tagNovels and NovellasBest For Who Ch. 02

Best For Who Ch. 02


It took two weeks before things went back to how they had been before. Jodi stayed at Amberley on the Saturday night after helping her clean up, was business as usual with the kids during the week but went to her room early each night.

'Would it be okay if Amberley came over for dinner on Friday night?' Jodi asked on the Wednesday before the kids were due to go to my in-laws for the weekend.

'Sure, as long as she isn't putting an open invitation out for everyone else?' I grinned and felt relieved when Jodi matched my smile. It was the first relaxed personal communication we'd had that didn't involve the kids since the Sandy debacle.

'She says she wants to meet the fool who lets me sponge off him.' We both laughed at that.

'She hasn't had much experience with kids has she?' I asked.

'Only child, so not even a younger brother or sister,' Jodi laughed.

'Am I cooking...?'

'On me, it's your birthday after all.' I must've looked surprised because she added, 'you hadn't forgotten had you?'

'Ah, yeah I had,' I grinned a little self-consciously. 'Thirty seven, who wants to celebrate that?' I moaned in mock pain.

'I'll getcha a walking stick,' she laughed.

I arrived home just after six on Friday to the sound of Astra's retro-70's The Weirding blasting through the house. That is if psychedelic progressive rock ever blasts, even if it was released in 2009. I walked up the stairs, loosening my tie to be met by Amberley. At least I assumed it was Amberley. She was about the same height as Jodi, slim with long, very shapely legs revealed under a black mini skirt, and long dark hair that was braided into a pony tail that fell almost to her waist. Most striking about her was her face, she was simply beautiful. Almond shaped green eyes that perpetually promised something wicked, full lips that covered large perfect teeth and edged with a wide pouty mouth topped off with perfectly shaped cheek bones, an exquisitely proportioned nose and a slender neck.

'Shit Jodes!' She yelled out, as she walked towards me. 'You said he was okay looking but he's actually pretty cute.' I glanced at Jodi who was chopping up salad items in the kitchen. She smiled at me and raised her eyebrows as if to say, 'that's who she is.'

'Happy birthday,' Amberley added, throwing her arms around my neck and planting a soft wet kiss on my lips. She smelt feminine and of alcohol and her body was warm and soft against me.

'Hi Amberley,' I laughed as she stepped back. 'Nice to meet you.'

'Of course it is,' she quipped. 'Now go get changed.'

As I walked towards the bedroom she added, 'I reckon you're right Jodes. Hard to tell under those suit pants but I reckon he's got a great butt just like you said.' I looked back at Jodi over my shoulder but she had busied herself with the salad and didn't respond. Amberley just laughed and winked at me.

Amberley was a girl who loved to be the centre of attention, but was also inclusive of those around her. As such it was a funny, pleasant and relaxing dinner, with the three of us laughing often and drinking our way rapidly through three bottles of red wine, before moving to the balcony and onto the vodka. Amberley offered me a cigarette before lighting one herself.

'Only smoke when I drink,' she said.

'Which means she starts smoking around midday and finishes after midnight,' Jodi added quickly. 'Every day!'

'Up yours,' Amberley scowled at her friend. I was reminded of Kelly then, she too would smoke once she had reached her third drink or so.

'What'cha thinking 'bout?' Jodi had obviously seen my expression change. For a moment I was tempted to say nothing.

'Kelly actually,' I replied and smiled at her. 'She used to smoke after a few drinks.' I looked past Jodi to where Amber sat and watched the glow of the cigarette brighten, highlighting her beautiful face. 'For a minute I started to get angry at her,' he turned his gaze back to Jodi, 'but then I realised that I have just enjoyed a great dinner, that my life is on track, that I'm having a great time in the company of two gorgeous young ladies. So if Kelly didn't want to be here, then its better that she's gone so I can continue to enjoy my birthday.'

'Here, here,' Amberley toasted after a moment's thoughtful reflection. We all raised our glasses, then Jodi headed inside to put some more upbeat music on. The party mood returned and Amberley started dancing, dragging me up for a couple of songs then Jodi when I begged off.

'Time for a swim!?' Amberley shouted, looking down over the balcony at the pool. I had to admit that the evening was very warm and the thought of getting into the pool was a welcome one.

'I've got some swimmers you can borrow Amber,' Jodi offered. The thought of seeing Amber in a swimsuit was probably more appealing than the refreshment offered by the water. We dispersed to change and I was the first into the water. I love that first contact, when your hot skin knifes through the cool water and you can feel every rivulet as it runs through your hair onto your scalp, and down along your body.

