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Big Package


So I was home from work waiting for UPS so I could sign for a package that I desperately needed for work. They usually arrive later in the morning so I was just hanging out in my sweats reading lit and surfing porn. I usually like to read for a while getting really hot until I'm ready to blow a big load.

All of a sudden I see the delivery person through the window as they ring the bell. Crap, here I am with a huge hard on and I need to get the door so I can sign for the package. I try to tuck my hard cock away while I run for the door. I can't miss this delivery again. I open the door as the delivery guy is posting the "Missed You" paper to the door.

He says "Oh you're home!". I respond yes I am and look down at the foot of the door where a large package awaits me. I absentmindedly exclaim "Wow, that's a big package!" while I look down at the box. He casts his eyes down and sees my own "big package" popping a tent in my sweats from my ongoing lit/stroke session. Busted!

I'm not really the kind of guy that checks out other guys but his comment startles me and I notice that he is a buff looking black man in the corporate uniform of shorts and a shirt. He is about my height and size at ~5'10", 180lbs. He is obviously worked out while I am of athletic medium build and haven't seen the gym in ages.

I bring my gaze upward, shyly smiling and blushing at my state of arousal and being busted like this and start to apologize bumbling for words. He smiles laughs slightly and says "Please don't be embarrassed. You look pretty good and with my job I've seen people in much worse scenarios!". At this point I blush further and start laughing at the situation also.

He smiles at me and asks if I need some help with "my package". I wasn't sure if he which package he was referring to so I said sure. I had never been with a black man and never really even thought of one in a sexual way so I was a bit taken aback while still being in a state of extreme arousal.

He bent and picked up the package and I stepped out of the way to allow him entry and closed the door behind him. He brought it into the house and placed it in a corner out of the way and them walked up to me. He smiled and reached for my still raging hard package gripping it lightly I backed slightly into the wall surprised while he asked "Would you like some help with this package also?"

I was breathless and speechless as he gripped my cock through my sweat pants. I don't screw around with guys very often and I definitely wasn't expecting a guy to come onto me like this. However, at the same time I was aroused like never before at this sexy, hot, black, stranger and what was transpiring. He took my silence as an OK, gripped my cock harder and leaned in to kiss my gaping mouth. I could do nothing else but surrender to situation and moaned. After a few moments I kissed him back savoring the strangeness of kissing a guy.

His other hand made its way under my shirt and he pinched one of my hard nipples. I have sensitive nipples for a guy and this heightened my arousal further causing me to moan into his mouth as he pinched my nipple and continued to stroke me through my sweats. He broke the kiss and suggested "Lets go the bedroom and get comfortable." I nodded and led the way.

I got to the front of the bed and turned around. He was already pulling his shirt off and exposing his muscular, hairless, chest and then reached for my shirt and pulled it off also. He then grabbed my hips and ground our bodies together while he kissed me again. His hands made their way to cup my ass pull me forward grinding my hard package into his won hard package growing in his shorts.

He slid his hands under the elastic of my sweats and slid them down my hips pushing me back to a seated position on the bed so he could pull them off. Since I wasn't wearing underwear, my white, hard, cock sprung out to full attention. Then he stood in front of my laid back body and slid his shorts down also revealing his package wrapped in his boxer briefs.

Sensing I was a still a bit shocked at the situation, he continued to take control grabbed my hands and put them on his hips directing me to help him get his underwear off. I obeyed and began pulling them down. His hard cock sprung out and I continued sliding them down his legs while he grabbed my shoulders for balance and stepped out of them. I sat back up on the bed and now had the first black cock I've ever seen only a few inches from my face.

It was a dark piece of meat. It was mostly hard and was maybe just a little bit larger than my own 7" cock. It stuck straight out and upward slightly. He was circumcised and had short pubic hair with dark lightly hairy balls attached to a smooth firm, muscular body.

The hands on my shoulder guided me slightly forward bring me closer to his cock. I was still in shock at what was transpiring by very aroused. My thoughts were racing around my head - I had never been with a black man, I had never fooled around with in my own house, what if someone saw, I haven't done this in years, what am I supposed to do with this cock in front of my, but these thoughts quickly vanished as the head of his chocolate cock made contact with my lips.

I licked the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around the head like my girlfriend does to me. I was rewarded with a twitch from his cock and a moan from the delivery guy. Encouraged, I swirled my tongue around the head again and started to take in the feeling of the sponginess of his cock head and the taste of his cock.

I reached forward with my hand to grab hold of his cock and squeezed it getting used to the feel and heat of his cock. I lightly stroked him a few times while I continued to lick and suck on the head. He moaned more and loosened his grip on my shoulders to enjoy the sensations my mouth was providing.

With my other hand I reached for his balls and felt them also. They felt big, warm and tight like my own do. I stroked them lightly eliciting another moan. I opened my mouth and started going down on his long, dark cock. I went slowly sliding my lips down his organ. I realized his cock and my lips were dry so I pulled my mouth off his cock, held it up against his belly and started sliding my tongue up and down the length of his shaft like my girl friend does to me getting him nice and wet.

I then took him back into my mouth and started sliding down his cock again. I was able to get a bit further this time and looked up at him to see how he was doing. He had a sexy aroused expression on his face as he looked down on me watching his cock sliding into my mouth. I started bobbing my head up and down while I continued to hold the base of his cock with my other hand. He closed his eyes and moaned again. I guess I was doing a good job. It had been so long since I was on the giving end of a blow job and this whole situation was arousing me in so many different ways.

