tagIncest/TabooBetween My Sons

Between My Sons


I was relieved to have my sons home. Tim was 18 and just returning from his first semester in college and James was 20, home for the week from his job in the city. My husband was away on business in Thailand, no doubt enjoying the company benefits with some young hooker, and I was planning on spending the week alone. But then James called and here they were at the kitchen table.

I loved my sons. We had always been close, ever since they were boys rolling naked in the mud we never kept anything from each other. But I couldn't talk to them about this. Something that had been racking my mind for the past year—something I couldn't shake or get away from: I was lonely and their father was going to leave me. I mean how do you bring that up? What do you tell them? Of course the questions would come and they would be right to ask them.

Why couldn't we work it out? Why is he cheating? Why? There were a million answers, but none of them were true. None of them were exactly right. If I was honest with them, I would tell them the truth was I wasn't interesting anymore. I was only 38 and I still had my body—I worked hard for it and we were active sexually. But I knew he wanted more. He wanted someone younger and different. Unfortunately, that was what marriage was: Sex thinking about someone else.

So here I was looking into my blue eyed angel Tim. He smiled at me and scrapped the remainder of his dinner. I wondered if he knew that I had a dildo in my drawer in the kitchen. It was pink and rather long and just before he and his brother came over I had used it on the kitchen floor. That was the real suburban housewife and I wondered if it had ever occurred to him.

"That was great mom. Thanks," he said with a smile and stood up.

"Your welcome dear," I replied. "Now don't worry about the dishes and go in the other room. James is watching football."

He smiled at me, walked around the table then gave me a hug. "I love being home," he whispered in my ear.

"I am so happy you guys are here," I replied. I kissed his nose and pushed him away.

I spent the next few minutes in the kitchen washing the dishes and cleaning up. I thought about my boys and how proud of them I was. James never went to college. He didn't need to. He was so out spoken and intelligent that he was making too much money to waste time in school. He was so handsome too. He dated different girls from time to time, but I knew he was never serious about them. The only thing he was serious about was work—just like his father.

Tim was different. He was quiet, thoughtful and artistic. After James left home Tim spent a lot of his time in his room drawing and writing. He was my sensitive one. He was very good looking in a different way than his brother and all through out high school girls were after him. But he never paid attention to them—he was always somewhere else in his head. It was so bad in fact that I thought he was gay until I found some porno in his room. The fact was he just wasn't ready for a women and I didn't blame him: I would be the first to tell him that we are a crazy sex.

They were all grown up until they got home. Then the two of them would act like they were 10 again and watch TV and play games. I didn't mind it at all. They had always been close and seeing them get along so well made me feel like I had done something right as a mother. Too bad I wasn't a good wife.

That thought made me frown and I wiped my hands on a towel thought of the dildo in the drawer and shook my head. Not while the boys are in the house. I walked into the living room and sat on the couch between them and cuddled. We watched football and then a movie, laughing and joking until late. After the movie they got up to head to bed and I agreed that it was time to sleep as well. I watched them head upstairs and I stayed on the couch for a bit.

My mind went back to the kitchen and my dildo. I had some unfinished business and the boys would be asleep. I crossed my legs and thought it over. They would be here for a week and there was nothing worse than starting on something but never getting the orgasm. That's what I needed, even if it was just from a piece of plastic. I resolved to make a new rule: after I came from the dildo there would be no more until the boys left. I needed to be a mom—but only after I got off. I was, after all, a woman and I had needs.

I smiled, stood up and stretched. I walked over to the mirror in the hall and played with my hair. It was getting long and I thought of making an appointment the next day. I turned to the side and straightened my back. "Only 115 pounds, not bad Sue, not bad at all," I said to myself quietly. The thought remained only a second then I imagined my husband with some Thai slut.

I sighed out loud then went to the kitchen. My hands shook a little as I was excited to get off. Sad but true. I took the dildo out and smiled. It was my man. An erection that never went limp. I rummaged in the drawer until I found the lube. The best part of a dildo was it could take care of any hole I put it in. I thought of the best sex I had ever had with my husband and smiled. That was the thought I needed to get me off.