Jodi emerged next, slender and somehow demure even though her swimsuit was a revealing blue bikini.

Amberley was the last one to emerge from the house and jump into the pool. She had returned upstairs to grab a bottle of vodka. The pale green swimsuit she had borrowed from Jodi was a size too small, and as a result her nipples protruded, her breasts were pressed flat and made to look large, and her buttocks were barely contained.

'Christ, I look like a fatty in this don't I?' she squealed.

'Yeah, a right heifer,' I responded with heavy sarcasm. She looked delicious. And I knew that she knew she looked delicious. I glanced at Jodi and saw that she was watching my reaction to Amber's grand entrance and I smiled at her and shook my head. She smiled back before diving under the surface. Amber leapt from the side and landed with a huge splash on her back, re-emerging with her long pony tail now a streaming black tide of water that cascaded down her back. Running her hands down it, she blew water from her lips and turned to look at us.

'Who wants a shot?' she asked, pulling the vodka bottle up from under the surface.

'Me!' said Jodi and swum over to her friend. Amber unscrewed the lid, but motioned for her to tip her head back. Jodi did and I watched as the clear liquid spilled into her open mouth, the lights from across the water illuminating the flow in yellows and whites. Her throat moved up and down and for a moment I saw a beautiful woman, not the young girl who I had hired as a live in au pair.

'Dave?' I swam over, and turned my back to Amber, lowering my shoulders into the water as I craned my head as far back as I could. As soon as I opened my mouth the chilled vodka was poured, and I quickly lost my breath as the fiery liquid poured into my gullet. With a shake of my head I stood up, my eyes watering as it slid down my throat.

'Crap!' I said, but grinned at the two girls.

'Your turn,' Jodi said to Amber, reaching for the bottle. Amber stooped in the water as I had, and opened her mouth while barely putting her head back. Jodi tilted the bottle and as the vodka flowed, Amber moved forward and took the neck into her mouth. Her lips widened as she slid the neck into her throat and I had to stifle a gasp of pure lust.

It seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, before she pulled free of the bottle.

'Slapper,' Jodi said with a laugh.

'You too can be one with more practice Jodi my dear,' she shot back. 'Truth or dare Dave?'

'Quickly into something new aren't we?' I shot back.

'I'm asking the question,' Amber replied in a mock stern voice.

'Well, in the early stages, people always say truth don't they?' My head was buzzing with the shot of vodka on top of the drinks I had consumed earlier.

'So that's your answer then?'

'Nah,' I shook my head, 'let's go all out. Dare.'

'I dare you to chuck your swimmers out of the pool and swim naked.'

'Amber!' Jodi exclaimed.

'What Jodes, are you worried your boss might disapprove of your friends and fire you?'

'No danger of that,' I said as I resurfaced with my swimmers in my hand. I threw them over the pool fence where they landed with a loud slap on the flagstones of the small courtyard. 'I'm only going to fire her if she fails to tell the truth or refuses a dare.'

'Woohoo,' Amber shouted, her voice echoing off the stone wall around the pool. 'Your turn Dave.'

'Okay,' I replied after a moment's thought. 'Jodi, truth or dare?'

'Truth,' she said with a small smile. 'You know me, Miss Conservative.'

'Boring!' Amber bellowed, taking a healthy slug of vodka before offering me the bottle. I accepted, swilled and passed it to Jodi.

'Alright then Miss Conservative, did you find any of the porn DVDs I lent you the other night a turn on?'

'What!!? You borrowed porn from your boss!!?' Amber sounded completely spun out by the thought. I couldn't tell in the dark, but I was guessing that Jodi had turned deep red in embarrassment.

'Answer please!' I demanded. 'Remember you job is on the line.' Jodi flipped me the bird.

'I can't believe it. Did you actually watch it or were you trying to impress him?' Amber wouldn't let it go.

'Fuck you Amber,' Jodi shot back, then looked at me and nodded. 'Yeah, it was good. Is that enough?'

'No it's not! I want to know if you...'

'Sure,' I replied, interrupting Amber who was no doubt about to hassle her friend some more.

'Truth or dare Dave?'

'Aww, c'mon, what about me?' Amber whined.

'Dare,' I replied, thinking of the multitude of embarrassing questions Jodi could potentially ask me.

'Hmm,' Jodi said as she thought for a moment. 'Come and do a handstand in the shallow end.'

'Oooh, good one, I can check him out,' Amber giggled. With mock bravado I swam to the shallow end, with Amber swimming alongside, before I dived down to perform a handstand. I deliberately made it a long one, knowing that they would expect me not to.

