tagRomanceBlack and White Ball

Black and White Ball


He hadn't really wanted to come, but her smile had convinced him that a night away from the observatory might be worth it. After all, how often did you get the chance to attend a ball at an actual castle? So he'd dusted off his tux and tried to style his sandy blonde hair in to something other than its usual fluffy mess. And now he was here, her head resting against his neck, his arm encircling her small waist, as they slow danced in the centre of the floor.

When she'd first glided in to the ballroom he could barely meet her eye, nor she his, but once they locked from across the room they'd been lost. She was beautiful in a long, ivory gown, with sparkles in her dark brown hair and big, green eyes and he forgot how to speak. Looking a little unsure of herself, she laughed at something said to her by one of the older guys who'd escorted her in.

He backed off, got another drink, she'd never go for him over all those others. And yet...whenever he chanced to look up from his conversation with an interesting, but in no way comparable, girl from one of the other universities, he'd catch her hastily looking away with an almost hurt look on her pretty face. Finally she broke away from the group she was with and wandered over to interrupt.

"Decided to come then?" she smiled.

"Couldn't turn down the castle," he'd answered, pseudo seriously and they'd continued to speak of all the things they had in common. She'd asked about his work with the telescopes and he'd found her to be not only interested, but well versed in astronomy, something he had not previously realised. He felt understood. She smiled when he smiled, looked adorably serious when asking him questions and laughed easily and infectiously.

"Oh my god, I love this song!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands together and bouncing in her seat like an excited kid.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked without thinking. 'God, what did you do that for?' he thought to himself, seeing himself horrifyingly awkward on the dance floor. Under a pretence of calm he took her hand and led her to the dance floor, weaved around a few of the older couples and stopped at a suitable empty space. One hand met hers round their waists and the other covered hers on his shoulder. A brief moment of awkwardness subsided as they settled in to the rhythm and she nestled her head into the crook of his neck, inhaling deeply. The song ended and they stayed as they were, unsure of where to go.

"So..." she said, pulling away, a little embarrassed by her obvious display of affection. They stared in to each other's eyes for a moment too long, before she looked to the floor.

"Why don't we go exploring?" she suggested, "Can't go to a haunted castle and not explore."

"Ok," he agreed, trying to meet the depth of her eyes again, but finding them elusive, her gaze resting everywhere but on him.

They tiptoed off, his hand around her wrist, pulling her towards the darker parts of the room and possible secret passageways. They ran from part to part of the castle, but, due to extensive renovation, found nothing but other diners, dancers and the kitchens. Suddenly he noticed a small, dark indent in the wall. "What's that?" he queried, and she dragged him over to investigate. It turned out to be just a small hallway with a locked door at the end. Try as they might, they couldn't open it and they both flopped to the floor, exhausted from the effects of one too many glasses of champagne and the exertion of amusing themselves.

Without thinking she lay her head on his shoulder as they rested against the wall. She felt him take a deep breath and shifted slightly to look up at him. He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips, not sure if it was the drink or the secluded location that gave him the courage to do so. She returned his kiss, parting her lips, and they explored each others' mouths with their tongues. It was a little awkward kissing in that position, so he broke away and stood up, reaching out his hands to pull her up, too.

She leaned back against the wall and he pressed against her, resuming the hot, wet kisses. She let him push harder against her, enjoying the feeling of being imprisoned. His hand moved slowly from her waist to where her breasts were covered by the satin of her dress. She moaned in her throat and he felt the vibrations in his mouth as they kissed. Encouraged, he rubbed his thumb over where he hoped her nipple would be. She moaned again, letting him know he was right. His leg was between hers and she was grinding herself against him through the full skirts of her gown. Deciding to take matters in her own hands before she got so hot she exploded, she broke away from the kisses, lifted her skirts and removed the white lace panties she was wearing. He took them and crumpled them in to his tuxedo pocket. He felt unsure of himself, telescopes and equations he could do, but girls? Sensing his worry, she reached for his hand and ran it, in hers, up her own leg, over the lace of her (wow, he thought) stockings and to the now burning and wet opening between her legs. She guided his fingers into herself, gasping as she did so, and he used the heel of his hand to massage her clit. She arched her back against the wall and pushed herself further on to him. He could feel himself getting more and more excited with every sound she made, never knew he could have this power over a girl as beautiful as this. She moved her mouth to his neck, butterfly kissing all the way down and nibbling on his earlobe, causing him to shudder with pleasure. His last girlfriend hadn't even known places like that existed. He could feel her tensing, ready to orgasm on his hand and he placed his free hand over her mouth to muffle the gasps from the people he'd only just remembered were down the hall. She moaned long into his hand and all the tension dropped out of her as she shuddered to a climax. She kissed the palm of his hand and he released her and removed his other hand from her gently, flexing the fingers that had threatened to cramp.

"Thank you" she whispered in to his neck shakily. She kissed him full and hard on the mouth to emphasise her gratitude. God, she had needed that so much.

"I'd like to return the favour," she offered, modesty returned and avoiding his gaze.

"Later,"he said, kissing her on the forehead and taking her hand. They walked back towards the noise of the party hoping to avoid attracting attention from their mutual friends.

"I'm just going to go to the bathroom," she explained.

"You might want to take these," he suggested, discreetly pressing her underwear into her bag.

"You keep them," she smiled, with the naughty glint returned to her eye as she swished away, skirts falling back into place. He returned to his table and attempted normal conversation with some other people. It was no good, he couldn't keep from smiling secretively at the possibilities left for the evening and thanking his lucky stars he'd put his books aside for the night.

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