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Big Game Hunter


Big Game Hunter

Johnny Cum-Lately finally had the big "V"
Surgery went fine and now he feels free

While firing blank rounds he aims to please
In the back of his Van, with some little sleaze

Watch out all you girls in the City
Johnny and his weapon does not take pity

Searching for cougars is his specialty
But the fact he hasn't scored is the sad reality

He seeks them here and he seeks them there
Poor Johnny seeks them just about anywhere

To say he is desperate is an understatement
The poor old man hasn't had much achievement

He tries and tries to find a soft wet pussy
But always comes up short and then gets mushy

His quest for cougar girls ends up rather sparse
But one night he does finish up with some big fat arse

Lay on your tummy I'll take you from behind
The fat cougar girl thinks he is just being kind

When he finally has the fat cheeks parted
The smell tells him that she must have farted

'Tis better than naught Johnny thinks
As the peg on his nose hides the stinks

He plunges deeply into the wet sinkhole
Not realizing that it is her puckered wet asshole

The old Van rocks and rolls from stem to stern
He thrusts, he pushes, he shakes without a concern

She lifts her head, I think I'm cummin, she cries
Then her bowels release a gigantic fart and away he flies

Whoosh, straight thru' the Van doors and into the night
He shakes his head and thinks she was really tight

Johnny is convinced he finally made a girl orgasm
But when he looks at his cock it looks like brown ectoplasm

My god he thought, I'll bet she hasn't cum in a while
"But I did it, I did it", then he breaks out in a big smile

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