tagErotic CouplingsBest Friends Ch. 01

Best Friends Ch. 01


Being best friends with the man of your dreams is never easy. I've had that privilege for the past eight years. We'd had a lot of rough patches, but Greg and I were always able to get our footing back and pick up where we left off, even though he'd always known that I liked him.

One day we were hanging out at my apartment just watching some TV when he complained that his neck hurt. I'd offered several times before, but this time I demanded that he let me give him massage.

"Greg, just let me do it. It's not like I'm going to bite you."

"Well, you might," he replied.

"Shut up and sit on the floor," I said. And surprisingly, that's what he did.

I've been told that I'm great at massages, and I'm sure that doing this meant more to me than it did to him. His skin radiates heat and the moment I touched him I could feel my senses working overtime. I slowly worked my fingers in circles around his shoulder blades and up onto his head. I could feel his muscles relax beneath my touch and then he sighed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He pulled away from me and sat down on the couch.

"I just realized something."


"I just realized that I've spent the past several years being afraid to love you back. I was so intimidated by your love that I refused to accept it. But, now I see how much of an ass I've been and I want to make that up to you."

Stunned. I was stunned. I had absolutely no idea what to say, and I soon began to feel tears coming from my eyes. Next thing I knew he was wiping them away with his thumbs.

"What I'm asking is if you'll be my girlfriend?"

I nodded yes, and that was when it happened.

He pulled me in for a kiss. Since I had been so hung up on him, I had never dated. And this was the greatest moment of my life (or at least that's what I thought). When his lips touched mine and his tongue found its way into my mouth I was overwhelmed. I began to explore his mouth and our hands found each other's bodies. Mine gripped his hair as his found the skin under my shirt. Greg slowly began to move from lips to my ear and that sent me to a different world. I couldn't stand it any more.

"Bedroom" I whispered in his ear.

Not wanting the moment to end he walked me backwards to the bedroom. Kissing every inch of bare skin he could find. My door was shut and he pushed me up against it hard. Meeting my lips and tongue again for a long deep kiss while we both fumbled for the doorknob. Eventually I got it and we flew through the door. As we worked our way to the bed, I turned him around. I moved my hands to his chest and began to unbutton his shirt just as we reached the bed. I gave him a good push and threw onto his back on the bed. I crawled on top of him and continued to remove his clothes. First I peeled his freshly unbuttoned shirt off and then I removed his white tee. I slowly kissed down his body until I got to his pants, which I unfastened smoothly and we both worked to get him out of those.

His body was even better than I had imagined. He'd recently hit the gym again and his muscles were bulging in all the right places. I ran my hands all over his body as I slid up him. Finally, I found the bulge coming from his boxers and gave it a nice squeeze; I thought he was going to die because he wriggled so much.

"Oh I'm getting you for that one," he said as he grabbed me and flipped us, so he was on top.

He began to gently kiss my forehead and then all over my face. Down my neck until he got to my shirt, which he pulled off ever so gently, along with my undershirt. I felt his hand go underneath me and within seconds my bra was on the floor. He proceeded to kiss along my collarbone, sending shivers all over my body, and when I felt his lips at the top of my breasts, I felt a tingle between my legs. He seemed to read this as a hand was instantly rubbing me from the outside of my jeans. As he stroked me, he continued to kiss my breasts finally sucking on each nipple and causing me to shudder so bad I thought I wasn't going to be able to function. He seemed to sense this and moved on. Slowly working his way down my stomach to my belly button and then finally to the top of my pants. He didn't waste any time removing them or my thong and was soon kissing me from my hips down. He worked his way back up to my breasts, this time sticking his fingers in my now exposed pussy. It was extremely wet and he was able to move his fingers around with ease. He made it back to my lips and I was finally able to move my hands. I caressed his back and felt him start to become more erect. I decided it was time and placed my hands under the elastic of his boxers as a hint.

He helped me remove them and than began to kiss my neck again.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked gently.

Rather than answer him with a yes or no I nibbled on his ear. He let out a moan and we knew we were ready. He slowly moved himself into me and I let out a deep moan. Once he was in all the way he continued to kiss me all over as he slowly moved in and out, finding the perfect rhythm and matching my thrusts. My hands were on his shoulders and as he moved further into me, so did my nails into his back. When he began to nibble on my shoulder, I thought I was going to lose it until he pulled out for a second that so that we could make it last.

He took this as a moment to begin kissing my breasts again and as he entered me again, I grabbed his butt so he could go deeper. This caused him to move his torso away from mine in order to create more force. He put one hand on each breast and continued to go further inside me. He started thrusting faster and deeper and continued to dig into his butt and push him in further. I began to moan constantly and I could feel myself tightening up. I finally orgasmed and I thought it would never end. He followed shortly behind me and pulled out.

We both amazed and stunned at what had just happened.

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