I started varying my bobbing trying to take him deeper into my mouth. I was starting to feel like such a slut sitting there with a black man's cock sliding in and out of mouth and I started playing the part. I kept trying to take him deeper and looking up to watch him watch me suck his cock. He was moaning steadily as my mouth bobbed up and down his cock. He reached down and pinched my nipples causing me to moan around his cock and making me hotter.

I started lightly stroking his balls with my other hand while I bobbed up and down his cock. He must have really like this as he moaned really loud and started slowly fucking my mouth. I removed my hand from his cock and allowed him to fuck my mouth while I stroked his balls. This was a bit of a difficult task for me to coordinate but I managed until he pulled too far out of my mouth and missed it on the in stroke.

I grabbed his cock like I see in the porn movies, opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out and slapped his cock against my tongue while looking up at him. Oh yeah, I was feeling like slut!

He pushed me away and told me to lie back on the bed telling me it was my turn. I slid up the bed and laid down on my back as he crawled up between my legs. It was pretty hot watching his back body against my white skin. He straddled my legs and brought our cocks together grabbing them both in his hand. His cock felt hot against my own hot cock. It felt oddly hard and spongy soft at the same time. It was an experience feeling cock to cock action again and it was making me hotter.

He reached up with his free hand and took turns squeezing my nipples making me moan even louder while my nipples got harder. He then released our cocks and started sucking my nipples trapping our hard cocks against each others bellies. He were grinding our hips and cocks together as he sucked and squeezed my nipples harder. Damn was I hot and aroused. I could feel pre-cum from both of our cocks spreading across my belly.

He started making his way lower and moved so he could spread my legs. He got between my legs and pushed them up over his shoulders as his head sank down to my cock. He grabbed it in one hand and placed the head of my cock on his lips and slowly started taking my cock in his mouth. Then he started licking up and down the sides of my cock like I had done to him getting it nice and wet. He sensed I was seriously turned on and apparently kept heading south to lick my balls instead of taking my cock back in his mouth.

I enjoyed the sensations of his tongue on my balls. I absolutely love having my balls licked -- something that my girl friend rarely does -- and was thoroughly enjoying the attention he was giving my balls. I spread my legs further giving him more access for his tongue to roam and lick. I was half hoping he would lick my asshole too but was worried he would want to fuck me if he found out that I enjoyed getting licked there. Sure enough, he headed further south and gave my hole a quick tentative lick that shot pleasure though my body and made me moan loudly.

This must have been the cue he was looking for as he grabbed my thighs hard and pushed them way up exposing my ass for his waiting tongue. I could do nothing but enjoy the ride as his tongue snaked all around my rose bud and I continued to moan uncontrollably and the pre-cum continued to ooze out of my cock. I grabbed my legs and pulled them further back so he could do whatever he pleased.

He made his way back to licking my balls and I felt his finger get close to wet rosebud. This just made me hotter and I pushed into his probing finger letting him enter as his tongue continued back up from my balls to take my cock back into his mouth. I was beyond myself in lust as he fingered my ass and sucked my cock. I was moaning and seeing stars as I experienced some of the best oral sex that I've ever had. I was getting dangerously close to exploding in orgasm as he continued sucking and fingering me. He slid almost all the way down my cock and back up to the top, swirling his tongue around the cock head one more time and stopping.

He suggested we 69 which was a great idea or else I would explode soon.

We got on our sides and I got back to sucking his cock. I wanted to quickly get him as close to cumming as he had gotten me. I grabbed his cock with my free hand and started enthusiastically bobbing my mouth up and down his cock while stoking him. He started sucking my cock also but only lightly - allowing me to bring him closer to orgasm.

I could taste the pre-cum starting to seep out of his cock again. It was a taste that I found all that great (never really enjoyed it) but I was determined to give him the same pleasure he had given me and kept sucking his cock. I tried to take as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and was getting pretty close to taking the whole thing. I was enjoying the slutty sensations as I felt his cock starting to pulse and expand.

He started sucking me more aggressively at the same time so I thought he must be getting close and kept it up. It was harder to concentrate now that he was devouring my cock again but soon enough he pulled my cock from his mouth and rolled over on top of me. He grabbed his cock and started stroking himself to orgasm. My arms were trapped under him and he started blowing his load on my face. He groaned loudly and shouted "I'm cumming!" The first shot hit my forehead and I closed my eyes. I felt the rest of his spurts start to coat the rest of face. It felt very warm and gooey and started running down the sides of my face as he continued to spray it on my cheeks and lips. It felt so hot and slutty.

His breathing calmed down and he got off me allowing me to wipe the cum off my face. He continued further down and took my hard cock back in his mouth. He aggressively sucked my cock and quickly slid a finger back up my ass and started fucking both my cock and ass. In a matter of seconds I was moaning loudly and started coming. He pulled his mouth away and continued fingering my ass while he stroked my cock. The first shot of my cum exploded like a missile and hit me square in the chin as I leaned forward to watch him get me off. The subsequent squirts covered my abdomen and he rubbed the remainder up and down my cock.

When I was done he brought fingers covered in my cum up to my face and stuck them in my mouth without warning. I sucked my cum off his finger and swallowed. It was a bit tangy but not terrible.

We laughed a bit and relaxed but he had to get back to work. It was an unexpected yet enjoyable event...

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