'Enough girls?' I said with a splutter as I returned right way up.

'Absolutely,' Amber nodded, 'and the handstand wasn't bad either.' Both girls dissolved in a fit of giggles.

'Okay Amber, your turn. Truth or dare?'

'Dare, dare, daring dare,' she replied, her eyes flashing dangerously. She was getting seriously drunk.

'Okay, I dare you to take off that bikini top. Its only so that you don't stretch it, I know on what I pay her Jodi can't afford to replace them.' Jodi snorted and Amber pretended to be shocked. Then the bikini top followed my shorts over the fence. Amber's breasts were rounded and I guessed a nice sized B cup. Being so young, they defied gravity in the way that only youthful skin can. Her nipples were bigger than I would have expected, but were perfectly round.

'Jodi, truth or dare?' she turned to her friend, pretending to ignore me pretending that I wasn't checking her out. She rubbed at her breasts, no doubt enjoying having them out of the too small top.

'Dare,' Jodi shot back. She was trying to match her friend and keep in the game.

'Chicken about what I might ask you?' Amber had a superior look on her face.

'No,' Jodi replied, but I noticed that she couldn't meet Amber's gaze. I wondered what was going on between the two friends.

'Okay, I dare you to let Dave take off your bikini top.'

'What?' asked Jodi.

'Hang on, time out,' I cut in. 'That's a double dare; we need special rules for those!'

'I think she loses her turn for a start,' Jodi replied.

'No, no, no,' I said as patronizingly as I could. 'If you are double daring, and both people accept, then both get a turn. I think in this case, straight after this, Jodi can ask you, and then it's my turn.'

'Okay,' said Amber, and I could tell she didn't care what the rule was.

'So I get a free shot at Amber then?' Jodi looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

'Uh-huh,' I responded.

'Okay,' she shrugged. I walked towards her and she turned around and pulled her hair up to reveal the knot that held her top in place around her neck. I felt my heart start to thud in my chest as I reached up and tugged the knot loose. Then I reached down and my fingers fumbled, once, twice at the clasp in the middle of her slender back. Then it was free and I pulled it from her body.

Jodi dipped into the water so that it was around her neck. Amber said nothing.

'Truth or dare Amber?' Jodi's voice sounded even and calm, and I was glad I hadn't had to speak. My throat felt dry.


'Ever had sex with an older guy...like ten years or older?'

'You mean, like around Dave's age?' Amber didn't look at me as she asked the question, instead she held Jodi's gaze with a faint smile on her lips.

'Don't be such a tart,' Jodi replied, but this time there was no smile on her lips.

'No I haven't,' Amber replied, 'but I'd love to meet the right man willing to share his experience.' She looked straight at me as she spoke and I felt my throat constrict again. This was getting out of control, and had I not been pissed, I probably would've felt uncomfortable and backed out of the game. Instead my imagination was willing the game to places I could only fantasize about. Or pay for.

Instead I asked, 'Jodes?'

'Truth,' she replied.

'Did you masturbate after watching the porno?'

'Good one!' Amber squealed. 'So did you rub one out you filthy chicken? Play with the little man in the boat? Rubbin' the nubbin?' She laughed drunkenly at her own jokes.

'Yes I did,' Jodi replied, trying to maintain a semblance of dignity. 'And I came quite hard too.'

'Go girl!' Jodi yelled.

'Truth or dare Dave?'

'Truth,' I replied.

'Do you think of Kelly when you masturbate?'

'Sometimes,' I answered honestly. 'Sometimes about others, sometimes I just go with the vibe and enjoy the sensation.' I tried to keep my voice level but with the entire focus on sex I could feel a certain hardening happening and was hoping that I didn't betray my arousal though my tone.

'Amber?' I turned to look at Jodi's friend. She was leaning against the side of the pool, breasts bared and glistening with water. Even with all her hair pulled back from her face she looked magnificent and absolutely unconcerned about her semi nudity.

'Hmmm, truth seems interesting at the moment, so I'll swing that way too.'

'Well then, speakin' of swinging, ever had a threesome?'

'Ha!' I wasn't sure but for a moment I think she was off-balance. 'Once.' She paused, and then asked, 'Jodes, truth or dare?'

'Hang on!' I interrupted. 'That's not enough of an answer. Two men or another couple?'

'That's another question,' she shot back.

'No its not,' Jodi cut in. 'I told you my orgasm was good, Dave told us what he fantasizes about...you need to give us more.'

'It was two other women.' Amber's voice was subdued, at least in comparison to her previous volume.

'Alright!' I exclaimed.