I walked up the stairs and made my way to my room. James and Tim were in their own respective ones and I would have the big bed to myself. I closed the door, pulled back the blankets and slid onto the bed. My pussy was already wet by the time I slid out of my pants and top. I lubed the dildo up as best as I could and pressed it against my pussy. I closed my eyes and thought of my husband's fingers pushing against me. He knew how to touch me and when we were young he used to sneak into my dorm room and just finger me. I let out a sigh and I felt my pussy growing wetter.

I thought about the anticipation of his cock. I used to live for that thing. Any moment that I could get it out of his pants and in my mouth or my pussy and eventually my ass would be enough to make me cum. I pushed the dildo in and clenched it with my pussy.

"Oh," I said quietly.

I thought of his cock pushing into me and I smiled. I opened my eyes to look down and then I froze. Tim stood in the doorway quietly looking at me.

I panicked. "Oh shit Tim!" I squeaked. I yanked the dildo out and pulled the covers up to my chest. "What the hell are you doing?"

His face was beet red and he slipped into the room and closed the door. "I, um, was going to say good night. I can go. I just, I didn't expect..."

"I know. Shit I am sorry," I said. I tried to smile weakly. My poor son is probably scarred for life now.

He sat on the end of the bed. I looked at him quietly and tried to find my composure.

After a very heavy pause he looked up at me with his big blue eyes, "Mom, are you lonely?"

The question caught me off guard. "What?" I managed to say.

He looked at me very seriously, "I mean, with dad always gone and I know you are here alone a lot. I can understand if you need to do—that—because you are lonely."

I smiled sadly. He was my sweet and sensitive boy. "Yes, I do get lonely sometimes."

He nodded and looked away for a moment. "I think—I have always thought you were so beautiful, mom." He looked back at me and continued, "I wish I could help you."

I touched his cheek softly, "You do help dear. Your brother and you both being here helps so much."

"That's not what I meant," he said. He looked at me directly then looked down at my bare shoulders. "I love you mom. Can I help you?"

My heart skipped a beat. What? I looked at him carefully. What was he asking to do? "Tim I..."

He moved toward me and kissed my mouth before I could finish. My first thought was to push him back, but his tongue slid in and tasted so good. He kissed me gently, carefully and passionately. I felt his hand on my shoulder and I gave in. I opened my mouth for his tongue and sucked it. His kisses were careful and his touches were soft. He ran his hands over my shoulders and I felt the blanket fall away exposing my breasts to the cool air. He touched them with his hands, softly at first and then squeezing them firmly. I moaned into his mouth.

He slid his hand down my stomach then to my wet pussy. I groaned as his fingers brushed my clit and slid into me. He pulled his head back, "Mom, you shave?"

I clenched my teeth, took a lustful breath and nodded my head. I opened my legs wider for his two fingers to go into me deeper. I felt my body tremble as he pulled his fingers back and pushed them into me. I had not been this wet in years, I felt like he could put as many fingers as he wanted in me. I rocked against his hand as he fingered me. He held my shoulder with one hand and fucked my pussy with the other.

"Mm," I moaned softly. I moved my hips in a circle against my son's hand.

He pushed another finger into me and I tightened my muscles at his touch. He drove his fingers into my longing pussy and I rocked against him, staring into his eyes as he worked his three fingers in me. I lifted my left leg up so he could finger me harder and I groaned with each twist of his hand. I could see sweat building on his forehead as his arm went faster and faster. Finally he pulled his dripping fingers from me and he looked at me.

In that moment we said nothing as our bodies shook. Then he kissed me tenderly, first on the lips, then the neck, down my breasts, then my tummy, until he lay in front of me with his face inches from my glistening pussy. My clit was bulging out at him just waiting to be bit. He looked up at me and said, "Mom, I have never done this before."

I let out a breath of anticipation and smiled. I slid my fingers down to my clit. It burned at my touch and I groaned, "Here, just suck on this. Oh, yes! Just like that," I said as he opened his mouth and wrapped his lips over my pussy. He nibbled my clit and sucked it gently. I squirmed and grabbed his hair with my hands to force his head in the right direction. He moaned and slurped against my pussy and I felt my hips, my breasts and my head get hot. I knew I was going to cum. "Keep going! Just like that, keep going!" I said through thick breaths.

