tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBlack Lacy Panties

Black Lacy Panties


As she pulled the black, lacy panties up her tanned legs, she could not help but smile. He purchased them, brought them home wrapped in a royal blue foiled box tied with a gold ribbon. He did not have to say a word to her as to why. She knew why. She turned to the full length mirror, admiring her simple black dress, slowly smoothing out the clingy fabric over her thighs. " It's all in the packaging," she thought to herself as she slipped on her 3 inch black heels. She loved the way her calves took on a different contour when she wore high heels.

As she slipped on her bracelets she glanced at the clock. She was to meet her lover at the Dinner Club around eight-ish, it was time to leave. She put just a touch of "Jasmine" oil on her wrist and behind her right ear, then headed out the door.

"Hey neighbor!'" was the first thing that caught her as she stepped to her car in the driveway. It was Frank, the sweet neighbor that always seem to be watching when she was feeling naughty.

"Hello Frank!" she replied while unlocking the car door. She seen that his eyes were on her short dress. It hiked up a little as she leaned to use the key.

"Going out I see," he acknowledged as he spryly walked to where he could get a good view when she started to sit in her sports car with that short dress on. It was almost dark so he needed to get closer.

With a quick wink she replied, "Yes Sir! and I am going to be late. Have a nice evening!" With that she gave the old fart his thrill and purposely left her legs spread long enough for him to get his eyes focused on her new panties.

They were regulars at "Cedar Isle" and the parking attendant knew to park her Mustang next to his car.

"Someone's waiting on you inside pretty Lady," Ron, the attendant, whispered to her as he opened her car door. He too knew just where to stand for his quick shot of her sweetness. He knew her ability to exit her bucket seat very well. This was one customer he always got a "tip" from but the not the kind he could spend. He and the other attendants would joke about "refusing gratuities from that couple," agreeing that the visual was priceless.

As she approached the usual booth, he stood and marveled at her. Always so much a lady. He knew heads were turning, they always did.

Her lover placed their order for their meal and drinks. Then, they talked about their day. He was not at all bothered when he noticed her sexy glances at a man at the bar. She began to look away from the stranger slowly when he would return her glances. That was part of her tease. Her lover knew that when she excused herself to the ladies room, it was her way of throwing out a line. He smiled as she whispered, " Going trolling," as she left the table. He watched as the majority of the room watched her. He could see eyes shooting towards the doorway to the ladies room waiting for her to come back in the room.

As she walked back to the table, he caught her brief eye contact with the same man sitting at the bar. He was a middle aged man. Nice muscular build. Moustache. The stranger gave her a slight nod confirming his attention.

Fresh drinks were at the table when she returned. The two of them began to tease and pass whispers. He kept whispering in her ear about how wet he wanted those new panties. The two of them knew just what to say to get her juices flowing. While he was getting her to squirm, she was watching the stranger at the bar. He was watching her as well.

The stranger watched as she made facial expressions that were so sexy his cock was throbbing with excitement. He felt his on wetness inside his briefs. When he would try to look away, he kept going right back to her. As she sat with her legs crossed, she was swinging her leg a little. Her short dress had rode up her thigh just enough to make his mouth water. The stranger wanted to see more.

Noticing that he was watching her legs, she uncrossed them, lifting her leg slowly allowing him to see her.

The strangers body had a jolt of pure lust that very moment that almost became audible to the room. Quickly, he looked away and thought about leaving. He needed to get rid of the hard cock he had. When he glanced back at them, her lovers hand was under her dress. He had pulled her panties to the side and it was obvious that he was fingering her. Her eyes were a give away. She locked her eyes on the guy at the bar as her lovers finger was going like a piston in and out of her. He could tell she was enjoying it, her face was flushed and her full rounded breast seem to want to come out of her dress. She was being pleasured by both of them. Her lover by his touches, and by the stranger. Just knowing he was watching was turning her on more.

He knew he had to get himself in check and quick. He stood and made his way to the men's rooms and stayed until his cock was semi hard.

