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Sometimes I just get home and I am in a bad mood. I had a rough day at school and the only thing I want is a beer and few quiet minutes watching football on the TV. Then, on the way home I get call from one of the credit cards. It seems someone has been shoe shopping again. Fucking great!

I walk into the house and don't say a word. I hear you in the back bedroom. You call out to me. I say nothing. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, the sound of another voice in this house makes me want to explode.

I go to the fridge, grad a Shiner and sit on the couch and turn on the TV. You walk out, dressed in a tank top and a long flowing skirt.

You are sexy and on any other day, I would sweep you up and carry you into the bedroom. But, this isn't any other day. Today is not about you. It's not about us. It's about me and what I need. And right now, that's some alone time.

"I said hi," you say as you walk into the kitchen.

I acknowledge you with a grunt and I turn up the volume.

I peer around the corner and watch you, bent over the counter, wiping it down. Your ass sways back and forth and suddenly my mood changes.

My discontentment turns to anger and to arousal.

Money is tight and she spent it. But that ass, it causes a myriad of emotions, a combination that I am not used to. I had always been a bit more, passive. I am more of a lover, not so much a fighter. But now, I have two urges. To soak you in my cum and to fuck you until you break in half.

"So you're not going to talk to me," you ask without looking at me.

Nothing escapes my lips. I simply get up and walk over to you. You didn't notice me until I am standing right behind you, my body brushing against your back.

I slide my hands down your arms toward your wrists. You begin to turn to me.

"OK, I have a few minutes," you say.

Before you can turn round, my grip locks on your wrists. I bend you down, preventing you from turning.

"Take it easy. You're hurting me."

I say nothing still. I bring your wrists together and hold them with one hand.

With the other, I bring your tank and the cups of your bra over one of your tits, exposing the soft, supple breasts and the pink nipple.

"Stop it, I said." Your mouth says no, but the nipple that threatens to pierce my hand says yes.

"Oh, I will stop soon enough," I say. The raspy voice surprises me.

I give the nipple a pinch before letting go, hiking the skirt over your ass and pushing your panties down.

You back arches forward as I run my hands up and down your slit from behind.

"Umm...I said mm"

"I am not fucking deaf."

I bring my soaked finger back from your pussy and stick it into your mouth.

"Taste your cunt!" I order.

I scream as you bite my finger. A trail of blood escapes from your lips as you suck on the crimson fluid escaping from my finger.

"Oh, you will pay for that, bitch."

I let go of your hands, but you don't move. I work my pants loose and down, my cock springing to life.

With a swift motion, I rip your panties free, leaving red marks on your thighs.

I sink into you and begin pounding.

"Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yea. Slow down."

I don't slow down. "No, I am fucking you like the dirty bitch you are."

"Stop it!" you say, yet your ass fucks back into me. I love watching that ass. I imagine fucking into it. Fucking until my whole body is inside you. Fucking you until you vibrate into pieces. I am beating your guts, I am taming you.

You grab my hand and continue sucking on the finger that is seeping blood. I pull it out and coat your tits with it. It aches so much, like the aching in my balls.

With a quick motion I pull out and I lift you up, knocking over glass containers and dishes. I carry you, on to the kitchen table, clearing it with my hand.

I re enter your pussy, and pound away. Your bald cunt stretches to accept me, to take all of me. I hope you are sore for days after this. I hope you remember when you sit down to pee and it hurts a bit. I re insert my bleeding finger into your mouth, at the same time using my hand to cover your mouth.

"You like my blood, bitch? Well two can play." I take a bite out of the underside of your breasts, causing little trickles of blood to flow out. I have never been blood thirsty, but I am now. I lap it like a dog.

You are wriggling tying to get away. You are beating me with one hand, yet the other has my ass and is helping me to fuck you. I am so hungry to be inside you, to tear you apart with my cock.

I feel your grip tighten as you body tenses and, then quickly relaxes. Your sucking on my finger becomes harder as you cum.

I am about to cum. With this, I pull you down onto you knees, trying to keep you out of the broken porcelain.

I thrust my cock deep in your mouth and cum, forcing every drop down your eager little throat.

Once I am limp, I pull out, slapping the limp penis across your face. I zip up my pants and walk out of the room, feeling better. Did I just rape you? I don't know. I don't think so. I think I gave you what you needed. But I do know that I needed that, and part of me thinks things are about to change around here.

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