He grunted and sucked and then I shook as an orgasm over took me. I arched back, grabbed my breasts and cried out as he bit my clit. I groaned and shook as my son ate my pussy greedily. I felt like a door had been opened inside of me and something had come out. Something that had been hiding for a long time. I gripped his hair tightly as the throws of my orgasm continued and then waned. I gasped for air. I looked down at my rock hard nipples and my goosebump covered skin. I knew what I wanted.

"Timmy," I moaned.

He looked up at me. His face was covered in my wetness. He was still licking my pussy lovingly while he looked.

"I want you to fuck me," I said. "Please fuck me."

He pulled back and worked his way out of his clothes. I saw the tip of his hard dick sticking from his boxers. It was a tease to see just a little of it. I swallowed and lay still while he got out of his boxers finally and kneeled in front of me naked. I looked at him with lust in my eyes and I beckoned him toward me with my hands. I opened my legs as wide as I could so his first push would go deep.

He gripped his cock in his hand and moved toward me. I felt the thick tip press against my pussy and then it went in. I stared into his eyes and he shook from the sensation and pushed deep. I gripped his ass and pulled him until the length of his massive young cock filled my pussy. The void in me was filled by him and he pressed his forehead against mine and stared into my eyes.

I swallowed and took a deep breath. His cock was perfect in me. I gripped it with my body and groaned as he moved a bit to the side to push deeper. "Oh shit mom," he said through a whisper.

"Ah!" I groaned back.

"This is perfect," he said. "I love you so much."

The intensity of his voice and the taste of his breath drew me in. "I love you too Tim." I replied gazing at him.

He began to thrust slowly. His cock pulled out then plunged in. I threw my head back and groaned as it filled me. I gripped his ass as tightly as I could, pulling him close with each thrust. I pressed my lower back down and tilted my pelvis up for his cock to go deep. "Oh shit!" I said as I bit my lip and felt the tip of his dick drive against the special spot inside me.

He felt something too because he groaned then, gripping my leg, began to thrust into that spot. I clawed at him and moaned with each push. Our bodies fit together perfectly as he fucked me faster and faster. The door of lust was torn open inside of me and I cried out as a deep orgasm overtook me. I wiggled and writhed against his hard cock, cumming loudly in his ear.

He fucked me faster and faster until all I heard was my breathing and the sound of our bodies slapping. "Mom! Oh shit! I am gonna cum! Fuck! Fuck!"

"That's it!" I said as he pumped. "Cum for me! Cum! Shit!"

He moaned loudly and shook. His cock almost came out then slammed into me shooting all its cum in me. I gazed into his wide, teary eyes as he emptied his cock into my pussy. He pumped and pumped and then it was over. I clutched him against me as he wiggled and jerked. I held his head and kissed his neck. Then I looked past him and my heart sank.

At the door stood James. His face was pale and his mouth open.

Oh no! I panicked. I held Tim tightly and wondered what to do. What do I say? Then James did something I did not expect. He pulled his pants down and took his shirt off. He walked to the bed fully naked with a huge erection bobbing in front of him with each step. "Mom?" he said in a low voice.

Tim tensed up and looked at me. "It's ok sweetie, I whispered to him. It's just your brother." I looked over Tim at James. "Come over here James." I commanded.

Tim rolled off of me to my left and looked up at his brother. Tim's cock was covered in wetness from my pussy and the remnants of the massive amount of cum he had just deposited. James walked to my side of the bed and stood next to me. He stared at my cummed pussy and my naked body. In his right hand he stroked his straight, full cock. "Mom, would you suck my dick?"

My heart pounded and my throat was dry. I smiled at him and sat up. "Of course dear."

He pushed his cock toward me and I sat up so it was near my mouth. I stared at it with desire. This was my oldest son's dick. He was staring at me with a kind of lust I had only dreamed about. I felt Tim's hand on my shoulder, then the back of my head pushing my face toward James' cock. I let him lead me and I opened my mouth to take it in. The feeling of his soft, veined skin in my mouth, against my tongue and teeth drove me wild. I sucked his shaft and then focused on the mushroom tip.

"Oh yes," James muttered.

