconds, as if to let me realize what was happening. He growled in an fiendish low tone as my crimson life force drained through the openings in my neck.

He slid out and pounded back into me again and again. I squealed out in sheer agony and immeasurable pleasure. He held me into place with his muscular arm, sliding in and out, harder each time, sucking my life from me at the same time.

"You taste so good Caitie, your pussy feels so hot."

I was speechless, fused by dread and the artful skill this man had at fucking and drinking the life out of me. For at least 15 more minutes, Bodi drilled into me from behind and took the last of my blood. I don't know how long I was "dead", not only at that moment, but for years before that. I opened my eyes and found his wrist in my mouth. Trickles of blood seeped from two wounds across his skin below his palm. I was aware that everything seemed brighter and more alive. Even in the darkness and rain, I could see the detail on every tree, hear every note playing from the car with clarity that I had never dreamed possible. I heard noises coming from the trees around us, no doubt animals scampering away from what they had just seen take place. I smelled the air and the pollen and the blood; the blood which I realized that I would now crave forever. Forever, a word that had new meaning. I belonged to this man.

As I attempted to turn to him, he once again began to fuck me. I put one foot on the bumper and stood upright in front of him. He supported me with his hands firmly embracing my chest. The rain turned into a torrential downpour and I swore that as it hit our bodies, it sizzled, just as when you pour water into a pan of scalding hot grease.

"Turn around Caitie, my bride in blood." I did so. "You know what you now are" he said as he spun me around again in a dance-like move and leaned himself up against the car. He held me close. Blood dripped from the corners of his mouth. "Wrap your legs around my waist and ride me."

I smiled and did what I was told to do, no, I did as I was ordered to do.

I rode Bodi like he was the final bull in the short go-round. My head thrashed to and fro. Streams of blood mixed with mother nature's water falling from the sky and washed down my arm. It soon disappeared.

"Harder Caitie, Harder!"

I came the second time. I cannot even explain what it felt like. The orgasm from minutes ago became distant in my mind as my entire body shuddered and quakes and I screamed out in a feral tone. I gasped for air as he continued to pump, each time with unbounded delectation and nearly each thrust rendered another orgasm of intensity which I never knew could have existed. Again, Bodi lifted my body. I continued to bounce up and down on his manhood, unable to stop or control myself. My veins were burning.

He carried me to a mound of earth and laid me down in the mud. Without hesitation, he kneeled between my legs, spread me wide and began to drive into me again. I burned from head to toe. The experience of fucking in so many positions, with so many different angles of entry, and, no doubt, being turned into a bloodsucking vampire, was more than enough to drive me carnally insane.

"I'm coming again Bodi!"

As I came for the umpteenth time, my hands began to flail wildly. Unintentionally, I grabbed the gold chain around his neck and pulled with all of my might. I saw stars as we came simultaneously. I must have bore all of my weight onto the necklace because it snapped and I fell a short distance back to the mud in which we were lying. It was at that moment when I opened my palm I saw that the pendant which I could not identify earlier was a pentagram. I laid there, in a mud bog, holding the sign of the devil in my hand, having just been fucked like never before and turned into a vampire. I could do nothing but laugh. This certainly was not in my plans.

"Bodi, why did you choose me?"

"I needed a new Vice President."

I sat up from the mud.

"What did you say?"

"Caitie, why do you think that I was in that bar tonight? It was because I read your resume my sweet little vampire. I knew where you lived. I followed you to Gotham. I am the one you had an interview with tomorrow evening. However, due to certain circumstances, I had to make sure, personally, that you were right for the job."

"What are you talking about?"

"I am the owner of ComTrec, the company where you were going to interview. I had a little incident with my former Vice President. He walked into my office one night last month and caught me feeding on some whore I picked up in the city. I had no choice but to kill him. I need a Vice President for my company, but I don't need the hassle of them asking questions or disturbing my feedings! It would be less hassle to just make you into what I am, then, I won't have to worry about being interrupted again." He grinned demonically again, this time, his sharp, pointed incisors protruding from the corners of his lips.

I was now going to have to drink blood for the rest of my life because this man, a Native American vampire, attractive, rich and who was able to fuck like no other, needed a Vice President of Systems IT? I sat and pondered for a few moments all of the things that were going to change: working odd hours, killing people so I can stay alive, not being able to ever see the daylight again, etc. I could have asked or said a thousand, no, a million different things.

"I only have two questions."

"Yes, Caitie?"

"What kind of benefits package does ComTrec offer to it's Vice Presidents and is that thing about garlic really true?"

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