When he returned to his drink at the bar, the couple were still at their booth. All cuddled up and the man's hand was no longer between her legs. After shooting her a smile of approval he turned so that he could not see the them. Apparently they were through. He then called the bartender over and asked him to send whatever the couple was drinking to their table on him. No sooner had the bartender walked away, he felt someone to his right. It was the man from the table.

With a smile he stated, " She sure is HOT huh?"

A little taken back by this man's boldness about his lady, the stranger answered with a calm, " Yes she is."

The man from the table replied, "I have something for you. It's from her...well both of us. She loves showing off her panties. I just got these for her." That being said he pulled her black lace panties from his inside coat pocket. He handed them to the stranger. He continued, " take them. Put them to you nose. She is a sweet one."

She was watching them. Knowing that they were both watching her, she took a sip of her drink and began stirring it with the swizzle stick. Her legs crossed and her sexy leg swinging slightly. Placing her drink back on the table, she removed the swizzle stick. The two men noticed her hand slipping under her dress, as she uncrossed and spread her legs. She slid down a little in the booth. The two men watched as her tiny hand cupped her mound. Spreading herself with her middle and index finger, there it was. The hood that protected her clit. She then glanced at both of them as she removed the swizzle stick from her drink. They watched as her hand passed in front of her tummy. Her hand stopped to little movements as she began to slide the swizzle stick up and down her pussy. They could see the part she held between her fingers, the rest of it was surrounded by her wet labia. She slide it slowly, up and down as they watched. She then pulled the swizzle stick up and with her hard hood exposed, she started flicking it lightly back and forth over it. A smile spread across her face as she noticed the fullness that was in both of the men's pants.

The stranger cleared his throat as he tried to think of something to say. The sensation he felt as his briefs started getting sticky again made him lose all train of thought.

They watched intently as she brought the swizzle stick up to her mouth, slipped it between her lips and tasted her sweetness.

Then her lover continued, "want to see something cool? "

He then walked back to the booth. He slipped in and she smiled at the man holding her wet panties.

As soon as her lover had his belt undone, his pants unsnapped and unzipped, he helped her slide onto his lap. She lifted a little as he lifted her sexy black dress with one hand and pushed his hard cock down with the other. His cock went between her thighs as she lowered herself. The stranger was watching her face. When he glanced between her spread legs he was taken back by the rush he had at the sight in front of him. It was as if they were the only three people in the place.

She lifted up enough with the help of her lover to place the cock to her opening. The stranger watched as she so seductively stoked the fire between her legs with the head. As his mouth went dry, the cock seemed to be disappearing. The lady in the black dress was slowly taking it inside her body. He could see her lovers hands holding her at her waist as she began to move from side to side on his hardness. Her moves were slow but effective. At first there seemed to be at least three inches at the base of her lovers thick cock exposed. Her juices becoming visible on it in the dim candle light the longer she rode it. The stranger looked up to her face just as she tilted her head a little to the right and began to bite her lower lip. He noticed her breast were swelling with each pant. A tiny beam of light bounced off from her bracelet that was around her wrist. This caused his focus to go back between her legs. Not only was she rubbing her clit, there was no shaft visible. She had her lover's thick, hard cock buried inside her. The stranger could tell that her lover was driving his cock deep in her as he noticed her higher bounce. He then watched her face. Her brow showed a little frown line as she continued to bite her lower lip. She was bearing down on her lover and she knew her pussy was filled yet begging for more. Just as her face began to take on a softer look, he knew she was cumming. Her pouty mouth had formed a perfect " O " as she released her orgasm onto him. As her movements slowed, she placed her hands on her lovers. She slowly withdrew her pussy from his still hard cock.

Her lover new that he would have her for the rest of the night. She was his dessert many times.

After tucking, zipping and snapping her lovers pants, she shot a sweet smile over to the stranger holding her black lacy panties in his right hand as she buckled her lovers belt.

The couple got up to leave and as they passed the stranger at the bar they stopped in front of him.

As she held her lovers hand, she took her black lacy panties from the strangers hand and slowly wiped his brow then brushing them over his moustache as she winked at him. Stuffing the panties in his pocket she whispered, " Thanks for the drink..."

The stranger replied as he adjusted his hard, throbbing cock, "Thanks for the show...and the souvenir."

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