I took it in as far as I could until it pushed against the back of my mouth. He grunted and tried to push it in more but I gagged. I pulled back, swallowed and looked up at him. I knew what he wanted and I wanted to give it to him. So I took a deep breath, opened wide and took his cock in. When it pressed my throat I breathed out and it went in further until my throat wrapped around the head. His balls pressed against my face and I breathed in their smell and sucked the entire length of his cock. The gag and jerk of my throat around his dick drove him wild and he moaned loudly. I pulled back on it and took a breath. It dripped with spit in front of me.

I grabbed the shaft and pushed it up so I could suck his balls. I loved balls and I loved sucking them almost as much as the dick itself. I got both in my mouth and hummed against them until James shook and swore under his breath. He stared at me and I looked up at him adoringly. I knew if I kept sucking his balls like that they would start to fill with cum and his cock would grow. I jerked his cock with my hand and kept at his balls.

He was breathing fast and I felt his dick growing in my hands. "Shit! Oh mom, that's so good. It's so good!"

I kept at it for a few more seconds then stopped. I didn't want him to cum yet. I pulled him by the cock until he sat next to me on the edge of the bed. I straddled his lap and pressed my breasts against his face. Then I grabbed his cock by the base and guided into my cum-filled dripping pussy. He sucked at my boobs then kissed me as the length of his cock went into me. He gripped my ass, pulled me up then let me slide back down onto it. I wrapped my legs around him and fucked him slowly.

He breathed heavily and held onto me as we fucked. I loved the angle and moaned as his perfect cock rubbed against my spot inside my pussy. "Oh James! Fuck me! Oh!" I said as he fucked me a little faster. I looked over his shoulder and saw Tim on his knees, on the bed stroking his newly hardened cock in his hand. I loved how young and fresh he was. I bit my lip and stared into his eyes as his older brother fucked me.

After a few more pumps I pushed off James and leaned over the bed. "I want you to fuck me from behind." I said to James in a low voice.

He got behind me, gripped my ass with his hands and pushed his cock into my pussy. The size of his dick and the new angle surprised me. I shook then leaned forward so he could push all the way in. Tim slid toward me until his cock was near my face and I took it in my mouth.

Tim's cum covered hard cock was wonderfully sweet and salty in my mouth. I sucked it greedily as James fucked me from behind. James fucked me slow at first, but when I was positioned right he couldn't help it and started to pump me fast. I clenched against his cock and sucked his brother's dick as best as I could. My body shook and I came as I pictured myself sliding on both of my son's dicks. I opened wide, screamed and swallowed all of Tim's dick. It went into my throat and as I gagged the first time I opened wider, hoping to take in more but I couldn't.

He grabbed my hair and fucked my face. The gentleness of before left him and I knew lust had taken over. He fucked my face hard and I gripped at his cock with my throat trying to breath, but not wanting to take anything away from my son. I groaned and I heard Tim breath out loudly and swear. I choked on his cock and fought to push back until he let me breath. His huge dick slipped from my lips.

James pumped me fast from behind. I grabbed Tim's dick with my hand and looked back at James. He focused on my hips and fucked me like a dog. Our bodies slapped and we groaned together. His pace was fantastic and my body felt like it was in a constant orgasm as he slammed into the spot. "Harder!" I yelled at him.

I looked up at Tim with lust in my eyes. James grabbed my hair and yanked my head back firmly. The pain sent an orgasm through my body and I wiggled against his driving cock. "Oh! Ah! Ah!" I said with each pump. I shook and I knew I wanted both of them. I wanted more—I needed more.

I shook my head and looked back at James. I leaned forward as far as I could and he positioned himself over me. He tightened his grip on my hip with one hand, his other in my hair and pumped me. I still held Tim's cock in my hand and I wanted to suck it, but it just dangled above my head. With hard, deep thrusts James drove into me and then he called out, "Oh shit mom! I am cumming! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

He pumped me in even circles as his cock emptied into my pussy. I took breaths with his pumping and did my best to push against him to get every drop out of him. He shuddered as the final throws of his orgasm passed over him. He held me close for a moment then pulled out and sat down on the bed next to me. I fell to my side and felt cum oozing out of my swollen pussy. I looked up at Tim—still holding his cock in my hand.

It was rock hard.

He looked down at me in his serious way. "Mom, can we do it more?"

I smiled up at him and replied, "Of course dear."

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