'Holy shit Amber,' Jodi replied. 'I had no idea...'

'None of your fucking business,' Amber shot back.

'Excuse me,' Jodi said and I sensed she had just gained the upper hand.

'Truth or dare Jodes?'


'I dare you to let Dave lick your nipples.' My heart raced. I hadn't seen Jodi's breasts yet; she had stayed submerged to the shoulders since I had removed her bikini top. I suddenly wanted to. A lot.

'Nah,' Jodi said, turning in the water and swimming to the edge of the pool overlooking the city. 'Guess I lose.'

'Hang on,' I replied. My first thought was that I was coming to her rescue. That's what alcohol does to you, clouds your judgement and makes you see things through the wrong glasses. 'You only lose if the person who asks the dare won't do it either.'

The ensuing silence made me realise that my words hadn't had the intended effect.

'Okay,' said Amber. She swam to the shallow end; turned and lifted herself onto the step. This put her breasts at about my mouth's level if I was to stand in front of her. At that point I realised that I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some rather exquisite breasts. Thankfully I'm not a complete idiot when drunk.

'I guess I'm out too then,' I said with a smile.

'Aw shucks,' Amber said, sliding back into the water. 'There goes my older man fantasy.' Her tone was light and I saw Jodi smiling as she turned to look at us. I swam over beside her, and Amberley swam to her other side.

'Thanks,' Jodi whispered to me as I leaned over the edge of the pool. Our hips touched under the water, making me aware that I was still naked.

'So when didja have this threesome?' The question from Jodi took me by surprise.

'Hey, thought the game was over?' Amber replied.

'Well it's just that you tell me everything...including things I don't always wanna know about...'

'...hey your brother was a great lay...' Amber interrupted.

'Can't hear, can't hear,' Jodi squealed, putting her fingers into her ears. Doing so meant she stood properly, and right next to my face were her breasts. They were smaller than Amber's; perhaps a good sized A cup, maybe a small B. But perfect. Her nipples pointed straight ahead and the cool air out of the water made them erect. Small elegant points surrounded by flesh firmed into goose bumps. She obviously realised that she was revealing herself and dropped into the water, glancing at me and catching me checking her out. She looked away as did I and we both pretended that we didn't know what had just happened.

'It was a game of truth or dare,' Amber laughed.

'With who?'

'Amy and Joanne...'

'...where was I?' Jodi sounded offended that she hadn't been present.

'Well since you've got this new man in your life,' Amber tossed her wet hair towards me with a laugh, a move that made her breasts sway breathtakingly, 'you're not available most Friday nights. It was about four weeks ago.'

'Oh,' said Jodi.

'And besides, if you'd been there nothing would've happened, would it? I mean, if you drop out at having your nipples licked, having to lie still while Amy rubs ice on your clit is going to be out of the question!'

'You let Amy...?'

'She made me come four times with her mouth that night.' Amber sounded a bit dreamy as she recollected. I felt myself hardening at the thought of Amber with another woman.

'Did you...?'

'Course,' Amber replied with a snort. 'You know me, one in all in.' Silence fell between the two friends. 'I like cock though.' We all burst out laughing at that, and Amber swam across the pool to retrieve the vodka. We all took turns in sculling, and I felt the fire burning in my stomach again.

'You really think I'm a prude doncha?' Jodi's words were slurring a little.

'Yup,' Amber laughed, cupping Jodi's chin in her hand and giving it a shake. 'But I still loves ya!'

'I don't.' I spoke to defend Jodi. 'You're a coupla years older than Jodes, Amber,' I pointed out. 'At Jodi's age I'd bet I was as straight as she is, and at your age probably too. Straighter now probably if I think about it.'

'Thank you for defending my straightness,' Jodi said with mock gratitude.

'Seriously, I could tell you some things that I've got up to...' I began.

'Go on!' said Amber with a wide grin.

'No, that's not the point I'm tryin' to make,' I protested.

'Nuthin' to tell 'n other words,' said Amber.

'The point I'm tryin' to make,' I struggled on, trying to ignore Amber's pointed barbs, 'is that ya gain experience with age. We all do it at different rates is all.'

'C'mon, tell me somethin' surprising,' Amber insisted.

'God you've got a one track mind!' Jodi exclaimed.

'Yup,' Amber replied.

'Alright,' I replied. 'Kel once got me a hooker for my birthday and we had a threesome.'

'Cool, but not really that shockin' is it?' said Amber.

'A prostitute?' Jodi sounded shocked. 'I thought...' she trailed away and I knew that she didn't want to mention her stand in with Amber here. I was feeling lustful so I continued her thought.

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